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Saudis Clear Airspace for Israeli Strike on Iran

This will be how World War III starts, which the globalists want. Unlike many in the so-called conspiracy community, I am very pro-Israel. I think they should take out Iran's offensive nuclear capacity, and they should have struck years ago. It is now admitted in the mainstream media that Iran already has enough fissile material for at least two weapons, and probably the reality is that they have even more. Everyone knows that, while terribly expensive, it is easy to enrich uranium. The difficult parts are the delivery system (missiles) and particularly the explosive "lens" used to initiate the chain reaction.

Iran has had their Shahab series of missiles perfect for years, capable of not only striking Israel but also Europe, and they are pursuing larger, multi-stage missiles in order to hit us in America. It is not known whether Iran has perfected the explosives technology required to enable them to deploy an implosion-style bomb, the type which we used at Nagasaki in 1945 with "Fat Man." However, if they are desperate enough to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth, as president Amadjihad has continually called for, they could resort to existing technology and construct a less efficient but still genocidal gun type of bomb, which was our first design, as seen at Hiroshima.

I was actually very surprised when I read the article stating that the Saudis have officially given Israel the green light to hit Iran. If anything, I figured that they would do so under the table, not openly announce it. This is very telling. Iran, like North Korea, is one of only a tiny handful of nations with any sort of power that is not completely controlled by the globalists. For the Saudis to announce in the media this permission, we must conclude that they have intelligence suggesting that Iran either already believes it has a working weapon (since no evidence exists that they've successfully detonated a test device) or is only weeks or months away from going hot.

When Israel strikes the Iranian nuclear facilities, World War III begins. There is no guarantee that their strike force will be able to neutralize Iran's nuclear weapon production capacity. In fact, it is almost certain, even though they deploy American fighters and attack craft and a mix of our munitions and their own, domestically-designed missiles and bombs, that at best they will be able only to damage some of the installations. Iran has wisely spread the whole system out in numerous locations, most buried deeply underground. G.W. had given permission for Israel to buy a number of our most powerful bunker-buster bombs, but the verminous, anti-semitic Barry Hussein Soetoro canceled that deal.

But the Israelis have not a single bomber in their otherwise powerful air force. The best they can do is go in with their F-15E Strike Eagles. What the Saudis have just announced is critical, because without such a shortcut the Israelis would have to plan multiple refueling points, and they would likely lose a number of the fighters, which they had been prepared for, but were hoping to avoid. They have a limited number of choices of munitions since they have no bombers. The most likely weapons to be used will be the AGM-142 "Have Nap" standoff missile or the BLU-109 "Have Void" bomb. Both are designed to penetrate concrete but neither are as powerful as our own top bunker-busting bombs like the MOAB.

Have Nap has the advantage of being an over-the-horizon, fire-and-forget missile, meaning that the Strike Eagles can stay miles away from their targets and the Iranian anti-aircraft missiles surrounding the facilities, which they purchased from the Russians. But they deliver a relatively small warhead. The Have Void carries a 2000 pound explosive, but is an unpowered weapon, so the jets would have to be very close to the Iranian facilities before release, putting the pilots and aircraft in much graver danger. the BLU-109 is only designed to penetrate six feet of concrete, so in order to damage or destroy their targets, the Israelis would likely have to drop a great many and time them to hit simultaneously, rather than in waves, hoping to create a resonance underground that would collapse the structures in on themselves, as happens in an earthquake.

And it is likely that Iran has placed some of its installations beneath civilian population centers, as the Muslims like to do. Israel will do its best to limit civilian casualties, but the will be high, and the U.N. and Soetoro and the media will scream bloody murder. Both Hezzbollah and the Iranians have thousands of jihadist sleepers in the United States, waiting to be activated. When Israel attacks Iran, they will likely order terror attacks on malls, schools and military bases here. This will give Soetoro the mandate to send our military against Iran. And if North Korea so much as burps they will be taken on as well.

