Saturday, July 17, 2010


Thad Allen Extends BP Cap Test Another 24 Hours

You have to have paid attention very carefully these last 88 days and remember everything about the day-to-day situation in the Gulf to parse this article. I'll attempt to do that for you. Before closing the valves on Top Hat 10, BP told the media and the Coast Guard that the pressure reading should be at least 7,500psi once the cap's valves were all moved to the closed position. They were hoping for a reading in the range of 8,000-9,000psi. Any lower than 7,500 and they said that this would indicate that additional leaks were present at unknown locations.

According to BP, reading is 6,745. So, to cover up for the fact that their own reading, taken in context of what they laid out for the media before closing the valves, indicates that additional leaks indeed are continuing to allow oil out, they made up a theory out of whole cloth. They now saw that the reading is so low because so much oil was let out of the well that there simply isn't enough left down there to cause the higher pressure readings that they were "hoping" for.

You have to have a very good memory indeed to sift through the lies and obfuscation. You have to remember the geologists calculations from a couple of weeks ago that 97-98% of the oil and methane was still trapped in that giant pocket below the ocean floor. So if only 2% of the total mass had leaked out in the first 70-odd days, how could so much more have escaped in the next two weeks to throw BP's figures on what the pressure should be off so much? It doesn't make sense if you listen to their corporate lies.

I'll tell you what is happening. Lindsey Williams' inside sources told him that the actual pressure when BP first tapped into that enormous oil stratum was in the tens of thousands of pounds per square inch. That is one of many things that BP is hiding from the public. The reason why the pressure currently is five times or so lower now than it was when Deepwater Horizon was blown up is because of the natural vents formed as that initial, gargantuan pressure down below the seabed forced its way through the weaker parts of the rock and up into the open water. In addition, as I've written for weeks, the same sources confirmed that the well casing itself is shattered and that there are likely even more leaks from the well itself below the surface, where the ROVs cannot travel and observe.

This is why the pressure is many times lower than when the rig was blown up on Hitler's and Stalin's birthday, on Earth Day, pothead day, April 20. If BP were truthful about the initial pressure it would be obvious to anyone that there necessarily have to be more than just the one point of oil escape, the only one they've shown us, the circus show with the ROVs parked at the one leak point at the wellhead. Even with that remarkable geyser spewing for 86 days, there is no way that even just 2% of the total contents could have escaped if we were talking about just from that one spot.

Remember that the estimates are that there are a couple trillion gallons of oil down below, and several trillion cubic feet of methane. The government's worst-case estimate, or at least what they're telling the media, is that up to 184 million gallons of oil may have escaped, their low figure being 94 million. Let's not talk about the methane, more of which was escaping from the well than oil. Let's simply use a figure of a total of 2 trillion gallons of oil in that cavern. If you take the "worst case" public estimate, that means that only 0.000092% of the total oil got out from the wellhead.

So how do you reconcile the estimates of 98% still being trapped with 0.000092% having escaped from the spot the ROVs have been monitoring? Because of all the other leaks that I've been telling you are there, that's how. The ones that neither BP nor the government admit exist, and that they would never show the public even if they could, because the additional leaks in the well itself are underground, and the naturally formed vents on the ocean floor are scattered at random locations wherever the rock was weakest, within a radius of at least 20 miles from the Deepwater Horizon site, according to NOAA satellite images.

Far more oil has escaped than we've been told, and now that BP is showing us pictures of clean water around their newest Top Hat, everyone thinks we're past the containment phase and entering the cleanup phase. I do not believe this to be the case. If I'm right, a whole lot of oil is still leaking out in these other places, and it will continue to do so until the pressure in the petroleum pocket equalizes with that of the near mile of water sitting on top of it. Luckily, that weight of water will mean that not all of the oil will get out, assuming that the sea floor stays as intact as it is, with only those small, natural vents here and there.

It appears, again assuming that nothing strange happens in these additional 24 hours that Thad Allen has ordered for pressure monitoring, that the seabed will hold, and that we will simply be told that the crisis is over, and that Soetoro is creating jobs by hiring out of work Gulf Coast residents to clean up the beaches and the water. But those natural vents will continue venting, and I have no idea at what rate compared to that of the wellhead before it was finally capped. BP and the government don't have exact figures, just secret estimates, because they can't possibly have employed enough ROVs to map over 1250 square miles of ocean (the amount in a circle of 20 miles' radius). The vents are probably very small and each probably does not let out a fraction of what was coming from the wellhead, but there are likely at least dozens, and probably hundreds or more of them.

And since each is small and their output possibly not even visible with our best satellites, BP and the government will be able to convince the public that no more oil is entering the Gulf, that Barry is your new American hero, and that everything is all rainbows and unicorns again in those five states. But the Gulf has already been dealt a near death blow, and it will continue to be poisoned for years to come from these smaller, secondary leaks. Remember that BP said that if it couldn't cap the wellhead, the oil could flow for years, and that was at the incredible admitted rate of over one million gallons per day. And also remember that I've disregarded the methane for the purpose of this discussion, which is present in even greater volume than the oil. So if the flow could continue for years from the wellhead, it might continue for decades, or possibly a could of centuries from the natural vents.

Remember when I wrote about the three possibilities going forward, just a few days back, and picked "silent kill" as my bet for the most likely to be chosen? I believe I was correct. The globalists have given the Gulf an acute disease with their terror operation and the giant flows of oil that have only begun to wash ashore. But they also managed to give it a chronic ailment with the slower, hidden leakage that will continue pouring oil, methane and toxins into the water for who knows how long. Hopefully BP will stop dumping Corexit, but it wouldn't surprise me if they continue that in secret. Let's all just cross our fingers and hope that Thad Allen's extra 24 hours are a true precaution and not a warning sign that the cap may be not be secure after all...

