Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spies In Your Living Room

This is an old email, not a proper blog post:

You probably already know 95% of this, maybe you ever know more than I. But since I spent two hours trying to explain high-tech surveillance to my brother and my best friend, I figured I might as well cc: you it, just in case there's something to be learned. I don't really know why I bother sometimes, it's like beating my fist against a wall most times. I'm like Sisyphus over here, and I kind of wish the boulder would vamp left every once in a while. Or Prometheus, and that damn bird would find someone else's foie gras on which to dine. Or Hercules having to sanitize the Augean stables. I could go on with the classical references, but most times I just feel like a pooper-scooper following one of Hannibal's war elephants. It's dirty work, but someone's got to.

I am what I am. I'd rather be normal, but why bitch about something over which I have no control. I can tell you the satellite unlock code from "The Running Man" eve though it's been years since I watched it last. But if you ask me what I ate for dinner three days ago I'd have to get back to you. It's a strange way to live, it's not as extreme as Rain Man or anything close, but many things that most people find incredibly difficult are for me the easiest, and most things that normal people don't give a second thought to are like solving Rubik's Cube for me. But syndromes and disorders and all the rest are, in my opinion, part of the greater control mechanism we are being placed under. One more excuse to get medicated, get therapied, be controlled.

Maybe I am some kind of developmentally-disabled mental midget.  I mean, who can argue with the DSM? But as long as I have one free mind listening to me I think I'll press on. Thanks for listening.

Here is the email I wrote to the others:

Did you read this story about the school principal who called a kid into his office and said he knew he had done something (as yet un-named) in his bedroom? And he knew because he remotely turned on the webcam in the laptop which every student in the district is issued? Obviously the infraction must involve something either sexual or relating to alcohol or drugs since it is being kept secret. But the laptop spying thing is no secret, these stories have been popping up all over the country for years. I've already told you about Google's white paper detailing their plan, since implemented, to use the microphone and webcam in your computer to spy on you without your knowledge or consent [link]. I tried to go back and find the original source articles since I know you don't trust Jones and his people, but they were nowhere in the top few pages either on Google Web or News. Maybe I'll go straight to AP, Reuters and the Guardian and see if I can dig them up later. You'll have to trust me that when the story broke I id read the mainstream source articles. As you may or may not know, Google doesn't even need a special worm or anything to accomplish this. You have Adobe, neƩ Macromedia, Flash installed, it's running in the background any time you have a web browser window open, and is default settings are to let any site use your camera and mic both unless you specifically go into the Flash settings for the site you're currently on. And you don't need to be on Google's site or one of the many domains they own -- nearly every site sends data back and forth to a little known service called Google Analytics, which Google uses as a carrot for other sites to send the user data, in return for usage statistics and demographic breakdowns of their sites' traffic, for free. What this does is open a tunnel for any data Google wants to collect through your browser. Sometime, go into the folders where your cookies are stored and open some of them in a text editor. Most are not plain text, so will appear as gibberish, but some are, and you'll be surprised the level and breadth of information a cookie can transmit.

The police openly admit that they want a backdoor into people's computers, but the government officially denies that the NSA has been given a new backdoor into Windows 7. I have no doubt that is technically correct, since every Windows release since the first 32-bit version, Windows 95 has had a backdoor, and maybe the FBI has the key to it, or DIA. NSA can't do everything. All the NSA did was "...the NSA helped Microsoft with the “Security Compliance Management Toolkit.” I like that name -- they're big into management to make us comply. I already told you that Bill Gates is the so of the founder of Planned Parenthood, on record, a eugenicist organization which has done more than any other to ensure that today, more black babies in America are aborted each year than are born. Did you know that? And I don't have the evidence but Alex Jones seems to be positive that Gates is now run by, or at least caves in from time to time to the government. Remember the decade-long federal lawsuit against Microsoft for forcing Windows users to have Internet Explorer on their systems, and how that suddenly went away in a poof after they must have spent hundreds of millions of dollars pursuing it? They get a slap on the wrist now and then for stupid ideas like Windows Genuine Advantage and I know the Euros are still after them for the IE issue, but what could have literally brought the entire company down in our court system is now a distant memory. Power players like Microsoft and the federal government do not change policy positions without a quid pro quo. Here's BBC News on the quo. Here's an an article from 1999 on how the NSA got inside Windows, except I'm willing to bet that instead of exploiting a flaw unbeknownst to Microsoft, a deal was agreed to. This is an 11-year-old article from Germany, not Alex Jones or my paranoid ravings. Most people had never used the Internet in 1999, and certainly almost no one at the time was aware of things like viruses, spyware, trojans, worms, encryption and the advanced privacy issues we deal with today.

I've told you about Echelon. The scary thing about it is that it is what was in place and operational in the 1970s in America, Britain, Australia, New Zealand and their English-speaking territories and protectorates. Here's Steve Kroft on 60 minutes with a short piece. Not exactly a fringe source. CNN, 2000. Here's a very good overview with footnotes. Here are resources from the liberal Federation of American Scientists, the same pacifist group that runs the Doomsday Clock, you know, Two Minutes To Midnight? That was the late '70s, based on early '70s technology, and it employed computer systems as powerful and with capabilities up to par with modern supercomputers in the public domain, your Deep Blue and weather-prediction systems and your fluid dynamics simulators. In the '90s, when Internet traffic and cell phone traffic started to wax as land line phones, fax machines, and the older methods of communication were waning, the government was ready with Carnivore. NSA shadow taps at major telephone hubs, Electronic Frontier Foundation. Here is a court affidavit from a former telecom employee with technical descriptions of the equipment and their operation and pictures of the secret rooms. If you don't want to spend the time to read any of these links, look at the pictures, for the sake of the sweet... Here's a piece from the New York Book Review, again, not a fringe or far-right-conspiracy source -- occasionally I even learn something new: "Yottabyte." 10^24 power -- the level in bytes which the NSA is expected to suck into their language and pattern-recognition computers by 2015. The article says that's a septillion, orders of magnitude below the nonillion odds of me with the cops, but I promised to shut up about that. But when the name "Carnivore" got around the media, and people didn't like the fact that the FBI could read all of their communications, in addition to the NSA which had been for decades, they changed the name to DCS1000. I think that was my first digital camera, or something very close to it. Harmless, DCS1000. It stood for Digital Control System, which is the entire goal of the eugenicist, neo-fascist technocracy into which we are currently being propelled.

That was the mid '90s. Then they went to a software package called PROMIS. If you're like 99% of the brain dead people in this country, you'd type "PROMIS" into Wikipedia and find, oh, it's a harmless little thing used by the Australian civil police. You would never learn that another piece of software called PROMIS was created by the Department of Justice in the late '70s because different government computer systems couldn't talk to each other, and certain offices were unable to share information with others in different locales as a result. The government contracted a private software firm to create a program which would act as a kind of universal translaor between different computer systems, programs, file types and data transmission methods. You never used a mainframe -- I did as a student and as part of my job for my first three years at Trinity. It was top of the line, an IBM System/360 with all the options, I mean we had hard drives in addition to tape drives. The drives themselves were the size of the washing machine and the disk packs looked very much like cake carriers, but it was top of the line. Trying to gt a mainframe to talk to a different manufacturer's one, even if they were using programs written in the same language, was a nightmare, much less getting one to talk to a PC. The government could not talk to itself, and that's where PROMIS came in. The trouble is, instead of simply paying the software writers what they deserved for producing a miracle, they decided to steal the software and make further modifications themselves. A federal court eventually found the government guilty of piracy and ordered a settlement, but that has not stopped it from distributing what ended up as one of the world's most powerful information accumulation, pattern recognition, behavior prediction and result distribution programs to every major government agency and defense contractor, including a known gift to Lockheed-Martin, which at the time had Lynne Cheney on its board. Do you see how this works?

So that was the '90s. I've no idea what they are using these days. I've heard rumors, but I have no hard facts, so I won't bother. Every cell phone has a GPS chip capable of tracking it to within two meters, by law. Every phone, by law is able to be activated by law enforcement to transmit audio on demand, and with phones which have cameras, video on demand, even when the phone is turned off, as long as the battery is not disconnected. Have you wondered why the iPhone and many other high-end phones no longer have a detachable battery, but instead an irreplaceable, internal one? Sure, part of it might be so that when the battery loses the ability to hold a charge you have to buy a whole new phone. The real reason is so that the spy ability is always at the ready. I have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that your computer is compromised, that your phone calls have always been, your email has always been, you didn't even need me to tell you that your web searches are cached and used in algorithms for advertising. Your webcam and microphone are able to be activated at Google's discretion as are the GPS, microphone and camera in your Blackberrys. I'm not going into the alleged microphones and cameras in cable boxes now that they have upload capability. I cannot definitively prove that, though there is evidence that Scientific Atlanta has been doing it since 1996. I am sitting in front of a Scientific Atlanta HDTV box as I write. I don't know. But everyone knows their Tivo boxes gather data and upload it -- that's how we knew that the Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction was the most replayed moment in TV history.

Add it up, the spies in the same room as you right now. Your computer itself through Google and the government separately, your cell phone, maybe your cable box, definitely your DVR. You might go days without turning any one of these on, but they are constantly sending data about you and your behaviors which you are not aware of. I don't know about you, but I don't very appreciate being under the all-seeing stare of the Panopticon. Wake up to the fact that privacy has been almost completely destroyed in this technocracy. Get informed, get pissed, and do something. It's very nearly too late.

