Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Spy In Your Underwear

Wal-Mart to RFID-Tag Underwear, Jeans


Harry Reid: Social Security Not Going Broke

Harry Reid is one of three things: either incredibly stupid, certifiably insane or a pathological liar. I opt for the third. Although, in a strict grammatical sense I suppose he is technically correct. Social Security is not going broke, it is already and has been for quite some time. Both parties have been guilty, but especially it has been the Democrats who have "borrowed" money time and time again from the social Security trust fund in order to implement other government programs and entitlements.

One of the few good ideas that G.W. had was to give people the option to partially privatize their Social Security by allowing them to invest a certain percent of their own savings in the system in private investments. This would have proven advantageous for most people, as the interest that is earned in the government system is in the range of 1.00%. Almost any private investment would have earned more. Just think of the gains people would have realized if, for example, the government had allowed them invest one third of their Social Security money in gold and silver funds.

But Bush's idea was quickly shot down because the government cannot ever bring itself to give up power or money, both of which would have been lost if Social Security were ever partially or fully privatized. The Senate majority leader also said that that program "has been the most successful social program in the history of the world." I challenge Harry Greed to try living for a year on just the income from an average, blue-collar retired worker's Social Security checks. According to the AARP, the average check for a retiree in 2009 was $1153. Certainly Reid could not live anywhere near Washington D.C. with that amount as his only income. He might be able to rent a seedy apartment in Reno and eat Top Ramen, but that's about it.

Social Security is broke, and it's worse than that. It has added to the unfunded obligations of the United States government. The 2008 Financial Report compiled by the General Accounting Office found that we as a country owe $65.5 trillion. That was before the "bailouts" (handouts) that Bush and then Soetoro gave to the banks and auto industry. The number today is probably close to $75 trillion.

Whichever of the options I laid out is truly what is wrong with Harry Reid, he must be voted out in November. I can't imagine why the good people of Nevada have kept him for so long. Or have they? In 1998 Reid only managed to beat John Ensign by 428 votes. The way the Demoncats work, they could have manufactured 100 times that many fake votes. There should have been a Bush vs. Gore style recount war, but as usual, the Republicans were spineless. Time to send Harry packing back home from Washington, Nevadans.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Deaf, Blind and Dumb

BP Pulls Vessels, ROVs From Gulf Ahead of T.S. Bonnie

What a perfect storm for BP and the banksters! Tropical Storm Bonnie passed through Florida and is now in the Gulf of Mexico, currently a Tropical Depression but expected soon to strengthen again into a Storm, fueled by the warm Gulf water. I'm not saying that the globalists used HAARP or their other scalar weather weapons to steer the storm, that's impossible for us to know. But Bonnie appears to be headed straight for the bullseye of BP's Macondo well, the site of the late Deepwater Horizon.

Almost all of the ROV feeds are already offline, only four remaining active on BP's spill response web page. Soon all will be offline and who knows if they'll ever be turned back on? It is in the interest of BP, Barry, and the banksters to keep as much information as possible away from the public. Whatever Bonnie ends up doing, whether it is strong enough to sweep masses of oil and methane clouds far into Louisiana or Texas, we cannot know yet. But what it already has done is throw another monkey wrench into the "efforts" to stop the flow out of that enormous petroleum cavern, and BP says it will take 12 days for their operations to return to normal in the Gulf. So, for at least a week we will be kept fully deaf, blind and dumb regarding the status in the region, and that's the way BP loves it.

Genie In a Bedroom

Saudi Man, "Possessed By Female Genie," Chained Up For 6 Years

The insane, throwback Muslims never fail to amaze and defy reason.

"When Turki first began behaving bizarrely, his father took him to local Muslim clerics to recite the Koran over him.

'But most of them became scared when they heard the female voice telling them that she was a royal jinn (genie) and that no-one can exorcise her unless Turki dies,' his father said.

One cleric advised him to shackle his son’s arms and legs in chains and read the Koran to him."

It seems obvious to any intelligent, educated person that the poor man suffers from epilepsy or some other medical condition, not jinn possession, but don't tell that to the idiot father. The Koran doesn't recognize such things. No, the obvious answer is that a spirit has entered "Turki" and will never leave until he is dead. The logical response to that unfortunate fact is to keep the son chained up in his bedroom for the rest of his wretched life. Muslims were, centuries ago, leaders in science, mathematics, medicine and literature. Not so now.

The Muslim world has devolved, and it started with whatever genius imam first declared the Koran to be the only book in the world, that all other books were deemed to be of the devil, and that reading other any material was to be considered a crime against Allah, praise be to His name. That was it -- done. The Muslims in the Middle East are damn lucky that America and Britain discovered their oil deposits and gave them the infrastructure to exploit them. Without the Western world sending them trillions of dollars a year in exchange for their petroleum, the entire Middle East would look like Africa today. We gave them the economic engine that is allowing the Saudis to own 767s and drive Maybachs, to live in luxury and debauchery without ever having to lift a finger in work. The Saudis enjoy quite a good lifestyle. Muslims should be thanking America and the West, the Christian world which gave them what they have. Instead we are thanked with crotch bombs and suicide vests. I say that the radical Muslims are the true evil genie who must be put back in their bottle, or chained forever.

Bread Line

Thousands Turned Away At Oklahoma Food Aid Center

You'll see more and more of this as the banksters and their puppet Soetoro continue to nose-dive the American economy. People need to stop using their discretionary money on televisions, fancy clothes and luxury cars and start buying gold, firearms and ammunition, storable food and survival gear. The plan is to starve the poor to death, then use FEMA to eliminate those of us who are currently preparing for what is coming. I've been guilty of allowing myself to be distracted and spend money on stupid things that will be useless in the years to come, but I'm trying to fix that.

It's a mental adjustment, a shift in paradigm. First you have to wrap your mind around the facts, finally believe that yes, the globalists are truly evil, they are sociopaths, they actually enjoy inflicting pain and death on innocent people, and they do want you, "useless eater," dead as soon as is possible. Then you have to make your own plans as to how to protect yourself, your family and friends and your neighbors who cannot bring themselves to face the truth.

Most people are simply not mentally and emotionally capable of facing the truth about the globalists, how their world works and what they are planning. The elite rely on that weakness in the average, good-natured human being. Psychology is key to them, and the ruling families of the world have spent decades studying the human mind. They know that nine out of ten people simply refuse to believe that their infinite evil is even possible, let alone real, let alone in the here and now, let alone a danger to us all.

The country is dying, the world is devolving into a moirass of poverty, conflict, disease and death. We are being poisoned every day through our food, water, air and the products we purchase. Fertility is down, the rates of cancer and other diseases are through the roof, and it is not by accident but by design. Very soon the rest of the people will see how wrong they've been in their reflexive denial, but by then it will be too late for them to save themselves and their families. They will need to actually be incarcerated in FEMA camps or facing their last second of life staring down the barrel of a S.W.A.T. team assault rifle before they realize the horrible truth. The Illuminists know that the average person is weak this regard and has been weakened even further by the elite's use of poisons and media programming. The tiny fraction of the population like we who can face up to them have a responsibility to break through those mental barriers of those around us. It's an almost sacred duty to at least try. I don't plan to stand in any bread line hoping not to starve to death.

False Alarm

Deepwater Horizon alarms Disabled "To Help Workers Sleep"

Williams told the hearing today that no alarms went off on the day of the explosion because they had been "inhibited". Sensors monitoring conditions on the rig and in the Macondo oil well beneath it were still working, but the computer had been instructed not to trigger any alarms in case of adverse readings.

Just as I wrote yesterday, BP is using the media to divert attention away from itself and place the blame for the rig explosion and oil disaster squarely on the shoulders of Transocean and its workers.

"The evidence of deliberate dilution of the rig's safety mechanisms is likely to have wide ramifications for BP and Transocean, the world's largest offshore drilling company. It switches the spotlight of blame away from BP and towards the subcontractor which took the decisions. Of the 126 crew on board the rig on 20 April, seven worked for BP and 79 for Transocean."

"Williams said he discovered that the physical alarm system had been disabled a full year before the disaster. When he asked why, he said he was told that the view from even the most senior Transocean official on the rig had been that 'they did not want people woken up at three o'clock in the morning due to false alarms'".

