Saturday, June 5, 2010

Greedy Little Limey

BP CEO Sold Shares of BP Weeks Before Disaster

First we found out that Goldman-Sachs sold 44% of their shares of BP days before the explosion at Deepwater Horizon, now it comes out that BP's own top man sold his too. Coincidence? These people are so greedy at a pathological level that they can't keep themselves away from any opportunity to make money, no matter if it is an amount minuscule to their own net worth or even annual income. No matter if it helps to add to the growing amount of circumstantial evidence that soon will add enough pieces to this jigsaw puzzle for us to see the big picture is a smoking gun.

Thunderbirds are Go!

Bilderberg Group OKs Attack on Iran

Or should I say, Strike Eagles are go, or perhaps Tomahawks are go, or SLCMs, or the Buffs or Bones dropping the new "Mother Of All Bombs" Massive Ordnance Air Burst bunker buster. Something will be dropping some amount of high explosive in the near future in Iran. Whether American, Israel, or a combination, we don't know. What the exact excuse will be we don't know yet. Pray it's not the two-three simultaneous nuclear detonations over American cities that the now-canceled Homeland Insecurity documents which were leaked to Alex Jones by accident were ordering drill exercises for.

Thine Cap Overfloweth

New BP Cap Captures Only Small Fraction of Flow

A shocking surprise. Another BP failure. Does it not strike any of you as odd that more oil is escaping the well now than in the minutes after the explosion? Whatever caused the explosion, even if you don't believe that any malfeasance was involved, you cannot deny this fact. More than six weeks in, after junk shots, top kills, top hats, diamond saws, containment domes, now this new alleged cap, more oil is entering the open water per hour, per day, and if the latest stories floated in the media bear out, per year.

Why have all the "efforts" at "containment" not reduced the flow rate by one gallon per hour, but increased the rate by something like 20% (and that's the public guess entered into the record by BP)? I'll tell you what I think -- because when the computer simulations came in that forecast the oil flow to escape the near-circular confines of the Gulf of Mexico and travel all the way up the East Coast while hugging that coast, it was decided that the flow must continue until enough was in the water to make it up to Maine. The government has calculators and nerds who know how to use them. At the precise moment when just enough oil has leaked to contaminate the entire Eastern seaboard, you will see an instant and miraculous fix put in place, a heroic effort against all odds. They'll probably give the CEO of BP next year's Nobel Peace Prize for finally cutting off the geyser.

And the Soetoro administration is already openly saying that this situation must be used to pass their crap-and-trade total economic takeover bill ASAP. That meaning before November, when the Democrats and fake conservative Repubics will get their collective ass handed to them by the American voters. But there is a more frightening possibility that I just thought of as I am typing this -- G.W. signed an executive order giving the president absolute power and the ability to dismiss the House and Senate in the event of a national emergency. And in the same document he gave himself and now Barry S. the power to declare literally anything the president should deem to be a national emergency as a national emergency. So, for example, if Barry can't get on the phone the pizza chef that he flew in to the White House with his famous dough in tow to fly back in and bake another pie, he can declare that an emergency and declare martial law.

Of course I'm being ridiculous to point out how extreme that executive order is. Not even Barry is bold enough to do something like that, but I was not exaggerating. Literally anything can be declared an emergency by the president, then martial law and no more Congress. I would certainly classify this oil operation as a national emergency. There is no doubt that it is a regional disaster already, and if the oil does indeed escape Florida and spread up along the East Coast, yes, there is no doubt that would be a national emergency.

I think they're keeping their options open, waiting and watching the polls. As long as it still looks like at least one house of Congress will fall to the Republicans, the oil will keep flowing. If the media can somehow persuade the public that the oil slick is being caused directly by George Bush and Dick Cheney and funded by Halliburton, and if they think they might have a chance in November, maybe all of sudden it will stop, and the sheople will thank Barry for his leadership by re-electing the liberals. But that's almost unthinkable, without direct vote fraud via Diebold machines. Barry and Pelosi have damaged the country to such an extent that even wack-job envirolibs know things are headed south, and at a rapid clip.

So they'll continue to give you the fix o' the week from BP, each of which will continue either to do little, do nothing, or increase the flow rate, as the wonderful saw-and-cap incident did earlier this week. This has the potential to be more than a perfect storm. It very well may be the opening gambit in the globalist endgame to take total control of the American people. And these sociopaths don't mind losing a few pawns, such as we the American people, or even castles like Pelosi and Reid, or even a knight like Soetoro. They don't care if anything is left on the board except their own king and possibly queen, but she is expendable as well. That's what they have child kidnapping rings for.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Candid Camera

Oops. Or simple mistakes. I report, you decide.

BTW, I don't pay attention to the Bush clip in the middle, since he says nothing about New York or the WTC -- that one probably was just lifted out of context.