Did you read the news that Citi Bank now has informed its customers they may require a 7-day hold on a customer request to withdraw funds from any account? Ask yourself why they would implement this policy. The answer is that the banks are very close to crashing the dollar and the rest of the world's currencies. They are making it legal for them to steal everyone's money. You will be left covering your junk with one hand and your crack with the other, and it will happen sooner than you care to think. The old cartoon of a guy left wearing a wooden barrel are too optimistic. You will be left with zero, they are planning to do it forthwith and they are actuating the legal chicanery which will allow them to get away with it. Look it up, all of it. That's why I gave you links this time. Two minutes to midnight I wish. We're at about T-minus 12 seconds. Take that to the bank.

False Flag in Austin

This is a copy of an email, not a proper blog post:

Background first. On December 8, Alex Jones predicted government attacks in Austin. The globalists are particularly interested in Austin since it is the capital of the only state which might not go bankrupt. There have been false flag attacks in Austin this past year. First the governor's mansion was firebombed, then a bookstore called Brave New Books which carries Jones' materials as well as other subversive material was firebombed. Now the airplane attack. Two days ago Jones related that a high-level Perry campaign insider told him that Perry convened a meeting with his campaign staff listing his top three enemies to be targeted, Debra Medina, Alex Jones and Ron Paul. It is no secret that the Democrats have targeted the Tea Party movement for discrediting and destruction, and they are using their fake-conservative point man Glenn Beck to do it from the right side of the aisle. Glenn Beck has started to warn that the Tea Party people want to assassinate Obama.

The first new report I heard on the radio, at 4:00 this afternoon, I instantly knew what happened. Only three facts were needed to reach that conclusion -- a federal building was hit, the alleged pilot was vehemently anti-government, and that the FBI first ordered the removal of the "suicide note" from the guy's web page and later ordered the entire web site shut down. The cherry on top was that he building was named Echelon, and faces Echelon Street. They throw it in your face. But as the night went on, it got worse. Drudge reported that the FBI in Dallas knew an attack would take place today and sent agents to Austin last night. Now it is reported that the FBI terrorism task force team and local authorities were already on the scene before the plane hit, that they immediately started videotaping the scene and that they confiscated surveillance camera and peoples' private videos from the other buildings in the complex and from nearby apartment buildings.

And look at the videos of the damage to the building. The Piper Cherokee has a gross weight of 2400lbs and was reported to be flying around 175mph at the time of impact, which is higher than the top speed of the base model's engine will allow, but under the 200mph max speed of the plane with uprated engine options. The fuel capacity is 87 gallons and he flew from Waco. I couldn't find figures for fuel efficiency so I'll go conservative and say maybe 75 gallons were in the tanks. So imagine that you have a Honda Civic with one of those dumb looking mufflers traveling at 175 with a full tank of gas and carrying another 60 gallons in jugs in the back seat. Look at that building and ask yourself if such a vehicle could do that. Obviously not, so there must either have been additional fuel, accelerant, incendiary material or a bomb to cause this destruction. The entire building at one time was engulfed in flame and thick black smoke. Of course, if this turns out to be the long shot and it was really was a lone nut cracker software engineer, he could have flown with extra material in the hold or cabin. Or it could have been in the building. I also find it curious that only 1 person in the building was killed and only two injured, when just on that floor there were 199 employees. Perhaps it will come out that they all were called to a meeting in a different building or told to take an early brunch.

Something that Jones pointed out which I might not have thought of was that, according to NIST and their shills at Popular Mechanics, an av-gas fire is hot enough to melt steel and bring the most well-built steel-and-concrete skyscrapers in the world down into their own perfect footprint at freefall speed. And WTC 7 was only hit by a few small chunks of flaming debris, yet managed to catch on fire and happened to fall into its own footprint minutes after the owner said "Let's pull it" and firefighters were heard to say "they're going to bring it down." So Jones asked why this building, when hit with more burning fuel and debris managed to stay upright when it's construction was nowhere near as strong as that of the trade towers. My guess is because they didn't want to have a repeat of the military-grade nanothermite particles being found in the rubble.

Of course this is purely anecdotal, but one of Jones' producers knew the pilot. The guy was in a band and producer Rob subbed in sometimes. That's very weird, since there are 1.5 million people in Austin and Alex only employs something like 8 people. That is an actual coincidence, it's just kind of freaky. Evidently his name didn't ring a bell until the pcture of him playing the bass came out, and then Rob got freaked out, because he hadn't played with the band in years. But he said the guy never discussed politics or the government, IRS or anything like that.

I was right when I told you less than 24 hours after the crotch bomber fizzled that that was false flag government intelligence at work. Less than 24 hours after the Austin attack, I'm saying the same thing. The government now admits it let the crotch bomber on the plane and that the sharp-dressed man was an agent. Later on today, a passenger on another flight tried to open one of the doors, just the latest in a string of at least half a dozen such scenes and unruly passenger incidents since Christmas. And even though the government had nothing to do with either, they will use real accidents like the two small plane crashes yesterday to their P.R. advantage -- the Tesla Motors plane crash in Palo Alto and the crash of another small plane in northern Texas. As I write this inthe first couple hours of the morning news broadcasts, just like on Christmas, there are calls in the media to shut down small airports and to pass laws enforcing the same Orwellian security measures on private aviation which they have emplaced for public air travel, and that has never been considered before. On Christmas, if you'll recall, within the first hour of the news, people were already screaming to install naked body scanners nationwide. Which the government had already purchased 217 of last year, at a cost of dozens of billions of dollars, from companies heavily invested in by current and former high-level Bush and Obama administration minions.

This is all about restricting our Constitutional right to freedom of movement and as a separate but equal goal, to demonize the Tea Party. The RNC has already taken over the parties to a large extent, so the real partiers are splitting off from the fake globalist-controlled people. Glenn Beck is a CIA operative, not an actual agent, an asset. He has screamed and waved that Obama will be taken out by crazed Tea Party fanatics. You know, the patriotic gun-owning, Christian conservative males that the MIAC reports told law enforcement to be aware of. i.e. myself and you guys. They set up this poor guy with the airplane, they could do the same to anyone. And I don't even intend to entertain the more wild and unprovable theories already being flung around, like he was a Manchurian Candidate, or that the government killed him, placed his body in the plane and then remotely piloted it into the building. I don't deal in space aliens, Bigfoots, secret military bases on Mars or JFK is alive in the top floor of Parkland Hospital. All interesting, but if they can't be proven or disproved, they're wastes of time.

This I am no sure about since I have seen no hard evidence and the only circumstantial evidence are Beck's warnings, but I'll relay it to you anyway, in case it happens, is that maybe you'll believe me about this kind of stuff. Evidently the swine flu hoax and crotch bomber weren't enough to gain any credibility. I'm like Avis, I'm the little guy so I have to try harder. Jones believes that the government will stage an fake assassination attempt on Obama or attempt a real one. I have not heard a timeline, but I would guess within the year since he is already a lame duck and his polls continue to sink further and to deeper depths than any president in history, including the widely despised Bush 43. This will be blamed on a patsy from the far right wing, probably an alleged Tea Party member or better yet, city party founder. Or if they can't get one of those, maybe they can find a KKK member to set up, or someone high up in the NRA. Maybe a synergy of all of those.

Whether fake and failed or real and successful, this would allow the government to jump quantum leaps in Homeland Security scope and authority and would also start race riots. That would allow them to bring in the full force of the mlitary to the streets of America. If you actually read my messages, you know that regular military in addition to Guard has been illegally running operation inside our borders, fused with local and state police. Watch Police State 2000 if you don't believe me. The videos are there if you care enough to take the time. Obama or Biden would not need to announce martial law because, as I've told you, thanks to the swine flu and WHO Level 6 we are already under it. We are under U.N. martial law and we are under U.S. martial law ever since Obama declared the flu a national emergency, a power given to him by Bush's Presidential Decision Directive 51. Look it up and read it. Once widespread and open domestic military operations are underway, you can kiss it goodbye, because then you're looking at Mad Max 3. Think Stephen King's The Stand, since a biological release of a bug that actually does something besides give you a sore throat is by far the most efficient method of the 95% world population reduction that Eric P. Holdren wants. Or they could just do it the fastest way and nuke the world, in that case go rent Def-Con 4. Great movie that no one has ever heard of.

You think it's impossible and I don't blame you. I've read their white papers and official internal releases. None of us want to hurt anyone. I don't even want Ahmadenijad dead. Instead life in Supermax for I Can't Believe It's Not Hitler would be my choice. Spray. And all of you pray that not a hair on Obama's head is touched. It would be a very bad thing if he were even slightly injured. Better would be to finish out his term and go to some ivy league cesspool and be the president or Dean or whatever. Best would be if one of the rogue nations not under full globalist control like North Korea would release his birth certificate, and the Supreme Cort to remove him from office, put him in jail an nullify all the laws and executive orders he signed. Let's pray for that. Even if they don't get crap-and-trade, health care deform and amnesty for anyone who doesn't need sunscreen passed, the country can still be destroyed before a true conservative can be elected to the executive. The banksters have full control of the dollar and every other currency -- they are currently propping up both the dollar and the price of gold in order to keep Americans and Europeans asleep, to buy time for Stretch Pelosi and Dirty Harry to attempt the ramming through of those programs. If that happens, they'll pull the dollar like Silverstein pulled WTC 7. If they can't, they'll do what they did in '08, pour billions of dollars into a candidate from the opposite party to the current president, set up a fall guy or Hillary in opposition, and make sure that their guy wins. Right now, it looks like Perry-Palin are being set up to run and win. Unless Medina can defeat Perry in Texas or Palin says something really stupid in her new gig at FoxNews, that's currently the favorite going away.