I'll repeat what I said yesterday -- there is no way in Hades that BP would have contracted Transocean and leased Deepwater Horizon without first having thoroughly checked the rig itself and the workers who would be responsible for drilling their first super-deep well. Maybe BP didn't actually have a team of Blackwater special ops agents place charges on the rig, as was reported by eyewitnesses working there. Maybe all they had to do is sit back, relax and wait for the well to blow itself up, due to all the safety failures, many of which were done on purpose or not fixed on purpose by Transocean:

"He also revealed that a crucial safety device, designed to shut down the drill shack in the case of dangerous gas levels being detected, had been disabled, or bypassed as it is called.

When he saw that the system had been bypassed, Williams protested to a Transocean supervisor, Mark Hay, who dismissed his concerns. Hay responded: 'Damn thing been in bypass for five years. Matter of fact, the entire [Transocean] fleet runs them in bypass.'

In a third significant disclosure, Williams also revealed that a computer system used to monitor the drill shack was constantly freezing up, and on one occasion even produced wrong information. The system failed to indicate that a vital valve inside the blowout preventer, the device designed to shut down the well in case of problems, had been damaged."

I still maintain the BP did plant charges and blow the rig up. It's looking now that they didn't have to place charges at the wellhead below the surface -- they knew that no safety equipment in existence, even if maintained and working perfectly, could contain the unbelievable pressure in the petroleum deposit, reportedly over 100,000psi. But they probably did blow up the rig just seconds after they received confirmation of the well blowout in order to eliminate as many witnesses as possible and, more importantly, to destroy the airliner-style "black box" recording devices. They were successful in that latter goal -- the recorders haven't been found, or if they have, BP has them and not the government.

It's so easy to see the game that BP is playing with the media:

"Pressure is now likely to mount on Transocean to explain the discrepancies.

The New York Times reported earlier this week that a survey of workers carried out by Transocean shortly before the blast suggested key safety practices had not been followed."

Transocean is a tiny company compared to BP. If the Brits are successful in convincing the media, the American people and the Soetoro administration that the "accident" was fully the fault of their subcontractor, they may be able to slither their way out of having to pay the $4300-per-barrel fine that they would otherwise be subject to under the Clean Water Act. They will still be responsible for paying for the cleanup "efforts" that they have been stalling, and for paying the locals who they put out of business, but they could save tens or hundreds of billions of dollars by painting Transocean as the sole transgressor.

Either way it doesn't really matter to BP. BP is THE globalist energy empire. They have trillions in assets so, Clean Water Act fines or no, they will live on. Transocean likely will not survive, but what happens in such instances is a simple transfer of assets. They'll file for bankruptcy and go through a court-ordered auction of their assets, which will be snapped up by BP and the other big energy companies at Christmas-in-July prices.

Then, with the well capped and the flow from the hundreds of sea floor vents and the huge "cauldron" still pouring oil, methane and toxins into the Gulf but hidden from public view and knowledge, BP and Barry will push their carbon tax. There has been talk in the last couple of days that the nation-killing carbon tax is now off the table, and that if anything, Congress will pursue a leaner, more directly targeted bill in response to the disaster, but I don't believe that for a moment. They are saying that so that I and people like all of you (all two of my readers) stop paying attention to that dangerous, possible legislation and turn our attention elsewhere.

There is nothing more dangerous than a lame duck politician, especially when they are of the enviro-wacko Über-liberal type, which most of the Dimocrats who will have been voted out in November are. They won't hesitate to pass the full carbon tax as a final gesture, a middle finger stuck upwards, in our face. And once the government obtains a new line of taxation it is historically very unlikely for that revenue stream to be capped. Even if the Republicans take control of both houses I wouldn't put it past them to keep all or elements of a possible carbon tax in place. At least if the GOP retains its current attitude of pretending to be against big government but never doing anything to shrink it.

Hopefully the Repubics will have learned their lessons, that the people of America expect them to act as true constitutional, nationalist, originalist conservatives, and not Democrat-Lite. And, God willing, enough grass roots voter anger will propel new, outside-the-beltway candidates into office in the Congress. Then we can start undoing the damage done since Ronald Reagan left the presidency, and change America back from a fascist, socialist government to a representative republic.


North Korea Threatens Nuclear Response to U.S. Navy Exercise

North Korea and Iran are the only two countries left with any real importance which are not under full control by the globalist elites. That is why both have been targeted for war against the West in the near future. Kim Jong-Il is in failing health, he is legitimately insane, and I wouldn't be at surprised if he does attack our Navy or South Korea with a nuclear weapon. Even if their weapons have not improved since the "fizzled", partially-successful nuclear test a few years back, the yield would be sufficient to take out an American carrier group or kill hundreds of thousands of South Koreans if they struck Seoul.

Of course an attack on either target would necessarily mean that the North Korean people would suffer the radioactive fallout due to their proximity to either, but Mr. Kim cares nothing for his people. Kim runs the most despotic nation on Earth, and he and his family and regime would remain safe in bunkers until such time as the radiation levels will have dropped to acceptable levels. This is a very dangerous time -- we have a desperate despot in North Korea facing off against the equally desperate Barry Soetoro, who would do anything possible to prevent the Republicans from recapturing the House in November. If hiss bosses tell him to, Barry will not hesitate to sacrifice a carrier group or downtown Seoul. He and Kim are both sociopaths who do not have the ability to empathize. Let's hope that this is just more bluster from Korea, which has usually displayed much more bark than bite.


This guy has to be a Democrat plant to make Republicans and southern Christian white conservatives look like inbred lunatics. He looks like a homeless person that the DNC pulled off the street, gave an ill-fitting suit to, put cue cards in front of and filmed in return for a case Jim Beam. Their answer to Alvin Greene, I suppose...

The King Has No Clothes

This is an older clip but still hilarious. According to "King" Malik Shabazz, head of the New Black Panzer Party, black people and black leaders cannot be racists. That's news to me since he is one. Is he saying he's not really black then? How this moron got to be in charge of anything is beyond me.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Unsafe at Any Greed

Report: Safety Issues Repeatedly Ignored on Deepwater Horizon

“At nine years old, Deepwater Horizon has never been in dry dock,” one worker told investigators. “We can only work around so much.”

“Run it, break it, fix it,” another worker said. “That’s how they work.”

According to a separate 112-page equipment assessment also commissioned by Transocean, many key components — including the blowout preventer rams and failsafe valves — had not been fully inspected since 2000, even though guidelines require inspection of the preventer every three to five years.

The report cited at least 26 components and systems on the rig that were in “bad” or “poor” condition.

I refuse to believe for a minute that the Gulf oil disaster was an accident, even though that's what this report is trying to convince the public of. I had never heard of Transocean before this act of terrorism was carried out. But BP is one of the largest corporations on the face of the Earth. They would not have contracted a smaller company and leased their rig without knowing with whom they were dealing. As such a huge company, BP necessarily stood to lose everything if a disaster like this were to occur.

Do you really think that no one at BP checked out Deepwater Horizon itself, both in person, inspecting the machinery itself, and going through the paper trail detailing the rig's history? No,, they knew exactly what they were getting when signed on to lease the doomed rig. BP knew that the lengthy history of safety violations and broken equipment on Deepwater would give them the perfect cover for their terror operation. That's why this report has been made publicly available at this time. BP can use this to say that it wasn't their fault, it was Transocean's fault -- we had no clue there were problems on board, we're the victim here. Poor us. We're doing everything we can to clean up the mess that the evil, negligent Transocean people caused.

Do not be fooled by this chicane for a minute, people. BP designed this entire scenario from beginning to end at the behest of their globalist controllers, many of whom are heavily invested in BP/Dutch Royal Shell. BP are losing billions of dollars in the short term, on their fake "cleanup" and in the payouts to local fishermen whose lives they've ruined forever, but they will gain trillions in "clean energy" contracts if Soetoro is able to get the carbon tax that BP wrote through our corrupt Congress.

Back to Normal

Allen: Skimmers Having Trouble Finding Any Oil

As I told you, the Soetoro administration is rolling out the next phase in my "silent kill" theory. Thad Allen says that the 750 Gulf cleanup boats are really having to search hard for more oil to skim. Everyone knows that oil normally floats on top of water, so the idiot media take this to mean that almost all the oil has been cleaned up already. No. 100% wrong.

