Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Smoking Guns???

AP Report: Pentagon shooter's and Vegas courtoom shooter's guns both came from Memphis Police

This could easily be entirely coincidental, but even if so it's pretty ironic. James Bedell, the perp in the alleged terrorist attack on the Pentagon, and the guy who shot up a Las Vegas court in lesser known case, both ended up with guns, once evidence locked away in the Memphis Police Department's locker but later sold on the private market. Evidently some departments, instead of destroying seized weapons, sell them to make extra money. But it's odd that two "terrorist" shootings within months of each other featured weapons sold by the same police department. And they weren't recent sales to dealers either -- the Vegas gun was sold in 2008, the Pentagon gun in 2005. With the extraordinary rate of gun sales since Soetoro's election, it's odd that two affordable weapons in popular calibers would sit on the shelf for years. Of course they could have been resold inbetween owners, but most people I know buy a gun and keep it, maybe give it to their child when they're old enough to handle a weapon responsibly.

Obviously the odds would be determined partially by how many weapons the Memphis P.D. sell per year, a data point which I do not have, so I won't speculate the magnitude of a possible coincidence. It's just another interesting little piece of the Pentagon story. It's on record that the government commonly supplies weapons, bombs, equipment and training to its own agents and to wackos that they psy-op into carrying out attacks. The FBI agent whom the government ordered to "cook" the bomb used in the 1993 Trade Center attack is on public record in mainstream media saying that he was ordered to create the device, deliver it and instruct the driver on how to detonate it and where. The only reason he isn't in jail or killed is because he was told this would be only a drill, and the bomb not actually set off. Which makes no sense, why would they use a real bomb? To get the smell in the car correct? Then when he learned that the attack was hot, he started taping conversations ith his handler. You cn probably ear the tapes over the net if you search hard enough.

So I'm not saying either conspiracy or coincidence with these guns. We'll never know because there is no obvious chain of custody during the missing years. This is simply another tiny, possible clue, the kind you should file away in your mind and remember as more and more of these little coincidences come to your attention. After time your memory will reach critical mass and you'll start to believe that the power structure of this world is not as it seems on the surface.

P.S. -- If you disagree with the lyric below that the mind police are coming, look up our governments plan for mobile brain scanning trucks or vans, the same ones with passive, low-power naked body terahertz scanners, all hooked to the database of naked body scans taken with the active scanners at airports, courthouses and soon probably at Wal-Mart. The high-powered naked body scanners will obtain your unique biometric signature, then the brain scanners will be driven all around 24 hours a day trying to point out people committing thought crimes. And if there isn't an Huxlemobile in your area, they have satellites that can identify people by the thermal signature unique to the top of their skulls, using IR detectors that can penetrate through clouds, hair, even hats. This is not science fiction -- the ground detectors are already in full late stage beta testing in multiple metro areas, they seem to really like Boston for whatever reason. And the satellite fleet is already capable of surveying the entire nation,except perhaps Alaska and Hawaii. They could be moved to cover them, but changing the orbit of a satellite is enormously expensive and they carry limited fuel. And if you think Uncle Barry wants to know your thoughts and secrets to see if you have a really great recipe for snickerdoodles, you're out of your mind. If you see a big truck with funny appendages that says DARPA, IARPA, FEMA, FBI, Sandia, Lawrence Livermore, or any of their pet labs or agencies, run. Actually, walk quickly, don't call attention. Scary stuff. Look it up for yourself.



"But I see the kids of a new generation / And they won't stand for this mind control
  They're gonna change this world we live in / They're gonna bring back the rock and roll
  So if I can, I'm gonna break from this prison / Gonna get out and join in the fight
  Take a chance on what I believe in / Win or lose, I know it's right

  ' cause it's high time / For us to start a revolution / High time / Just like an a-bomb explosion
  High time / It ain't the music that's in question / High time / It's more the freedom of expression
  Change is comin' / Mind police are comin' / We're on the move / The old world is crumblin'
  A new day's comin' / Tell your friends and relations / We're on the move / We're gonna start a rockin' nation