Friday, July 16, 2010

Grocery List

Obama Selects Health Food Czar

Barry has decided that 32 Czars given illegal, fiat power is not enough, so here comes number 33: Mr. Kass, your new Czar of Health Food. I might note that 33 is one of the globalists' favorite numbers, stemming from its connotations in Freemasonry. But that might be a coincidence. I have no doubt that Soetoro will continue to appoint Czars, and that this stop at 33 will only be temporary.

What the F exactly is an "auto recovery" Czar? Is he in charge of finding stolen vehicles? I guess what that is is some egghead friend of Barry or Michelle from Harvard who knows nothing about cars, as the new president of GM admits he doesn't, who has been installed to "save" Government Motors and Chrysler. And do we really need a Great Lakes Czar? A Sudan Czar?

What we have in the Red House is nothing more than a spoiled child who enjoys absolute power, at least up to the length of the leash the globalists hold him by. He can do virtually anything he wants in this country as long as it does not interfere with their plans. So he has 33 of his best friends and fellow travelers illegally in charge of everything from AIDS to WMD. It's a laundry list, no, a grocery list, as I'm sure Mr. Kass, the Health Food Czar could appreciate. The promiscuous John F. Kennedy and his slutty wife had "Camelot" at 1600 Pennsylvania. Barry Hussein Soetoro and Mrs. Soetoro, political whores both, are not as allegedly high-class as the Kennedys were. Barry has nothing close to a glamorous Camelot at his Red House. He has the sandbox in which he plays day after day. And Barry doesn't like to share with us other kids -- he loves to steal our toys and slap us in the face each time after he does.

The government has just announced that, starting in 2014, every American will be evaluated for obesity and that data stored as part of their centralized "health care" database. What you are seeing coalesce here is the government developing plans to demand the citizens to remain within a certain "fit" weight range, and those who are too fat or those who happen to suffer from anorexia or bulimia and are underweight will receive an even lower degree of the standard, sub-standard "health care" that SoetoroCare will provide. That's what Mr. Kass is for. Mr. Kass will tell you how to eat, and if you don't eat the South Leech diet that Michelle and Mr. Kass and Barry want you to eat, you'll be S out of luck if you get sick.

There are only enough resources available, you know, and Central Planning is not interested in taking care of you if your statistics happen not to fit Mr. Soetoro's wishes. You're not in his Five Year Plan. None of us our. But I guess this is fair warning to the overweight and the rail thin -- you'll be the first to be liquidated.

* Richard Holbrooke, Afghanistan czar
* Jeffrey Crowley, AIDS czar
* Ed Montgomery, auto recovery czar
* Alan Bersin, border czar
* David J. Hayes, California water czar
* Ron Bloom, car czar
* Dennis Ross, central region czar
* Todd Stern, climate czar
* Lynn Rosenthal, domestic violence czar
* Gil Kerlikowske, drug czar
* Paul Volcker, economic czar
* Carol Browner, energy and environment czar
* Joshua DuBois, faith-based czar
* Jeffrey Zients, government performance czar
* Cameron Davis, Great Lakes czar
* Van Jones, green jobs czar
* Daniel Fried, Guantanamo closure czar
* Nancy-Ann DeParle, health czar
* Vivek Kundra, information czar
* Dennis Blair, intelligence czar
* George Mitchell, Mideast peace czar
* Kenneth R. Feinberg, pay czar
* Cass Sunstein, regulatory czar
* John Holdren, science czar
* Earl Devaney, stimulus accountability czar
* J. Scott Gration, Sudan czar
* Herb Allison, TARP czar
* Aneesh Chopra, technology czar
* John Brennan, terrorism czar
* Adolfa Carrion Jr., urban affairs czar
* Ashton Carter, weapons czar
* Gary Samore, WMD policy czar

Lie of the Year

Obama Says His Policies "Got Us Out Of This Mess"

I don't need to comment.

Double Standard

Canadian Muslim Mother Released After Killing Daughter

Canada is a very sick country, as are all. They, like Britain and France, and as we increasingly see here, have a very serious Muslim problem. So this blimp killed her 14-year-old daughter by means of strangulation with a scarf, and the judge lets her free with only a three year probation period. Oh, and she must attend "grief" counseling, and anger management classes. This is a very sick joke indeed.

The reasons why governments around the world welcome verminous, throwback Muslims with open arms are the same as those which get illegal Mexicans free passes and get-out-of-jail-free cards here. The globalists want these people to flood into the richest countries because they suck off our welfare states, help bankrupt our treasuries, and cause general agitation between the different races and religions. The very least this judge should have done is order this fatass to be banished to whence she came. Instead, after attending her "therapy," she will continue to leech off the Canadian workers. This is a disgusting story and an equally vomit-inducing photo.


Authorities Order Blog Server Taken Off the Web

It's started, and sooner than I thought. The government, citing a history of abuse, has shut down a Wordpress host server, instantly taking 73,000 individuals' blogs off the air. The alleged reason: "a history of abuse." According to "officials" the site had been a hotbed of activity for the illegal sharing of movies and music. I don't buy it -- who would be dumb enough to post on an open, public blog the fact that they were illegally sharing files? There are far better ways, more secure ways, like torrent search engines and file sharing platforms like Limewire and eDonkey.

In any case this an abuse of the government's newly legislated, fiat power. I'm sure that, even if some people using that server were involved in criminal activity, 99.5% of the rest were not. But instead of ordering the allegedly guilty individuals' personal blogs deleted, they shut down all 73,000. And this is just the beginning. Like everything else the government does on behalf of their globalist masters, it is a test to make sure that there is no significant uproar from the public or challenge in the court system.