If the idiot media had paid attention to what Corexit 9500 is and does, they would know that it chemically combines with crude, making it heavier than water, allowing it to sink beneath the surface of the ocean. I've told you this all along. BP has now admitted to using 40 million gallons of that deadly poison, with dual objectives of directly poisoning the Gulf with the dispersant and sinking the hundreds of millions of gallons of oil they've allowed to leak to depths sufficient to hide the mess from satellites and press cameras.

Allen isn't lying when he says that there is hardly any oil on the surface of the Gulf's waters. But he's probably not even smart enough to have researched Corexit. I don't think he is part of the conspiracy. He's being used as a spokesmouth. BP has been allowed by Soetoro to pump so much Corexit into the sea that they have disappeared the oil. So, with this new tropical storm heading right for the Deepwater Horizon site this weekend, causing a halt to all the "containment" and "cleanup" efforts, the company can pretend that no more oil is coming out of the well (essentially true), that no oil or methane is leaking from other, unseen sites (patently false), and that they have skimmed all the oil into their containment vessels and that everything is back to normal (lie of the milennium).

Charles in Charges

Rangel to Face House Trial on Ethics Charges

At first when I read that Charlie Rangel was actually going to face a trial for his alleged ethics violations, I literally couldn't believe it. Why would the Dimocrats endanger one of their own while they still hold the reins of power in both houses of Congress? Then I understood. First, Nancy Lugosi promised that hers would be the most ethical House in American history. She was going to be the Roto-Rooter of Washington D.C. and clean out all the corruption and racketeering. Then, reading the MSNBC article, I was made aware that Rangel is 79 years old.

Nancy doesn't want a repeat in her clean, ethical House of what just happened in Reid's Senate -- the untimely death of an ancient, rotten member just short of an important vote. I believe this is nothing more than Lugosi pushing a damaged Congressman out the folding door and under the bus, in order to get a younger, less ornery, more blindly-following person into his office. The Demoncats will need every single vote they can muster after the November elections to try to block the reforms that the Republicans hopefully will pursue.

The timing makes it obvious. Nancy is hoping that her heroic prosecution of the corrupt Rangel will boost her own popularity ratings, and that of her party. She is an egomaniacal sociopath who will stop at nothing to save her position as Speaker of the House. I have no doubt that the submoron California citizens and the illegal aliens who vote in her 8th District will re-elect her. Short of a miracle, she will still be their Irrepresentative next year, and probably again and again until she takes that ride on Charon's boat. But if the Republicans take control, she will resume her former position as a nobody, just another talking head amongst the Democrat minority. This Rangel trial is nothing more than a last ditch effort to save her power. It's not going to work, Nancy. You're done.

The Decline and Fall of Western Civilization

How naive I was... I thought that Butters' "What What In My Butt" song from South Park was a Matt Stone/Trey Parker fabrication, a mockery of modern pop music. I was wrong. This is why the Muslims want to kill us. After watching this filth, I think maybe we are doomed.

Fool Me Once...

Third Doctored BP Photo Found

Fool us once shame on BP. Fool us twice, shame on us. Fool us a third time, and BP management should go to jail, where they already should have been months ago. The lies are compounding faster than I can keep up with them. Believe nothing coming BP or the Soetoro administration about this oil disaster.

Invert for the Perverts

Simple Photoshop Filter Turns Naked Body Scanner Images Into Detailed, Recognizable Images

This is an old article from January, but I'm just now getting around to it since they've announced the installation of a cancer-causing, high-resolution, image-storing naked body scanner at San Antonio International Airport before the end of the year. The manufacturers of the two models ordered by the government say that you cannot see the intimate details of an individual's scan, and even if you could see the nether regions, you could never recognize their face from the scans.

I haven't embedded the image because it is not safe for work nor around family. But take a look inside the article. You can try it yourself -- just download a naked body scanner image, go into Photoshop or any other image editor and choose the Invert filter. Are you telling me that you couldn't recognize this woman if she walked past you in the airport? And this is an inversion of a low-resolution copy of the original image printed in the German newspaper Bild, where evidently nude pictures are OK to print. The real body scanner images have a resolution reportedly so great that you can see individual skin pores.

Still want to take that international flight?

Gold Diggers

Secret Law Slipped Into Health Care Bill

The idiots in Congress claim that they didn't know this was in their health scare deform bill, but for once maybe they're not lying. One Republican member of Congress recently stated that over 90% of legislation is never read by members before they vote. They are told what to vote on and the bills are written by large companies and their lobbying firms.

But this is newly discovered language requiring that all small businesses and individuals purchasing more than $600 in goods or services during each calendar year to fill out additional 1099 forms and submit them to the IRS. So every time you buy a car or an HDTV, if you hire workmen to paint your house or do landscaping, you will be filling out paperwork telling the government what you just bought, and you will pay extra tax for it, starting on 1 January, 2012.

This is for all goods and services for "the little people," as the BP chairman and Pelosi and Reid think of us, but it is the precious metals dealers who first brought this insanity to national attention. Because of the current price of gold, all ounce and half-ounce gold coins fall above the government's price threshold of $600. The government is doing two things here -- creating a secret, additional sales tax on all your major purchases and, more insidiously, creating a list of precious metals owners.

Just like FDR did, you can expect to see the government order everyone to turn in their gold, just before the final stage of the dollar's implosion. It is chilling that there are about 18 months until this provision takes effect, and that Lindsey Williams, Gerald Celente and other forecaster have been repeating the first half of 2012 as the likely target for complete economic collapse in America and the death of our dollar. Read what the verminous FDR did, and how clever it was for his globalist bosses:

"Executive Order 6102 required U.S. citizens to deliver on or before May 1, 1933 all but a small amount of gold coin, gold bullion, and gold certificates owned by them to the Federal Reserve, in exchange for $20.67 per troy ounce."

"The price of gold from the treasury for international transactions was thereafter raised to $35 an ounce. The resulting profit that the government realized funded the Exchange Stabilization Fund established by the Gold Reserve Act in 1934."

"The regulations prescribed within Executive Order 6102 were modified by Executive Order 6111 of April 20, 1933, both of which were ultimately revoked and superseded by Executive Orders 6260 and 6261 of August 28 and 29, 1933, respectively."

Can you see what he did? All citizens were ordered until federal penalty to turn in all their gold by May, the exception being "antique" coins older than a certain age, for $20.67 an ounce. Having confiscated all the American people's gold, the price was then arbitrarily raised to $35.00. Artificially raised, because in a free market a sudden flood of new gold that size into the exchange market would necessarily cause the price to plummet, not nearly double. Then, with all that profit in their pockets, the globalists told FDR to rescind the Executive Order, which he did in August.

Americans were again allowed to buy gold, only if they chose to do so at that time, they had to pay nearly twice what they would have five months previously. See how the shell game works? The financial markets are entirely rigged, and they will be used to pry away the last remaining bits of wealth still in private hands in this country. At least the globalists do what their twisted sense of morality tells them that they always must -- in some way, no matter how cryptic, tell people what is planned to be done to them.

Just like the Japanese took out ads in the Honolulu newspaper one week before attacking Pearl Harbor, naming the target, day and time of the impending attack... Just as the Germans took out ads warning not to travel on the Lusitania... Congress has told you, hidden within their massive 2000+ page health scare deform bill that if you wait until 2012 to buy gold, your purchase will be recorded and subject to possible confiscation, or at best, FDR-style, forced sale to the government at a loss.

If you didn't believe before that buying gold now was a good idea, take this lesson of what's coming in the future along with lessons from the past century, add to those the certainty that this story, once widely known, will itself raise the price of gold higher as people scramble to buy it before 2011 is over, and you have a very convincing scenario. I haven't checked today, but at this time yesterday gold had dipped slightly below $1200 again. It's still a great buy at that price.

Have a Frosty Globalist Light

This commercial stunned me when I saw it at the gym for the first time tonight. What is funny or amusing about a S.W.A.T. team who is supposed to be on a hostage rescue mission instead raiding an innocent party so that the commander can "commandeer" the beer and order one of his subordinates to grab the pizza puffs?