I know I keep trying to hammer the point away, but they honestly do want most "useless eaters," as Ted Turner put it, dead or at least sterile. Oh, if they have to go plan G, they'll settle for 95% unable to have children. It will be terrible for them having to live for another three generations with so many CO2 producing polluters still befouling their empire, but they think long term. If everyone refuses to die immediately, they'll just make sure they die off. And none of this happens in great starts, obvious to the American Idol idiots. They are very quietly ratcheting each of countless retaining bolts down on us, a quarter-turn at a time. Most people will never detect the slowly increasing pressure, as a frog cannot sense the danger of a slowly heating pot of water. But it's happening and there is a threshold from which we cannot return. The Austin plane attack is the latest gentle turn of the ratchet. If they can get small airports closed and/or convince the people to let the TSA harass privae plane pilots and passengers just like their commercial counterparts, that's one more tiny step towards the total technocratic, military-intelligence command-and-control system that they've wanted for centuries.

These people are sick and have mental illnesses, literally, and there is a reason why. At the very apex of the power pyramid you will find the British and European royal families, and the powerful banking families like the Rothschilds and Rockerfellers. I don't know if the Morgans or Chases followed the formers' pattern, but those ancient families are infamous for inbreeding. Scientists just released a report based on years of DNA study that King Tutankhamen had a club foot and a harelip and other deformities, and that he was most likely a product of mating between his own mother and father. Everyone knows that inbreeding causes not only physiological but also mental and psychological deficiencies. Google Elizabeth Bathory if you've never heard of her. She was an inbred royal who had hundreds of young girls kidnapped and brought to her dungeon, whereupon she would torture and abuse them, finally killing them and drinking their blood. Look it up. And the best, latest theory regarding Jack the Ripper was that he was a deranged royal who was hidden from the public but allowed his exploits and protected from law enforcement. So why is it so hard for you to believe that the current crop of people sitting atop the greatest power structure the world has ever known would shy away from openly planning to kill 95%? This also explains why they do so in a public fashion, and why, usually, even then general outlines of their plans are published. Oh, they're not quite gone enough to publish the actual day-to-day, unit-by-unit orders to the lowest level operatives. Either that or their underlings possessing unadulterated genes censor those without their knowledge. I believe almost nothing that David Eick says -- he's the one who popularized the notion that reptilian aliens were actually the royal and elite banking families, and that Bush is one. Ludicrous on it's face. The one thing he does claim that I absolutely believe to be true is that the inbred royal and elite families have one basic moral underpinning and two basic pleasures. Their moral, or if you prefer, religious underpinning is Satanism, or, more accurately, Luciferianism, as Satan is a Christian version of the much more ancient dark lord. Their first pleasure is the accumulation of power, control, and in a distant third, money. Their second pleasure, or perhaps more precisely stated, their primary hobby, is pedophilia.

The sickest people in the world, wielding the most power ever realized on the planet, have planned terrible things for everyone who is either not smart enough or who doesn't care enough to educate themselves, take protective steps and then try to educate others. We can't save everyone, but we can stop the globalist agenda if you commit enough time and energy to the goal. Three simple things are all that are necessary -- to think, speak, and act.

Your Corporatin

This is a copy of an old email and not a proper blog post:

I'm not talking about the one you work for, I'm talking about your legal twin entity that the government created for you. Did you ever wonder why, even though any honest legal scholar will tell you that the Amendment which created the IRS and the income tax was never legally ratified, the government still successfully prosecutes tax dodgers who claim that fact in court? It's because to the government and all other corporations, you are not Frank Xxxxxxx. Look at your checkbook, credit cards, bills and statements from the IRS. From a legal standpoint, you are FRANK XXXXXXX, and that's why every one of those will always spell your name in all caps. When your parents signed you up for Social Security, thanks to the verminous Franklin Roosevelt, a shadow twin of you was incorporated for all government and financial purposes. That's the chicane which allows them to get around the law. How many people know that? I didn't discover this -- I'm not smart enough in terms of legal minutiae to have figured it out. I heard it on a local radio show, investigated it and it's true. All of us have a parasite entity that allows the ticks in the Fed and the government to feed off of us. The guy laid out a very complex process by which you could dissolve your corporation -- I wish I had a copy of that show. It was just a local businessman who bought time for like 12 Sundays just after the thing with my parents, and I would go to Borders and read and listen to that show. Maybe if I contacted him he might have copies of the shows. I have his email address because I sent him a message back then. Maybe I'll see about that. He had a lot of great info about the global financial system, even though he fixes restaurant large appliances. I've no idea how he came up with the knowledge he gained. But we need to pay attention.

R.I.P. John Murtha

This is a copy of an old email, not a proper blog post:

I was terribly saddened to hear on the radio the Congressman John Murtha has died. In fact, I was surprised that I actually was glad. I didn't even feel good when Ted Kennedy died, but I'm glad that this verminous sack of fertilizer is gone. He's the one who was the unindicted co-conspirator in the ABSCAM affair of the '80s, he constantly ranked #1 in the amount of pork he netted, he's the one who called his own constituents racist rednecks, and it was he who, based on a false story by the detestable Tim McGirk of Time Magazine, told the world and Al Qaeda that our Marines murdered in cold blood innocent civilians in Haditha. It took years and millions of dollars, but thanks to Michael Savage, all of the eight except for Colonel Jeffrey Chessani have been fully exonerated. Make no mistake about it, Chessani was found innocent once, the rats in the Pentagon and the shameful George Bush ordered an appeal, during which he was found innocent again. Now the treacherous enemy operative Iraq Hussein Osama has ordered another retrial through his mindless minions in the Joint Chiefs of Staff. It's sickening. And they haven't stopped persecuting American heroes. Do a Google search for "Lieutenant Behenna." If you can spare $20 do what I did and contribute to his legal defense fund. A systematic demoralization campaign is in full swing against our military. Combined that with a determined effort to decrease our current and future capabilities and you begin to see the big picture.

Obama has canceled ballistic missile defense, even though it has proved greatly effective in tests. He canceled production of the F-22A Raptor, the greatest air superiority fighter ever designed, quoting out of control costs for production and higher than acceptable maintenance costs. Never mind that he let the banksters steal $28 trillion in the first year of his presidency, or that he lets Congress maintain our debt by increasing the debt ceiling in $2 trillion increments. The F-14 Tomcat was taken offline because it was expensive and time-consuming to maintain, even though it still is the most capable fleet defense interceptor known. The Peanut President canceled the B1-A bomber. Only because of Ronald Reagan do we now enjoy the world's most capable supersonic bomber. The B2-A Stealth might be fine for bombing naked targets like those in Baghdad, but if you want to go downtown in Tokyo, you call the B1-B. Meanwhile all the administrations have continued to support the V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor craft for the Marines, even though it has been a deathtrap in testing on an equal footing with the British Harrier VTOL attacker, the deadliest aircraft in history. They've canceled development of advanced personal rifles and body armor, APCs and ew technologies for armor plating of Army offensive vehicles. They canceled Boeing's stealth helicopter, the Comanche, after pouring billions of dollars into development and testing. They had actual flying prototypes which outperformed anything currently in American, Russian, European and Israeli inventory.

I could go on, but this is a small sample of the treason which has been inflicted on our military. Ask yourselves why our main heavy bomber is still the Buff. It first became operational in 1954. The USAF plans to use the airframes for 30-40 more years, albeit with systems upgrades. Why are they still flying 30+ year old F-15, F-16 and F-18 airframes? Why is our main refueling craft based on the C-130 and first flown in 1957? Why is the other refueling plane a modified McDonnell Douglas DC-10, debuting in 1981? Everyone thinks the F-117A Nighthawk is the best fighter in the world. It is not even a fighter -- it has no cannon or air-to-air missile capability. It is a subsonic stealth ground attack craft designed in the '60s and first flown in the '70s. People think the B2-A Stealth is a great bomber, and it does have tremendous range and decent payload, but also has no defensive weapons and relies on its shape and surface coating to avoid enemy radar.  Neither plane can get past the current generation of Russian radars or air-to-surface missiles.

Think about the trajectory of technology we've witnessed in our lifetimes. When you were born, a Radio Shack TRS Model II was state of the art, with 8KB of memory and a green screen. And it cost thousands of dollars. Right now, I'm holding a brand new iPod Touch with 32GB of memory, a processor millions of times faster and a very nice OLED backlit screen. Extrapolate that to anything else in the technical world you want. Stereo systems, televisions, telephones, whatever. So why are we still flying airplanes half a century old and expecting them to last for a full century? It's not hard to figure out. I wish more people could think for themselves.

In other news, even CNN now admits that the government illegally takes DNA samples from all babies born in hospitals or clinics without informing their parents. They only got it partially right, as usual -- it's not limited to a few states but to all of the USA, Canada, Britain, Australia and New Zealand. Each country has its own repository. Ours is half an hour from your house in a building on the U.T. campus. They've been doing this for the last 37 years. You, Kate and I and all of our friends are in there, so are everyone's kids. And the purpose is for research, that's true, but not for disease research, at least that was not the primary purpose. The government's own documents state that the DNA samples will allow them, in sufficient time (from 37 years ago, it's probably already happened), to develop individual-specific bioweapons for assassinations and race-specific weapons for genocide. It may or may not be this sort of program which caused the mysterious, sudden cancer that took the life of Ken Lay just after he went to prison, and so many other people who've died from inexplicable, sudden-onset cancers, heart attacks, strokes, aneurysms, hemorrhagic fevers and all the rest. I don't know and we never will. But this topic is of particular interest to me since I know a bit about molecular genetics. It certainly is theoretically possible and not terribly difficult when we have high-speed automatic gene sequencers and computer-controlled DNA and RNA strand assembly machines. I was making genetically-modified bacteria and viruses in high school in tha pilot course in Biotechnology I took. Altering genetics is easier than assembling a bicycle, literally. The difficult part is coming up with the correct nucleotide sequence and a proper vector. But if they have your complete genome on a computer database, it wouldn't be that hard to tell a bacteriophage to attack a unique 64-base-pair sequence in your DNA. Well, you probably wouldn't be the only person to have it, but if it happened to spread and kill another person or two, no big deal, bonus points, in fact. There would be no way for even the best forensics people on the planet to tell what had happened, unless they put a sample of your blood in an electron microscope and ran full genomes on every single cell type, human, bacterial, viral and fungal. Impossibly expensive and time consuming, probably could not be done with civilian technology.