It is also acclimating the public to accept such censorship. Information is most powerful weapon we have against the rogue, criminal government. No amount of gun owners can ever hope to challenge the United States military and should never try. The internet was the biggest mistake the globalists ever made. If they had kept the system proprietary and closed after they developed ARPANet in the late '60s, their endgame would already have run its course and we would not be here. 95% of us would not still be here, at least. So now, realizing the mistake they made by allowing cheap computers and internet access to be available to the public, they will try to shut it down. If the so-called Cybersecurity bill goes through Congress and Soetoro signs it, that will be the end of free speech on the internet. This is only the beginning.

Hostile Takeover

WSJ: New Bill Gives More Power To Fed

I told you that the financial deform legislation was nothing more than a power grab benefiting the Federal Reserve; that and a quantum leap in government surveillance of innocent citizens with its mandate to track every purchase you make. Thus you have some of this starting to be admitted by the media. So don't believe me. Read the Wall Street Journal:

"But the Fed's role is in most respects expanded by the legislation. The central bank will decide whether the council should vote on breaking up big companies if they threaten the stability of the entire financial system. It also will be able to force big financial companies—not just firms legally organized as banks—to boost their capital and liquidity. It will have the power to scrutinize the largest hedge funds."

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Eyes In The Sky

Military to Use Automated Cataloging system for Surveillance Video

The military is turning to the television industry for help on a way to catalog and index surveillance video taken by their drone aircraft in the Middle East. Because they have 24 million minutes of video and no good way to parse them. This technology will not be designed to control the brown people in dirty robes. It will be used to further enhance the government's ability to spy on you once the drones are deployed all across this country. For your "safety" and "security," of course. There are already drones being used by the Miami police department and at least two are being used on the Texas-Mexico border. One more serious "terror" attack in the United States will give Soetoro the excuse to order thousands of units from General Atomics, and then they'll really be able to watch you well.

A Tale of Two Gulfs

Declassified Papers Show Gulf of Tonkin Was Staged

It was already confirmed and widely known that LBJ staged the Gulf of Tonkin incident, now we learn that Senators at the time knew it as well but chose to hide the true nature of that episode because of "fear of reprisal" from that crooked president and the media. If it is now on record, from Albert Gore Sr. no less, that our government attacked our own military, why is it so far fetched to believe that it would not perform an attack on the Gulf of Mexico when Soetoro was ordered to try to get a carbon tax bill through Congress?

The tactic of false flag terrorism is one of the oldest, most used and most effective items in the globalists' playbook. Hitler burned his own Reichstag down to aggregate power, then he faked a Polish attack against the Germans at Gleiwitz in 1939 as a pretext to invade their neighbor. Our own government, on record, sunk the Maine in order to foment the Spanish-American War, then the criminal Franklin Roosevelt, on record, allowed the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor in order for him to garner a public mandate to enter World War II. False flags have been used time after time, always successful, but now that more people are being made aware of this page in the elites' playbook, they will lose effectiveness. I knew immediately after Deepwater Horizon exploded that it was no accident. Keep your eyes open for more false flag operations as the final phase of the globalist agenda is implemented.


Obama Buys Specter's Yes Vote On Kagan

The criminal pimp president of this country has just bought off the detestable defector, Arlen Specter, to ensure that Mrs. Toad, Elena Kagan, will receive a lifetime seat on the Supreme Court. Specter, who switched political parties when it became obvious that he could not be re-nominated for the Republican candidacy for the Senate, has long been a fraud, constantly crossing the aisle to vote with the liberals when he still called himself a Republican.

Arlen Specter has cancer. He is in his late seventies. Do us a favor, Senator, and die already. You've done enough damage to this country. You'll burn for your crimes once your black heart finally beats its last.

Absolute Power

Senate Passes Financial Reform Bill

Well, they did it. Assisted by three verminous so-called Republicans, Soetoro and his handlers managed to get the so-called financial reform bill passed. The Wall Street Journal reports it to be the biggest expansion of government power since the Great Depression. Yahoo! reports the bill to be half the size of the Bible.

First off, Senators Collins, Snowe and Brown should, along with the Democrats who voted for it unanimously, be immediately arrested and tried for treason. I've written about the aspect of bill which personally disturbed me the most, the language which not only allows but mandates that every monetary transaction you make be recorded and stored by the government. But that is a trifle compared to what the bill was primarily designed to do, that simply allows the NSA to build more accurate profiles of us.

What the globalists demanded this bill for was the fact that it gives absolute power over all banking and finance in this country to the Federal Reserve. It allows them to seize any bank, at any time, for any reason. This is designed to allow the government to declare small local banks insolvent, then the Federal Reserve and their partners can take them over. It's about consolidation. The Fed is composed of and controlled through six major banks -- Citi, J.P. Morgan-Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and I believe Goldman-Sachs and the Bank of England.

This financial deform bill is designed to let them gobble up your local banks. And they will. Watch for a rash of "small bank failures" being announced, and how the wonderful bill that the Congress just passed is protecting you by letting the big banks buy the assets of the small ones for chump change. The government has had absolute power over you, now the banksters have absolute power over their industry. There is no longer the impediment of having to pass laws to change their industry toward their liking. Now they can do literally whatever they want just by saying so.

Silent But Deadly

BP Caps Oil Well

It appears that my "silent kill" prediction has come true -- BP has apparently, allegedly successfully capped the well after 85 days, and, if you believe them, no oil is currently leaking from the wellhead. Beside the fact that they're damn dirty liars, as I have already told you, capping the wellhead itself will have little or no effect. Oil is still escaping from the innumerable undersea vents that the immense pressure in the oil stratum has forced its way through. No oil is coming out, supposedly, at the well site but it still will continue from all those other spots in the seabed.