This is a classic example of acclimation. Whether this was the product of a direct campaign to prepare the American people for police and military to arbitrarily break down their doors and steal their property, or whether it is the result of globalist propaganda affecting the subconscious of whoever wrote the ad's script is immaterial. Either way the message is clear: get ready, it's coming to a neighborhood near you. If I drank Bud Light I would switch to another brand immediately.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Flame On

Gulf water samples are now showing levels of methane which would be instantly flammable if the gas reaches the surface and gets into the air. At the end of the clip, this professor tells of dead bottom-feeding fish floating on the surface of the ocean, which he says is highly unusual -- normally they sink to the bottom and stay there when they die. I don't know exactly what that implies, but the methane levels are already 1,000,000 times normal and safe levels in the air. When the rest of it dissolves out of the water and into the atmosphere, watch out. Instant barbecue time if there are lightning storms. And there's another tropical depression on its way in this weekend...

List of Demands

There it is in a nutshell. If you have any friends left who are simpering liberals who love to lick the boots of those who, as we discovered yesterday, are now to be referred to as "displaced foreign travelers," send them this picture. We demand, this, this and that, and until you give these to us, we will shoot more police. Is there any clearer boil-down of the threat that the criminal illegal Mexican hordes pose?

Uncontrolled Bleeding

EPA Coverup as Internal Bleeding Hits the Gulf States' Residents

"...we have dolphins that are hemorrhaging. People who work near it are hemorrhaging internally. And that’s what dispersants are supposed to do..."

From MSNBC: "Human rights violations continue in the Gulf of Mexico region. MSNBC's Keith Olbermann reports that environmental scientists testified to Congress that dispersants, particularly, Corexit, only hides evidence by reducing oil's visibility of the magnitude of the leak's ongoing damage while poisoning people breathing it off-shore and near-shore."

So far, 20% of offshore clean-up workers, 15% near-shore clean-up workers tested have levels of 2-Butoxyethanol (used in Corexit) measured at 10 parts per million - twice the limit specified by the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

An untold number of near-shore residents are now poisoned in what has become an open-air gas chamber. and what aquatic toxicologist Chris Pincetich of Project Gulf Impact calls "an experiment in the Gulf the likes of which no one has ever seen."

Watch Keith Olbermann's report:

I've been saying these things for so long now... Everything is being revealed as true and it's starting to seep into the mainstream media. Even Keith Olbermann, who usually is flinging spittle left and right at the right, is devoting most his shows now to criticize BP and the government over their refusal to clean up the Gulf. This is no longer me telling you that the people in the "cleanup effort" are being poisoned. It's on Soetoro's lap-dog channel. It's on MSNBC, it's in Newsmax, the Washington Post, everywhere.

This stuff is real, people. In time I believe you'll see how correct I was, and how early. And if I'm wrong, feel free to mock me in the future. This information is so important that I don't care if I lose whatever reputation I might have.

Pumped Up

Illegal Alien In Minnesota Gets Taxpayer-Funded Penis Pump

Here is the latest example of how the government is using the criminal, illegal Mexican hordes of vermin as a crowbar, prying at every root of traditional America. Of course the article does not name the "man," but I think we can safely assume where the "man" is from. He stole $27,000 so what does the rogue government do? Send him back to Mexico? No. Keep him in jail? The article does not say. But he gets a free penis pump that you paid for. So that he can create an anchor baby and get a free pass to stay here forever, get a vote, get free everything. That we are paying for. Do you realize just how corrupt and wicked this country has become? The government is essentially an organized crime gang at this point in our history. We must break down the power structure and rebuild a true constitutional republic in the mold which the founding fathers laid out for us. If we can't do that in the next couple of years, it's over.


Here is a nice, easy to read overview of the Gulf oil disaster, broken up into bullet points and with links to the supporting articles. This is a good thing to share by email with friends and family. It boils down much of what I've been writing all on one page.


BP Pumped Large Quantity of Unusual Chemical Down Well Just Before Rig Exploded

"Ronnie Penton, an attorney for one of the rig workers, said in an interview after the hearing that the double-sized dose of spacer fluid, also known as a "pill," skewed a crucial test of pressure in the well just hours before the blowout. Based on the test, BP concluded it was safe to continue displacing the heavy mud from the well in favor of much lighter sea water.

"That large pill skewed the testing," Penton said.

The alleged departure from standard practice came despite a series of complications in the attempt to complete work on the well. "

There you go, just one more piece of evidence suggesting that BP was trying to provoke an explosion and loss of containment of their well. Two unusual chemicals, 400 barrels of which were pumped down the well, which, after the gusher started, coated the rig in an inch of "snot." At every step leading up to the result they wanted and got, they were using procedures never before tried and which their own employees were literally screaming and cursing at management about, telling them that not only could the rig explode, but that it was a certainty that it would. BP is guilty, hands down, whatever their motivations, there is now no doubt that this was a terrorist operation. Time to arrest and jail the snotty Brits in charge at the company and the globalists who ordered the operation.

Capricorn Two

Oil Industry Expert: BP Engaged In Massive Coverup

"Simmons, former energy adviser to the second President Bush, explained that according to his reading of the data from NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, capping of the so-called riser and the subsequent announcement by U.S. President Obama was “the biggest con job we’ve ever seen.”

Simmons, creator of an investment bank catering to oil companies, told radio host Ian Masters that the real problem continuing to gush oil into the Gulf was not the 6-inch “riser” that apparently has been capped amid much TV hoopla, but that an open hole or cauldron perhaps up to 10 miles distant from where British Petroleum’s cameras are focused which continues to spew 120,000 BARRELS per day, and that BP’s much publicized effort to drill relief wells in what the company says is an effort to stop the flow of oil is nothing but a cynical publicity stunt.

“The dimensions of this lie are beyond belief,” said Simmons, explaining that the idea of a relief well is “tricky at best,” since trying to hit a pipe of less than a foot in diameter 35,000 feet below the surface of the Gulf may be entirely futile because the casing of the original pipe is not even there, having blown away at some point."

"Simmons also noted an additional danger. “What the researchers now believe is that basically is that between 4000 and 4500 below the ocean floor lies an oil lake that’s somewhere between 100 and 120 miles wide and it’s about 4500 feet deep. It’s this toxic waste and crude and it’s releasing methane gases that are absolutely lethal which is why all the fish and dolphins and sharks and whales are dying. And workers too, which is why so many have gotten sick, or maybe really sick.

“The health problems are so serious,” Simmons said. “When you inhale methane you just die.”

If you want to listen to the radio interview, which I recommend, you can download it from KPFK in Los Angeles.

This confirms everything I've been writing, only apparently I underestimated the true size of the threat -- instead of smaller, slower leaks coming from hundreds of naturally formed vents on the ocean floor, if Mr. Simmons is correct, we are in much greater danger than even I thought. Think about the dimensions of the petroleum deposit --120 miles wide by 400-500 feet deep. I don't know the outline of the "lake" as I'll call it, so let's assume the smallest possible footprint, that is for the sake of discussion a perfect cylindrical shape.

Taking 120 miles as the diameter and assuming the more conservative 400 feet depth, that means that the lake contains 3427.19 cubic miles of material, or contained... A tiny fraction has gotten out these last three months through the detonated wellhead, the smaller natural vents, and this new "cauldron" of which Simmons spoke. Think about that -- one cubic mile is a volume almost unimaginable, but over 3,400 cubic miles? Even with this cauldron in play, how long will it take for the oil and methane to finally exhaust the deposit's supply?

There was a very good movie from the late 1970's called Capricorn One, wherein the government faked a NASA mission to Mars by fooling the public with actors and props on a soundstage. If Simmons is right, this is essentially what BP has been doing, but with a twist. There is a massive fraud going. Evidently what we see from their ROVs is a true operation to cap the wellhead but that is, as I've called it before, a circus sideshow distraction for the media. BP have control of all the ROVs down there, and even though the government ordered them early on to make the feeds available live to the media and public (which I give Soetoro credit for, by the way), every day I've looked about one third of the feeds are either totally offline or blank black or green screens. Usually the unavailable feeds are from the same units.

