Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ill Communication

Oil Expert: Well PSI Readings Prove "Static Kill" Failure

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[BP's Senior Vice President Kent] Wells confirmed that fear in the afternoon, admitting that they indeed had 4,200 psi on the well when it’s supposed to be dead. At the seafloor, the well should have no more than 2,200 psi on it… Wells said that it wouldn’t hold 4,200 psi because of “bubbles” leaking out of the wellhead, implying that they are pumping on it to keep it there…

Here's a new wrinkle for you. Tip of the hat to Mike Rivero at for the story. This man says that BP's "static kill" actually failed and, evidently that the company is using continued pumping to trick us into thinking that the well and petroleum reservoir are not in "communication," which I take to mean no longer connected to each other. If this guy's right, it means that what I've been telling you is right. One well or two down there BP's insiders admitted that the well casing is cracked. Lindsey Williams' "Mister X" called it "shattered."

I've never met Lindsey Williams, "Mister X," Mike Rivero, Alex Jones, anyone who works for BP or anyone who works for the federal government. All I know is that at every stage in this Gulf Coast oil disaster, Williams and his sources, Jones and Rivero have been telling you the truth while BP and the Soetoro administration have been lying, obfuscating and spinning like high-speed centrifuges. But more and more, like an imbalanced centrifuge will always do, like a pack of lies almost always eventually does, their official story is beginning to shake itself to pieces, to destroy itself.

I fully believe that the well is or the wells are in "communication" with the massive reservoir beneath the seabed which was loaded at tens of thousands of pounds per square inch of pressure. And that pressure, if we were show the real numbers, would be seen to drop continuously as more and more cracks in the sea floor provide more locations for that oil and methane gas to leak out from. The royal forces could not repair Humpty-Dumpty, and Soetoro's royal forces and Elizabeth's royal forces are powerless to repair the floor at and around survey site MC252.

What they do have the power to do is control the media and thus the way in which you learn about and think of the entire incident. It's been a sham from day one, and the lies have multiplied and worsened in both amplitude and frequency each day since. Soon they will reach such a fever pitch and volume that even Americans who've not paid attention to the scam will realize the fraud. Go look at WhatReallyHappened and view all the videos of the dead fish washing up on beaches along the Eastern Seaboard. Watch CNN reporting underwater oil plumes being churned up by the currents and washing up wave after wave on the shoreline. Watch them take a shortwave-UV lamp and reveal the hidden petroleum hidden in the sand, like invisible ink revealed on a piece of paper.

The well(s) and reservoir are communicating, ladies and gentlemen, and it's not a nice conversation. It's a silly term; I can see the etymological justification but in common parlance comes off as odd. What you call it does not matter -- what it implies for the future of the Gulf of Mexico is frightening to consider. Unless the government gets crazy and admits to the public that the well has not and cannot be killed, and try and are successful in fusing the entire sea floor in that area into glass with a nuclear weapon, there is the very real possibility that the oil and methane deposit will continue to spill into the Gulf from these natural cracks we're all sealing in the seabed.

And, if my insane conspiracy theory has merit, from the non-existing Well B in addition. Planet killer, not at this points. Killer of the economies of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia and Florida? I think so. It's already happening, it's just being covered up. I don't know what will happen going forward, but I think maybe we will see a sudden rise in the water temperature above site MC252 a few after the November elections to, say 10 million degrees Centigrade, plus or minus, with brief, gale-force winds in the immediate vicinity.

Whether you believe the "expert" that the well is in communication with the petroleum reserve down below, no one can claim that the government, BP and the media were in honest communication with the poor, afflicted Gulf state citizens. The media are starting to come around, but it takes slow, massive organizations a very long time make such changes in course, just as it does a supertanker or giant cruise ship. We "small people" need to help the media find their bearing -- we need to expose the fraud that BP and Barry Soetoro have so far been largely successful at carrying out. Communicate more with each other, your neighbors, friends, family, local media, state representatives and send letters to your Senators and U.S. Representatives. We are in an Infowar, as Jones calls it. Communication is the deadliest weapon we possess.

Bush League

Maxine Waters Blames Bush For Her Crimes

The California Democrat said in a Capitol Hill news conference -- an event rarely held during a congressional recess -- that she reached out to then-Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson in late 2008 when his department failed to respond to the National Bank Association's request for a meeting.

"The question at this point should not be why I called Secretary Paulson, but why I had to," she said. "The question at this point should be why a trade association representing over 100 minority banks could not get a meeting at the height of the crisis."

Blaming good old G.W. "Nukular" Bush is really old hat. I think even some of the less insane liberals are starting to tire of the tactic. I think George Bush did damage to this country second only to that dealt by Barry Soetoro, but we all have to keep in mind that Bush was and Barry is the tool, not the craftsman. But the criminal Democrats and criminal Republicans always have to finger a scapegoat when they're caught. For Rangel it was racism. For Waters it was Hank Paulson, evidently under direct orders from Bush to ignore her requests.

The entire game in Washington D.C. has been exposed. The people now know that nearly the entire government, from the top all the down, is rotted from within. There are a select few truly patriotic, originalist conservatives and a few honest Democrats but honesty and a feeling of duty to serve the American people are very rare things in the Capitol building. And we all know with whom Soetoro has surrounded himself -- three dozen Czars and Czarinas, all bizarre creatures of various Communist, Marxist, Leninist, fascist, anarchist, terroristic and anti-American flavors.

I don't think Maxine Waters is one of those Democrats actively trying to destroy the country. She is simply probably a once well-meaning public who let years and years of the culture inside the beltway corrupt her. She influenced the government to help out a bank in which her husband was invested, simple as that. You all know the saying about power and absolute power. Waters is the result of what great power does to people, to most people anyway.

George Washington was offered the opportunity essentially to be the king of America, he correctly declined that as a dangerous direction in which to take the new nation. It would be quite refreshing if we, the increasingly aware and politically intelligent general public, could find candidates to fill the hallowed halls of the district named for that great man who were more similar to him than to your average mid-level mafia capo. Because that's what Washington has largely become -- a haven for a gang of thieves and power-mad sociopaths who care for nothing except their own enrichment and empowerment.

Have a nice retirement, Irrepresentative Waters. Maybe you along with Charlie Rangel, Mark Foley and Alcee Hastings could for once get ahead of the game and plan a new, legal investment. The four of you disgraced members and ex-members could make money the legal way for once, and I'll give you the idea for free. Design a planned community, preferably in a foreign country which does not have an extradition agreement with the United States. Build fancy bungalows and surround the entire place with armed guards or foreign troops. It will be a haven for ex-pat former Senators and Representatives -- a place for them to run and hide when charges are eventually brought against dozens and dozens of Congressmen and women.

Think about it Maxine -- you could make a fortune the honest way, the American way. There will be high demand for residence in your new planned community, and I'll even give you a catchy name for the ads -- Verminville. You and the rest of your criminal colleagues can retire to Verminville and enjoy all the spoils you've looted from the American people's treasury. You get something and we get something -- you and the thieving rats all leave and enjoy retirement in a tropical paradise, and we the real Americans get control of our government back. It's either that or possibly be sent to federal prison. Think about it, Mrs. Waters. It's a win-win for us. You're busted and you are, and probably always have been bush league.

Deep C Mystery

Well now it's started. BP have pulled the first pair of their ROVs out of the water and are reporting on their web site that the ROVs and their mothership have been removed from the MC252 Operations Plan. A quick check of the satellite tracking the Boa Deep C confirms this. Here is the track, showing that four days ago, the last signal picked up by the satellite, the Deep C was headed back to and almost in port.

I am curious as to why Deep C is allegedly out of MC252 when it was the ship operating one of only two pairs of rovers providing any useful video to us and to the media. Ocean Intervention's ROVs were also important during the first phase of the oil disaster, and were there before the Skandi Neptune arrived with its twin subs (the ones that provided my "conspiracy" videos), but these have not been doing much of use the last couple months.

I have been watching the ROV camera live feeds page since BP were forced by the government to provide those streams to the public. I would like to know why, at a critical juncture in BP's supposed attempt to finish the two relief wells and "bottom kill" the only well which they admit exist, they dismissed one of the two important observation platforms. Logic would dictate that the company have all available ROV cameras down there to witness what happens at various locations on their equipment when the "bottom kill" cement is pumped in.

If BP were looking to save money, they would have sent away one of the ships whose subs' cameras never show us anything useful, like the Q4000's, which not an exploration vessel but the one which was burning off the oil. Since 76% of the oil, according to the government and BP, has mysteriously vanished, why are they paying for that ship to be there? Why are they paying for the Enterprise and its cameras which I have never seen actually online? The entire time they've been supposedly available to the public but all I've seen are black screens. Why pay for Olypic Challenger's camera, both of which usually display only a color bar test pattern, and only on occasion a piece of equipment. And why pay for Hos, whose ROV 2 has been staring at the same gauge for weeks?