But now, the things that I told you about, which previously were "conspiracy theories" are beginning to be openly discussed in the media. I told you weeks ago that the well casing was shattered and about the secondary, naturally formed vents leaking oil up to 20 miles away from where BP blew up Deepwater Horizon. And I told you of the possibility of a successful cap actually turning the nightmare into an apocalypse by shattering the entire seafloor. Now it's being openly written about. Behold from the article:

The worst-case scenario would be if the oil forced down into the bedrock ruptured the seafloor irreparably. Leaks deep in the well bore might also be found, which would mean that oil would continue to flow into the Gulf. And there's always the possiblity of another explosion, either from too much pressure or from a previously unknown unstable piece of piping.

The sad thing is that the governors of the Gulf states do not know of these conspiracy theories, which really are facts. They'll actually believe BP and Soetoro and Thad Allen that no more oil is leaking into the Gulf. Who knows how long it will be before the Barry's poll numbers have continued to plummet in the 85 days since BP detonated their drilling platform, and the numbers for the Democrats in both houses of Congress are even worse. Robert Gibb admitted over the weekend that the Republicans will take control of the house after the November elections, which infuriated Nancy Lugosi.

If the Demoncats do not retain control of both houses, the globalists cannot pass the rest of their agenda to kill America, and the Republicans, if by some miracle manage to regain control of both the House and the Senate, can begin to actually defund and repeal the liberals' legislation. I believe that the globalists truly wanted to give FEMA the acid test, but that the deteriorating political situation has forced them to postpone their trial. After all, they can perform a false flag at any time, detonate a low-yield nuke or release chemical or biological weapons whenever they wish.

But the fact that Soetoro, Pelosi and Reid, the Turd Triumvirate, are plummeting in the polls at rates never before seen has cause the elite to switch their secondary objective. Now, assuming that the cap stays in place and all the oil from the wellhead is pumped into tankers or burned off, the media can pretend that there are no vents on the ocean floor continuing to leak, and that Barry and his administration were wonderfully competent and pro-active. They are hoping against hope that such a propaganda campaign will somehow convince enough dumb Americans to start leaning towards the Democrats again.

It's not going to work, of course. The only way that the globalists will be able to retain control of both houses is if they commit widespread voter fraud by means of their electronic voting machines. And that is a very real possibility. So for now, at least until November has come and gone, we will be told that no more oil is leaking, and that the cleanup in Gulf is going swimmingly, and that the seafood is safe to eat, and that no, the cancer your 5-year-old just got in New Orleans has nothing to do with their terror operation. It will be a cover up of epic proportion.


South Korea Deploys Terminator-Style Robots Along Border

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Unnatural Born Killer

Let me be clear -- I don't believe that the speech Soetoro gave at the beginning of this video compilation is actually him admitting to having been born in Kenya. I believe the people who made this purposely cut out a few words, and that it is him explaining to the audience what his detractors were and still are saying, that he was born in Kenya and is not a citizen of America. But the rest of the video is a very good overview in just 10 minutes of the whole Obama/Soetoro debate.

Under Pressure

Government Uncertain on New BP Cap

"The delays were a stunning setback..."

The delay is not a stunning setback if you have been reading my posts. They delay for a reason, and it is not because of their "abundance of caution." Soetoro is delaying so that more oil, methane and poisons from the deep enter the Gulf of Mexico. The media are reporting that 2.5 million gallons are spewing from the well each day that the cap is not in place with the valves set to shunt the toxic mixture up towards the collection and burn-off vessels on the ocean surface.

"Work on a permanent fix, a relief well that would plug the leak with heavy drilling mud and cement, was halted for up to 48 hours as a precaution because it's not yet clear what effect the testing of the new cap could have on it.

Work on the so-called permanent fix was halted because Soetoro wants the Gulf to die. Rather, his bosses do. I doubt that Barry actually any personal animus towards the poor people in those five states, at least towards the "African-American" populations in New Orleans and in Georgia. Barry probably personally wishes that he doesn't have to carry out his orders, but he is being forced to in any case.

The globalists who groomed him from his days at Occidental College to infiltrate the political power structure of our country have dirt on "Obama." They have his birth certificate, which, if released to the public could result in an instant trial for high treason against the United States of America. You know the punishment due. And rumors swirl from Chicago that Soetoro is more likely to be hanging around with Barney Frank than Tiger Woods, if you know they mean. The globalists hold an entire hand of cards which they can use to keep their hand puppet in check. From embarrassment over his grades in college and law school, to the shame of his alleged homosexuality to his possible conviction for treason, they have Barry firmly in their grasp.

Going back to the oil well, it will not be fixed. It cannot be fixed. You read it here first, and not today, but weeks ago. The well is shattered below the ocean floor. It's integrity could best be described as somewhere between Swiss cheese and cheesecloth. No one knows for certain just how damaged it is, because ROVs cannot travel down into the well itself. Even without the tremendous pressure of the geyser, tens of thousands of pounds per square inch, the well itself is only 17 inches in diameter. We don't have mini-subs small enough to fit inside that tiny pipe even if they could somehow travel against the oil flow.