There are limits to my insanity. I'm not suggesting that the government has sequenced everyone's genomes for the last 37 years and have it in a giant storage system. What I do believe is that they have the frozen blood 20 miles from your house, and if there's someone they really, really want dead who proves to be particularly difficult to get to by conventional means, this is something they could resort to. It has probably been used only a handful of times, if ever, and would also be expensive and time consuming. It would come out of Ft. Detrick and all an operative would have to do to kill you is to spread an invisible sample on your car door handle, or your front door knob, or on a piece of mail sent to you.

And by the way, the House just passed their Cybersecurity Act, and the Senate version is even worse. Doubtlessly without reading it, like all these other monstrosities. Look it up. You will need a driver's license style permit to access the Internet, and every byte of your traffic will be monitored, stored and logged in a database by the NSA. This is the globalist system of control of free speech. and are banned nationwide in China and in large swaths of Australia, New Zealand and Britain, as is Youtube, where Jones' films have hundreds of millions of views. I'm not sure how they're ding it, but even with VPNs, people in those areas are having great difficulty accessing the sites. They must be using DNS spoofing, which dovetails with last year's gift of the ICANN DNS authority to the U.N. Do you see how multifaceted all this is? The average person would never be able to synthesize a coherent theory of the global command and control structures from stories as seemingly unrelated as hospitals taking DNA and the House passing a benevolent bill to punish hackers and copyright violators. I guarantee that's what you'll read in the Statesman. Everything doublespeak. I've no doubt the RIAA will use it to throw me in jail for 666 lifetimes for downloading the new Satriani Live album, but that's not the real purpose. Look it up for yourself. This bill will end the Internet as we know it. And if the net is taken away, that's the canary in the coal mine. Then it's the gun confiscation and that's the beginning of the end.

I wish people would pay attention. I can't carry all of us. The next mental block I need to work on with you guys is the aversion to sharing the information with other people. I think you'd be surprised by how receptive people are, as evidenced by my little Xbox car experiment. To quote NIN, most people are ready for another version of the truth, but the media has them blindfolded in a darkened room and the only door is on the ceiling, so people need a little help finding the way out. Once they're free and clear, your work is done -- they'll do the rest of the work themselves. If you don't want to talk to your neighbors or friends, do what I did at Christmas and anonymously leave DVDs on their doors or in their mailboxes. But please consider some kind of activity. I really think we're directly on the center of the fulcrum right now. The globalists are shifting their massive weight slowly towards one end. We're lightweight in comparison but we can move much faster. Our chances of tipping the thing are equal, the odds have never been better. I can't remember the exact Thomas Jefferson quote that Jones likes to cite. Something to the effect that, in the beginning patriots are rare because it is unpopular to be one. At the end everyone calls themselves one because it is the trendy thing. You know more history than I do. Think about how many civilizations have come and gone, and why. We're about to become as esoteric to anyone who might still be alive a millennium from now as the Toltecs or the Anasazi are to us now. Survey a thousand people on the street and see how many know who those two peoples were. Ask a thousand people who Adam Lambert and Simon Cowell are and you'd get over 90%.

And did you see the Stupor Bowl commercial from Audi about the Green Police, to the tune of "The Dream Police?" Predictive programming. If you missed it, check it out on Youtube. Everywhere, predictive programming pervades all forms of media. We're living in 1983, about to roll into 1984. George Orwell was not born George Orwell, it's a pseudonym. He was a high level operative in British Intelligence, he read their internal documents and wrote the novel as a warning to future generations. He was largely correct but missed the date by about 30 years. One of the slogans on my Xbox cars is "Educate yourself, protect yourself." I can't think of more concise message. OK, I'm done preaching for tonight. As a very tall dude once said, thank you, or I'm sorry, whichever you prefer.

Harassed by The Man

This is a copy of an old email, not a proper blog post:

So here's what my night was like. I went to the new Carl's Jr. on Toepperwein to try the "Green Burrito" sub-restaurant. I ordered a Green Burrito and it was very good. Better than Taco Cabana. I shall return. As usual, I drank as much Diet Coke as possible in order to get my full $1.89's worth. Hours later I decided to cruise by Fredo and Brandon's house to see if they were still awake. They either had already gone to sleep or were not there, so I proceeded back down FM1518 towards my place. I had to go the bathroom and was looking for a store or gas station open where I could go. If you know that area, there are none, so I pulled into a public park with an apparent restroom building next to an elementary school.

As soon as I entered the driveway I saw a police cruiser, followed by a second. They lit me up before I could approach the rest facility. I got the treatment. What is your name, give me your license, are you on drugs, what have you been drinking, do you have weapons on your person. What are you doing here. Where did you come from, what was your destination, what was your purpose, why are out at this time of night. Oh, you have friends? What are their names? Where do they live? No, not the next street beyond that school, what is their street number and name? If you really have friends why don't you recall their specific street address? Oh, you have a GPS, and you rely on that to get you around? Is that so. A very convenient excuse.

Do you have any weapons? (Yes, a knife in my left front pocket.) Why are you carrying a knife? My brother gave me his after I lost mine. Do you have any guns on you or in the car (no.) Do you own any guns (you bet your ass I do.) Why do you have guns (because I'm a patriot.)? Are you planning to commit crimes? Umm, not ever. Why would you want to to own a gun? Because it's my Constitutional right. Oh really, well around here that's considered a terrorist manifesto.

Google the 2009 MIAC reports. There you will find federal documentation of the FBI informing state police PDs that the new terrorists are conservatives, gun owners, returning veterans, retired  police, and listened to Alex Jones.

So you say your name is such-and-such, and your license, registration and insurance confirm this. Why should we believe your lies? You look suspicious to us, trying to stop for a piss in a public park with your suspicious Mitsubishi Galant with its missing hubcap. We've had reports of multiple suspects applying graffiti to our fine park restrooms while dressed in khakis and white T-shirts and driving dirty white pearl Galants with missing right front hubcaps. You meet our profile -- it's nothing personal. We won't arrest illegals for DWI but we'll detain patriots for 15 minutes based on suspicion of having to micturate.

I have never seen anything like this. I never heard anything like this. They confiscated my ID and my knife, they made me stand in front of the dash cam of one of their cruisers and facing away from them, and they asked to search my car. When I said of course they could. they made sure I understood that my entire car and all its contents were to be searched. I told them that they could tear the thing apart. I offered to give them a $20 tip if they'd also check the transmission fluid level, since I didn't know how. It was 35 degrees and I was standing in front of a police car, which was filming me, in my standard grey hoodie and shaking my ass off from the cold. And one officer was like, gee, you're really nervous? I am? Look at you, you're shaking like a leaf. Maybe that's because it's freaking cold out here. And I really have to take a piss. That's not helping. I have no doubt that if I had wet my pants I'd see the video from the dash cam up on YouTube the next week. That's how they operate.

So they asked and I let them search the car, which I shouldn't have. The reason I did is that one saw my hat. The evil, scary, terrorist hat I bought from Alex Jones that says "Come And Take It" with a star and the outline of an AK-47. They said, do you have guns on you? We saw your hat. We know people like you, show us where your guns are. It's OK, we don't need to get violent if you just tell us where you've hidden them. I assured them that even though I do own guns, the hat was not a threat towards them, that it was simply a message to Congress about the 2nd Amendment. I told them that next to military, the group of people I respect most are police. After having palmed my crotch, and having rifled through my messy car with precision that I cannot verify, since I was forced to face into the camera, the good officers came to the epiphany that I was neither a graffiti artist, nor any threat to them. They let me go. I was honestly surprised. I thought surely they'd find that my front right tire was below the minimum PSI standard for Schertz, TX, or that my paint had too great a pearlescent flake for their CC&Rs.

I kid, but I don't. This is becoming a standard, a practice and religion. Last year I was treated similarly when I parked across from my Whataburger to listen to Coast-to-Coast AM and sports talk radio. It so happened that across the street was inbetween two bank branches. So I was under suspicion of bank robbery. And years before, Frank and Fredo were forced to rescue me from a similar incident off of I-35 and Toepperwein because I had evily parked my 626 in the cul-de-sac of an abandoned industrial district and was breaking the law listening to Coast-to-Coast. The cops made me walk to a pay phone over a mile away to call Frank to pick me up. I told them that I had a cell phone, but they said I was not allowed to use it. I told them that my car was perfectly capable of getting me home, but that was illegal. Total B.S. Pure fiat power trip.

I am so pissed off that I can't even describe it. This is the future, how do you like it? I know the hardest thing for you both to believe is the eugenics part of the agenda, but let me leave you with this metaphor. We are all as good as dead already. The only variable yet to be determined by the banksters is how long we have left until the jewels in our hand change color and we are ordered to report to Carousel. I don't know about you, but I'm planning to run alongside Logan and try to find Sanctuary. Anything else is suicide.