9/11 Commissioner Tell CNN Missile Hit Pentagon, Rumsfeld Says American 77 Shot Down in Pennsylvania


A good primer on the history of our debt... - simple, easy to understand info on the debt

I highly recommend both of these web pages. You must learn what the record national debt means for your family's future. Already, thanks to Bush and Soetoro, every person (legal, that is) in the USA owes just under $40,000 for the national debt. Include all of the tens of trillions of dollars in unpaid future promised spending such as Medicaid and Medicare and Social Insecurity, and that figure jumps to $108,000. You, me, your children who aren't old enough to speak. The unborn children you'll soon have -- $108,000 each.

I was going to finish with this paragraph, but I'll make it the lead instead so you're sure to see it. Many respected economists, both from this country and crunching the numbers from others, have stated to the media that our national debt has literally passed the tipping point from which it can no longer be paid off. Literally impossible, they say, due it its enormity and the specter of compound interest, not the specter of Arlen, though he certainly helped deal the damage. They say the only way we can pay the debt off is by revaluing our currency. Not an attractive prospect.

It wasn't always this bad, even in our lifetimes. Several presidents actually reduced the principal owed, and of the few things I give Bubba Clinton full praise for was balancing our budget which, while not paying down the principal of the national debt, at least had the effect of not adding to it. Of course the banksters still got more each year due to interest, but Clinton stopped the aneurysm for a while, until G.W. cowboyed his way to D.C. He was bad, increasing the federal budget I believe by a factor of two in his eight years. Obama had QUADRUPLED that in 18 months. Think about that -- in less than a decade the budget has ballooned tenfold.

And you know how interest works -- more principal causes even more interest, which goes back to add to the principal unless you pay it off immediately, which we are not. It's an endless cycle designed to completely suck the wealth out of the upper-middle, middle class and poor citizens. The uber-rich are left untouched, of course. Here, I'll make it easy for you so you won't have to read through the links above. I'll give the starting and ending values for the debt under various presidents:

Washington: $0 - $8.3M
Jackson: $58.4M - $3.3M
Lincoln: $64.8M - $2.7B
Wilson: $3.6B (1916) - $27.4B (1919)
FDR + WWII $23.5B - $43B (1941) - $258.7B (1945)
JFK+LBJ: $290.2B - $368.2B
Mr. Peanut: $653.5B - $930.2B
Reagan: $930.2B - $2.6T
Daddy Bush: $2.6T - $4.1T
Clinton: $4.1T - $5.6T (he shaved principal for 3 years but interest caught up)
G.W.: $5.6T - $10.0T
Soetoro: $10.0T - ~$13T (Q2 2010) - ???

Graph that in Excel and watch your neck snap as you follow the curve. And the Turd Triumvirate of Soetoro, Pelosi and Reid have us adding to the debt at an ever-increasing rate. Factor in compound interest to that equation and it won't be long before the debt starts to increase at a geometric rate, then at a quadratic rate, and then, if they have their way and keep going (and keep out of prison) the rate will increase exponentially. And that's when you have what happened in the Weimar Republic, where a wheelbarrow full of Marks were required to buy a loaf of bread. What would have cost the equivalent of our nickel back then cost billions of Reichsmarks because their currency was rendered valueless due to the same uncontrolled inflation that is soon to begin right here.

In the latest example of where we are heading, Zimbabwe in 2008 experienced an annual inflation rate of 11.2 MILLION percent. That means that if their bread cost 1 Zimbabwean dollar in 2007, it cost $112,000 the next year. And their inflation hasn't stopped. Of course you won't have to worry about loading up your SUVs with dollars since nearly all transactions in this country are done electronically. You'll just see an extra digit at first on all your purchases, then two after a couple of years, then three the next year, then six, etc. It will happen if this unsustainable spending is not reversed and government spending is slashed. We must put tariffs on foreign goods, like every single other nation on Earth dies, to one extent or another. Even though it will temporarily reduce the government's intake of money and thus slightly worsen the deb for a year or two, we must have massive tax cuts on small businesses and the middle class earners who would build, expand, or restart them. End all services for illegal aliens and eliminate welfare for able-bodied and -minded citizens. End Social Security and privatize it, or eliminate it completely. Enact tort reform, after canceling the whole SoetoroCare monster, enabling health care costs to plummet, which will ease the burden that Medicare and Medicaid place on the budget and debt.

And after these emergency measures are in place, we can start a careful, deliberate study of how to truly turn the economy around, but in a traditional American fashion. No more economies based on housing or tech stock bubbles. End derivatives in banking and finance -- that is the key to the entire bankster fraud. When banks could could leverage as capital 10x-20x more money than they actually owned, it was easy for them to take over everything. If you could buy 10x what you earned you'd be flying around in private jets and being chauffeured in black limos too. The economy can be turned around by fixing the imbalance in our imports versus exports, but it will be a long and arduous process. Virtually no manufacturing exists any longer here on the scale which we enjoyed during World War II, or even in the '80s. But tariffs and corporate tax breaks for returning jobs and plants to America can do it, it will just take decades to finish.