I won't go into conspiracy theory any further at this point. But why also did Boa Deep C, the ship which was providing critical video and now is supposed to have been sent away by BP, disappeared off the satellite tracking map? That's right -- it's last known position is from over four days ago. Maybe it will suddenly reappear in port, or maybe there's a logical explanation, for example if the tracking systems are routinely powered down while moored in port. But the last known position of Deep C is still far from land. That was four days ago, and the Marine Traffic web site does not list any known port calls. So where is the ship and her ROVs today? Follow the story yourself:

Speed Zone

Swedish Driver Faces Record $1M Traffic Fine

The 37-year-old, who has not been named, was clocked driving his Mercedes sports car at 170km/h over the limit.

Under Swiss law, the level of fine is determined by the wealth of the driver and the speed recorded.

In January, a Swiss driver was fined $290,000 - the current world record.

And you thought your last traffic ticket was a ripoff? Some guy driving a Mercedes AMG-SLS. If he can afford that car maybe a million dollar fine isn't that big of a deal for him but it shows that all over the world governments are strapped for cash and doing everything they can to extract money from citizens.

Crow's Footprint

The document, excerpted here, actually has a 2-1/2 page “environmental portion” to be “strictly followed and policed.” Seeking to “minimize the overall environmental impact of our tour,” Crow demands that only biodegradable cups and dinnerware be used by the caterer. Produce should be “organic and purchased from local suppliers as much as possible.” And for the five backstage “watering stations,” water “must be sourced from a local spring water vendor.”

According to Crow’s rider, her tour party travels between gigs in two 45-foot buses, while her equipment is packed into two tractor-trailers.

Crow, 48, also offers promoters “venue greening suggestions.” She wants “traditional light bulbs” swapped out for compact fluorescent bulbs in “all offices, dressing rooms and common areas.” “Eco-friendly cleaning and bathroom products” and “post-consumer recycled toilet paper and paper towel” should also be used. Crow’s rider also notes that, “We strongly encourage you to use renewable sources and/or to buy sustainable energy credits where possible. Many local utilities offer ‘green power’ as an option--please check with yours and opt in.”

I like Sheryl Crow's music. She seems like a genuinely nice woman who obviously has a good heart, is well-intentioned and cares for the Earth, as all but the fake Al Gore Warmista type of liberals do. But this is getting a but much. This is the same person who three years ago called for bathroom users to make do with a single sheet of toilet paper. I cannot fault Ms. Crow for wanting to cut down on the waste, energy use and, to her mind, damage to Gaia that her tour will cause, in fact that is a noble effort on her part.

What I have a problem with are the logistics of the thing. Calling for the venues hosting her to use biodegradable dinner plates and utensils in her backstage rooms is fine for the environment, but that will cost the venues more, and as we all know, businesses don't pay taxes and they also pass extras costs like that onto consumers, in this case buyers of Crow's tickets. I find it bizarre that she specifies old-school incandescent bulbs be exclusively used backstage, since they consume far more power than CFL bulbs. Maybe she is aware of the mercury in those lamps and the problems that can cause, but then again those bulbs will have to be either safely stored for later use or recycled in an expensive process to contain the mercury and keep it from getting into the environment.

Wanting "eco-friendly" cleaning products is fine, but those also cost more. I actually do agree with her on that one because many common household and industrial cleaning products are toxic to humans and other life, being themselves composed partly of unwanted industrial waste (just like your toothpaste). Wanting 100% recycled napkins and toilet paper is also fine but also more expensive. And, according to her 2007 statement, she should only request one square of toilet paper per person for herself, her band and her crew.

My problem with this whole thing is that Sheryl Crow is not actually going to save energy with this set of rider demands. Recycling old products to create new retail material is enormously time- and energy-consuming when compared with creating things like plates, toilet paper and napkins anew from trees. The incandescent light bulbs increase her energy "footprint," which, by the way is a term that irritates me. And the main reason why I think it's a noble effort but a complete waste of time is that whatever savings in terms of energy and trash is tiny in comparison to the total amount involved her tour.

It's a nice gesture but it simply won't make a bit of difference. Ms. Crow's carbon footprint will remain the same, as, I'm sure, will her song.


Obama Defends Ground Zero Victory Mosque in NYC

Obama called for sensitivity with respect to developing in lower Manhattan, but cautioned against drawing comparisons between mainstream Islam and the ruthlessly violent ideology of al Queda, which he said is a “gross distortion” of the faith.

I have never heard of "al Queda," that's a bad job by the Politico and it's spell-checking software. al Queda, al Qaeda, al Qaida, al CIA-da, you can call it al Queso for all I care. What I have heard and continue to hear are normal, mainstream Americans wondering whether the man they knows as Obama is a stealth Muslim. Everything he has done so far in his presidency points one in a direction to believe that.

I wouldn't care whether he is or not if his own personal beliefs do not affect his actions as president. But it appears that they do. Whether Barry Soetoro actually is a practicing Muslim or simply a practicing Communist, Marxist or Leninist, socio-fascist or a simple America-hater is unimportant, it's an interesting study but academic nonetheless. What matters is what this man has done, is doing and is planning to do to our country.

I'm deeply divided on the Ground Zero Victory Mosque. My first instinct, like a lot of people's is to say no, that the government must refuse the Muslims' right to build on that particular spot. I though that forcing them to build a few streets over, where there would be no view of Ground Zero from the observation deck that they surely plan to build on the top floor of their "mosque" and "religious inter-relations center," was perfectly reasonable I have changed my mind, though I still hate the fact that these verminous America-haters are going forward with the project.

I realized that it is dangerous to wish for even one single, isolated instance where the American people, without really thinking about it, want to empower the government to tell one specific group of people that they cannot build whatever they want where they want to. Because that would necessarily mean giving the government permission to violate the 1st Amendment rights of the Muslims. The more I think about it, the more I think that Soetoro is encourage the Victory Mosque not because he loves Islam so much as that he hopes the people will demand of him or of Mayor Bloomberg or of the governor to use their power to prevent the "mosque" from being built.

Everyone knows what this vile building will be -- a 13-story middle finger stuck right in the face of the Great Satan. Barry Soetoro knows this is no plan for a regular mosque that just happens to be in an unfortunate spot. Everyone knows the "holy man" who raised the money to build his monstrosity is a radical America-hater and got the funds from others like him in the Middle East. Barry is playing a game with you.

Barry and the globalists (which would be a great band name for him) want people like me to log into my dumb blog that no one reads and scream that the Victory Mosque must be stopped. It must not be stopped. Because if we use government power to stop the verminous, radical Muslims who have infiltrated this great country and used our own laws, policies, media and the stupidity of those and the public's general lack of being on guard against foreign invasion into our land... Then we will have given the government the precedent they will use time and time again to stop other things that they don't like.

What I propose is this, instead of killing what's left of the First Amendment by demanding that the Mosque be stopped, we use it and strengthen it. New Yorkers should allow the radical Muslims all the permits and paperwork legally required to build their minarets and observation level, another inscrutable fortress of terrorist training into which our FBI and NSA and Homeland insecurity are never allowed to peer.

And then those men and women in New York who lived through the horror of the 9/11 attacks, which I remind you Barry Soetoro's and G.W.'s globalist handlers contracted out to the radical Muslims and Mossad to carry out, and the city which spent years cleaning the site up and healing itself should refuse to actually do the work to build it. This will not happen, of course, since Soetoro's wonderful policies have done grave damage to the economy and some people desperate for work will do the labor. But it would be nice to see the Muslims have a very difficult time hiring a New York construction force.

They should be forced to bus in illegal aliens to do the work. The two groups of vermin should be comfortable with each other since they both hate America. So they can build the Victory Mosque with a crew consisting entirely of illegals and fellow Muslims. And even though the news cameras will be there shooting footage of the building being being put up, the Soetoro administration will order NYPD to stand down from arresting the illegals. And it will all be seen on TV and then even some of the dumb liberal and independent "Obama" supporters might get a glimpse into who Barry Soetoro really is.

Then companies in New York should refuse to sell food to the construction workers on their lunch breaks, and the people behind this will be forced to bring in taco trucks and falafel stands run by even more haters of America. And that will be seen on the news as well, at least on the more honest outlets. And when the Victory Mosque is finally completed and has its Grand Opening and the first bells ring out to mark the first call to prayer on opening day, New Yorkers should use their First Amendment rights to mount a massive protest outside the "cultural center."

And they should continue to protest every single day until the verminous, anti-America radical Muslims behind the thing get so sick of real Americans for once using our own Constitution and Bill of Rights against them that they decide it's more of a hassle than it is fun to keep maintaining that mosque. They can pick up their stakes and move a few miles away and then New Yorkers will leave them in peace, because they are not racists nor bigoted against the "religion of peace," as the media would love you to believe. Let's show all the America haters, the Muslims, the leftist media and Barry Hussein Soetoro that we are willing for once to use the law against them rather than sitting here and constantly let them chip away at it.