But BP and Soetoro's advisers know that nothing can be done. So we see this ridiculous dance of Top Hats and Junk Shots and Top Kills, all failing, and all actually increasing the flow rate. This is by design. I still predict my "silent kill" scenario of a couple days ago will play out -- I think that BP will successfully complete the charade of closing off the gusher at the wellhead, but that the remaining oil will all leak out from the naturally formed, secondary vents. However, the globalists are so arrogant and also so desperate that they might just go ahead and have BP wreck the entire setup and let the oil continue flowing unabated at the Deepwater Horizon site. Anyone who still believes that the government or BP is actually trying to remediate the situation in the Gulf is delusional.

"Everybody's calling everybody. It's hectic," said Nelson. "Everybody is worried about them blowing the whole thing out. If that happens, there's nothing they can do but let it drain out."

He Sells Sanctuary

Eric Holder To Refrain From Suing Sanctuary Cities

The verminous, criminal, racist Attorney General of the Unites States, Eric Holder, is suing Arizona while at the same time telling the media that he will not pursue action against sanctuary cities. The very term "sanctuary city" is a media fabrication, an attempt to put a feel-good name on a terrible truth. The cities which are breaking the law and giving shelter to illegal, criminal Mexicans are not "sanctuaries." They could be better thought of as arsenals, because the illegal hordes are weapons being used by the globalists and our own government against us, the lawful, legal citizens of America.

Eric Holder should be arrested and tried for high treason, as should Mr. Soetoro. And if they are found guilty in a court of law they should be given the punishment which our founding fathers prescribed for traitors. There is nothing worse than an enemy within, as Michael Savage has said, and enemies now populate the Soetoro administration at every level. Soetoro, Napolitano, Holder and all the rest are, in effect, foreign agents waging war against the American people. Every single one in his administration, if not actively involved in treason, are at least guilty of conspiracy under the RICO statutes. Anyone working under Soetoro who does not wish to be tried and punished should resign immediately. Those who do not must pay for their crimes.


Tobacco Smoke Found To Alter DNA In Sperm

Add this to the endless list of the means with which the globalists are poising you to lower fertility. Tobacco smoke has now been proven to mutate DNA in the human body, including in sperm. If sperm are affected in men you can be sure that ova are in women. Any mutagen present in the environment will, by statistical probability, lower fertility and lower the fitness of a species. Mutation is the primary driver of natural selection, but what the power elite have in mind is an unnatural destruction of the human race.

Google and read the articles where you can learn that the British royal family and the rest of the European elites travel with their own supplies of non-GMO food and water which has not been laced with fluoride, mercury and pharmaceuticals. They avoid the water we drink and the food we eat like the plague, because it is deadly. And they cause a decrease in fertility as well as an increase in birth defects and in general lack of heath of babies.

It has been known for over 50 years that cigarettes cause cancer, that the tobacco industry knew this all along, and that they conspired with governments around the world to conceal that fact. Now it has been revealed that not only does smoking mean that you will die sooner, but that your potential children will have less of a chance of being born. And that they will be less healthy if they are born, because only one in a million mutations is advantageous.

We are living in a scientific, technological dictatorial eugenics state. Obviously the globalists, even with their always advanced technology, did not know centuries ago that tobacco was so destructive. Before the advent of modern chemistry, tobacco was just an addictive substance that people got hooked on because it somehow made them feel good. But with the rise of advanced knowledge in organic chemistry in Germany in the early 20th century, they likely knew the potential benefits, in their eyes, of pushing tobacco on the general public. Thus the overblown advertising campaigns in America where all the cool Hollywood stars chain-smoked like there were no tomorrow.

And only recently has smoking become "uncool." I'm actually shocked that enough of the scientific literature has been disseminated to the public for a widespread movement against the tobacco industry to have taken place. When I was a child, every restaurant was smoking-friendly. When I was in college every one at least offered a smoking section. Today it is rare to walk into an actual restaurant that even allows smoking on their patios. It's a good thing that the general public are aware of the cancer danger from cigarettes, cigars and chewing tobacco. Now that there is a clear link between tobacco and damage to our future generations, there is no longer any excuse for right-minded tobacco users to kick their habit.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Islands in the Scream

The Truth in the Gulf of Mexico

Shooting Blanks

Male Fertility Dramatically Down Worldwide

The Bad News Blimps

Giant Drone Airships to Patrol Afghanistan

So the military are developing enormous, unmanned surveillance airships, to "help" in Afghanistan. No. Like all the spy technology developed in the last few decades, these are designed to operate against the American people. Afghanistan will simply be the test area where the hardware and software for this project will be perfected. When the globalists' military-industrial complex has the blimps perfected, they will be deployed here. For our "safety". Probably starting on the border to acclimate people to their presence. To "assist" the Border Patrol and ICE. No. To help the drug runners who work for the government avoid capture. Keep your eye on the skies, my friends. They'll be flying overhead sooner than you might think.

Tased, Georgia Style

Woman, 57, Repeatedly Tased and Maced for Having Reported Prowler

It's almost literally every day that we see another example of criminal, thug police tasing innocent citizens. This time the victim was a 57 year old woman who called police in Georgia to report a prowler lurking outside her home. For some reason not evident, the police ordered her into their cruiser. When she did not immediately comply they maced her, then tased her over and over.

Listen to the demonic thrill in the officer's voice when he explains that he wields 50,000 volts and that the victim is "gonna get it again" in his typical hick-sounding southern accent. The police no longer protect and serve the community. They have been transformed into the de facto homeland terrorism agency of the globalists and the federal government.

Escape From New Orleans

Six Officers Charged in Murders At New Orleans Bridge During Katrina

See, I wasn't lying when I told you that New Orleans police, on orders, killed people trying to escape the city during Hurricane Katrina, in cold blood, on a bridge, in order to prevent them from leaving. It's all true, folks, these things of which I write. Hopefully all six will be convicted and the shooters executed, but New Orleans is second only to Chicago in its level of institutional corruption, and the police have much pull there.