What are those ROVs doing, and why does BP not want us to see what they are seeing in their control room? Obviously ROVs, like any high tech equipment, need downtime for maintenance and repair, but why are the same few ROVs' video feeds never available while others, like the twin Skandi subs, are always online? The Skandi feeds, particularly that from ROV #2, are the ones used 95% of the time by the media, and nearly 100% before the well was capped a few days ago. They're the ones that provided the dramatic footage of the oil geyser spewing from the broken well.

I believe that BP are probably using the publicly unavailable video feeds from these other subs to monitor this cauldron which Mr. Simmons has brought to the public's attention. They are also probably surveying the ocean floor to determine whether it remains relatively stable or if it shows signs of weakening further. Because if the whole rock layer above their petroleum lake shatters, the methane released would instantly kill everyone around the well involved in the containment and cleanup efforts, and could kill many more people if the winds blew it on shore. If that should happen, God forbid, BP would be facing lawsuits on a mass scale never seen, and likely criminal charges of negligent homicide.

There is no way to tell how this will end up. Whether my worst fear is correct, that the globalists might want a total blowout in order to kill millions of Americans, I do not know. Still my money is on the "silent kill" scenario, where BP will pretend to have capped the well, the media will another couple of weeks covering the cleanup efforts on the beaches, then lose interest, the people will forget about the story believing the crisis to be over, but all the while the oil and methane and toxins will continue pouring into the Gulf from these other leaks that BP and the government are hiding from us.

Or I, Alex Jones, Michael Savage, Lindsey Williams, George Noory, Mike Rivero, Mr. Simmons and everyone else could be completely off our rockers. Maybe this is just a terrible, unforseen accident complicated by laziness and complacency at BP and in the Soetoro administration. But I don't think so. If the Gulf oil disaster were not caused on purpose, it certainly has been used on purpose to push for BP's carbon tax. I think this will all come out in time. I stand by my predictions.


Cleanup of BP Oil Spill Will Damage Gulf

There it is. In classical Alinsky style, accuse the enemy of that which you wish to do, then proceed to do it, finally blaming your opponent for your own transgressions. So the media report that it is not the BP oil "spill," in truth a terrorist action, which will harm the Gulf. No, it is the cleanup effort that is the threat to the environment. Behold:

"...the more you bring in these big machines, the more you bring in inexperienced people and the more sand berms you build, the less chance you have of letting Mother Nature and skimmers and booms do the job," said Mike Brewer of Buras, La., who ran an oil spill response company and is working on the BP cleanup."

The submoron environmentalist wacko libs are so deranged that they know not what poses the real threat.

"The whole entire area in the past two weeks has been completely crisscrossed by tire tracks. The entire cleanup there has been entirely sickening," Wheelan said recently of East Grand Terre. "There are tire tracks from the low tide line all the way up into the dune vegetation. Not an inch of that frontal beach has been spared from traffic."

Oh my God -- RED ALERT: Tire tracks have been spotted!!! Alert FEMA immediately! Alert Barry Soetoro on whichever golf course he currently is teeing off on. Alert the U.N.!

Tire tracks have been seen, having been left by vehicles belonging to anonymous, terroristic foreign powers who have been attempting to clean up our beaches.

Let's close this amusement park with a bit of truth. BP caused Deepwater Horizon to explode. BP and Barry Soetoro have been doing everything in their unlimited, fiat powers to prevent any sort of capping of the well or cleanup of the Gulf waters and shores. But you have the controlled media and their LSD-consuming followers trying to spin the story to postulate that it we evil capitalists, with our carbon-emitting engines in our cleanup vessels, who are the ones polluting the Gulf of Mexico.

It's time to close this amusement park. Enough of the lies. Prove to me how much a "tire track" damages an estuary or a breeding ground for fishes, and I'll raise you a Queen of HEPA filters to your deuce of Sewers. Game over.

The cleanup will not damage the Gulf, with all of its apocalyptic 4-cycle engines. The Gulf is dead because of BP, because of Barry Soetoro, and because of the globalists who give both their orders. Grow up and face the truth.

Gone in 60 Seconds

BP Senior Engineer: Well Has Lost Integrity

I've been writing for weeks that BP's own people admit that the well casing is gone. It probably took less than 60 seconds once the tremendous pressure forced the oil and gas through the blowout preventer and toward the ocean's surface. Now I have the name of the engineer and the date of his testimony:

"Mark Hafle, BP's senior drilling engineer testified to the MMS on May 28, 2010 that the well had lost integrity and that thousands of barrels of mud had been lost down this well during drilling. This meant that the formation integrity had blown out. Reports at the hearings in May also indicated that the LOW positive pressure tests on the day of the blowout on April 20, 2010 had passed but the negative pressure tests had failed, so the well was not properly sealed. This happened within a few hours of the blowout."

The cement-casing structure is compromised. The well had ballooned out and the formation had blown out, long before the blowout occurred.

It means you can not seal this well. Pressure testing will only blow the cement casing structure to pieces, if it is not already gone."

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Police Brutality

I've posted many outrageous examples of out of control, thug, criminal police doing unbelievable things to innocent citizens. This might be the worst, except that the cops didn't manage to beat or tase this poor man to death like they have so many others. The guy comes home to find his son dead, having committed suicide, call 911, the ambulance shows up, then the cops show up and they beat him senseless. Why? Because he said "don't touch me." What's more they managed to get him charged in criminal court for obstruction. I hope he sues the individual officers who beat him as well as the town and the police department and bankrupts the whole rotten lot of them. But the officers were not even put on leaves of absence.

In the new Amerika, the police are now your Gods, do you understand that? And if you haven't managed to get that into your head, they'll gladly beat it into you. Or worse. The police are increasingly becoming a detriment to society instead of a bulwark of it. I think we'd be better off with no police, just county sheriffs and an armed citizenry to patrol itself. These police departments are institutionally corrupt from the top right on down to pond scum like the "men" who beat up this victim.

The Tan Klan

Mexican Woman: "You Are Too White To Be An American

Listen to this fat, criminal, illegal troll spouting the racism she claims that white people exhibit.

"Go back to Germany!" "Go back to Europe!" "This is America!" "This is America, you're right, you don't belong here!" "This nation belongs to Mexico!" "You're white, go back to Europe, Nazis!" "You're too white to be American!"

This vermin has gotten fat off of our land. She should be immediately deported and her assets seized. But "groups" like this, the so-called Brown Berets, are supported by the racist usurper Barry Soetoro. They are cultivated, nurtured, even funded by the government to stir up racial tension. I don't know if there are more Brown Berets than these two losers armed with a megaphone and a disposable camera, but these cancer cells should be investigated by the Justice Department and prosecuted for their crimes under the government's new hate crimes legislation. But they will never be, because only white people can commit hate crimes. All minority groups are, de facto, immune to such charges.

Graham Cracker

Panel Votes to Move Kagan to Full Senate Vote

This is no surprise, that Ms. Toad was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee to go up for a full vote by the Senate, after which she will receive a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court. I only now realized that I have been in error calling her Mrs. Toad -- she's a lesbian, so from now on I shall endeavor to remember to call her Ms. I don't care that's she's a lesbian if she would leave her orientation in the changing room and not let that "lifestyle choice" affect her behavior once she dons the ominous black robe of the Supremes, but we all know that not only will she try to remain impartial, she is in fact a judicial activist. She will push the homosexual agenda instead of ruling based on the Constitution and the body of law and prior Supreme court decisions which is supposed to be the way it's done.

And guess who the only Republican who voted yes was? That's right, Lindsey Graham. This curious creature is constantly undermining the party he allegedly represents. I have no idea why the good people of North Carolina continue to elect him -- hopefully they will realize their error and vote him out when they have the chance. And lest you think I'm talking like "King Malik Shabazz" and and calling him a Graham cracker because he's he's a white southerner, I'm not. I'm calling him that because he has about as much steel in his spine as does a soggy graham cracker.