Let the Victory Mosque be built. And then, New York, do everything you legally can to make life for the radical America-haters a living hell. All of them. And that includes talking to your friends about Barry Soetoro using that name. It doesn't matter if he is a stealth Muslim or not. The only thing that matters is that he is a globalists' tool to destroy our country. Barry has been flying under most people's radar for far too long, and it's time to force him up where the truth about his identity can be detected.


So this is the new, hot story on CNN. Dr. Laura used the so-called "N-word" on her show in response to a caller's question. This dominated an entire hour of programming while I glanced back and forth between the televisions at my gym. This more important to the liberals than the illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, more important than real-world unemployment numbers equal to and starting to exceed those of the Great Depression. "Ni**er" repeated a total of 11 times before and after a station break is more of our country's concern than is the global banking takeover, the Gulf oil disaster, the coming war with Iran and the fact that the elite have installed an illegal, socio-fascist, narcissistic psychopath in the Red House named Barry Soetoro.

These types of stories, when hustled on the American people by pimps like CNN and their willing partners, Jesse Hijackson and Al Sharktongue, are nothing more than a canard. Nothing. A distraction to draw your attention away from those real stories, the important ones, which affect all of our lives. I have heard Laura Schlesinger's shows a handful of times, and quickly switched stations because I simply am not interested in listening to people call up and be scolded by the woman. I'm sure her show is valuable to her listeners, I simply have no stake in the question of whether or not she is the "R-word," which the Dimocrats and "progressives" love to throw around whenever they run into something or someone they don't like.

Black people have become so comfortable with their capital-letter word that they sling it around left and right in rap and hip hop music and in movies directed by those like Spike Lee. I have no stake in that either -- I do not consume those products so I don't care what language is used. It's called the First Amendment. I do have a stake in the capital-letter word that white people have hamstrung themselves with, "racist." The psycho-libs, the Berkeley type, saddled this nation thirty years ago with this mislabeled term called political correctness. Michael Savage renamed it political cowardice and I fully agree.

It's enough already with the white-guilt meme in the media. Everyone in this country is equal as a creation of God. Every single person in the country who is of able body and mind has the opportunity to succeed and excel. The sky is the limit in America for the time being, before the globalists complete their endgame. And thanks to the criminal government we suffer under, even the illegal aliens get their chance at the American dream.

It's time for people to stop being distracted by canards like a third-rate radio host using a controversial term. We all, myself included, need to do a better job filtering out the noise from the media and picking up the signal -- America as we have known it all of our lives is scant years away from becoming a memory. The current timeline the globalist elite are working with states that they will completely collapse the dollar in 2012. That gives us two years, plus or minus a few months, to fix things peacefully in this country.

I have news for the brainwashed but well-meaning submorons over there at CNN -- you're not making it out of the maw of the globalists who control you behind the scenes. Unless you happen to be among the 500 million people they're planning to leave alive to farm their fields, maintain their manufacturing plants and breed more child sex slaves, you're in the same boat as those whom you currently hate -- the God-fearing, gun owning red-blooded America. And we will be there to fight to save you along with ourselves.

I don't want to see the poor fools at CNN or the three big networks or even those whom I personally detest at MSNBC suffer any harm at the hands of the globalists. We all have to fight together if we are to defeat them. Imagine what a powerful sea change it would be if these people in the media could somehow step outside their normal mental crawlspace, view things in a circumspect manner, and realize what the important stories really are. If they could just do the adult thing and admit that maybe they've been wrong and telling untruths about race relations in America, about the global banking takeover, and that Republicans aren't actually radical racists who want to kill everyone who, as Dr. Laura put it, have differing levels of melanin in their skin.

We don't care about that. That is one problem, thank God, that has been eradicated in the vast majority of America. Only you are constantly barraged by stories of white racism and this keeps the whole dynamic, the whole argument going. Any moving object will necessarily eventually come to a halt at some point if more energy is not introduced in order to continue propelling it. Even in the vacuum of space objects like the Voyager observation platforms will stop their forward motion because there is no such thing as a perfect vacuum -- there are always particles in motion around them.

There is no such thing as a perfect vacuum except for the intellectual dishonesty of some über-left-wing liberals. If they would stop pushing the fake story of rampant white racism the story would cease to exist. They picked up their own fumble, blaming an evil white racist for having stabbed those poor people in Michigan and two other states, and they are now running with the Dr. Laura story. This sick game needs to end. It's time to end the left vs. right bickering and unite to fight the real thought criminals -- the globalist elite and their bankster minions, who do not care so much what race a "meatbag," a regular citizen is. They just care to make certain that you no longer have a pulse in the near-distant future.

Friday, August 13, 2010


CNN Offices Suffer Bedbug Invasion

TVNewser has learned the human resources department of TBS Inc. has sent out an email this afternoon alerting staffers of a bed bug problem in their New York City offices at Time Warner Center -- home to CNN, and other Time Warner entities.

The Time Warner Center Facilities Department advises that bed bugs have been detected in Time Warner Center. This determination was made after testing was conducted on several floors of the building.

This is childish and mean of me to say, but it serves them right. And I can tell you why this happened to CNN and why bedbugs are spreading all across the nation. Once having been almost completely eliminated from America, almost unheard of anymore, the bedbugs have come back. Rather, they have been brought back, not found their own way. Michael Savage is a trained epidemiologist and points out that, like many diseases such as tuberculosis and pertussis, again once eradicated in our country, the bedbugs have been brought back by illegal aliens.

They're an epidemic in New York City, even in the fanciest hotels and apartment buildings. Because guess who clean those properties. Criminal illegal aliens. Guess who clean the Time-Warner office building. The all-come-here-to-work folks. Except they all don't come here to work, and many of them cross our border bearing the gifts of pestilence and plague.

Keep on supporting the illegals, CNN, and see what else you can pick up there in your office. It would be rather difficult for Anderson Stupor and Larry Cane to do their shows after having contracted cholera or whooping cough from the wonderful illegals. I do hope that the exterminators successfully clear the Time Warner building of the bedbugs because their presence is not fair to the guests who come to appear on television. I like to think of this story as a quasi-Biblical warning to CNN to start telling the truth and be patriotic for once.

The Federal Death Administration

FDA Approves New Abortion Drug

"Ella is an abortion drug," said Wendy Wright, president of Concerned Women for America. "It operates the same way as RU-486, the abortion drug. Many women may be comfortable taking a contraceptive but would object to taking an abortion drug."

Proponents dismiss the concerns, saying that ella has been tested only within five days of unprotected sex and there is no evidence that it works as anything other than a contraceptive.

I am renaming the Food and Drug Administration the Federal Death Administration because they are killing us through the drugs they approve. It's bad enough that the FDA, having been bought and paid for by the big pharmaceutical companies, constantly approve new "medications" which later are proven to give people heart attacks, strokes, ulcers, chronic pain and which drive people to commit murders and suicides.

Women already had access to the inertly-named "Plan B" pill in order to abort the newly created human lives in their wombs after nights of indiscretion. But that wasn't good enough for the globalists, or for the feminists and insane liberals in Congress and in the FDA and in the media. Now, the Federal Death Administration brings you "ella." It's so harmless and loving and wonderful that the name isn't even capitalized. How could something with the cute name "ella" possibly be bad?

Because it aborts 5-day-old babies. And yes, even though a baby is only a microscopic cluster of undifferentiated cells at that age I shall call it a baby. Because, if left alone, he or she will grow into a fully-formed, intelligent human being. It is an absolute paradox of liberal thinking that they will go to the ends of the Earth to protect the rights of Muslim terrorists, pedophiles, rapists, murderers and any other kind of swine they can find and help out, but that the liberals themselves are the ones pushing for the "right" to legalized, de facto murders on the behalf of would-be mothers against their unborn babies.

And before any of you Anonymouses comment that a 5-day-old fetus cannot feel pain or anything else, let me tell you something. We are talking about philosophy here, not the technicalities of human fetal development. The liberals in the Federal Death Administration who have just approved "ella," their new murder pill, are of the same ilk who continue to press for the "right" of partial-birth abortion. Philosophy, not technicality.

For any of you who might not know what partial-birth abortion is, let me tell you. Even that term is purposely misleading. It would more properly be termed cross-vaginal icepick infanticide. This is the practice which Doctor George Tiller performed, one of only three in the nation who would commit this crime, before an anti-abortion activist unfortunately murdered him. But when he died the liberal media raised a hue and cry something fierce. "Partial-birth abortion" involves the procedure, available right up through the ninth month of pregnancy, wherein the "doctor" would induce labor, wait until the head of the living, feeling, viable human being is partially out of the "mother's" birth canal, then pierce the head with a sharp object and insert a vacuum hose and literally suck his or her's brain out.

All the while the baby kicks and screams as he or she fights for life in those last few, terrible seconds. And then you have the stories of the clinics where women would actually give birth to living, perfectly healthy babies which were unwanted, so the "nurses" simply locked the babies in closets with no food or water and waited until they died, and deemed that to be a form of abortion. These liberals are sick, demented and truly evil people. I can think of nothing worse than arbitrarily terminating the life of a living baby, who would have grown up to have his or her own life and probably children of their own.