Oakland Man Throws Toddler Into Traffic

This child needs to be taken away from these "parents" and placed with family who care. Listen to the idiot mother defend the verminous father. I guess it's us "crackas" again trying to oppress the black man. So even though there was a witness to his crime, there's no way it happened like that. In fact it was the opposite -- he was trying to rescue the child from being in the path of traffic. How did she get into such a position is not explained by the genius mother. These people should not be allowed to have children if they care so little for them. But, sadly, what will happen is that the girl will be given to Child "Protective" Services who, in every single state bestow upon their wards the privilege of being sold into rape rooms. Our society is truly rotten and degenerate.

RED ALERT: Obama Orders 1 Million Troops for Civil War

Obama Orders 1 Million Military For Civil War

I told you this would happen. Soetoro wants to beef up the military to numbers sufficient to fight against the American people ourselves. This is not Alex Jones or me speculating. This is in the freaking E.U. Times.It's real, people. Get ready for it. And start paying more attention to Jones and to me.

Hey, Pig

Here is the new face of the American police officer. Or the belly, if you prefer. This fat porker makes Paul Blart seem like Elliot Ness. Watch how he harasses the woman who is videotaping BP covering up the fact that one of their workers was made sick cleaning up the oil and Corexit. The wait for the climax when he walks away with his tail between his legs when the courageous citizen asks for his supervisor's telephone number. The police love to intimidate the citizens when they think they can get away with it. When the tables turn they show themselves to be the yellow cowards that so many of them are.

Monday, July 12, 2010

The New Black Panzers

Head of Black Panthers Praises Osama bin Laden

This is from 2002, which makes it worse, but I just ran across it thanks to the Schnitt Show. Watch as the racist head of the New Black Panther Party heaps praise upon Osama just months after he allegedly felled the twin towers and struck the Pentagon. Nice bellhop's outfit by the way, Mr. "Shabazz." Mr. "Shabazz," neƩ Paris Lewis is, as seemingly are all the lowest vermin in this country, a lawyer. If Soetoro and Eric Holder had any interest in cleaning up the filthy racist trash that are the New Black Panzers under their new "hate speech" law, they would all be put in prison. But they never will be while Soetoro, himself a racist, I believe, remains in the Red House.

Watch Geraldo discuss this and then interview the criminal, scum louse on ox:

He is, evidently, a member of the oppressed black, brown and red people of "the Earff." These people are so uneducated and vile they make me want to vomit. I don't live on "the Earff." They can't even speak. Unbelievable.

Or read the wonderfully put-together web page from one of his anonymous black racist friends:

TO know me is to live as i live and dwell as i dwell.I dont have time for foolish unintelligent azz females who dont want nothin out of life but drama. KEEP THAT CRAP TO YOURSELF.I hate crackas deeply and I will never compromise with that,SOOOOO CRACKAS STAY OFF MY PAGE.NOT INTERESTED IN ANYTHING YALL HAVE TO SAY. BLACK PEOPLE WAKE UP AND KNOW THAT WE ARE THE GREATEST BEINGS IN THE UNIVERSE. U WANT TO KNOW MORE HOLLA BLACK AT ME!!!!!!!!"

My mistake -- I thought I was a cracker. I guess I'm not as good of a speller as I had thought. I'm a "cracka." Remember that, fellow racist, oppressive white people. It's "crackas" now. Holla, bitches!

Bush, Whacked

Judge Napolitano: Bush Should Have Been Indicted

In a stunning admission from Fox News' rising star, Judge Andrew Napolitano recently told the bizarre Ralph Nader in an interview that Bush and Cheney indeed should have had numerous charges brought against them. That is incredibly brave for the good judge to say on camera -- he must watch his back now. He already was on the Southern Poverty Law Center's hit list of conservatives and independent media and political figures. He's likely managed to land himself on Daddy Bush's ($)hitlist as well. Watch out for those black SUVs, judge!


10 Ways the Government is Tracking You

I've written about all this before, but this article from Infowars is a very short, concise roundup of the ways in which your entire life and all your activities are being tracked, stored and databased by the government. And it's complete with many links to source articles for further reading if any of the subjects intrigue you. It's an excellent read that will take less than five minutes of your time.


China Announces Measures To Stop "Unauthorized Births"


Fired BP Contractor: Company Not Interested In Cleaning Spill

Mad Mel

New Audio of Insane Mel Gibson Released

I do not write about "celebrities" because they are unimportant and are used by the globalists' controlled media to distract people from the issues that matter. But I thought I'd take a minute to comment on this because the audio truly stunning. I have never heard anything like this and, while Gibson is a terrific actor you can instantly tell that this is not a performance. It is primal rage directed against an apparently innocent woman, but that's not why I'm writing.

It is because Gibson's words, tone and attitude represent the same frame of mind which the globalists and banksters possess. He is on an insane power trip where he believes he enjoys absolute power and the moral authority to wield it. This is why the global elite power structure believes it can call for the slaughter of 95% of all humans on Earth, actually be putting the mechanisms in place to accomplish that goal within a couple of decades, and still be able to sleep like babies at night.

I encourage you to listen to all eight minutes of this once great actor and director who has clearly gone off the rails. The woman is right -- he does need a doctor and medication. He also needs to go to prison for, say, 20 years. And when he gets out as an old man, no one will remember who he is. Maybe then Mel will adjust his attitude and realize that he is not a God. Mad Max indeed.


