Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pancakes, anyone?

Top Construction Firm Confirms WTC Towers Destroyed by Demolition

March or Die

The Corexit chemical dispersant has begun to come onto shore. The toxic poison still being dumped by the thousands of gallons per day is beginning to do its real duty, starting to kill of plant life on the coastline. Soon it will enter the fresh water rivers, tributaries and estuaries, and scientists predict it may creep as far as 150 miles inland from the coast. BP's high-tech "top-kill" strategy of pumping mud and golf balls into the well has "failed." These weeks have simply been a rotation of different methods never intended to work and stop the flooding oil, only to buy time with the media and people. After all, they're trying everything they can!!!

The concentration of hydrogen sulfide along a 100-mile stretch of the Gulf is already at 4-5%, depending on exactly where the reading is taken. At 20% scientists report that that hydrogen compound along with the oxygen in the air will become combustible. There's no way to tell whether the level will get anywhere close to that high, but if it does, lightning strikes could literally set the air near the ground on fire. And even if it doesn't, the H2S and the benzene and the other toxic chemicals released when the Corexit breaks down are enough to cause cancers in humans and large animals and straight-up kill small animals and all plant life with which it comes in contact.

There is absolutely no doubt at this juncture that this is a government operation, and they have done a remarkable job of using the media to keep the American people at bay. There are no protests by Sharpton, Hi-Jackson or Nagin like there were daily against Bush after Katrina hit. People need to wake up to the fact that, even if they didn't blow the well themselves, the government is not doing anything to fix it, and that is on purpose. After all, what did Rambo Emanuel say? Never let a crisis go to waste. It allows us to do things that we would not normally be able to do.

So FEMA has already sent evacuation plans to the states involved. In another week or two, as the concentration of Corexit reaching the shores rises, as the level of the intact chemical crawling up through the rivers rises, and when it finally begins to break down into the even more toxic chemicals, you will see people forced to march by the government. Not literally, of course, they will be driven in commandeered school buses to their friendly FEMA "shelters," all of which have triple fencing with razor wire on top. Sure they'll have nice cots and meals better than our troops are fed, but if you ask to leave, you'll be told that you must stay "for your safety."

Make no mistake about it -- this a beta test for large-scale FEMA evacuations and "housing." Katrina was the first beta, but they failed because of the refusal of local authorities to go along. Because that was just a bunch of water after the storm had passed. This is more cleverly designed -- if they can get the level of Corexit and its breakdown products high enough, the air will make it literally uninhabitable. People will have no choice but to leave. And who knows -- maybe for the photo ops they'll take down the fences before the sheople arrive. And when the cameras leave they'll put them back up. But I don't think they'll bother. The globalists have gone from denying everything publicly (while simultaneously writing everything they are planning in publicly available white papers) just admitting it right out in the open.

They are running scared because our awakening has been taking place at a logarithmic pace they never imagined was possible, in all of their arrogance. We've got the momentum, but they're going to push back hard. Unless I'm 100% wrong and this Deep Water Horizon crisis really was an accident, and the loving government is really doing everything it can (while not having a single Navy or Coast Guard vessel doing anything other than monitoring), this might be the make-or-break moment that will decide for them whether to go ahead with the full-on command and control police state or if they need to go back to the drawing board for another year or two.


Uncle Barry has now seen to it that our national debt is now over $13 trillion. Thanks, asshole!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Coming Soon: Soetoro Energy, LLC

It was plainly obvious in April when Barry announced increased offshore drilling territory would soon be awarded to American energy companies that something was wrong with the picture. Weeks later the "accident" at the Deep Water Horizon gave him and the Demoncats the cover they needed to immediately retract plans for expansion and instead plan a contraction. It was my theory that they wanted to damage the Gulf Coast states' economies and use the disaster that I believe they caused, and certainly which they have done nothing to help clean up, to give the EPA a mandate for even more draconian environmental restrictions.

So after more than six weeks of doing nothing, saying little more than nothing, and certainly not taking any responsibility or blame for not having lifted a finger, all of a sudden, yesterday Barry was unexpectedly grilled by the press. Grilled -- the kind of treatment that Bush got in the days after Katrina. So why? Soetoro's first press conference in 307 days... He called it for a reason, and instructed the liberal reporters to ask him certain harsh questions. One of them asked if this disaster was his Katrina. Why?

Because Barry needed to be publicly "humiliated" into his answers. He now, suddenly and completely, takes the responsibility. He now owns the disaster. Why? Because even the crazy enviro-libs are polling strongly against his job performance with the Gulf situation. So now he takes full responsibility. Why? Maybe just to let the EPA enact any sort of insane, economy killing policies they can think up. But I think the next sector of the economy they might try to nationalize is the energy sector. Why not? They only have a few months until Americans take back control of Congress in November. There certainly is something going on behind the scenes besides that he suddenly started to pay attention after six weeks.

And then he deigned to devote a whole 3 hours touring Louisiana, which rudely interrupted his rigorous schedule on vacation in Chicago. Drudge reports that he routinely spends 5 hours at a time on the golf course. I hope I live long enough to see what future historians will have written about this vermin, the worst president in American history, successor to the second worst, who took over from the third worst. But looking back, I'd give anything to have Slick Willy or G.W. "Nukeular" Bush back.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Your Friendly Census

Census to Enter Your Apartment Even if You Are Away

Talk about color of law -- this is plainly illegal in black and white. Under the Constitution, the Census is to be performed every ten years for the purpose of enumerating the number of citizens in America. Not to add congressional seats to states with the most illegal aliens, not to determine how many TVs you have or if you have low-flow toilets installed. Not to do any of the espionage that the current monster census machine has become.

Make no mistake about it -- you are required by law only to answer how many people live at your place of residence. The census worker bees will try to tell you that you will suffer penalty if you do not tell them how many times a week you shower or whether or not you have athlete's foot, but they are lying, as they are told to do by their supervisors.

You have all seen the numerous stories over the past couple months of census workers robbing, raping and murdering. They are so manifold I won't even bother linking you to them, just search "census worker murder" or something similar and you'll see. Do you really want these temp workers entering your apartment to spy on everything? Most are probably college kids looking for summer work, or retired people forced to work because of the wonderful Soetoro-Reid-Pelosi economy. But perverts, psychopaths, thieves and criminals of all sorts naturally gravitate to positions of power, and the public perception is that census workers have power.

But if they have the de facto, fiat power of entering your apartment when no one is home, do you want to trust your luck that it'll be an honest college kid and not an ex-con? Going though your wife's underwear drawer and smelling the contents, or through yours if that's his orientation? Seeing what valuables you have so that he or his friends can return months later, to steal them after enough time has passed that you wouldn't make the connection? Looking for pictures of your kids so that he or his pedophile friends know where to stalk?

I'll say this -- I have an assault shotgun. And I'm a very light sleeper.