We must never again find ourselves in a position where the Chinese buy the British firm that makes turbine blades for our military aircraft's jet engines. I thought General Defectric could do that. I guess not anymore. Even if by some act of God Barry were found to be ineligble to be President and the Supremes ruled all of his laws signed to be void, the economy would still continue downwards for years because of the inertia of the debt and the interest. But if we can audit the InFederal UnReserve, eliminate derivatives, eliminate all their other secret tricks like SDRs and naked short selling, then the healing can begin. It's not that hard to imagine -- seal the borders, deport all illegals, and place a moratorium on all immigration for 10 years except for those who can prove that they are already educated and employable to a level at which they can sustain themselves economically. Jail the banksters and the members of Congress, the people in this administration and the last who destroyed our economy.Re-establish a true national bank after demolishing the Fed. Seize all assets of the banksters, and when found criminally liable for all of this in court, those of Goldman-Sachs, CitiGroup, Bank of America, the Bank of England and all the other criminal institution which knowingly crashed the finanical system under orders from the globalists.

Then, when we no longer have the burden of Mexico's poorest and most criminal, when we have an honest national financial bank working in concert with private financial institutions, operating openly and with none of the dirty tricks that allowed the banks to take over the world, and when for once, God willing, we have honest citizens in the halls of Congress and in the Oval Office, then we might get our country back.

You Have No Right to Remain Silent

Supremes Overrule Lower Court on Miranda Rights Case

So now if you clearly demonstrate that you do not wish to speak with police but accidentally let a "Yes" slip out when asked a personal question, you no longer have your rights. Guilty, life in prison, goodbye.

Does it strike anyone as odd that the liberals on the Court, whose leftist predecessors, pressured as usual by ACLU were the ones responsible for the decision in Miranda vs. Arizona, but now they chose to strip part of that landmark case's power in law? Why do you think the change of philosophy? Because the globalists control the liberal members of the court. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, never qualified to be on the court, was a radical leftist ACLU lawyer obsessed with abortion rights and the altering of age-of-consent laws, if memory serves.

But now, as the banksters and their elite controllers push the economies of the world further under water and are necessarily enacting new laws and regulations left and right to prepare for their coming police-state crackdown, they have made the decision that certain of our rights must be stripped. Then, when they do drop the hammer on us, anyone who dissents with the official government opinion on anything can be disappeared. Sure they could disappear people in the old school manner, a la Argentina in the '80s, but now, they have many new and many more upcoming legal methods to do so. And it's much less messy for them politically if they do it through the corrupt, but still seemingly intact legal system.

Already you can be arrested for insulting people. Oh, you didn't hear that one on CNN? You probably would have heard it on MSLSD -- I don't know, I hardly ever tune that dreck in, but they were probably jumping up and down when the libs passed their "Hate Crimes" law a while back. As with all these recent bills, it sounds well meaning in its official title and in the abstract, and probably most of the actual text. But there always seem to be a few lines hidden here or there deep within these bills that would shock the public if they knew.

You see, under the Soetoro-Pelosi-Reed triumvirate, you can be charged with a felony hate crime if you hurt someone's feelings. And there will be a few show trials of white Christian males sent to prison for making fun of a gay person, or for yelling insults at a Muslim or whatever, take your pick. But the real aim of this, and you can read it in the text of the bill. It was passed under the harmless title of the "Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act." As you all remember Shepard was the young gay student who was tortured and left to die on a fence by a pair of homophobic bullies, and Byrd was the black man who was dragged to his death behind a pickup truck in East Texas. Both terrible crimes and all those responsible were found guilty and dealt appropriate punishments.

It was never not a crime to kill or harm homosexuals, it simply was not adjudicated any differently. Now any minority group has special protection -- they're better than you. They are sacred cows. But if you actually go and read the bill, the heart of it deals with "hate crimes" against the government and law enforcement. Oh yes, Eric Holder was desperate to get the thing passed, which, not surprisingly the weak-kneed Republicans largely went along with. The vote was not close in either house, because the Repubics were afraid to be called the usual, racist, anti-Muslim, homophobic, whatever Keith Untermann could throw against the wall.

So, soon, if you speak out against the government, you will be legally disappeared if you prove too effective against the regime and the plans of their overseers. You might see blogs like this disappear in the not too distant future. As I said, they already have ways of removing enemies, even legally. They will plant drugs in your car, child porn on your computer, or illegal weapons in your home and then the SWAT team arrives with two or three local news channel vans in tow. And even if you produce 100 character witnesses to affirm that you've never used drugs, are not interested in underage children or in owning automatic weapons or RPGs without the appropriate licenses, you will be sent to federal prison. That's how the game used to work.