Top Hat Ten Now In Place

It appears that BP has successfully lowered their new 150,000lb cap onto the wellhead they had blown up. Over the next few days they will painstaking close a series of valves in the device, each one diverting more oil from the top of the thing, where the oil continues to escape into the water, and up into ships which will capture and/or burn off the mixture of oil and methane. None of this matters, as I've told you, except as a P.R. stunt, because the oil will simply find its way out from the shattered well casing out into the ocean through the vents that it drilled by itself up through the ocean floor. It appears that my bet from yesterday was correct -- if we see story after story of continual, gradual success after each valve is closed, they will indeed go ahead with the "silent kill" scenario. Very sneaky.


U.K. Unveils Stealth Intercontinental Strike UAV

"Almost invisible to ground radar, it is designed to travel at high jet speeds and cover massive distances between continents.

The plane is built to carry out intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance on enemy territory using onboard sensors.

And it has been designed to carry a cache of weapons - including bombs and missiles -, giving it a potential long-range strike capability.

It can be controlled from anywhere in the world with satellite communications."

The Brits did not spend billions of the globalists' dollars to develop this terror weapon in order to use it primarily against foreign enemies. They developed it for use against their own people. These craft will be copied all over the western world and deployed domestically, in secret, in support of the coming government crackdowns against their citizens. It will be death from above, in secret, for enemies of the state. Not even the FAA will know when such drones are flying in their airspace because they are invisible to radar. And, since they can be controlled from anywhere in the world, for the sake of plausible deniability, if you or I are targeted here in America, it will be a British or German or Italian tele-pilot who programs your coordinates into the targeting system and monitors the craft as it deploys its weapons. This is the latest example of your stolen tax dollars being used to develop the high-tech systems with which you will be enslaved and/or killed in the future.

Al Fakin'

Illegal Felons' Votes Put Al Franken In Senate

Everyone with a brain always knew that Stewart Smiley stole the election in Minnesota. Rather, that it was stolen on his behalf, since he doesn't have the intelligence to set up such a scheme. Now we have the proof. Al Franken should be immediately removed from office, a full investigation should be performed, and the governor of the state should appoint a replacement, hopefully one with a brain, or call a special election. But don't cry for Al -- he'll be fine living off his SNL residual checks. Have a safe trip back to Minnesocold, Al, and don't let the door hit you on the way out of office.


Jesse Jackson Slams Cavs Owner As Racist

Not having been seen for 2-3 weeks on camera at CNN or MSNBC, Jesse Jackson has resorted to doing what he always does: making racist claims out of whole cloth. This despicable pimp is himself a racist, and his words and actions have for decades had the opposite effect of what he claims to be his mission. Jesse Jackson promotes racial division, not unitarianism. He widens the rift between whites and blacks, never closing the gap. He is a dinosaur from the civil rights struggles of the 1950s and '60s, in a desperate fight to remain relevant as the younger generations of black people are beginning to glimpse that race relations in America are not what the media and vermin like Jackson say they are.

White people don't hate black people, Mr. Jackson. But you hate white people. So who is the racist? Dan Gilbert, owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, was angry and lashed out at LeBron James because he saw his team's franchise player "betray" the city and leave for warmer climes. Star players leave their teams all the time, breaking the hearts of their fans and teammates. For you, Mr. Jackson, to accuse Mr. Gilbert of being a slave owner is patently ridiculous, as are you. Find a time machine and go back to 1958 where you belong.


Another mindless, liberal Congressman has flied off the handle when questioned by a useless eater, this time one from my home state of Texas. The man cannot even speak English using an accent easily understandable. Of course he wants amnesty for the 30-50 illegal criminal Mexicans. He probably supports the globalists and Soetoro's desire to dissolve the borders between Mexico, America and Canada altogether and implement their North American Union.

This is what the Congress thinks of you. Raise your voice in dissent and they want to slap at you. Mr. Rodriguez, every other Democrat, and 95% of all the Republicans in Congress must be voted out of office in November. Then special prosecutors must be appointed to investigate the members of both parties for all their malfeasance over the last, nightmare decade of Bush's and Soetoro's dictatorships.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Random Acts Of Senseless Violence

This happened in 2008 but I just found the video. The victim of yet another unmotivated beating by insane, 'roid-raging cops to be caught on camera is a veteran of the criminal war in Iraq. He is also suing the city of New York for $35 million. I hope he gets every penny. Only when enough financial strain is brought to bear on big cities with out of control police will their bosses start training them to treat citizens with respect first, not violence.

Crime and Punishment

Woman, 87, Dies After Being Tased

You are starting to see a story like this nearly every day. I posted about one yesterday or the day before, when a relatively young man was tased so many times he literally cooked to death and his face turned black. This time the victim of overenthusiastic, thug criminal deputies was an woman aged 87 years. I would like to know the exact manner in which she "threatened" them with a gun. That could mean anything. If she pointed a loaded and cocked weapon at one or more of the assailants the yes, they had the right to tase her once. The article does not say how many times the victim was assaulted by the officers.

If, however, the "threat" was the woman holding the gun in her hand but not pointed at the deputies, or if the "threat" was her having it on her lap or next to her on a nightstand, then this was unjustifiable manslaughter. Taser weapons should be outlawed immediately. They are not a non-lethal weapon, as is borne out time and time again. And the people who shot this poor woman should go to jail for 30 years. Cowards, every single one of them.


Obama Golfs Again As Gulf Dies

Our take-charge president Soetoro is golfing again. But don't worry, he's taken full responsibility for the Gulf of Mexico's demise, whatever that means in practical terms. You see, Mrs. Soetoro is being dispatched to Florida to "get an update" on the situation. Not a team of expert scientists and engineers from around the world, or environmental or medical experts nor marine biologists. Michelle will find out what is going on and how to fix it.