I'm no victim, but I've just personally witnessed the heavy hand of the globalists. I had to pee -- I'm really sorry. No one is history has had the urgent need to evacuate his bladder before. I realize it was a novel situation and one in which the police were forced by weight of law to investigate. Honestly I feel lucky that I'm free right now, and that's not a joke. They asked me if I had anything illegal, and evidently I hesitated a split second before I responded in the negative.Because I had a micro-SD card in my Zen MP3 player, in the right pocket of my hoodie, which had illegally downloaded MP3s on it. And if you think I'm kidding for worrying about that, just follow the RIAA lawsuits.

The whole thing came down down to the fact that I had to pee, I chose the wrong address to attempt relief, I was detained, subjected toextra -constitutional questioning, which I only agreed to in order to be released sooner, and was essentially called a terrorist because of my baseball cap. It's an f'ing hat. The hat is not an AK-47. It contains neither a 30 round magazine, nor does it operate reliably in muddy conditions.

Do you realize what I am saying to you? Freedom of movement, the right to protect oneself and the right to free speech are all under overt attack by the New World Order. It's so disgusting. I don't even know why I bother to try to tell other people about this. No one pays attention, and even if they did no one I've yet come across has the balls to help fight back. It is both saddening and frightening. I've often considered taking myself offline and simply submitting to the tyranny, but I couldn't live myself if I did that. Even if the odds are only 1:100 that I can help pull society out of the flat spin that it's in, I'd be damned if I didn't try.

Debra Medina for Governor

This is a copy of an old email, not a current blog post:

Have you guys heard about Deborah Medina running for governor? She's a Ron Paul type constitutionalist. Her poll numbers were minuscule until a recent debate in which she wiped the floor with both Perry and Hutchison. Her numbers quadrupled in the next poll. The establishment then got the media company running the next debate to change its rules to disallow her from participating, but public outcry was such that Belo had to agree to change them back. Perry and Hutchison are both Bilderberg members and Kay Bailey is even on its steering committee. They both suck. Look into Medina and if you like what read, vote for her in the primary.

Also, did you notice that the government is now admitting that they did arrest a second man in the Crotch Bomber incident, and that there was a second bomb found on him? Both of which they denied until just days ago. Both f which I reported to you within days of Christmas? That's one of their media tricks -- immediately deny, then later admit so that, in the future, when people look at news reports, all they'll be able to pull up are the revised editions of articles. How many people do you think would be clever enough to use the Internet Archive to go back and look at the first editions of reports? I do but most people probably never heard of that service. It's a very clever trick. I'm telling you, and I'm telling you -- 99% certainty that this was an intelligence operation through and through. And now they're trying to scare people with all these new reports of passenger disturbances on flights and the report that a record number of people on the no-fly list have been caught trying to board airplanes. I have no doubt that some are genuine wacky Muslim fanatics but a lot are guaranteed to be operatives.

And have your read the new report that the FBI analysis of the anthrax that was sent in letters to government officials and media executives in late 2001 was found to be genetically identical to the strain stored at USAMRIID in Ft. Detrick, Maryland? And that it was found to contain 12% by weight of silicon, which is the agent used by the military weaponize the spored by coating them so they stay as individual spores instead of clumping, leading to effortless aerosolization? The official explanation is that the bacteria were accidentally contaminated by a growth medium containing silicon, which is ridiculous since silicon plays no role in biochemistry and is not present in organisms unless you just ate a handful of sand. The FBI had Lawrence Livermore labs run dozens of tests to see what level of silicon contamination they could produce -- the result -- 0.01%. Did you know that the doctor who worked for the government who was framed for the attacks was one of the great many people who have committed suicide in a suspicious but officially case-closed-immediately manner?

I already told you that WHO head has admitted that the swine flu/H1N1 vaccine brouhaha was a complete farce perpetrated to enrich the five vaccine makers and that the shots are dangerous. Which I've been telling you since April. Now the U.N. has admitted that their scare paper of a few years ago writing that the Himalayan glaciers would completely disappear by 2030 was also a hoax and purposely designed to evoke fear and pressure countries into action. And I bet you didn't hear on Fox News that official NASA emails have now also leaked, paralleling those from East Anglia University which caused Climategate, and they lay out a fraud exactly like what was perpetrated in England?

None of this is hard to follow, research, comprehend and then take action on account of. But still I feel like a lone voice in a wilderness. The latest timetable I'm hearing is 2-3 years for the complete collapse of the dollar and massive hyperinflation, then 5-10 years before the total military and technological takeover. And when that happens, the killing starts. Obama has just instructed the World Bank to prohibit Third World countries from building any new coal-fired power plants, though China is allowed to build three every week. Hospitals in Africa are already losing patients left and right because they are required to use solar panels for their sole power source, and only allowed two panels per building. 5-7 million Africans have died within the last five years from starvation because of the doubling of food prices caused by the biofuel movement diverting fully half of American production of corn to ethanol, which gives lower gas mileage and puts out much higher levels of CO2 when you take into account its production and not just look at what comes out of your tailpipe. Well your car's, not yours. The UNICEF estimates that 1 billion people will die by 2030 if the Copenhagen treaty's for Third World emission cuts were to be enforced, a level which was set at 1.8x the level required for First and Second World Nations.

I've sent you the links about GMO corn causing liver and kidney failure. And almost everything you eat and 100% of food aid sent to poor countries is GMO, and in many cases a food item will have multiple GMO ingredients. The FDA caught the big pharma companies in the '70s "accidentally" putting HIV virus into Factor 8 solution for hemophiliacs, so instead of suing them to stop production, and instead of the companies stopping production or changing protocols to eliminate the "accidental contamination" guess what they did? They simply diverted sales to Africa and Europe. This isn't a crazy dream I had -- look it up if you can stomach the truth. All of the insane sounding things I write you are real. I am so pissed off that it's like a fireball's in my gut. And no one listens. Nobody. When all that's required is a few hours of research into material freely and plainly available, no one wants to extract their heads from the and long enough to care for themselves or their families. It's disgusting, but not surprising when you consider that we've all been injected with poisoned vaccines and taken harmful medications all our lives. We've eaten tainted food and drunk contaminated water, and breathed polluted air. So initially I can understand the reluctance, but not when I explain the outline of the current world situation and spoon-feed people the resources they need to confirm for themselves. This country and its people are nothing that the founding fathers would recognize, or even a lowly cobbler or blacksmith from that age would. You don't have to be an intellectual giant to fight the globalists. I'm not. But for God's sake, we have to get people to stand up and fight. Five to ten years left. Think about that really hard.

More Austin gun show news

This is a copy of an old email and not a proper blog post:

Yeah, well yesterday Austin authorities paid another visit to HEB and threatened them, so now there will be no more gun shows in Austin, at least at any building listed by HEB. And today, just in time as always, a guy fired shots at the Capitol building. Possibly a nut, more like either provocateured or straight up intel op. We don't have enough information yet. If it turns out that the guy is ex-military, was ever in a mental institution or had previously made threats with nothing being done to him, that's when you know it was staged

I was surprised at Brown's election as well. ACORN was in the house, as were the Black Panthers, and you know that some electronic and physical ballot fraud was taking place. The polls just before the election all had him up by at least 9 points, so my feeling is that probably Brown won by 10-12 and they stole 5-7 points back. Usually a five point steal is enough to swing the result, but people were so pissed off this time that the amount they could steal was insufficient. Another possibility is that Brown came on so rapidly from being 30+ points down in November that they didn't have time to erect the infrastructure necessary for large scale fraud. Remember that Massachusetts hasn't had a Republican Senator for over 60 years. I think the last was Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. in '46 or '48. Dems outnumber Repubs 3:1 there now, with a large portion claiming Independent as well. It was the brazenness of Pelosi saying "We'll do this anyway, " and one other who I can't remember saying that they'd use reconciliation to pass it with 50 votes. Plus that woman was a terrible candidate. She just kept putting her foot in her mouth time and again; if she'd shut up and just waited the thing out she might have won.

But we must be even more careful now because I think I can say that Obama is now a lame duck, as are both the Senate and the House. Even more so if they floor this thing and try even harder with the fast-track cram-down. What I'm worried about, and as usual, what no one else is paying attention to, is that last month Obama signed en Executive Order ordering preparations for a wide scale biological attack. I've already told you that under PDD51, signed by Bush, the President can order martial law, suspend Congress, the courts and all laws and treaties whenever a national disaster is declared, that being literally whatever he defines one to be. And I've told you that under U.N. treaty, we are already technically under martial law due to the Level 6 pandemic declared by the WHO last year on account of the billions of people who have succumbed to the deadly H1N1 flu. The table is set for a crackdown. The food has arrived and the candles have been lit, and all the major players have their name cards behind their plates. I'm not saying anything will happen before the elections, but just pay attention. If there is another "terrorist" attack, or another "failed" attack, a string of shootings, or anything like that in this country, you'll know what's going on. Likewise if Israel and Iran go at it finally.