But now, the legal structure is in place to do the same thing to people whose emails or phone calls contain phrases or ideas that the government doesn't like. The descendants of Echelon and Carnivore/DCS-1000 apply keyword filters to all of your electronic communications, and flag "hate speech" against the government for possible review by a human operator. So, when they've finally decided you've had more than your share of free speech, the men with matte black body armor and M-16As arrive in their own vans, with their flash-bangs and their German Shepherds and all the other fancy toys that make them feel superior to you, the loudmouth. The American citizen. The little people.

I don't have any doubt that if Obama somehow gets re-elected, probably with a little help from his friends at Diebold, that I will, somewhere down the road, instantly become addicted to drugs or illegal porn, conveniently about 5 minutes before I get SWATted. I hope we patriotic types can take enough control of the government and the media so that we never get to that active state of affairs, where the police state starts jailing by the thousands those who dissent. But the machinery is in place, both the laws and regulations, and the teams of agents who will carry out the physical operation.

The most important thing that you can do, as one person, right now, is to ensure that true conservatives, Constitutionalists, restorationists get elected in November. It doesn't matter under what label they run -- in some races I have no doubt that true conservatives will be forced to run as Dems or Is in order to face off against entrenched fake Republicans who are supported by the GOP. And then, if we have control of both houses when the new classes are sworn in, we must urge Congress to repeal each and every one of these mega-bills, from "stimulus" to the bankster bailouts, to the Shepard/Byrd law and, if they succeed in ramming yet another one through, crap-and-trade. They can, legally and must, morally be repealed.

And then the conservatives must not be shy in opening up hundreds, thousands, if necessary, of investigations into how our country got taken over by offshore banks. How a semi-Muslim Kenyan currently of Indonesian citizenship rose from absent college kid to the U.S. Senate and then to our Presidency. How he got $1 billion in campaign contributions, and from whom. I have an idea for job creation -- hire thousands of special prosecutors, if need be hungry kids just out of law school who can't find jobs in the economy that Clinton, Bush and Soetoro have destroyed under orders. Yes, thousands of investigations with all material available to the public on a special website so that we can read for ourselves how this happened. The transparency that Barry promised you, when his administration is ten times more opaque than the cloudy lens through which you could see G.W.

There must be investigations into all the payouts that certain banks and large businesses gave to certain members of Congress, to members of the administration and to Soetoro himself. Into how the banks gave themselves over $23.7 trillion of your money. Into why Turbotax Timmy Geithner and Eric Holder and many other officials can't remember to pay their taxes but remain unpenalized by the IRS. There were plenty of scandalous affairs and people in the last administration, but this one is corrupt at a level which is topped only the poorest African and Central American countries. It literally is a pay-for-play setup under Barry, and the banksters can certainly afford it, especially after stealing all the money the have since October 2008.

Continued next...

Sleight of Hand

Government Jobs are 95% of all New Jobs

If you listen to Barry and his laughable spokesmouth Robert Gibbs, the economy is on the uptick. Look at all the new jobs they've created with their $700+ billion dollar "Stimulus Package." After all they guaranteed Congress and the American people that the unemployment rate would not rise above 8.0%, no not never not never. We hit 10% according to the cooked government number a couple months ago. Now it is all the way down to 9.7%. But they have many tricks to make things seem better than they are, or less catastrophic, to me more accurate.

They don't count the underemployed, people who are forced to work part-time when they wish to work a full schedule. People that are losing their homes and cars because they can't get enough hours to keep up with their bills. They don't count people who have been on unemployment but whose benefits have run out and who still have no work. And they don't count everyone who has simply given up looking for a job -- say families that used to have two incomes but now only one works because they can scrape by on a single paycheck.

The government has another internal statistic whose name I can't recall, but which takes these factors into account. Last I heard it was over 22%. And I heard something on the radio yesterday that I won't say I couldn't believe, because most government numbers are unreliable if not doctored directly -- the Census has been hiring people, letting them go, hiring them back one week later, and those people are counted as new jobs created. And the government, mostly Census workers at this time of the year, has accounted for 95% of all new jobs.

So how many real, new jobs have been created? You'll never get the real number, but look around at all the small businesses that are closing. Ask your friends, neighbors, even strangers. People are willing to talk about this subject because everyone is being squeezed. Everyone except government workers, banksters and people who work for the large national and multinational corporations who have paid off the Soetoro administration. Certainly no one at Goldmine's-Sac or General Eclectic is hurting. No one who belongs to the big unions is finding themselves homeless and on the street.