And, once he's done golfing, tomorrow the verminous criminal Soetoro will be meeting with the president of the Dominican Republic. Because that person, whoever he is, surely has great knowledge and insight as to how to fix the Gulf. This sort of insult is a message on purpose from the globalists, directed straight at you. Quite simply, this is the modern version of "Let them eat cake."

The president of the United States of America, an illegal alien agent operating under a false name, installed in the Red House by means of the controlled media and Middle Eastern millions and their effect on a dumbed down, poisoned American populous, is telling you to go f' yourself while you're future is being destroyed in front of your eyes. Only the coward doesn't have the rocks to actually read that off his teleprompter in a press conference, so instead he hides and golfs to get his message out. I can't wait to see Barry in an orange jumpsuit. Or maybe pink jail clothes if he happens to end up in Arizona with Sherrif Joe.

Delay Line

New BP Cap May Take 10 Days To Attach

What a shock -- instead of 2-3 days as they said a few days ago, or the worst-case scenario of 6 days that was announced yesterday, it now will take up to 10 more days for BP to put their magic "Top Hat 10" in place. With oil and methane and poisons flowing unimpeded from below the ocean floor the company manages to continue evading public and media pressure, and fake government pressure to do something.

Do you people realize that everything BP has done so far, besides the largely ineffectual cap they just removed, has actually increased the oil flow rate? Far less was coming out in the beginning than before their first nine Top Hats and all the failed Junk Shots and Top Kills and the infamous broken saw incident. They are trying to let more out, ladies and gentlemen, not fix it. So don't be fooled if, in 10 days or two months or however long they can manage to delay placing the Top Hat 10 on the wellhead it does indeed stop the flow of oil into the ocean.

If there is a giant media celebration that Top Hat 10 was a smashing success and you see BP executives slapping each other on the back in press conferences and Barry Soetoro on TV bragging at how efficient and effective his administration was in controlling the disaster (from Day One, of course) you must not be fooled. Because the oil will continue to flow from the natural vents created by the enormous subterranean pressure that exists in that oil pocket. BP knew when it pierced the earth over that spot that the pressure was such that this situation was inevitable.

This thing can go one of two way -- a silent kill or a loud kill, By that I mean that if the globalists choose to have the new cap appear to be successful and allow the skimmers and oil burning vessels to clean the oil from the surface of the Gulf's waters, you will see a silent kill scenario. The oil will still leak out of the stratum but not from the Deepwater Horizon site. The story will fade as the media's short attention span moves them onto other stories. But all that oil and methane trapped below will still get out over time. The ocean and its wildlife will still be harmed, and the poisons coming from the deep will still get out there and add toxicity to the water and the coastline.

Or, the globalists can have BP's new cap fail, just as everything else they've "tried" to use as a fix has thus far. In that case you could call it a loud kill. Soetoro can declare a state of emergency and openly announce martial law, which we of course are under already, technically. He can then order FEMA to perform mass evacuations in conjunction with the National Guard, and he will probably use regular army and foreign troops in continued violation of posse comitatus.

I don't know which will happen, or even if a third, long-shot possibility might be ordered: an actual stop to the oil flow. I don't believe that is feasible because of the natural vents -- they would have to locate and plug each of those for all the oil to be contained. But the globalists do have incredible technology. Even if that were to occur BP would only do that if their masters had concluded that enough had escaped to accomplish their objectives.

It's a win-win-win decision for them. Actually fix it and the fishing industry in the Gulf is dead for years, and the tourism industry destroyed for this year and probably the next. Billions of dollars in damage have been caused and the Corexit they used will have raised cancer rates through the roof for years to come. Go the silent kill route by their Top Hat 10 stopping the oil from escaping at the wellhead, but with it still quietly leaking from the unmonitored natural vents in the seabed, and they will secretly be able to continue poisoning the Gulf but escape from the media and the people's anger. Go loud-kill and Soetoro gets to test the will of the people against the government, finally get to beta test mass mandatory evacuations and encampment. For your safety, of course.

I'm putting my money on the silent kill. I think, after this continued, prolonged media circus over whether Top Hap 10 will work, they will finally put the stupid thing on top of the well, and for the next few days they will slowly close off valve after valve, diverting more and more oil and methane into the surface ships, all the while wringing their hands in front of the cameras, telling us they're still not sure if the thing will be able to stop the leakage entirely. And when the last valve is close they will have ROVs showing you what you have not seen these last 83 days -- a clean wellhead with clear water all around, and no oil plume in sight.

Then they will be the heroes, at least to the media and the moronic public. BP will pay their fake fines, maybe or maybe not pay the people in the Gulf states who have legitimate claims, and slink back to Britain with their tail apparently between their legs. But the oil will still be leaking from those secondary vents all over the ocean floor on top of the stratum they pierced, and the people of the Gulf and its animal and plant life will continue to be silently poisoned for years, possibly even decades, however long it takes the pressures to equalize between the oil/methane pocket and the water on top of it.

Whichever of the three options the criminal elite choose, their terror operation has been indeed a wonderful success. But they did fail at one of their objectives -- at least so far, the American people have showed incredible restraint and not resorted to mass riots and armed revolt. I honestly believe that this was a secondary objective of their Gulf operation, to provoke such actions and allow them the excuse for a full, nationwide military crackdown. But we have not done that and hopefully the people will not. The banksters will continue to push us to revolt, hoping that we do so before the November elections. It is critical that we remain peaceable and vote the entire Congress out, at least those who are up at the ballot box this year. Then we must push for the impeachment of Barry Hussein Soetoro and the nullification of all his laws, treaties and executive orders as well as the removal of everyone whom he has appointed.

Only then can we start down the long road towards restoring our republic.