But let's be honest -- the real reasons he voted for her are twofold, and they are the same reasons why he threw her softball questions during her confirmation show hearings. Remember "Where were you on Christmas day?" First, he knows there is a high likelihood that he will be voted out of office, he is a lawyer, and he may appear before the Court as in that capacity in the future, and it's always nice to have a friend wearing one of those nine black robes. Second, it is widely believe, if not confirmed, in D.C. that Graham is also homosexual, and that this is why unknown persons were able to get him to switch his vote on the health scare deform bill.

I believe Graham voted in favor of her because he wants a fellow homosexual on the Court. But he knows that she didn't need his vote in the Committee to advance her to a full bote, nor will she need his vote then. Unless the jellyfish-like Republicans man up and filibuster Ms. Toad she will roll onto the Supreme Court. So why did Lindsey vote this way? To buddy up to her, yes, but maybe as a thinly-disguised middle finger stuck up in front of his constituents. It's time to remove all these fake conservatives who have tainted the Republican party and replace them with nationalist, constituionalist, originalist Tea Party types. We only have once chance, and if we fail in November the country is finished. I do enjoy a tasty graham cracker, but not when it is helping to destroy our republic.


Illegal Criminal Aliens Now Called "Displaced Foreign Travelers"

:During the raid, a U.S. Forest Service K-9 team located Gauldry Almonte-Hernandez, a displaced foreign traveler from Michoacán Mexico, who had tried to flee the area and hide while officers were performing entry into the marijuana garden."

The Soetoro administration has taken Orwell's concept of newspeak and turned it into an art form. Remember how Big Sis renamed terrorism "man-caused disasters"? Now the Forest Service is introducing a new example of political correctness to the American people, or, as Michael Savage renamed that, political cowardice: illegal aliens are now "displaced foreign travelers." That makes it sound like they were touring Mexico but a flood or hurricane forced them across our borders against their wishes. Well, I guess this new term could be equally truly applied to Barry Hussein Soetoro; he's a displaced foreign president.


Experimental Cap May Be Weakening Oil Containment

Integrity: BP has none and neither does their well. Thad Allen said today that there are no less than five leaks in and around the well, one of which he says is unrelated. Of course he still is not talking about the massive leak I discovered and captured on video Saturday night, if he even knows about it. BP pulled the video feed from their Boa Deep C #2 ROV after only a couple of minutes, and there are no archives available from the company, so unless you were watching the feed live and able to record it, you'd never know about that leak.

There is a dynamic which has developed between BP and the government, whose point man is Admiral Allen. It's a tension -- BP wants to limit the amount of oil they can claim to have "accidentally" released because there is a law, written after the Exxon Valdez fiasco, which enables the government to fine a company $4,300 for every barrel of oil released. It's up in the air whether Soetoro will use the law to punish BP, since they were one of his biggest campaign contributors, as was Goldman-Sachs, which owns a large stake in BP. So Allen is trying to make sure the entire seabed around their well doesn't rupture and release the entire petroleum deposit, and BP is trying to keep their cap closed so that they're not liable for millions of more barrels being released into the ocean if they opened the cap to relieve the pressure, as the government wishes them to do.

This company is a criminal organization at this point in the Gulf oil disaster, and I'm not even talking about the probable fact that they blew their own well in order to usher in the carbon tax they've been pushing, and from which they would make billions. They are concerned only about their bottom line and care not a whit about the environment or the American people. They want the disaster to be as bad as possible so that Pelosi and Reid have as much of a mandate as possible to pass crap-and-trade. BP's management should be extradited from England to the United States, tried under RICO statutes and the entire company should be seized and their assets auctioned off to American oil companies. Only by punishment such as that can we discourage other companies from similar brazen actions and inaction in the future.


Hillary: Pakistani Gov't Knows bin Laden's Location

Wow, I have to congratulate Hillary Clinton for once. She has called out the Pakistani government and suggested that they know where Osama is (assuming he's still alive, which is very much in doubt), and suggested that they tell her. Could this be a gambit by Soetoro to limit the damage done to the Demoncat party in the November elections and repair his own free-falling poll numbers? He certainly would enjoy a ratings boost if he captured or killed bin Laden. And if the al-CIAda leader is indeed already in the ground they can just find a double and arbitrarily execute him, perform fake DNA tests and call it a victory for freedom and liberty.


BP's Altered Photo of Spill Center Misleading

This isn't a big deal in and of itself but it does speak to the attitude at BP headquarters. A company photographer evidently took it upon himself to Photoshop images over two blank video screens in the spill response center, probably because he thought that having blank screens would look bad in the public eye. What looks worse is BP's quality control. At this point in the Gulf disaster and with the entire American citizenry furious at the company, they should be triple-checking anything that is being put out for public consumption for errors or anomalies.

The company has been lying to the people every single day, and many days they've been lying to the Soetoro administration as well. This just looks bad, it's as simple as that. Even if it were not a management decision to alter the photograph, their press relations team should have caught the alteration if some amateur blogger was able to. And this is a good reminder that we should all be wary of images and videos on the internet, for in the advanced digital era it's way to easy for people to fool others with trickery like this.

Maximum Overdrive

Amish Teen Charged After Crashing Horse-and-Buggy In Police Chase

I have never heard of "overdriving an animal," but of course that won't stop the out-of-control police from arresting an Amish. I would be very interested to know if this stop sign in question were in a city or town, or on Amish property. The police, in this case a sheriff's office, will stop at nothing to intimidate the entire American population. What is the maximum speed of a horse and buggy? I doubt the poor animal could have exceeded the posted speed limit. So the cops made something up: "overdriving." Perhaps they could arrest me for overdriving the amplifier connected to my electric guitar. Surely that's against the law in this police state...

Office Space

Almost 900,000 Americans Have Top-Secret Security Clearance

Original Washington Post Article

This article from the Washington Post took over two years to research and write. It is more than a bombshell -- it is fully loaded B-52 Stratofortress. The government was so concerned over the weekend, knowing that this would be released, that they sent warning to all their different agencies urging workers not to leak classified information in the future. This is a devastating revelation of the size and complexity of the American intelligence structure.

At this point, it could rightly be called an industry. If nearly 900,000 Americans have top-secret clearance, that's in the range of one out of every two hundred working adults. I have no figures at hand for the percentage of their populations that the East Germans and Soviets employed for spying during the Cold War, and North Korea is currently so opaque that any guess would be just that.

But let this sink in -- one of every two hundred workers, roughly, is involved in spying and intelligence. And I can guarantee you that the majority of them are not tasked with keeping eyes and ears on Kim, Ahmadenijad, Putin, Chavez and the rest of America's so-called foreign enemies. The majority are in charge of surveying you, the enemy within. I've already written about the stunning level of automatic, technological spying that the NSA, CIA, FBI and Homeland Insecurity use against you. But I always wrote that the lion's share of this was done by computers, and that your communications weren't reviewed by human operatives unless enough keyword flagged you as a potential "threat," i.e. a patriot.

It appears that I have underestimated the globalists and the proliferation of their minions in our government. One out of two hundred workers, given the level of computerization and automation in the government agencies, is an amount sufficient to allow human observation of at least parts of all of our lives. I've already started using a VPN service to avoid Echelon, Carnivore and their successors. Thelast couple of weeks I have been keeping the battery out of my phone except when making a call to prevent the automatic GPS tracking.

Since the idiots in the Senate passed the financial "reform" bill mandating government tracking and storage of every debit card, credit card and online purchase, I have been using cash as often as possible to keep my data profile going into the NSA databases at a minimum. Maybe I'm not so crazy after all. WaPo uncovered 854,000 government minions with top-secret clearance. I guarantee you that neither I nor any of you are important enough, nor "dangerous" enough to warrant the government paying one of them, at a higher GS-scale, to watch us. If there are that many with special privilege to access secret documents, how many more, scrub, $8 an hour contractors do you think there are out there in giant phone and computers centers, tasked by the Soetoro administration to filter through your life and report to Dear Leader whenever they think you might be up to something that goes against Barry's bosses wishes?