I honestly believe that if Barry had his choice he would nationalize all industries so that, effectively everyone who worked for a large company would in effect be working under him. Only mom-and-pop type shops would still be free, but the restrictions and taxes would be ramped up to such a level that almost none could exist. But this should come as no surprise to anyone. Remember the wonderful Rev. Jeremiah Wright, in whose church Barry sat for over a decade? The who said, ", no, no -- God DAMN America!" And the congregation hooted and cheered. The man is a naked socialist who wants to destroy as much freedom and wealth in the private sector as he can during his short, virtual dictatorship, assisted by Nancy Lugosi and and that wretch Reid.

I don't pretend to know the nuanced differences between Communists, Marxists, Leninists, Socialists, Stalinists and all the other similar labels that have been applied by conservatives and independents to "Obama." The term itself is unimportant, because they all share the same underlying philosophy -- nothing for the people everything and everyone for the government. It echoes eerily the credo of La Raza -- "For The Race, everything, for those not of The Race, nothing." Because La Raza was founded and is funded by Communists of one variety or another. More on them later. First they took over the educational institutions, then the media, and now we have what we have inside the Beltway. McCarthy was right all along, history will show, assuming we win and history books are allowed to be written to tell the truth.

'Til Infinity and Beyond

BP - Oil Flow Could Last for Years

Oh, first it was weeks, then until August, yesterday it was until Christmas and now it is years, if BP's heroic efforts to plug the well continue to fail, on cue. Be sure to load Page 2 of the story, with the computer simulation graphic of where the oil will go. It wraps around the entire state of Florida, then travels north, covering the entire eastern seaboard of the United States. The whole thing. This is much more serious than even I had thought, thinking that the shape of the Gulf would entrap the oil and not let it past Florida.

No, this could very well mark the beginning of the national crackdown, if BP cannot or will not stop the oil. That is my own speculation and fear, and based on no hard evidence. But it's a perfect pretense for mass FEMA evacuations of the Gulf and East Coast states. Maybe the well will be plugged soon, and I hope it does. But things aren't looking good right now. I wonder if any of the Vegas or offshore casinos have betting pools on the date the oil flow is stopped or reduced to a trickle. I'll take the over.

They're Heeere...

Bilderberg Group Meeting in Spain Under Immense Security

Ten years ago the media said the Bilderbergers didn't exist, and anyone who believed in their existence was a conspiracy nut. Now every major paper is reporting on them. They can hide the actual minutes of their meetings under the protective umbrella of their security forces, security much tighter than that which President Soetoro enjoys. These are the people who are deciding when and where to implode the next national economies. Spain and Italy are current favorites to be collapsed, then perhaps Britain. We likely still have two to three years left, according to those familiar with the Bilderbergers' current leaning, but nothing is certain. Buy gold and protect yourselves.

Goldman's Sacks

Goldman-Sachs sold 44% of its BP Shares in Days Before Oil "Spill"

And their buddies over at Halliburton just bought the world's leading blowout prevention technology company and one which also is involved in spill cleanups. Nine days before the "accident."

This is reminiscent of Goldmine-Sac dumping their shares of the two airlines whose airliners happened to have been used in the 9/11 false flag attacks. And only those two. It's not bad enough that our government took down the tallest and most expensive (and two of the most important) buildings in the country and indeed the world. and game themselves cover by killing innocent people at the Pentagon.

And I have a new theory that the plane which crashed or was shot down in Pennsylvania was not headed for the White House, as the government told everyone, but was aimed to take out the Congressional building. It would have been nice for them if Congress had been in session, so that there would be no opposition to unlimited presidential power grabs until emergency elections could be held.

But the globalists are bizarrely obsessed with the occult, including numerology, so the 9/11 date took precedent over convenience. But the destruction of the building in which they met just been five days earlier would surely have frightened all but the military vets among them into becoming rubber stamp for G.W.

So it's bad enough that they sacrifice Americans as pawns in their gambit, but to add insult to injury they let their old college pals at the big banks and financial institutions know what's coming ahead of time so that they can profit. Because Bush and Soetoro and the CEOs and CFOs and CIOs of the big banks share the same bosses, the owners of those institutions and the royals over them. So why not make some money? And then when the people in government are out of government, they'll get nice jobs back at Goldman's Shaft and CitiPoop.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

You're a Filthy Racist!!!

So says the government -- but only, of course, if you are white and middle class.

Every radio station must donate a certain number of minutes of free advertising per week to public information ads. Usually, especially on AM talk radio (the most lucrative stations) you will hear none of these during the day or the evening drive time slots. They are almost invariably lumped together in the midnight-5:00AM hours, when most programming is either replays or less popular shows. But the last year or so, on the AM radio station in town owned by ABC, there has been a string of "diversity" ads that have been repeatedly aired in prime time.