The globalists' endgame is to reduce the population of the planet to around 500 million slave workers, according to Alex Jones. They are doing this in many ways, and they are quite successful. Fertility is down, real life expectancy is starting to drop, they are poisoning our food, water and air, they are putting toxins in consumer products, they are spraying us with aluminum salts and God knows else in chemtrails. They have had the media run a campaign, also quite successfully, to convince Americans and Europeans that it is no longer "cool" to have children and live in traditional, nuclear family ways.

Women today shouldn't be like Atlas, burdened with the weight of the world on their shoulders in the form of babies, according to the globalists. It is not fair to them. They must concentrate their energies on reality TV shows, on iPhones and on purse dogs, not on procreation for the survival of the human race. So no more worries, ladies. You already had "Plan B" to allow you to murder your children up to 72 hours after they are created. Now the Federal Death Administration brings you the 5-day-capable "ella." So if you are just too busy to kill your babies in the first three days of their lives, if you have to go to the tanning salon or get your hair colored, now you have an additional two days to commit the most horrific crime known to man.

This entire government needs to be gutted and demolished, and rebuilt in the original form envisioned by the enlightened men who set it up. The federal government is a rogue, criminal group of gangsters, thugs and thieves who are controlled top to bottom by the inbred, insane, Luciferian globalist elite. We have so much work to do that the task seems impossible. Conservatives, Christians, real Americans must strive to maintain the healthy mental attitude that it can be done -- we can restore the republic. The media and Barry Hussein Soetoro are bombarding us every single day with multiple stories, bills and policies designed to crush our will and make us give up the fight. I will never give up. November cannot come soon enough.

Grand Theft Auto: Windows Updates

GTA Hack Allows Windows XP SP2 Users to Receive Latest Updates

I love a good hack. And this isn't even a hack -- it's a registry edit. Maybe useful to any of you still running XP Service Pack 2.


"Serial Stabber" Arrested at Atlanta Airport is Arab Muslim From Israel

Fox news is reporting it -- Geraldo just told us on Fox and Friends that the guy nabbed for stabbing and hammering to death five men and wounding 13 others is an Arab Muslim. I already knew he was from Israel. But this latest revelation is why all the other stations have dropped the story. It's just another example of the liberals' double-standard when it comes to media reportage. When the vermin was still on the run the media were screaming to be on the look out for a white man who was killing and wounding black men, he's a racist it's a hate crime, watch out for the white man!!!

Now that it's a Muslim he gets a free pass. We probably will hear one more blurb from ABCBSNBC and CNN and MSLSD in a couple of years when this freak is finally convicted and sentenced but by then people outside the region where the crimes were committed will have forgotten all about the story, and the lamestream media will never report that he is a Muslim during the 30-second pieces covering the sentencing trial. This type of double-standard is why all the network and cable news outlets besides Fox are failing, and why the newspaper and magazine industries are virtual graveyards.

The media love to use any story they can find as an excuse to demonize white, conservative, Christian Americans, especially if they are men and especially when they are straight men. This overnight flip-flop in the amount and type of coverage on this guy is a perfect example of the game they play with the public. Black people, illegal aliens, gay people like the insane JetBlue flight attendant who is current a media hero, Muslims, it doesn't matter what protected class they belong to. They're the un-Tea Party, according to the media (which is another lie -- the Tea Parties are all-inclusive). They help "protect" their precious protected classes against the evil white churchgoers and gun owners of America.

The media are the worst driver of racial division in the United States, as well as nearly every other sort of division that can be created between two different groups of citizens. They've made an industry of it. That industry is failing, falling apart almost as quickly as the second biggest driver of tensions between Americans -- Barry Hussein Soetoro, their God, their rock star, their American idolator. The American people are savvy enough to see the media lies, obfuscation and spin. Soon, you might see MSNBC sold off of the price of $1.00 as Newsweek just was. "I'd buy that for a dollar!" ...just to be able to personally fire Keith Oldermann, Rachel Madcow and the Amazing Mr. Ed.

No Relief Well in Sight

An anonymous commenter to my original article on BP having to wells caught on camera asked me a very interesting question. He asked if BP are drilling two relief wells not in case one failed to intersect underground the only well they claim exists, but because they mean one to tap into both Well A and Well B. It does make sense if there are indeed two wells down there to drill two relief wells.

The story on the news was that BP started drilling two relief wells simultaneously in case one of them missed intersecting the relief well. They described it something like trying to hit a straw thousands of feet below ground with a drill the size of another straw. The BOP's pipe diameter above ground is 18.75 inches, according to Transocean's web page about Deepwater Horizon, and the well bore itself underground is I believe 16 inches, with another inch or two of steel casing around it, what is left of that casing, anyway.

So trying to hit something that small with a drill going down thousands of feet is a tricky task. It would be a good cover story for BP to say they're drilling two relief wells if they were only publicly trying to hit Well A but were secretly planning to tap Well B underground as well, that is if hitting them were not as difficult as they claim.

They probably couldn't get away with secretly drilling another pair of relief wells for Well B because the presence of two additional drilling rigs sitting above MC252 drilling rigs would be obvious, and they would have no publicly-admitted purpose being there. And with directional drilling, BP don't have to have the rigs positioned in any particular spot in order to hit either Well A or Well B. They can change direction underground.

Notice that even though the media always mentioned twin operations to drill relief wells when they started being drilled but now mostly talk about "the relief well" in the singular and when it will be finished. I'd like to thank the "3:22PM Anonymous" commenter from my old post. I think he may very well be correct and that BP may never have meant the second relief well to go down and hit Well A underground. We'll never be able to prove this theory either way, since there are no ROVs down under the ground, monitoring the operations. The only people who know where the relief wells are being drilled to are those operating the drills.

If I and Anonymous are correct and there are two wells involved in this oil disaster I sure hope there is a whistleblower out there who will start making noise to the media. Because Transocean itself, the derelict company with a terrible safety record who owned Deepwater Horizon have now gotten the contract to raise the wreckage of their stricken rig. Transocean faces possible criminal charges along with BP in the deaths of the 11 men aboard their rig and massive civil damages in addition. Yet they are being given sole custody of the evidence which could be used to damn them. Deepwater Horizon had multiple "black box" recorders on board, monitoring its systems and computers. You can bet that these will never be admitted to have been found, even if they are indeed brought up from the depths.

Transocean, BP and the government are colluding to hide the truth of this disaster from us. I can't say for certain if the second relief well is in fact, as Mr. or Ms. Anonymous thinks, going down to Well B, but it makes sense. No one can say for certain because BP will not show us. For them, out of the public's sight is out of the public's collective mind.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Students at Lincoln Memorial Ordered to Stop Singing National Anthem

"...a group of students were confronted by a security guard for singing the national anthem.
The students, members of the conservative Young America’s Foundation, were told by U.S. Park Police that they were "were in violation of federal law and their impromptu performance constituted a demonstration in an area that must remain 'completely content neutral...'"

I can guarantee you that if a group of Muslims started dropping prayer rugs on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, orienting themselves toward Mecca and chanting their Islamic prayers in unison they would be left alone. If a band of gays and lesbians started singing sort of protest song against Proposition 8 in California they would be untouched. If a gang of criminal, verminous illegal aliens started singing at the Memorial in Spanish they would probably be brought food, drink and soft serve ice cream by the park police, since they are a protected class.

But upright Americans, young conservative kids, started to sing the Star Spangled Banner, so they were immediately silenced. This is part of national effort on the part of the globalists, using their puppets in the government and law enforcement, to tear down traditional, conservative America. In San Franpsycho kids can no longer wear shirts bearing the image of the American flag to school without being sent home. Now kids visiting Washington cannot sing the song which represents the struggle which our founding fathers and brave soldiers fought to give us the freedoms that the government is now scrambling to denude us of.

We are in a situation which is now worse than that of the common people in Nazi Germany. I hate comparing this and that to the Nazis because the media and congress do that so much it has become old and tired. We are living in a country much closer to that of East Germany after World War II. It's even worse than those poor people had it -- they only had to deal with the massive human intelligence force called the Stasi. We have our own version of the Stasi, whose name we don't yet know, but which was revealed in that Washington Post exposé last month, 854,000 private agents given the highest security clearance to electronically monitor us all. Project "Recorded Future" being carried out by a company of the same name under contract with the federal government to compile "real-time dossiers" on everyone in the country except the illegal aliens.

We are not far away at all from a time when we will be silenced not by verbal order but by threat and use of violence. And if you don't believe that is coming, barring some sort of massive, peaceful revolution in this country, I won't be mean and say "It old you so" when it does start to happen. We are a short few years away from this under the globalist command-and-control system which Daddy Bush, Slick Willie, Bush the Lesser and Barry Soetoro have put in place. And Barry's not done yet. If Cyber"security" passes, that's it. Free speech on the net silenced. And it won't be too long after that that people like me will never be heard from again.