We've had remarkable successes in the last year, but unfortunately because of that we're in even greater danger, because a cornered animal is more dangerous than one running free. We killed Copenhagen. They just announced today that the U.S. has not signed the "letter" that was the pathetic substitute for the global takeover treaty the conference was supposed to produce. Tey also announced that there is no longer a timetable for signing the letter. That was 100% Climategate leak, Alex Jones, Viscount Lord Monckton, people like me, and then the dumbass statements by people like Herman von Rompuy stating that "2010 will be the first year of global government." Ban Ki-Moon writing an article naked pressing for immediate world government. The arrogance is astounding. A couple days ago the head of the WHO himself released a statement saying that the entire swine flu affair was a complete farce and going on to say that there never was any danger, except from the vaccine itself, and further stating that the entire thing was a scam to give billions of dollars to the major biotech companies. Where did you hear all that, back around your birthday, when we were driving in your car.? Oh yeah, I laid that out as one of the scenarios. Not because I'm smart but I listen, read and watch.

Brown won. Crap-and-trade is in serious jeopardy, as are future bank bailouts. Ron Paul's bill to audit the Fed passed the House and will either narrowly go down in the Senate this year or be passed by the next Senate. When that happens, it's all over for the banksters, and that's when you have to go onto absolute red alert for your family. If the Fed is audited, which will take some time, I've no idea how long, you'd have a better idea than I since you used to audit people like that fat guy at your old office. But when the audit is complete, if it is even allowed to complete, the American people will demand the abolition of the Fed and the recreation of a true national banking system with open financing and leadership who are accountable and do not conduct business in secret. And when that happens, the globalists will throw the switch on the military-technological total control grid they've been building since 1933. That's when people start being trucked Bergen-Belsen style to the FEMA camps -- I believe I included in a previous email a link with the locations of known camps and their capacities. There's one just miles from me -- how far will you have to ride? Or if enough people resist that, they'll send in the SWAT teams, Army, Marines and their specal forces. If that doesn't work out so well because enough people have guns and are using them, they'll send the Air Force. After that, they'll sit back and use Predator and Reaper drones. Then will come chemical weapons, then tactical nukes, then strategic nukes. And for the stragglers who are left scattered here and there like in your Fallout game, they'll use biologicals. Not because a few hundred thousand injured and starving people are any longer a threat, but because they're sadists.

I really wish you could shake your learned paradigm and believe that last paragraph, though I fully realize it sounds unbelievable and insane. I'm actually very impressed by the rate at which you're learning -- it took me probably 3 or 3.5 years to go from Bushbot to always keeping one eye open. Soon, if you pay close attention to predictions vs. actual events, you will be caught up to me. And I have no doubt you'll surpass me and then you can warn me about things. Thanks as always for reading my speeches. I feel like I be giving them subject like De Rerum Novum Ordinis Seclorum and honestly I feel like a total asshat every time I write to you or Frank about this stuff. I'd rather just order pizza and play Xbox, but I feel like my purpose and duty is to help wake you all up before it's too late. We have an ever increasing, recently, chance of beating these people and putting them in prison, but you have to wake up the other people in your circle, and they theirs, quickly, in order to do it.

I saw a funny thing tonight. You know how I've been selling Infowars cars on Xbox Live? Tonight I saw a response car from someone in the U.K., whose design was far inferior to mine. Probably had never used the paint editor before, looked like second grade material. But it said "Gordon Brown Rules," "Up with the Globalists," "The NWO Rocks," and "I hate Penguins." And then he says "Screw You B.Justice." My gamertag is BufordTJustice. I thought that was so cool. I pissed someone off enough that they tried out the paint editor. I wrote him a complimentary message and invited him to debate me. He won't. I have sold around 1100 cars and given away about half as many. I made so much money, even though it was never my purpose, that the counter went up to 999,999,999 and then stopped but the money still accrued, just could not be displayed. That one stayed there, but one on a secondary screen went back down to 0, then to -999,999,999. Then both returned to zero, at which point the gamer thought I actually was penniless. That was last week. This is Thursday and I now have built back 433 million. Now many users have bought or been given more than car, but I estimate that 500 people have my cars, and 4-5x as many have seen them in the auctions or on the track. I've had four people send me flames. None has bothered to debate. This tells me that people are ready to listen, learn and protect themselves. People from the U.K., Germany, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Canada, France, Italy and China have bought my cars. The message is universal. So if you are afraid to talk to some of your co-workers or friends, think again, because people know that things are very wrong and are receptive to the truth. It's only if enough brave people who know the agenda are willing to stick their necks out, risk derision and get active that we can return this country back to the true representative republic that has been systematically dismantled since the founding fathers died. It's not that hard to find all of this out. Less Wii and more WE THE PEOPLE. That's good -- I made it up on the fly because I couldn't think of anything rhyming with Xbox or Playstation. See, I can still have a laugh now and then.

Gun Shows and the Death of the 2nd Amendment

This is a copy of an old email and not a proper blog post:

Today Alex Jones had on the owner of the Texas Gun Show that exhibits monthly in Austin and Live Oak, and the BATF and Austin PD just conducted an outrageously illegal intimidation and sting operation against the gun show. They made every private seller selling to another private citizen go through an FFL licensed dealer at the show, even though people not in the business are not required to sell individual arms to others. They put the pressure on HEB, who owns the building, who then forced the guy to accede to the BATF "recommendations" or lose the right to rent for the weekend. Notice the chicanery in not directly forcing him to do so, but acting through an intermediary. And they also did a sting operation where they payed an illegal immigrant, excuse me, "undocumented American" to purchase a gun from a dealer, then they arrested the dealer, even though it appears that it's not against the law to sell to illegals. They would never deport the illegal, but they arrested the dealer. Total criminal racketeering, they are going to have a hard time avoiding a RICO suit, unless of course the "random" federal judge selection happens to choose a fellow traveler.

I really think that if you want to get any more firearms you should do so ASAP. Everyone knows that Eric Holder has already introduced several draconian gun laws essentially outlawing any ownership. I just heard about House Bill 1202, I think it is, today. Holder has said he wants to ban all guns repeatedly, Obama voted for that in Chicago, and then you have the verminous Cass Sunstein, fiancee of the Supreme Court, who has announced plans to shut down the internet and ban free speech. Look him up with that stuff -- you wouldn't believe me if you didn't read the mainstream articles. He actually says that -- end free speech, it is not a right. He wrote a 30-page white paper on conspiracy theories stating that anyone who is against the government is a conspiracy theorist, and such though and speech is banned by the Constitution, and therefore such people should be imprisoned. He is the Technology Czar. The internet is his official domain, even though he's nothing more than a pinko lawyer and law professor.Obama's first internet chief resigned last year when he saw that the government is buying up all the small ISPs and networking companies they can, shutting them off from our internet and turning them into the Internet 2.0 that you ay have heard about. Internet 2.0 will be an ultra-high-speed version of the original internet, ARPANet, developed by DARPA and serving only the government, select universities and national research laboratories. They plan to turn Internet 1.0 off completelyif all goes well, and if there is resistance they will simply enact Chinese-style net censorship. The contracts have already been placed with Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. The controls are ready, they just are waiting to be implemented. Australia just started using the same system.

It's incredible to me how quickly everything is accelerating and how out in the open all their plans are. But the hubris of the globalists and their psychosexual pleasure derived from telling people what they're going to do before doing it is the one Achilles' heel. The arrogance is their most serious vulnerability. Just from the events of the last few weeks I'm currently planning on investing less in gold and more in guns and ammo and accessories. They'll be more valuable than gold if things break down here like you're seeing in Haiti. My God, reading my own writing, the I of even 5 years ago would think I've gone crazy and dangerously so. But I haven't -- it's pragmatic what I'm writing to you. Things are this bad, they're going to get that much worse, and the time table is continually shrinking. The kind of vision I have for the near future in my childhood was the subject of my favorite movies and books. Post-apocalyptic was my favorite genre -- I ate the stuff up. Now I don't watch those much anymore because it's no longer entertainment, it's predictive programming.

I don't pretend to be a hero like Heston in The Omega Man or Soylent Green, or like Swayze in Red Dawn. Hell, I know who I am. Just a dork with a laptop, high-speed internet and way too much time on his hands. But I've spent five solid years studying this crap and by this time I practically have the Eye of Sauron when it comes to monitoring the NWO. I just wish more of the people I care about would stop thinking I'm insane, or at best eccentric and to be ignored, and start listening and taking defensive measures.

Let's talk timeline, so maybe I'm not so nuts. Hitler had the Reichstag burned to the ground in 1933. WWII started in 1939 and America entered in 1941. By 1945 the war was over. Bush used controlled demolition to bring World Trade Center towers 1, 2 and 7 to the ground in 2001. Six years later, Obama entered the public spotlight. Three years after that is today. I only hope that next year, somehow, we will be able to defeat him. You haven't heard from the mainstream media that his Occidental College documents have finally leaked, and his stated citizenship in their paperwork is Indonesian. So there is the very, very slim chance that that might be true, that he wasn't simply lying in order to receive the Fulbright Scholarship, that a court could be convinced of this, and he could be found illegitimate as President, all laws and executive orders he signed nullified, and he be imprisoned. That's one shot in a million, but it's a live ball, at least for the moment. That's what we have to pray for.

In the mean time, buy guns and gold. Trust me if you ever have, you'll need both much sooner than you think.

High-fructose corn syrup is poisoned

This is a copy of an old email and not a proper blog post:

Mainstream news, Washington Times, not Alex Jones. 55% of high fructose corn syrup brands have been found in a university study to contain dangerous levels of mercury. Do you think it accidentally got added to the HFCS for years on accident, an that the FDA approved it for sale? If you wonder why the average American is so dumb and (a)pathetic, it's because of things like this. Mercury in food and soft drink syrup, mercury in your vaccines, mercury in your fish. Fluoride in the water and toothpaste. Dangerous levels of anti-depressants in municipal water supplies. Hormones in beef, pork and chicken. GMO chimera crops and animals that contain genes from other species, potntially cancer-causing. And now they've just started a TV ad campaign that corn syrup is healthy for your children.