I just heard this disgusting, divisive ad right now, which is what prompted me to post. When you first listen to it of course it sounds like a good ad. No one except for an actual, true racist would not want to have friends or work with or for people based on skin color. But like most globalist messages to the public, this has more than one. It is meant to shame white people and cow them to Jesse HiJacksons and Al Sharktons. And for any minorities listening, it is meant to tell them, you know, there aren't enough white people like this mother and her daughter who like you. Most white people still hate you. Why don't white strangers come up to you when you're standing in line at the grocery store and offer to go out for dinner and drinks? They're racist.

And these ads are airing during peak hours, which means someone is paying a good chunk of money for them. It's some government fair housing agency that I never heard of. So that means you're paying to have the government run propaganda designed to make you feel guilty if you're white, and angry if you're not.

You must pay attention to the media, even seemingly harmless things like public "service" ads. Everything has a purpose, and while it is often not hard to determine the purpose, it does require you to scratch the surface. The Third Reich would have been no more than a Turd reich without the enormous power of persuasion created by Goebbels and the Nazi propaganda machine. No, I'm not calling anyone a Nazi -- that's the cheapest and, at this point, most spent label you can throw out.

What I am saying is that we are surrounded by propaganda, much of it not immediately recognizable because it is hidden behind seemingly harmless material. Take the movie Avatar. I don't have any reason to believe it was funded or influenced by the globalists, it's probably just that James Cameron is a simpleton when it comes to politics, and he wanted to make a well-meaning pro-enviro movie. An interesting aside, he has been trying to get BP and the government to listen to his ideas about stemming the oil flow in the Gulf -- he created and operated his own submersible robotic craft to film The Abyss, but of course his advice is not wanted. But getting back to his latest film, the entire thing is about how the evil high-tech Earth people (Americans) invade an innocent planet (America in the 1800s, Iraq, Afghanistan), displace the poor natives and exploit their ancient, most sacred spot for its natural resources.

Of course, in the end the natives rout the evil Americans, err Earthers, and push them back to outer space. It's not like that's some kind of brilliant, secret analysis of mine -- it was widely talked out in the media and in the movie reviews that this movie was an environmental allegory. The government is increasing the amount of your money it spends every year on propaganda. People our age are set enough in our knowledge and beliefs that their efforts will be minimally effective on us. What they're after are your kids. Dora the verminous illegal alien Explorer says to kids that hey, Spanish is the national language too, and you must love all Mexicans even if they're breaking the law. Kids see Avatar and that will stay in the back of their mind with its white guilt message. There are endless examples, I don't need to expound any further.

Thanks for reading, Racist!


It has begun. Just as I said it would. Go back and read, then watch for the next prediction to materialize, then the next. This operation is completely transparent at this point.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


CIA Mines Facebook Data

Everything you post on Facebook, all of your pictures and videos is being data-mined by the government. All of your internet activity is tracked, traced and databased but Facebook is especially appealing for them because it gives the intelligence community a very concise overview of your personality and activities. There are now more Facebook identities than there are people on Earth, so many people have more than one Facebook identity. Those of them are even juicier because they tend to use their alternate logins to express facets of themselves which they wish to hide from their regular friends.

Just remember the next time you feel like posting a racy photo or feel like writing an explicit message -- it is all recorded. Every single byte that comes in through your Internet connection and every byte that goes out. Everything. It's all sorted through and stored in giant NSA computer centers like the multi-million dollar new installation here in San Antonio. And while they spy in everything you write, the NSA does not like being spied upon -- that why, when WOAI TV tried to videotape the building, from a public road, they were escorted away by security.

So be very careful. Or, if you want to be proactive, create a new Facebook page, or several, and post random clippings of text from the net, upload random photos copied from the web, random videos. Throw a primate ratchet into their well-oiled spy machine. Overload them with false information, giving them a taste of their own.


"Man" Kills Kitten for Unplugging Video Game

Society has degenerated to this point. It's not surprising, it's just sad. I say give the scum 10 years in federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison. Let's see how tough he is versus a 280 pound lifer instead of a 2lb kitten. Perhaps it's pent-up anger over his crossed eyes, for which he tries to compensate by growing dreadlocks and acting tough. I have no sympathy for trash of this order.

Bill All That You Can Be (In the Army)

Purple Heart Soldier Billed $3000 for Missing Equipment

I don't even need to say anything to augment the outrage you will feel upon reading this story. But as usual i can't seem to shut up, so... The government is doing everything it can to tear down the U.S. military because it, along with the patriot citizens, have the will, the equipment and the skills to bring them to justice. They are doing their damndest to demoralize the military, and have succeeded. They are crucifying 1LT Michael Behenna for PUNCHING a terrorist in the stomach. That's correct -- not killing, but punching. He's still in federal prison awaiting trial. Look him up, it's a tragic story.