I had completely forgotten about this, and that is a bad job by me. Mark Levin, who is known as "The Great One" by Sean Hannity fans and as the man who sounds like Groucho Marx's mother undergoing a hysterectomy to fellow fans of Michael Savage, actually aired Barry Soetoro saying that he would send S.W.A.T. teams in to inspect other Gulf oil platforms. This is an inverse foreshadowing of the reports that operatives dressed as Bureau of Land Management personnel boarded and inspected Deepwater Horizon just hours before it exploded. Blackwater agents who, as reports go, placed charges on the rig to ensure that its "black boxes" would never be found after the coming destruction.

And they never have, according to plan. And now the company which is hired to raise the wreckage is the same one which allowed their state-of-the-art vessel to fall into disrepair, violate ever standard safety convention and be blow to bits by BP's deadly well. Does Barry Soetoro's Interior Ministry and it's Czar or Czarina actually wield private SWAT teams? I don't know. But the fact that he spoke of them speaks volumes for itself.


Here's one for all you Anonymouses that like to argue the technical details of the Skandi subs, their navigation systems and all the rest of the geeky specifications of the equipment involved in the Gulf oil disaster. I just watched online the old 60 Minutes interview with the last man off Deepwater Horizon. You can find it here:;photovideo

In the second segment, after the first online ad, the narrator says that the man being interviewed had just participated in the world's greatest ever drilling achievement, that the rig had drilled to a depth of 35,000 feet. Transocean's own web page for Deepwater Horizon states that the rig had a maximum drilling depth of 30,000 feet. So how could it have drilled the extra 5,000 feet beyond its capability as reported, seven months before the explosion at Well site B in the MC252 survey site where BP contracted Transocean to drill the ill-fated well? I don't know. I report, you decide.

The Usual Suspects

Gov't Lacks "Expertise" To Salvage Evidence in Gulf Disaster, Hires Transocean

The US government is leading what could become a criminal investigation into the disaster. But it does not have the technical expertise to gather evidence some 5,000 feet (1,500 meters) below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico.

Transocean, which leased the rig to BP, is expected to take charge of the salvage operations.

What would be one simple definition of a perfect crime? How about one where the criminals are in charge of all the evidence. BP have been the only ones with camers down on the ocean floor. Congress has demanded that the damaged equipment strewn about the site of the blown-out well be collected and raised for examination. Nour our government say they don't have the capability to do this, even though they do. Ever heard of the Glomar Explorer, which in the mid-seventies raised an entire Russian nuclear submarine?

But no, now they have forgotten how to do this because guess who owns Glomar Explorer, now renamed GSF Explorer -- our old friends at Transocean, the ones who allowed BP to blow up their rig by being lax in their safety and negligent with their equipment.

The conversion of the vessel in 1997 was the start of a 30-year lease from the U.S. Navy to Global Marine Drilling. Global Marine merged with Santa Fe International Corporation in 2001 to become GlobalSantaFe Corporation, which merged with Transocean Inc. in November 2007 and operates the vessel as the GSF Explorer.

This is outrageous. A company which will be potentially held criminally and civilly liable in court for their actions and inaction will have sole custody of the evidence which could be used to damn them. Incredible, but not a surprise. Barry Soetoro wants the whole thing forgotten about, and by allowing this to happen, he can be sure that no trails are ever held, the vermin.

The Blue Flu

New Mystery Disease Spreading in Gulf Region

Not that I warned anyone this would happen...

The New H1N1?

New Antibiotic Resistant "Superbug" Spreading

In a study published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases journal on Wednesday, Walsh's team found NDM-1 was becoming more common in Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan and was also imported back to Britain in patients returning after treatment.

"India also provides cosmetic surgery for other Europeans and Americans, and it is likely NDM-1 will spread worldwide," the scientists wrote in the study.

Who knows whether this will be the next HIV or the next H1N1 -- it could be the genesis of an important new, honest threat to world health, or it could be hype. A gene has been found incorporated into bacteria carried by people who evidently picked it up in India, so-called medical tourists who then jetted back to their homes and are spreading the "supberbugs" there. I'll file this in the folder for stories which are interesting and have potential but will probably never develop into big deals.

Defrauding the Fraudsters?

U.K. Media Claim Americans Filing False Claims, Defrauding BP

I understand the British media's nationalistic bent and that they are naturally protective of one of their country's biggest companies. But for them to come out today and accuse local fishermen of defrauding BP is outrageous. Some of that will happen, as always does after a major disaster. People were caught defrauding the federal government after 9/11, filing false claims for compensation. The same thing happened to the insurance companies after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. BP have every right to use our legal system to prosecute criminals who do attempt to defraud them. Just because the company has raised my ire over their handling of the Gulf oil disaster, which I still maintain may very well not have been an unforeseen accident, I think they have every right to prosecute such criminals.

I also believe that BP's upper management and operations people are criminals, the few who know the real truth of what has happened these last months. And I believe that our media should be screaming back across the Atlantic that we, every single American, have been defrauded by BP itself and demanding reparations. But they won't because of the bad timing, with us now being less than 100 days away from the elections in November. I truly believe the legal firestorm that will follow in the years after BP declare this thing over and done with will last for decades. I hope it does, because they are the fraudsters and criminals.

Caught on Camera Again -- Non-Existent Well B

Well B does not exist according to BP. Except that it does, was damaged and this is now the fourth video I have found to prove that not only does it exist, it was damaged along with Well A, which is the only one now seen in the media. But I'm a conspiracy theorist because I can match two sets of numbers.

X=1202525 in this video. Well site B in BP's Initial Exploration Plan is at X=1202514.00. X marks the spot of Well B, ladies and gentlemen, see it for yourselves:

And for any new readers who aren't familiar with my theory, A Tale of Two Wells, I will include the much more common picture of Well A and it's coordinates. Match the numbers for yourselves, it's not at all difficult.

How long will it take for this story to get into the lamestream media? Look at the footage of Well B and tell me that nothing exists there. BP's claim directly to me that they never received permission to drill at site B and never did so nor installed any equipment is patently false. Look at the pictures, match the numbers. BP's management would already be in leg irons if the government and media were both not compromised at every level.

OK, so five minutes after I posted the above I found a fifth video showing Well B, which does not exist.

If you're wondering why the aspect ration is off in the videos, the person that captured both is the same Youtuber, and evidently mistakenly encoded the videos with a 16:9 ration instead of the correct 4:3. I un-squished the still screens in Photoshop to make it easier for you to read the numbers and also enhanced the contrast a bit.

The same user has dozens and dozens of videos showing the usual Well A, and he or she evidently did not notice the two locations when BP switched, they were just capturing video each day to show that the oil flow rate was getting worse after each failed fix attempt.


OK folks, here's video number 6 of the well which never existed. This is getting easier. This one only took an additional two minutes to find. Why haven't more people discovered this? Ironic that the coordinates on this video are the easiest of the bunch to read, since whoever shot this appears to simply be holding his or her camera in front of a monitor or television. It's plain as day:

And for anyone new who doesn't know the whole back-story, read my earlier posts:

Thanks to "X2YeZCAMCNC" of Youtube for the first two videos and "mrhappycamper69" for the third.

A user from Youtube name "xsithos" wrote me to explain that he thinks that at least some of these videos actually represent the fallen riser pipe that came crashing down on the ocean floor, having been detached from Deepwater Horizon by the explosion on April 20. I think he may be right about this last video I posted here and possibly about the two quick clips that Russia Today aired. However, I maintain that the other videos that I found myself show more than the riser pipe. I would like to thank "xsithos" for clarifying this for me. He or she is maintaining an open mind as to the possibility of a second well having been built.

Here's my adjusted theory. Everyone knows and saw on TV that BP were running operations to try and clamp that broken riser pipe. Here is what the pipe looks like:

I now think that Deepwater Horizon's riser pipe landed a few feet away from the X-coordinate Well B which was proposed and which I propose was built. I think that the fact that it happened to land there would be convenient for BP because none of the schmucks on TV know what they're looking at in terms of the equipment and its coordinates. Maybe I'm a bigger schmuck for still insisting that Well B was built, was damaged and was filmed leaking but this piece of equipment is not a riser pipe:

Nor is this:

The riser pipe is seen lying horizontal and at an angle, and not painted. It is a simple pipe with no parts attached. According to Transocean's page on Deepwater Horizon the riser pipe is only 21 inches in diameter. And what I think is clearly Well B is sitting there, much larger, painted white, with parts bolted onto it, it is sitting perfectly upright and not at an angle, and it ejecting oil straight up unlike the riser, which is shooting it to the side. Comments are always welcome from the Anonymouses and from SweetBeavis and BurnBP. Let's figure this thing out.

An anonymous commenter brought something back to my attention which had been written by someone to me before, and I simply forgot to update my articles. The Y coordinate for Well B which was printed in the section of BP's Initial Exploration Plan I've been using for the Well A vs. Well B comparison is a typo. The true figure for Well B should appear as Y=10431494, not Y=10434194. No conspiracy here, just a simple keystroke error resulting in the transposition of a '4' and a '1' in the middle of the number.