It seems like every day another one of their death by a thousand papercuts is uncovered. Within our lifetimes they'll put the paper away and bring out the swords and really start cutting the population down. I really wish you both would watch Endgame, because I know you don't believe the eugenics part yet. It's not really eugenics, it's genocide, but that's what they call it to put a nicer face on it. Watch that and 2.5 hours later you'll be 90% caught up to where I am on this issue, it's really easy to do, just finding the time is the harder part.

I just wanted to let you know about the corn syrup thing so you can look at the labels on your favorite products. I'd already started transitioning from soda to tea, but now I'm going to try going 100% tea and water. I already know I'm not as smart now as I was when I was in high school, and I thought it was from the years of taking antidepressants, but now I'm wondering how much the food and drink issues played a part in that. Last Christmas I went to the Wal-Mart in Richmond to get a gallon of bottled water and whatever else. I saw one of the major brands like Ozarka with a label I hadn't seen before, and it wsa like 30% more expensive than all the others. It was labeled either Baby Water or Infant Water. And I had to look very closely to see what made it special water for babies. Added fluoride. How nice, since fluoride is listed as a drug and a toxic one by the FDA. I think I've told you guys about the drug warning label on the back of any box of toothpaste, it's there because of the fluoride. So they put even more fluoride in the special, expensive baby water, knowing that parents ho care about their kids will want them to drink the water that's so much better for them.

It's that kind of in-your-face but at the same time, camouflaged chicanery that you must pay attention to. They want people dumbed down, submissive, passive, distracted and inactive. And they hate children even more than the rest of us. But they are very scared of the rest of us right now, because of the actions of those of us who know their plans. We derailed the Copenhagen 2% annual GDP tax and their 2% tax on every financial transaction -- that was not supposed to be possible. Ron Paul's bill to audit the Federal Reserve passed the House, and while it's gaining support in the Senate, it probably won't pass this year but will probably in the next session after November. The cap-and-trade and health care House bills are barely alive in the Senate. There are calls for the prosecution of those involved in Climategate, and just today the WHO publicly admitted that the swine flu pandemic alert and rollout of the vaccine was both botched and unnecessary. All of these things are happening in our favor, but not because of luck, they're happening because people like me are waking more of people like you up, and you're joining the fight and getting active yourselves. I don't think either of you deny that at least part of my theories are true, so if you can find time to inform yourselves and then others, you'll have done everyone a noble service.

Naked body scanners and the Technocracy

This is a copy of an old email to friends and not a proper blog post:

Have you guys read that the U.K. is planning to relax their child pornography laws to allow the body scanning of children in airports? And that they plan to store everyone's image so that they can ID people on the streets with low-power, passive scanners by comparing the low-res passive scans with the high-quality active files? I haven't bothered to try to view the full resolution images, but supposedly  the scans are so detailed that you can make out the pores on peoples' noses. So they'll be able to tell if little boys are circumcised or not, and whether girls are still virgins. The whole thing is ridiculous. And there are more articles coming out that the millimeter-wavelength radiation used by these machines is very destructive to DNA, potentially causing cancers. The U.S. allocated 9 billion dollars last year to buy over 210 machines for every major airport in the country and already had the machines built and being delivered when the magic crotch bomber lit his junk on fire on Christmas Day. That was the planned excuse to have the media push for the body scanners. I was watching Fox News and reading Drudge hours after the bombng plot fizzled and there were immediate and widespread calls for everyone to be scanned.

There are concerns that the TSA will become a magnet for peophiles, since the machines give such detailed views of the naked body. And the very fact that the images are not simply placed on screen and then discarded, but stored to dis or flash media means that employees will be able to copy the files if they are unscrupulous and wish to do so. I'm not too hung up on someone seeing me nude, it's not like I'm Chris Norton hot and sessy, but I wouldn't want anyone seeing my wife or kids, much less copying the picture for their personal gratification. And then there's the fact that many high level people in the Obama administration and in the previous one own stock in the companies like L3 Communications that have received billions from the government for this program. Some of the companies' stocks have jumped up by 25% since Christmas. That's motive. And why did the boxer-briefs bomber try to mix the binary agent and detonate the device in his seat when he could have had complete proivacy, and been in a better location in terms of the plane's structure, if he had instead done so in the lavatory? Nothing about the story makes sense from the official line. The FBI has changed their story no less than six times regarding the bomber, the well-dressed man, the man videotaping, and the second man taken into custody when the bomb-sniffing dogs alerted on his bag.

Alex Jones had a very good four hours Tuesday mostly talking about the scanners, if you want to get the podcast and hear the details. The other story, which one of his guests broke, is that an obscure new law has been passed which allows banks and financial institutions, for any reason they wan, to confiscate peoples' and corporations' mutual fund holdings. Jerod, I know you mutual funds, and I imagine both of yu have 401Ks which are invested in mutual funds. I would advise you to get out of them immediately. You know what I'd advise you to invest in instead, but you are now under risk of the complete loss of those investments whenever someone at Bank of America or Goldman-Sachs needs some chicken change to bu out another bank. The brazenness of these people is so stunning that most people wouldn't believe a story like this, even if it were front page on the Wall Street Journal, but it is real. The setup for the complete collapse of the American economy is almost complete. They are holding off collapsing the dollar entirely because we are still dumb enough to let them continue robbing the people to give to their friends. The latest numbers from Bloomberg came out last week, and the amount of money extricated from the American economy and taxpayers and given to the banks is now up to 27.7 trillion dollars. And remember that they can leverage each dollar by a factor of 10 up to 30 or more, meaning that the amount of assets they now have had the opportunity to purchase in the last 13 months is just shy of one quadrillion dollars. I don't recall hearing the term quadrillion before last year. The theft is staggering and it is continuing. But by November, when the election results sweep D.C. and by January, when the new Senators and Reps are sworn in, that is when you must be prepared for the new world monetary situation. They'll probably even hold off killing the dollar for a few months past then, because it will take the new Congress a while to really get going trying to reverse course.

Something that I've only come to understand over the last few months, reversing my previous thought, is that the globalists actually want Americans to engage in an armed resistance. That's why people like me have to be extremely restrained when it comes to deciding when they may have crossed the line in the future. I don't want to ever fire a weapon in anger, and I'd even hate to do so in self-defense. If there are widespread riots or any kind of organized militia-type resistance, that will instantly give them the excuse to implement the martial law powers signed into law by Bush in P.D.D.51. Congress and the courts will be suspended indefinitely, the police will be given military weapons, the military will flood the streets and work in liaison with the civil authorities. Drone aircraft will be used to spy on and attack the people. The Echelon and Carnivore data-mining operations will go into overdrive, with overtime provided by the intelligence agencies of the other English-speaking countries involved with Echelon. Your movements will be traced by homing in on your cell phone's GPS chip, the RFID tag already in your car's registration sticker, and by the traffic cameras now at nearly every urban intersection. Your purchases will be tracked and suspicious activity flagged by computers. Wal-Mart already places RFID chips in nearly every non-perishable item they sell. So if I buy a gun, or a cell phone, or even something harmless like a bicycle and you borrow it, they will be able to track you. If I buy a box of shotgun shells for skeet shooting, a bottle of lighter fluid for a barbecue, and a box of matches for the bathroom, that is flagged and I get a visit from the SWAT team.

You can laugh at me for laying out such a scenario, but I've read it in their own internal documents. Did you hear on MSNBC that our government has just given full and permanent immunity to Interpol and every other foreign intelligence service and law enforcement agency? You've long know that foreign diplomats have immunity, and they've always used it for crime. The U.N. is notorious for being manned by pedophiles. Did you know that Department of State actually has, or had a fund provided for the U.N. for the specific purchase of providing child sex slves. That's not the kind of thing I could make up, it's so unbelievable. Google it. Or that both Dyncorp and Halliburton have been exposed in mainstream American and British media for running child kidnapping rings? These people are so sick that I'm reminded of the scene in Pinnochio where kids pay money to go into a house at the amusement park and smash the place up. Except the globalists don't pay with their own money, they use yours. Wake up. You have elite cadre of allegedly Luciferian pedophiles who have absolute power, total immunity and unlimited funds. They have the media in their pocket, they have advanced technology and weaponry at their disposal, and the level of technical sophistication they now possess means that they want to kill 95% of us. All they need is enough people left to works the farms, fix the robot factories when they need maintenance, and procreate enough to keep the little boys, and rarely, little girls coming down the conveyor belt of child rape. If you are particularly intelligent or physically capable, you're dead. If you're not straight and drop-dead handsome or pretty, you won't make good looking kids, so you're dead. They will create a beautiful, moronic worker class like the Eloy in the Time Machine or whatever book that was.

And they have no problem telling you what they're planning. It's part of the game, because they know that 99%+ of people won't believe it, even if it's laid out in publicly available official documents. They have been poisioning the water for decades with fluoride, which is not one chemical but at least 150 different compounds, as is placed in the Austin metro water system, and up to 300 chemicals elsewhere. Hitler advocated using fluoride in the water in the '30s, for God's sake. Do you think he was worried about the dental health of the Jews? They irradiate food, which at a minimum destroys the nutritive value, and probably causes genetic damage as well. Nearly every commercial food product contains genetically-modified grains and meat, poultry or fish. Yes, it allows the corn to resist fungus, but it also lets them insert virus-like genetic sequences which can insert themselves into your DNA and make you essentially a recombinant, with whatever sequences they wish to insert. This is how cancer viruses cause cancer. They openly discuss placing massive amounts of lithium, Prozac and other psychoactive drugs in the water, and are already doing it. There are dozens of drugs in major metro water supplies already, in levels which scientists say are orders of magnitude greater than that possible just by people passing the drugs in heir urine or flushing pills down toilets. They are also talking about putting stain drugs in the water, and I doubt it's because they want to lower your LDL level.