But it's not a unique story. So now you have this -- a soldier gets shot, is recommended by his CO for a Purple Heart, is awarded that great medal, and then gets an envelope in the mail from the kind, loving government for which he fought. For $3000, no less, which, at the pay scale of a soldier is nothing at which to sneeze. The verminous Pentagon officials whose greatest battles have been against the buffet in their cafetoria persecute the real soldiers, the real heroes with a zeal that is truly amazing.

Oh, but now that this travesty came to the attention of the media, what do you know? Story update -- he no longer owes the money. Funny, that. Free speech is almost dead, and the globalists are doing their best to clamp off every remaining vein. But as long as there is still a capillary open the truth will be available for those who care to find it.


No Radar Needed for Speeding Tickets

So now you can be ticketed if a cop thinks you are speeding. No proof necessary in 1984. The names of the global elites' game are command-and-control and tax-trace-database. This is yet another step in getting the people accustomed to slavery.

It Could Never Happen To You...

Namibian Women Sterilized Without Consent

After all, who cares about three Namibian women with HIV?


New Setback In Oil Well Repair

Shocking. Stunning. Who would have known that the latest heroic effort by BP to stem the geyser of oil would fail due to yet another mechanical difficulty? I. All the domes, the junk shots, the top-kill mud/concrete injections, yet the flow has only increased. Scandalous. Unbelievable.

Oh yes, things are going exactly as planned. And Soetoro doesn't mind co-hosting the operation, because he hates the country in general, the Gulf coast states in particular which did note vote for him, and he loves the new control this "accident" will give his EPA and all of the Czars he's appointed. Perhaps he will be forced to create a new cabinet position, something called the Minister of Coastal Happiness or the like, in true globalist doublespeak fashion. Or, more true to his form, he might just king a new Czar and call him what he will be -- the Gulf Coast Atrophy Czar.

So BP, a trillion dollar company, can't seem to find a saw blade with teeth sharp enough to cut through their pipe. Tragic. Lamentable. They're trying so hard! I heard the CEO of BP yesterday telling reporters that he wants his life back. The oil spill is just so stressful for him. The poor man has been working 18-hour days ever since the globalists detonated Deepwater Horizon. I feel such empathy. They never foresaw such a disaster, even though they did, and 50 years ago drew up plans for effective containment. But because this was a bankster paramilitary operation, and because it involves destroying the American Gulf coast, not merry old England, BP forgot in which file cabinet those plans are stored.

Quote: "This cut-and-cap effort could temporarily increase the flow of oil by as much as 20 percent, though Allen said officials wouldn't know whether that had happened until the cut could be completed.

Depressing. Tear-jerking. You mean the Herculean efforts that BP is mounting might actually cause more oil to enter our ocean? 20% more? Or more. Woebegone. Disconsolate (yes I used the thesaurus). If you can't see this operation for what it is, I can't help you. The globalists are practically screaming in your face that they did this.

Think back, and read back to the posts I wrote earlier. You had Bush and Soetoro giving the Deepwater Horizon, specifically (not BP or its contractor) safety awards. You had Bush and Soetoro giving it a specific and unusual safety exemption. Every other offshore rig is required to have advanced safety equipment, including a blowout preventer that actually works. Deepwater Horizon was waived from this requirement, as the $500,000 that that would have cost was simply too great of a burden for BP -- they would have have gone bankrupt if they had to spend half a million for a piece of hardware, after all, you know. Poor BP. And hours before the explosion, BP executives were literally having a party at the rig. Of course they all left before the "accident." What were they celebrating? I'd love to have been a fly on those walls...

So, 4/20/2010, Earth Day, dope day, Hitler's birthday, Stalin's birthday. Boom. Oh my goodness, I guess Barry was wrong in mandating more extensive offshore drilling. He feels so bad that he has to change his position, but geez, this disaster is of such magnitude that he'll actually have to put it in reverse and say no more drilling, at least for now. He's so embarrassed and ashamed, but he has to go back on his word for the good of the American people.

And the rest is history, or it could be if people pay attention and see through the gauze-thin camouflage in which the media and Soetoro's people have ensconced this thing.

I'll state it once more, for the record on 2 June 2010. The globalists blew Deepwater Horizon in order to 1) kill the Gulf Coast economy, 2) gain further fascist environmental controls and 3) possibly nationalize the energy sector, if they can get away with it. That's all, it's as simple as that.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Carpe Corporation

Robert "Third" Reich Says Obama Should Nationalize BP

I wrote from the very beginning of the oil rig "accident" that the government blew it up in order to achieve three goals -- destroy the economy, gain a public mandate for increasing EPA crackdowns, and then, possibly to attempt to take over the oil companies. Not so that they get more power and more money, certainly not -- for our "safety." So here you have this little midget Reich, a nobody when he was somebody in Clinton's cabinet, firing the first test flare in the media. So tonight you will see AC/DC Cooper on CNN and on MarxistSocialistNBC, Rachel Madcow and Keith Overblown and Hardball Matthews and whoever that guy is on the Mister Ed show all clamoring for Soetoro to take over BP.