UPDATE: According to 2007 statistics from the Department of Labor, there were 153,516,000 people in the "work force," which includes people currently working and those looking for work. Dividing that by the 875,000 now with top-secret clearance results in a figure of 1:179.76, not the conservative 1:200 guesstimate I went with. It's even worse than I thought.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Another One Bites the Dust

USDA Official Out After Racist Comments

Another one of Soetoro's appointed officials has been forced out of office for racist remarks. This time it was a low-level public servant in Georgia, an unimportant slime to be sure, but this story is important because it gives us yet another glimpse into the mindset of our dear leader Barry. I believe that, conscious of the fact or not, both Mr. and Mrs. Soetoro are racists. Even after being a unqualified (and illegal) candidate for the presidency of the United States and being installed in office by the stupid liberal, independent and pissed-off former Republican voters, he, she, their friends and the people they have appointed to positions of power believe that white people are still all out to lynch the black people.

Shirley Sherrod, the department's Georgia director of Rural Development, is shown in the clip describing "the first time I was faced with having to help a white farmer save his farm." Sherrod, who is black, claimed the farmer took a long time trying to show he was "superior" to her. The audience laughed as she described how she determined his fate.

"He had to come to me for help. What he didn't know while he was taking all that time trying to show me he was superior to me was I was trying to decide just how much help I was going to give him," she said. "I was struggling with the fact that so many black people have lost their farmland and here I was faced with having to help a white person save their land -- so I didn't give him the full force of what I could do. I did enough."

"I figured that if I take him to one of them, that his own kind would take care of him," she said.

This vermin admits that she did not help the farmer to the extent of her ability for no other reason than because he was a white devil, and she is a black god. Her very use of the phrase "one of them" would be sufficient in itself for the NAACP and Hijackson and Sharkton to call for a person's resignation if it were a white person referring to the black "they." Yet this woman spoke these things before applause and laughter at a meeting of the very same NAACP.

Here's something you don't know -- the NAACP was started by white liberals, back when liberals still had good intentions. It has since been commandeered by racists. Not the militant, kill-the-white-babies type like King Whatever Shabazz of the New Black Panzer Party, but a softer kind, who have been raised since infancy to believe that race relations haven't changed since before the Civil War. It's not true. After the terrible struggles the black community fought through in the 1950's and '60s, today a black child has just as much opportunity to learn and become successful as a white, Asian, Latin or Native American child does. They have even more opportunity if you factor in affirmative action, special scholarships for skin color and the rest.

The problem is that the majority of black children are aborted before they are born. Those that aren't murdered in the womb are more likely to be raised by a single mother than a mother and a father. And the corrupted "gangsta" culture which the globalists have used to destroy the advances that black people in America started to make after the '60 ensures that many young blacks are uninterested in getting an education. This woman is stuck in 1955. So is the NAACP.

Food Die

Food Dyes Linked To Cancer, Behavioral Problems in Children

I've known that food dyes allowed by the FDA cause problems for years; I even did a report on dyes in graduate school. Now it's in the mainstream news. Nearly all beverages, candies, and gums contain one or more dyes. Not all dyes are problematic, but the three implicated in this new report, Red #40 and Yellows #5 and #6 coincidentally happen to be three of the most commonly used in food and drinks. Children should be fed, if at all possible, a completely organic diet, because the globalists are using nearly everything you can buy in a grocery store to poison them.


This scientist performs an experiment proving that NIST's official explanation of the evidence found in the rubble of World Trade Tower 7 is impossible.

Invasion of the Body Scanners

12-Year-Old Girl Naked Body Scanned in Florida

Don't believe the lies by the TSA in this article that the "blurry black-and-white" images cannot be associated with a particular person. They are not blurry and can easily be colorized by applying a negative filter in Photoshop or any other image editor. Insiders report that the resolution is so great that one can see individual pores in the skin of the victim being scanned. And they do record the images, that is also a lie, and any TSA thug with a thumb drive can copy the images.

Does that look like an image so blurry that you could not recognize that very attractive woman if you saw her in the airport lounge? That's not even a fraction of the image's resolution -- I have to resize all images and videos down to 400 pixels of width to fit in this blog. The weirdly-colored portion of the image, the leftmost of the three figures, is a result of the color inversion of the original color photograph. The two on the right are naked body scanner images having been inverted as well. Infowars simply inverted the original image from a German newspaper:

Would you want the most intimate, private details of your child, your wife, your grandmother, or even of yourself being revealed in super-high resolution to TSA thugs who earn $14 per hour?

The Dead Zone

Hypoxic "Dead Zone" Found 20 Miles Off Galveston

"It's the widest hypoxic region we have ever observed off Texas," said Steve DiMarco. "It extends 20 miles off the Galveston coast."

"As our data shows, hypoxic formation in the northern Gulf of Mexico is not a simple problem and is more complex than many have believed."

Yet another prediction of mine has come true. I suppose BP and Soetoro will attempt to conceal this as well and say that it is due to global warming, and that we must have a carbon tax or we will all asphyxiate. No, I told you all that the methane and the Corexit and the byproducts of the chemical reactions between oil and BP's dispersant would do just this. And it's not just in the water that oxygen levels have dropped, though that is all that this Texas A&M research team was measuring. The air is affected as well.

Slightly lower levels of oxygen aren't terribly debilitating for people and larger animals -- after all, they play football at Mile High Stadium in Denver and people can hike very tall mountains without oxygen tanks. But this is a very serious problem because it disproportionately affects microbes and very small animal life.

There is a link on the Drudge Report to another story from A&M's Geosciences department stating that methane levels have been measured one million times higher than normal, and that these are "levels only seen during mass extinction events." Unfortunately, the link is dead. Either A&M took their article down because their servers are not capable of handling traffic of the magnitude that a link on Drudge would generate or... You fill in the blank.

But I've been writing for weeks about elevated levels of methane, benzene and other toxins, hundreds of times higher than the government's maximum safe levels. Now we are talking in the millions. But still there is a total media blackout on the subject of poison in the air, hypoxia in the water and the acute risk to the public and to animal and plant life. And now the threat has come to Texas, even though our state and local officials are insisting that no oil is washing up, even though that has been reported in the media, and that the beaches are safe.

The "dead zone" might be 20 miles offshore at this point, but I'm not going anywhere near the coast.

Creeping Seep

Feds Confirm New BP "Seep"

I was the first one to tell you yesterday about the new leak, ahead of any media outlet I am aware of; you can go back and check the time stamps of my posts to confirm that. Today the government has confirmed "seepage." And I did what no other media have been able to do -- show you video captured directly from BP's Boa Deep C #2 ROV.

But still the media and government are spinning the story. They have "experts:"

Robert Carney, a Louisiana State University expert on biological oceanography, said the seepage is far enough away from the well that it could be occurring naturally.

"You have little bubbles rising up from the bottom frequently; that's the methane gas" he said. "Oil would be a little black dot, more difficult to see. But both escape into the water regularly."

Does this look like little bubbles rising, or a roiling cloud of methane under pressure being forced into the water:

This footage was captured somewhere along the BP well equipment, so they are lying when they say that only "tiny bubbles" are coming from the well. Others have posted footage of leaks from the sea floor itself. The article says:

"Also, seepage from the seafloor was detected over the weekend less than two miles away, but Allen said it probably has nothing to do with the well. Oil and gas are known to ooze naturally from fissures in the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico."

Of course that's true, some oil does naturally get out of the ground and into the water. But BP would not be wasting precious ROV time hunting for natural, slow seeps of oil and methane on the ocean floor. They have their subs and their human operators surveying in order to determine the amount of damage they have done to the integrity of the sea floor. Some people theorize that one of the reasons that BP and the government have not allowed international aid in the form of ships and crews is because they believe there is a real possibility that the entire dome over the petroleum deposit could shatter and release giant methane cloud.

Methane, when released in large amounts at once, sinks ships -- this is currently the best scientific theory as to the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. Captain Kelly Sweeney reported on Coast-to-Coast A.M. that ships drop "like rocks" when methane clouds are released under them, as does happen on occasion from underwater volcanoes. I think BP are trying cover their butts by trying to play off these new leaks as "tiny bubbles" from the wellhead and normal, pre-Deepwater Horizon leakage from the ground into the ocean. Neither is true. They're lying once again.