They're pushing smart-grid technology which will allow them to tell which appliances you are using, allowing them to develop a dossier on your lifestyle and behavior patterns. Using the Magic Bullet several nights a week to make daquiries, you're a drunk and you need rehab. Using the computer and printer too much, you may be a dangerous subversive printing flyers out for the resistance. Spending all day playing the PS3 and watching DVDs, then you're O.K. with them. Then there's the reduction system, errr the education system. We got the last of anything close to decent public education. But I don't even need to go into that -- you already know that today's schools are designed to indoctrinate and not to build competent, free-thinking citizens. I just read a story that many 3-year-olds have not yet spoken a single word. They get to you before you even enter kindergarten now. The TV shows like Baby Einstein and al the other supposedly educational shows have been proven, though less damaging than other programming, to retard intelligence when compared to parents speaking or reading to their children, or even to simply sleeping. There is the curious scientific fact that the 60Hz refresh cycle which both our NTSC television system and 120V AC power grid operate happens to sync with a particular brainwave cycle, and happens to trigger an alpha state in the brain similar to that which occurs naturally when in a dream state, and which renders the mind highly susceptible to suggestion. There is the fact that the government admits having spent hundreds of millions of dollars each year under Bush to buy off story line programming in all the most popular scripted TV shows. Predictive programming. Jack Bauer is our hero, and if he has to torture the son of a terrorist in order to keep a dirty bomb from making people in Cincinnati have a very bad day, then he won't like it, but he'll do it. Same thing in the movies. Remember in Total Recall, when the governor tried to sneak a pistol through the X-ray-like security screen? Except 20 years later, their scanners don't just show your skeleton and illegal weapons, they show the number of hairs on your testicles.

They created, funded and trained Al-Qaeda, on record. They protected Taliban leaders by shuttling them out of country in military aircraft -- Google "Airlift of Evil." Seymour Hersh has written articles about the murder and kidnapping rings the government contracted Blackwater for. A company which has changed its name but continues to operate. Mohammed Atta was trained and educated at a Viriginia Air Force base, as testified to by one of the deans of the college there. Nidal Hassan was allowed to shoot up Fort Hood even though the brass knew for two years that he was planning jihad. The crotch bomber was let onto the Northwest flight despite having no ID, being on the terror watch list, having paid for his one-way flight in cash and checking no luggage for a trip out of the continent. Whose father had notified the FBI, the U.S. embassy and other agencies that his son was planning an imminent attack and begging them to arrest him. This is a government who contracted the RAND Corporation in the '60s to write a report describing how best to bring in martial law while receiving the acceptance of the public. Resulting in the Operation Northwoods document, freely available on the internet, not just the text bus as actual images of the original document in PDF format. Wherein they suggest that the government fake hijackings of jetliners and ram them into skyscrapers. I've no doubt that the only reason they did not specifically recommend the WTC is that the towers were not yet built. You can't make this crap up -- they tried in '93, and would've taken down the one tower, except the patsy van driver forgot his exact instructions to park right up next to his precise location, so instead of breaching the seawall, taking the who building down and flooding nearly all of Manhattan, he mearly blew up some support columns and caused relatively minor structural damage.

Timothy McVeigh, retired Army intelligence, takes out most of the the Alfred. P. Murrah federal building in OKC. With Israeli intelligence agents on the scene. With a middle eastern man on surveillance tape recorded as havin driven the van which McVeigh got out of and which contained the bomb. Except the surveillance tapes from the building itself and those private buildings across the street do not officially exist, even though former FBI agents who reviewed them testify that they were found and are in the custody of the government. Going back in recent history, you have Pearl Harbor, which is now widely accepted as having been foreknown by Roosevelt, if not spawned by him. Gulf of Tonkin in Vietnam, where it is now officially declassified that LBJ staged the attack as a pretext to escalate the war. The U.S.S. Liberty incident, declassified. False flag operations are nothing new, and they're not even particularly complicated. It's quite simple -- attack yourself and say that someone else did it, then the people will endorse going to war. Hitler burned down the Reichstag to gain power, and years later faked a Polish attack on a German border police station as a pretext to declaring war on Poland. And you have the Operation Northwoods report in the '60s advocating an airliner attack on landmark US buildings. The connection is not a difficult one. Is it more likely that a couple dozen uneducated Saudis, with less than $500,000 in funds, could successfully train (at U.S. Air Force bases) and simultaneously hijack four Boeings 757 and 767, then fly three of them precisely to target, only failing the fourth allegedly because passengers overcame them and nosed the plane into the ground? Or is it more likely that the military-industrial complex wanted a new theater or war in which to profit, then directed their pawns in the government to engage in a false flag operation against its own people? The White House being saved by a stroke of luck, Larry Silverstein, owner of the World Trade Center and complicit in the attack making record profits from the insurance claim on the twin towers and on Building 7, which magically collapsed at freefall speed into its own footprint despite not having been hit by either aircraft or by significant amounts of debris?

Do you believe that jet fuel, which burns at far below the temperature at which both the internal structural steel of the WTC towers were built, as well as the external structural beams which formed the fascia of the towers, could melt the steel, causing the towers to fall at freefall speed, while multiple videos shot by news crews show explosions at regular intervals expelling building material outward below each floor as the towers collapsed, and which simultaneously show molten iron spewing out from the points of explosion? Or would it be easier to believe multiple eyewitnesses who report suspicious workmen in the weeks prior to 9/11 planting devices in the elevator shafts and other areas of both towers? There is the fact, as I've previously written to Frank, that Jesse Ventura in his new show interviewed FBI agents who swear to having found three of the four black boxes from the twin tower crashes. Of course, no box was ever officially recovered. They found all three during the first 24 hours, miraculously unscarred and on top of the debris, where also was found, magically, two of the terrorists' paper passports, in perfect condition and not burned or blackened, having fallen over 70 stories in the midst of a firestorm of jet fuel burnin hotter than jet fuel can. Then there is the military-grade nano-particle thermite demolition explosive found in all of the dust and rubble of the towers. A substance not available to anyone except a select few Western counries and the Russians who possess the technology to create it? A substance used by special forces demolition teams because it burns extremely hot, cutting through any metal, even titanium as though cutting through air, and will destroy even the most well-built and heavily-reinforced buildings in the world. There is the curious fact that Dick Cheney personally called NORAD that morning ordering them to stand down and not to send jet interceptors after the planes. And the fact that NORAD found this reasonable because it just so happened that the U.S. military was running a simulation exercise that same morning involving aircraft hijacked fom withing the U.S. crashing into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. This is all fact -- Google it if you don't trust me. There are eyewitnesses in Pennsylvania who swear that they saw two F-16s shoot down Flight 93 with air-to-air missiles, and the fact that the debris field was miles long, as if the plane had broken up at altitude, rather than having been flown intact into the ground.

My God, it's all so obvious if you'll just listen and do a little research on your own. 98% is one or two top Google search result pages away. Anything you can't find I can reference for you. We don't have forever until it will be obvious that most of what I've told you is accurate and it will be too late to do anything about it. I didn't just spend two hours writing an email because it's fun. I did it because I feel that with knowledge comes responsibility. Educate yourselves to protect yourselves, and then I'll be able to feel like I've done my duty. Thanks for humoring me.

On water posoning

This s a copy of an old email to friends, not a proper blog post

The reason that water is being poisoned is that it is the one thing above any else that the body needs to survive. The only thing -- if you're in a coma in the hospital, you don't need to ingest any food. All they need to is give you an IV of water with electrolytes and glucose added. No, tea will not help you avoid the mercury in the water itself, but you will avoid the additional dose of mercury added to the corn syrup. Bottled water is not any better because the plastic compound for virtually all beverages is BPH, which leaches estrogen-mimicking chemicals that cause cancer

There is only one way to obtain clan drinking water which you can be assured of lacking poisons, and that is by buying an atmospheric water generator. They are very expensive. They condense the humidity from the air into drinkable fluid. The best ones are from a company called EcoloBlue, and last time I checked their base model, which produces 7 gallons per day, cost $1000. That's too rich for my blood, but if I were you I'd consider it. You probably spend two or three times that much for each cruise of ski vacation. Seven gallons per day would be enough for your family's cooking and drinking needs. Mercury does enter the body through skin contact, though at a lower percentage than through ingestion. So you would still get some during baths and showers, but not much.

I don't have the detailed medical knowledge about the effects of mercury that you want. Visit the CDC or FDA for that. But it is a potent neurotoxin which transverses the blood-brain barrier, accumulates in the brain and stays there for life, with levels constantly building. There's a reason that a simply oral thermometer is loaded with poison warnings. You'll intake more than that during a lifetime drinking municipal water and eating GMO food.

I'm in a dilemma with these materials. My frosted side wants to protect your happiness and sanity by not telling you about this stuff, but my whole-grain side thinks you need to know for the sake of your kids. For everything I've already told you about there's at least that much more I haven't. The entirety is not something that the average person can accept. It's kind of kind of like snake handlers who, over years, take increasing amounts of cobra venom to build up an immunity. If you knew the whole truth you'd go into shock and likely die, in a spiritual sense, but if I slowly try to acclimate you, we might have a fighting chance. I know you're strong enough to handle it -- I just have to get the timing right. Fortunately I've always had good rhythm.