The anonymous commenter noticed this on his or her own and calculated the correct figure by translating the latitude-longitude figures, but this is confirmed elsewhere in the same Plan -- if you scroll past the first couple of pages you will find a large color map of the site, and the coordinates printed there for site B are the correct ones, corroborating what the commenter noticed. I have been only concentrating on the X coordinate but it's nice of that person to have noticed the error in BP's filing and let me know about it.

Jeepers Seepers

Those are oil drops coming up through the sea floor and into the water. And it's happening in dozens of square miles around Wells A and B. What we get to see on BP's ROV cameras is but a tiny sliver of the affected area.

Blind Again


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

November Lame

Black Couple Claim Home Sale Refused Due to Race

From "November Rain" to November lame in 19 short years. The Dimocrats are using their shills in the media in a lame attempt at a full-court press to convince the less intelligent among us that there is a sudden outburst of racism in America, just in time for elections a couple of months away. Never mind that reverse racism is running rampant, with white Americans being more often the target than those targeting others. We have MECHA and La Raza running around, pulling American flags down off of buildings, school children themselves of Hispanic origin were sent home from school in San Fransicko because they dared wear shirts with the flag printed on them, illegal alien criminal vermin in rallies have threatened to kill white people with their tools, but the media only ever cover stories of alleged racism on the part of white people against blacks or Latinos.

It's not going to work, you submorons in the media. I think that the biggest sea change among the general public during these awful months in which we've been under the reign of Barry Hussein Soetoro is that the people have finally nearly all learned that neither government nor media can be trusted. Not a single bit. Everything that either say must be taken with a ton of salt. I have no idea if a black couple were really refused their attempted home purchase because of evil white racists. What I can say for certain is that it is a non-story either way, of local importance but not deserving, as a lone incident, of national attention.

But national attention is what the alleged story gets, because racism has been picked by the DNC as being the key to their coming, sweeping victories in November. It's not going to work, you brain-damaged fools in Washington. You're out, it's over, go to work for Goldman-Sachs and leave us alone already. What I fear is the damage that the lame-duck Congress will do to us in the two months between their defeat and their expulsion...

It Moves in Mysterious Ways

NJ Officials Puzzled As Dead Fish Wash Ashore

It's so hard to figure out, it's so mysterious, so vexing, so puzzling. Except that it's not. Anyone remember this projection from a couple of months ago?

But 76% of the oil was disappeared by faeries, elves and unicorns so this cannot possibly be the answer. Officials are investigating a drop in oxygen levels in the waters off of New Jersey, but this is surely because of global warming or the direct fault of George Bush. It cannot possibly be that the oil and methane and associated toxins followed their projected path, because the basketball player who is nominally in charge of this dying country says that the Gulf oil disaster not only is over, but it never existed except in the minds of we conspiracy nuts. It's so easy to translate the news you read into the truth once you are aware of the way things really are.

Death Spiral

Government Spent More Than It Earned For 22nd Straight Time

The U.S. government spent itself deeper into the red last month, paying nearly $20 billion in interest on debt and an additional $9.8 billion to help unemployed Americans.

Federal spending eclipsed revenue for the 22nd straight time, the Treasury Department said Wednesday. The $165.04 billion deficit, while a bit smaller than the $169.5 billion shortfall expected by economists polled by Dow Jones Newswires, was the second highest for the month on record. The highest was $180.68 billion in July 2009.

"Good news!" That's what Robert Gibbs and all of Barry Soetoro's Czars and Czarinas will tell you on the news. We bled 4 billion dollars less than was expected. That means that all of President Barry's wonderful stimuli have worked, and the economic geniuses with which he has surrounded himself have indeed managed to pull America out of its financial nosedive. That's actually what you'll hear on the Communist News Network and MSLSD.

The truth is that this country is bleeding out, being bled absolutely dry by the globalists and their puppet Barry Soetoro. Nancy Lugosi and Harry Greed are, I believe, literally insane and helping the puppet in the Red House do this to us. If this country were a patient in an operating room the surgeon would take one look at the systolic and diastolic readings and scream for Code Blue to be called and a crash cart to be brought in, stat.

Instead what Barry Hussein Soetoro and the mindless criminals in Congress are doing is taking a scalpel and opening up our jugular. The American economy is already in arrhythmia. Soon the heart of the country, our once strong manufacturing sector, our small businesses, entrepreneurs and inventors, investment capitalists, all of these will have no pulse whatsoever, and it is all being done by design. And the new Doctor Mengele, the illegal alien in the Red House, is only the hand wielding the scalpel. You never see nor hear about the people who set up this death clinic, the Luciferian globalist elite. But they'll be there, laughing at our funeral.

Just Eat It!

U.N.: Eat Insects Instead of Meat to Save Planet

The UN is considering strategies to cut levels of meat consumption worldwide as part of its commitment to stamp out famine and cut global warming.

And it claims livestock, such as cows and pigs, requires too much space and fodder to be an energy-efficient source of food for the everexpanding population. Ultimately, it argues, there’s simply not enough land for us all to eat roast beef.

Mealworms are a good beginner’s insect - he says they’re a bit like ‘the crunchy bits at the bottom of a bag of popcorn’ - although he concedes that ‘it definitely helps
if you don’t look’.

It doesn't matter what you find tasty, the U.N. will tell you what to eat. Because you, an evil emitter of Deadly Carbon Dioxide, are killing the planet. Every time you exhale you are committing a crime, and every time you deign to pass gas, or, God forbid, defecate you are dropping chemical weapons and atomic bombs upon the poor, innocent Mother Gaia, the Earth which tries so hard to nurture you.

But you are killing Her with you metabolism, which must be lowered. So the eugenicist United Abomination has a plan -- guilt-trip you into consuming food with lower carbon "footprints." I don't know what the tracks of insect legs are termed, that is why I use "footprints" in quotes. Head-thorax-abdomen is what I learned of insect physiology in school.

The United Nations are a useless group of poker buddies from their irrepresentative nations, who get together several times a year in order to compare bedtime stories of child rape, torture and murder. Why the media would give them any credibility is questionable, except that the answer is obvious. The U.N.'s controllers own the media.

This is how they collectively get away with suggesting that you eat giant ants from BoogaBoogaLand in order to harm Mother Earth less. Screw you, United Ablations. I shall eat that which I wish to eat, and you will continue to fade into the status of non-entity. Your time as the de facto authority of world policy is over. Enjoy the remaining boy-slaves until we patriots put you all in prison.

Hall of Mirrors

Harry Reid: No Hispanic Could Be Republican

Harry Greed is caught in a feedback loop, a funhouse style hall of mirrors in which his own racism is reflected back on him. This verminous traitor to all Americans is the one after all who talked about Barry Soetoro, who he knows in ignorance as "Barack Obama" as "light-skinned" with "no Negro dialect." The man is a bigot, and it is only because of the idiocy of the drunken votes of Nevada that he is in position as Senate majority leader. That along with the illegal alien vote, of course.

Harry Reid says that it is unconscionable for Hispanics to vote Republican. I guess he's received "sensitivity training." What he would have said a couple years ago is that brown people must never vote against the Dimocrats. Because brown people are darker-skinned versions of Reid's pure white race, and such people have accents and are necessarily untrustworthy and less than equal to those, like Greed, who belong to the Master Race.

It's over for Harry Reid. He nearly lost his seat before, winning by a margin of votes which could have been due to the amount of illegal alien women voters in Phoenix-area hospitals at that time. Barry Soetoro is going down, politically. Nancy Lugosi will retain her seat because San Franpsycho is the drug-user and homosexual capitol of Amerika, but Harry Greed will lose because Nevadans are losing their jobs. Las Vegas is dying, thanks to the policies and speeches off Barry Hussein Soetoro, and the people have figured out that their Senator is interested only in his own success, not theirs.

Bye bye, Harry. Take a good look at yourself in the mirrors before you give your retirement speech. You bigoted, anti-American weevil.

Identify for Retina Scan

Future Vending Machines to Require Fingerprints, Iris Scans

"For a certain demographic that is pretty cool," says company president John S. Ioannou.

I remember as a kid seeing Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, in which Captain Kirk is prompted by the ship's computer to present his eye to be scanned in order to gain access to classified data. Now you will be forced to provide your personal, private, unique biometric profiles in order to purchase a bag of Doritos, a toxic Diet Coke in a poison bottle, or a pack of full-calorie gum which somehow contains multiple artificial sweeteners meant to sterilize you and shorten your life expectancy.

Look at the photo. Do you see how the machine is designed in the same style as the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, currently the "coolest" devices out there, with a metal frame, sleek dark background to its glass, and colorful, digital icons representing the products it will vend, if only you submit to being scanned? It's name is even meant to evoke the Apple products which everyone loves. It's the new, friendly "diji-touch," friend to the masses, dispenser of products without which you cannot live.