I don't believe that will happen, at least not in terms of an actual takeover. They may publicly announce it but it would likely be a smokescreen because BP is owned and controlled largely by the Queen of England, and she is at the very top of the globalist power pyramid. Soetoro, to put it in a military analogy, is like a 1-star general. He is in command of the day-to-day operations but the overall strategy comes down from above him. Continuing the analogy, the people who own the largest corporations and banks are the 2- and 3-star generals. The Bilderbergers are the 4-stars, and Queen Elizabeth along with the Rothschilds and the other old-blood European royal families and banking families are the people who tell all the little generals like Soetoro what to do.

So no, it would shock me if the United States actually took real control of BP. Now I must note that Reich wrote that Barry should implement "temporary receivership," but when has government given up any sort of power or control once it has seized it? If anything, the government may be testing to see if the people would allow them to use their custom-made "crisis" to nationalize our domestic oil companies, a la Hugo Chavez. Because polls have showed strong resentment at the nationalization of the financial industries and auto companies after those dominoes fell. Or, this conversation may be started in the media and bandied about for a week or two, then dropped, simply as yet another delaying tactic.

Look what they're doing. First the caps, domes and all the first "attempts" at containment conveniently failed. Then they shot their junk shot wads and those failed to satisfy. More domes, nothing. Then the dangerous top-kill thing for a couple days, starting and stopping to "observe" the "results." Then when it appeared that the mud might accidentally stem the flow, the government suddenly ordered BP to stop, sending in their lawyers, saying that it was too dangerous. And now, mysteriously, there are no less than three miles-wide plumes all originating from different locations and drifting to different destinations.

Is it possible that two other wells mysteriously failed in a similar fashion to that of the Deep Water Horizon? I don't know. I know nothing about ocean currents, so I suppose it's possible that the one drift could be split underwater and flung apart in three directions, but this is a recent phenomenon, only a week old or so. It's in the mainstream news that they have been lying, err "underestimating" the flow rate so as not to further enrage the public. But now they've sent their enviro lawyer agents down to the coast and are prohibiting local and state agencies as well as individuals from doing anything to clean up the oil washing up on their property.

And hundreds of thousands of gallons per day are still being permitted to spew into the Gulf, and BP is still poisoning the water with tens of thousands of gallons of Corexit each day. And guess what -- it just so happens to be the start of hurricane season. I'm going to throw this out here as total, wild speculation. If a Cat 4 or 5 hurricane just so happens to hit the oil slicks in a month or two, and maybe just so happens to steer one of the flows to the port in Galveston or any other major Gulf port, you'll have a clue what maybe happened. I'm not one of the people who thinks that HAARP caused the earthquake in Haiti, Let's get that straight. But it seems to have the capability to do things similar. Clinton's SecDef William Cohen admitted that weather weapons exist in a

Quote: "...engaging even in an
eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off
earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic

Look what happened to Iceland right after they voted to refuse to pay the ransom that they banksters were demanding. Notice what Cohen said about volcanoes? The first one is still blowing ash clouds daily into the sky, and now the geologists say that a much bigger one is getting ready to blow. Now everyone knows that Iceland is one of the most geologically active regions on Earth, so volcanoes erupt all the time. Just the size of the problem and the interesting timing caught my attention. Some people think that Hurricane Katrina was at least steered, if not augmented in strength, if not created entirely by HAARP or any of it's 71 similar installations around the globe. Richard C. Hoagland, a former NASA scientist, space adviser to Walter Cronkite and science adviser to Coast-to-Coast AM wrote in 2005 about the possibility of Katrina being used as a weapon. I'm on the fence on that and leaning towards it being natural, but no one would argue that the government "botched" its response. You can find video of the authorities refusing to let people flee across a bridge in New Orleans. FEMA kept all relief supplies out the city for days. You can call it a botched job -- I call it an operation.

So again, the subject of weather weapons is off topic, but I just wanted to enter the possibility of another "perfect storm" hurricane steering the oil straight into a major port. Since hurricanes approach from the southeast and track northwest one on out national radar, they would be perfect to slime the areas of the Gulf coast, like Texas which, due to ocean currents, currently should not expect to receive much oil, if any. Pure speculation on my part, maybe a 10% chance that they would do that. This disaster is already going so well for Soetoro's controllers that it might not be necessary. They're already calling this the largest natural disaster in American history, and that's with the cooked figures on the amount of oil and toxic dispersants and God knows what else is getting into the water.