She Sells Estuary

Michelle Obama: Florida Beaches Are Safe

Really, Mrs. Soetoro? Is that why you and Barry hurry into and out of the Gulf as quickly as possible when you do deign to bless the people with your presence? And why you chose to vacation in Maine instead of Florida. Is it so safe there that we should ignore those nasty media reports that oil has already rounded the tip of Florida, is heading up our East Coast and also out into the open Atlantic? Put your money where your big mouth is, Mrs. Soetoro. Take the kids down to New Orleans or Ft. Lauderdale for a week. After all, your family is on vacation. If Florida really is so safe, go there and stay for longer than a few hours. Play on the pristine beaches and sunbathe as you breathe the pure air. You're a joke.

From A Distance

New Leaks Found "Some Distance" From Well Site

Leak One Mile Beneath Ocean Floor

BP, Gov't Clash Over How To Proceed

Undetermined Anomalies Detected

"Scientists have detected oil or natural gas seeping from the seafloor near BP's unstable Deepwater Horizon oil well and have also found "undetermined anomalies" near the wellhead that scientists fear might also be leaking oil — possible signs that the well may have suffered damage that will complicate technicians' abilities to shut off the flow permanently.

No details were given on the size or exact location of the seep, or what it was made of — crude oil, methane, natural gases or hydrocarbons. But the prospect is ominous. If oil is entering from areas distant from the well bore, it suggests that areas of the seafloor and substrata are allowing oil to escape."

"These scientists and engineers have detected that there is indeed a leak a mile under the surface. Adm. Thad Allen has sent a letter to BP demanding a plan in writing to address the new situation."

I've been writing about this for weeks. Now CNN is reporting it. Except, since they're CNN and have no real reporters all they can tell you is that "some distance" away, oil and methane are leaking, in addition to leaks at the well site itself. Exactly what I predicted is now in the mainstream news. I can tell you the radius -- at least 20 miles is where oil leaking from vents in the floor of the ocean. That's not me with a dowsing rod, that's imagery from NOAA weather satellites. I told you the oil would not stop flowing even if Top Hat Ten shut off the flow from the top of the shattered well. It's over. This proves all the information I've been collating and posting for you is true. The oil cannot be stopped at this point, according to petroleum engineers, without resorting to a nuclear detonation.

The relief wells cannot work since the original well casing into which they are being drilled is broken. BP will continue drilling them as a distraction for the media and as a hope for the Gulf Coast residents, and some oil will be able to be drawn from the relief wells with great media and government fanfare, but more oil will continue to leak at many, many sites "some distance" from where the circus show is.

Watch it again on Youtube. I seem to be the only person to have captured the footage from BP's ROV because I'm one of few people smart enough to know that they have many more than the one ROV down there feeding the pretty pictures of the clean, blue water to CNN and the rest of the lazy TV news crews. Email the video to your friends. You don't have to link to my posts, I don't care, I just want the video to get out there so that people know BP is lying. Now, they're even lying to Soetoro, so you know who's in charge of this operation. Observe:

And Bingo Is Their Game-O

I wrote about this last week, but here's the video from Houston of illegal aliens playing Bingo while in "detention," Soetoro ordered this because the illegals will know that, in the unlikely event that they are captured and "detained" after driving drunk, raping, murdering, robbing, selling drugs or transporting weapons, their quality of life in "detention" will be far superior to that they had in Mexico.The government is doing everything it can to entice more Mexicans to cross the border. And guess who is paying for the vermins' Bingo cards... I think it's disgusting.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Caught in a Lie

I captured this video on my laptop from BP's Boa Deep C ROV 2, at around 10:35-10:40PM CDT on 18 July 2010. It clearly shows methane leaking and possibly some oil as well. The camera was zoomed in too far for me to be able to tell where along the line of equipment down there this new leak is, but there clearly is a leak, and BP is still denying that any oil or methane gas at all is currently leaking.

Lights in the Sky Over China

Video Shows UFO Over Chinese Airport

That's not a rocket or missile, nor a normal aircraft of any type. The exhaust trail, if that's what it is, comes together in the distance opposite the direction of travel of this thing instead of dissipating. This is the second time in 10 days that a spectacular UFO has been witnessed and photographed in China. What's going on?

Countdown to Extinction

Professor: Methane Explosion Caused Ancient Mass Extinction

This is scary, if the amount of methane below the Deepwater Horizon site is anything close to that which caused a global kill hundreds of millions of years ago. I don't really think there's much of a chance of this happening again in the Gulf, but there is a buzz among some scientists who fear the worst. People are talking about one bad-luck lightning strike igniting the whole region if the sea floor were to crumble and release all the oil and methane at once. According to the professor cited in the article above, the ancient methane explosion released 10,000 times the amount of energy as the world's current nuclear stockpiles. Let's hope that BP isn't refusing to open their Top Hat again because they want the seabed to shatter.

Out of Sight

This is actually a very good report from Keith Olbermann for once. I'm surprised. Of course he manages to get in a couple of jabs at the Republicans, whom he calls the G.O.BP, but a very solid story. MSNBC is putting out the information that I have been -- that Corexit is deadly poisonous, that it is not as effective as other, much less toxic dispersants, that dispersant is being used only to sink the oil and get it away from cameras and spying eyes, and that BP is endangering their cleanup workers by refusing to allow them respirators.

BP is denying the workers respirators because doing so would be a de facto admission, later admissible in court, that their Corexit is indeed a poison and a direct danger to human and other life. Keith Olbermann, despite the fact that he has no ratings, is a very fiery and passionate speaker. If he could manage to extricate himself from the bogus Republican vs. Democrat game the globalists have been playing with our government, and maybe read and watch Alex Jones' information, he could direct his attacks away from the puppets and train them on the masters. If one of the "big" MSLSD hosts managed to break through the barriers of knowledge and discover the truth of who runs this world, perhaps the insane "Obama" voters would stop fighting conservatives and Americans would unit to take our country back.


"Seeping" Found Near Oil Well

Unknown Substances Leaking At Undetermined Depths

Seep, Possible Methane Found

"Allen's letter refers to a "detected seep a distance from the well and undetermined anomalies at the well head." Allen did not say what those anomalies were."

What did I tell you? And BP saying "a few tiny bubbles" is ridiculous. I caught the lying bastards on video.

An administration official familiar with the spill oversight, however, told The Associated Press that a seep and possible methane were found near the busted oil well. The official spoke on condition of anonymity Sunday because an announcement about the next steps had not been made yet.

The official, who would not clarify what is seeping near the well, also said BP is not complying with the government's demand for more monitoring.

BP is currently defying orders to open the cap in order to relieve pressure. Why would they do that, when Thad Allen is allegedly in charge of things in the Gulf? It could be that they don't want the negative publicity that would be generated by new video of the oil geyser like the continuous clips we all saw on TV for 86 days.

Or it could be for a more sinister reason, if the globalists have ordered them to see if they can't manage to build up enough pressure to shatter the sea floor around the well and release all the oil down below at once.

For those of you who believe BP and the government when they say that the well is capped and no oil is leaking into the Gulf, behold this video showing oil seeping up from one of the natural vents I told you had formed:

Top Hat or not there is no way to stop the oil and methane from getting into the Gulf. You read it here first.

Hacked Off

This was not the act of some spoiled, teenage script kiddie from America nor of a band of Eastern European cybercriminals. This was the Barry Soetoro administration ordering censorship, plain and simple. The Obama Deception is a dangerous weapon in the hands of patriots which can be used to wake up those who voted for "Barack Obama." But the film doesn't even go into the fact that "Obama" is not his name. All it does is point out the false left/right paradigm and the fact that "Obama," like G.W., is nothing more than a hand puppet of the New World Order.

I told you the government would start censoring free speech, starting with that which is disagreeable to the existing power structure. Well, it's started. It's here. Just days ago, Alex Jones' official Facebook page was deleted. And even before this episode of The Obama Deception being pulled like Building 7, Youtube had repeatedly reset the Views counter so that it would appear that the film was far less popular than it is, and preventing it from appearing in the Top 10 page and other pages suggesting what viewers might like to watch.

This is the beginning of a total crackdown on free speech. Cass Sunstein, one of Soetoro's Czars, has written that he wants such power in government, and, for example, that people who disagree with the myth of anthropomorphic global warming should be arrested. This is 1984 -- it just took the globalists 26 years longer than "Orwell" thought it would.


News Crew's Gulf Water Sample Explodes During Lab Test