But don't panic. Mr. Ioannou, however you pronounce that name, says that it's cool. I have news for him. A growing number of the more intelligent among us don't think it's cool. A certain demographics is developing which knows that it is not cool, but instead a part of the overall globalist plan to acclimate us to their total surveillance grid. No one beside the police or FBI will ever legally obtain my fingerprint, a scan of my irises or retinae, and they sure as heck will not be allowed to posses my naked body scanner imagery. I suggest you refuse in similar fashion.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Czech Military Training With Texas National Guard for Disaster Response

We Infowarriors are mounting a fierce battle in this chess game against the globalist elite, but they are introducing a new playing piece in order to try and control us all -- foreign military within the borders of the United States. For over a decade Alex Jones has been monitoring troops from overseas training with our own military and National Guard. It's happening again.

Further bridging the spirit of cooperation, even service members from the Czech Republic and Chilean armies supported OLS this year.

How nice -- everyone wants the "spirit of cooperation," how could you be against such a thing? I'm against it because they are not training for natural disasters. They are training, as Soetoro's people would call them, "man-caused disasters," and not those carried out by impoverished Muslims. The military are training to herd you into FEMA work camps once the final phase of the globalist takeover of America is green-lighted. And we are being trained to accept our own military working with police, in violation of posse comitatus and to accept the presence and "assistance" of foreign military. This is an extremely dangerous development and an indication that the final phase is quite near.

Short Circuit

False Pretense Being Used to Push Cybersecurity Bill

I already knew this but now it's out in virtual print. One of the main talking points that Joe Lieberman and the rest of our idiot Congress have been using to hype up the need for a Cybersecurity act has been that we are at grave risk of terror cyberattacks on our power plants, water processing plants and other key infrastructure. But the truth is that the computer systems that run these installations are not connected to the internet, and furthermore they use proprietary hardware and run proprietary operating systems and applications, making them inscrutable to hackers. Thus their argument is short-circuited.

The government wants Cyber"security" because it codifies power for them to monitor every single byte of data that comes into and out from your PCs. They already are doing this but if the Act is passed they will do it openly. And, as some media have covered, it will give Barry Soetoro a kill-switch to shut off the entire internet during a national emergency. And as we all know, thanks to G.W.'s executive order, a "national emergency" is literally anything the president deems it to be. So, for example, if Michelle cannot find her favorite flavor of gourmet ice cream over there in Spain, Soetoro could declare that an emergency and shut off free speech in this country.

Cybersecurity is just one more way the globalists are trying to limit your ability to learn the truth and to communicate with others and spread that truth. It represents the end of free speech on the internet. I don't know about you all, but I don't want to have to pay another tax to get an Internet Driver's License and have a black box sitting next to my cable modem monitoring everything I do. Call or write your Senators and Irrepresentatives today -- say no to Cyberinsecurity.

Storm Warning

The DDIII relief well is currently at 17909 ft. Based on the National Hurricane Center prediction of a 60% chance of a tropical cyclone forming in the GoM, a decision was taken to suspend drilling activity, set a storm packer and remain on location.

Shocking! Another delay in BP's efforts to kill their well from hell. Less than 100 feet away from connecting the relief well to the stricken well and they pull out because a tropical "cyclone" might form. Not very good form for a company which is telling everyone that it is doing all that is possible to end the Gulf oil disaster. I will be interested if they go ahead and pull all the ROVs out of the water for a couple days, like they did during Tropical Storm Bonnie, or, as Mike Rivero calls it, Cloud Bonnie, since it never developed into anything worse than a bad thunderstorm. Weather prediction is still more of a magic act than science, so no one knows how severe this depression in the Gulf will end up being. But I'll be watching the ROV cameras with an eagle eye no matter what BP do.

What's in a Name?

Rupert Murdoch Sues Skype Over Use of Letters "Sky"

A spokesman for Sky, which is 39.1pc-owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation, said the company was trying to prevent Skype from using its trademark in relation to the sale of TV or internet service, because customer might assume that 'Skype' is part of Sky.

Here we go again. Does anyone remember when Microsoft attempted to trademark the word "windows," meaning that any homebuilder or renovation company which used that word in advertisements would have to pay royalties to Bill Gates? Because, as everyone knows, people are not smart enough to distinguish Windows 98 from double-pane, energy-efficient windows to be installed in their homes. Does Murdoch really think he can get the court to give him exclusive rights to use the word "sky," just because he owns something called "BSkyB?"

I have no idea what BSkyB is, but whatever it is the name is sufficiently different to Skype. No one would ever confuse the two. Rupert Murdoch is the most powerful media magnate on the planet. Now he wants to own the sky I suppose. Maybe he'll get away with it. Crazier things have happened.

Gone Rogue

South Korean Officials Seize Google's Data, Probing Charges for Privacy Violations

"Google might have illegally collected private internet data from late last year to May this year as it prepared to launch the service, the cyber division of the Korean National Policy Agency said."

"The company has blamed rogue code from earlier software for collecting the wireless data and says it has removed the problematic equipment from its vehicles."

"If Google were found guilty of violating the law, company officials in charge could face prison sentences or fines, he said."

"Rogue code." That's a good one. So we are to believe that Google's software in it's Street View spy vans up and decided on its own to start illegally wiretapping peoples' unsecured wireless networks, seizing their data illegally and storing it in the vans' systems illegally. It must have been some sort of one-in-a-trillion software mutation which caused this, because how else could such perfect functionality magically appear in software which was designed only to locate wireless networks and to allow Google mark wifi hotspots on Google Maps.

I'll tell you how else: Google deliberately designed their software to spy on you. There is no other possible explanation. They had computers in those vans with specific data storage delegated to collect and keep your private data. They did it for years and only stopped when they were caught. The company, second only to Microsoft in the world of computers, and the number one internet firm on Earth, did not know that for years it's vans and their operators, all over the world, were collecting private data? I guess the drivers must have always been scratching their heads, wondering what all those new folders and files were which kept pooping up every day on the hard drives. It's laughable.

Google is the best tool that internet users have to quickly find what they are looking for on the web. Unfortunately it is also working directly with the NSA and Homeland Insecurity to track and monitor you and I. Facebook, Myspace and Twitter are tied into the total electronic surveillance system -- you willingly give the government information on your whereabouts and activities every time you update your status, mood, location or post your thoughts.

Last week the government came out and admitted, even bragged to the press that the CIA is working with "Recorded Future" to track all of your online data and compile "real-time dossiers" on everyone. Google is the central hub of the government's system to track and ultimately control you. I only use Google's search engine when connected to my VPN, so that they cannot tell who or what computer is requesting what data. I suggest that you all either sign up for a VPN service or stop using Google altogether. Unless, that is, you don't mind having zero privacy. is a good place to start, pun intended. It is the only search engine I'm aware of that has been third-party verified to store no personal data. It is not as slick looking or as accurate in finding exactly what you're looking for, often the very top search result is not that and you have to look further down in the results page, but at least they don't have vans rolling down your streets taking photos of your homes and siphoning and storing data from your wireless networks. South Korea is the most technically savvy and tech-heavy country on the planet, even slightly more so than Japan is, and they have figured out one part of the criminality that is Google. I hope this country will follow up and investigate the company, but I know it won't, because knowing everything you do and everywhere you go is crucial to the total command-and-control tyranny we are all scheduled to shortly be under.

Some Savage Truth

Here's Michael Savage from Monday's show talking about the new studies finding that BPA and other chemicals in our food and environment are lowering the age of onset of puberty in girls to as low as 7 years of age, and causing boys' testicles to not descend in some cases and others' penises to be smaller. Don't giggle -- the globalists are doing this as part of their plan to reduce world population. BPA is bad news and I believe we're the only country in the world where it is not banned for use in food and beverage containers.

America was singled out for BPA use because we're the biggest threat to the complete globalist takeover -- we're the only ones left, pretty much, with guns in the people's hands. I don't drink bottled water, nor any other drinks that come in BPA bottles like Gatorade, LifeWater or any of the rest. But think how clever the globalists were when they chose to mandate BPA for use in our bottled water containers -- you figure out that municipal water supplies are poisoned, so you think you're protecting your family by buying bottled water at the grocery store. But those bottles have poisoned the water they contain with BPA, an estrogen mimicker. So very clever, so evil.

Hopefully now that the issue of BPA and other hormone-type chemicals in our environment is no longer an Alex Jones "conspiracy theory" but mainstream news, more people will find out. I can't afford one of the $1000+ EcoloBlue atmospheric water generators, but I am getting ready to order a Berkey water filter for around $250 which comes with a free fluoride filter if you select that as your free item. $250 is very little to pay for fluoride-free, mercury-free and pharmaceutical-free water. That's the only way now that you can get clean, non-toxic water, unless you own a well, have a spring on your property or collect rainwater for drinking. It's sad to have to spend a few days' pay in order not to be poisoned, but that's where we are in 2010 Amerika.

Study Finds Precocious Puberty Among 7-Year-Old Girls

Red Thumb

Senate Bill 510: You May Not Grow Your Own Food

From Americans having green thumbs to being under the thumb of the Reds in one generation...

1. It puts all US food and all US farms under Homeland Security and the Department of Defense, in the event of contamination or an ill-defined emergency. It resembles the Kissinger Plan.

2. It would end US sovereignty over its own food supply by insisting on compliance with the WTO, thus threatening national security. It would end the Uruguay Round Agreement Act of 1994, which put US sovereignty and US law under perfect protection.

3. It would allow the government, under Maritime Law, to define the introduction of any food into commerce (even direct sales between individuals) as smuggling into “the United States.”

4. It imposes Codex Alimentarius on the US, a global system of control over food.

5. It would remove the right to clean, store and thus own seed in the US, putting control of seeds in the hands of Monsanto and other multinationals, threatening US security.

But wait, there's more! Order now and Nancy Lugosi will throw in free cyanide capsules at no additional charge! If you'd rather just get it over with in 30 seconds than wait years for the GMO food you're eating, the poisoned water you're drinking and the toxic air you're breathing just let the operator know.

This is what Alex Jones has been warning about for years. And it's really happening. Congress themselves admit they don't read the bills that they pass. The legislation is written for them and they are told how and when to vote. The average member of Congress is of average or below-average intelligence. Most of them don't realize that passing this evil law will affect them in a detrimental manner as well.

This is an outrage. To be facing the possibility of arrest for growing your own tomatoes or apples, it's almost unreal. Except it's very real, and it's here. And it will be put into effect if you do not scream at your Irrepresentatives to stop killing this country. And right there in the bill you see what Homeland Insecurity was built to do -- ignore real, foreign threats and enslave the American people.

I always thought the Survival Seed Bank people were going a bit too far with their claims of a coming crackdown on healthy food. Now I am getting ready to order from them. I don't know how to grow plants but all had better learn. If this bill passes we will all be under the thumb of the Reds.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Boiled Down

For you, my three loyal readers and my several helpful Anonymous commenters, a gift, a two-page boil-down of the whole Well A/Well B scandal that you can either print as fliers or send as JPEG images attached to friends and family in your email. Thank you for all your helpful (and some not so much) comments.

Download the full size JPEG here:

Download page 2 here:

Please spread these around, either physically or electronically, until such a time as I am either proven right or wrong. The questions have to be asked and answered. I think the proof is very strong -- BP say that Well B does not exist but there it is, broken, leaking oil and gas, caught on camera. And don't forget that these three lone videos are the only ones I've found on Youtube out of the tens of thousands people have posted where BP forgot to cut the live public feed when moving to film Well B. If you find any more, please let me know. Thanks to all.

Skandi Neptune Positioned Closer To Well Site B, Not A

OK, here it is. BP caught again lying, this time in real time by me, not in old ROV footage. Marine offers real time tracking of Skandi Neptune, the mothership of the ROVs that whose footage has caused this whole controversy. BP's spokesmouth Sheila Williams personally wrote me that BP only ever received permission from the government to drill at the proposed Well A site, and never received permission to do anything at the Well B coordinates. Why then is Skandi Neptune positioned closer to Well A than Well B? In fact, they would have to go past site B to even get to site A.

Here is the current location of Skandi Neptune, captured from the web site linked to above, as of 12:53AM CDT on 9 August 2010:

Note the longitude number, that's the one we'll be paying attention to since it is reported in higher resolution.

Here is the latitude-longitude location of BP's Well A, where everything is happening according to Ms. Williams, from the document filed with MMS:

Since the satellite tracking on the Marine Traffic web site gives the coordinates in decimal while BP's Plan gives them in degrees-minutes-seconds format a simple conversion is required. The result is the following:

Therefore Well A is positioned at 88.365928 degrees of longitude. Now let's look at BP's filed document for where Well B was to be drilled (remember, this one supposedly does not exist):

Converting Well B's location yields this result:

Very simple, no? So let us review the situation. According to Ms. Williams:

BP ‘s exploration plans for Mississippi Canyon, Block 252, references two possible well locations -- well location "A" and well location "B." But BP eventually sought and received approval to drill only one well -- a well at the "A" location referenced in the exploration plan. This one well is now known as the MC252 (or Macondo) exploratory well. The Transocean Marianas rig started drilling the MC252 exploratory well in October 2009. The Marianas rig was subsequently damaged by Hurricane Ida, so in February 2009 the Transocean Deepwater Horizon was brought in to finish the well.

Skandi Neptune is sitting at 88.36972 degrees. Well A is at 88.365928. Well B, which of course does not exist, even though it does, is at 88.366828. What does this mean, these are just three numbers, right? This means that Skandi Neptune is sitting close to Well B, which is not supposed to exist, than to Well A. But wait, there's more. I could understand if the vessel were situated between the two sites, even though BP says that Well B is not there. But it's not -- Skandi Neptune is farther away from A, the older already capped well that they're showing us on TV. And furthermore, it is on the other side of Well B -- they would have to move back across B's location to start getting closer to site A.

For those of you who have trouble visualizing things like this I drew a really cheap-looking diagram of what we are talking about. Open this link in a new tab to get it full size, because you can't see the small text in the width of the column in this blog format. Here's a preview where you can get the gist of it:

You can clearly see that Skandi Neptune is farther away from Well A than it is from site B, at which location BP allege no work was ever done. And the ship is on the opposite side to site B than A is. Why is this? If no well were ever drilled at B, if no equipment were installed, if Deepwater Horizon never was in the water above B, and if the B well were not indeed the one that exploded, as I have theorized here for you all, why is the ship closer to and on the other of Well B, when BP say everything that they're doing always has and does involve Well A?

I don't know, you tell me, all three of my friends who read my musings, and the five anonymous commenting people. Simple investigative work which I have performed over the last five days has proven the following:

1) BP is showing us Well A when their permission from the government to work at site A ended in July of 2009. They only had permission to drill a well at site B in 2010, which I allege they started doing using Deepwater Horizon on April 15 of this year.

2) BP was caught, accidentally, by a national, English-language Russian television showing two different wells spewing oil. Those two sites match up precisely with the coordinates of Wells A and B. Well A is the one on 99.9999% of the cable news shows and on Youtube -- this video, on which I based my earlier blog post about the dual, spewing wells shows that.

3) Now I have caught BP with the Skandi Neptune closer to Well B and on the opposite side to Well A's position.

Why is the ship on the other side? I believe the answer may be this screen, well known to me, the Live Feeds section of BP's Spill Response web site:

At any given time between one third and one half of the 14 ROVs that are supposed to have their feeds publicly available at all times, under government orders, are offline or showing garbled, unintelligible video. And it's usually the same sub's feeds that we can never see. Almost always the same pattern of ones that BP let us see and then the others that are always black screens or scrambled signals.

Why are BP, the company which was supposedly so cheap that they didn't want to pay for a $500,000 advanced blowout prevention system, paying untold thousands of dollars a day for ROVs that never show any pictures? I would like to wax conspiratorial as is my bent, and postulate that they are getting their money's worth from these other, publicly-offline ROVs. I would like to suggest that perhaps they are using these other vehicles to monitor and perhaps even actually attempt to fix Well B, which is the one I think blew Deepwater Horizon up, the Well which BP and Ms. Williams deny exists.

Why else would Skandi Neptune be sitting closer to it than Well A. I fully admit I am curious as to why the ship is not sitting in the middle of the two wells, as that would seem to maximize access to both sites, but in any case, if BP had only ever worked at A and are now supposedly only working A, why situate the ship closer to B, with site B in-between the vessel and Well A? I don't know, maybe the ROVs' tethers are all long enough that BP could have the Neptune miles away from both. But the location of the ship in relation to both wells certainly is curious to me. And suspicious, just like everything else involved in this nightmare of a disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

Please feel free to leave comments, positive and negative. I want to get to the bottom of this whole thing, and if crimes have been committed, bring those responsible to justice. There are only five Gulf Coast states directly affected by the oil spill, but if BP are committing fraud, they are defrauding every American, because all of us will have our tax dollars used to pay for part of the mess that BP will have refused to clean up. They're already trying to shuck and jive their way out of paying the residents, they just fired 10,000 relief workers since "the well is capped," "no more oil is leaking" and "76% of the oil has magically vanished."

We know where the oil went -- BP disappeared it beneath the waves with Corexit. Now that evidence is mounting that they are lying to the American people and probably even to the government, since they control every camera, I think it's time to open a discussion in the media about BP disappearing as a company licensed to operate in our waters.

I realize that the two wells are not far apart, so maybe this doesn't matter in the large scheme of thing. It simply makes sense to me that if I were running things down there I would park Skandi Neptune right on top of site A and leave it there. The ROVs probably do have enough extra tether so that this doesn't matter. It's just that the whole BP disaster response has been curious, suspicious and ineffectual. That is, until their carbon tax died in the Congress and then, suddenly, miraculously, the cap was shown to be put in place on Well A. And now all the oil's gone and everything is just fine. So if Skandi Neptune is closer to Well B, why worry about it?