Gerald Celente, the excellent trends forecaster, told Alex Jones recently that this will happen before then end of the year. Oil will shoot up to at least $200 a barrel and gasoline will cost somewhere around $10. This will kill the last of our arrhythmic economy. But Boeing, Lockheed, General Dynamics and all the rest of the globalist-owned defense industry will be rolling in your tax dollars. This has been planned for years, and just last week at Bilderberg, the elite gave their own green light for a war in Iran. It will happen.

Buy gold NOW.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Coming Soon to a Legislature Near You...

Russia Votes to Summon Thought Criminals

We're already close to this here. The government has fake brain scanners which they claim can read your thought from across the street which they will use to determine if people walking down a sidewalk or into an airport have terroristic tendencies or thoughts. Completely unreliable technology, but no matter. We'll have laws like Russia's newest tool for tyranny here within a few years. Watch what you think.


Oil Flow Now Twice the Rate Previously Estimated

This is old news, I just had to comment on ABC's use of the adjective "astonishing" at the news that twice as much oil is escaping as scientists had thought. There's nothing astonishing about it. BP has been lying from the beginning, and the flow actually is increasing constantly as it finds new weak spots in the ocean floor, pushing through to create new vents as much as 20 miles away from the Deepwater Horizon's wellhead.

Soon even the controlled corporate media will begin to stop carrying BP's and Soetoro's water for them. As public outrage swells, which they have been doing their best to suppress by under-reporting and misreporting and straight out lying, they will lose the last scintilla of credibility they still possess with the dumbed public if they continue to spin the disaster. And BP now says don't expect anything to be done before Christmas, before the oil slick will reach all the way from the original site to Western Europe and beyond. And when this becomes an international crisis instead of simply an American problem, the situation will develop an entirely new dimension.

It is increasingly obvious that BP is being made the sacrificial lamb which will be used to activate the final phase of the global takeover. But as I wrote earlier, don't cry for Beatrix or Elizabeth, because the company's assets will simply be broken up, redistributed, and used as they are now under different supposed ownership. Notice how the U.N. has said and done nothing about the situation -- they are running it under orders. And our government turned down the Dutch when they sent cleanup ships to the Gulf just days after the platform exploded. Other governments have offered assistance, including, surprisingly, the Saudis. But no, our military and Coast Guard are only being used to prevent the citizens of the affected areas from cleaning up their own living and working areas, and Soetoro has refused every international and domestic offer of assistance from governments and companies alike.

Let me state it one more time with no flowery language -- the globalists caused this crisis, they are extending it as long as they can, exacerbating it to the greatest extent possible, and will use it to advance their agenda. They are killing the Gulf of Mexico. Soon they'll get around to you.

Tables Turned

Pentagon Hunting Wikileaks Founder

Oh, the government doesn't like it when their own tricks are used against them. They have the successors of Carnivore and Echelon in their secret NSA rooms at all the major telecom switching hubs literally filtering through every single one of your communications, storing them in massive data farms and building psychological profiles of all of you from what you say and write. Every conversation you have or email you write or read that you thought was in confidence is gone through by supercomputers looking for keywords, and if you say something that Soetoro and his handlers don't approve of, a human agent takes over. And if you really are a threat, you get SWATted or worse.

So the founder of Wikileaks may or may not have 260,000 classified government communications in his possession, given to him by the same hero military intelligence officer that leaked the horrifying video I wrote of earlier showing our helicopter pilots enjoying murdering innocent Iraqi civilians. Who knows if he actually does have them or if this is just an excuse the government made up to put him in jail and shut down the site. Wikileaks has been a thorn in their side and in those of their corporate controllers ever since it popped up on the web. D.C. has been looking to shut it down for years.

I have a bit of advice for this man -- don't put the documents on Wikileaks. There's no reason to give the government a legitimate legal pathway to silence you. But it might be in the public interest, and certainly the public would be interested, if an anonymous poster should somehow steal your hard drive and upload the entire package of documents to a popular BitTorrent tracker, where it could be nearly instantly shared by thousands of concerned citizens. That way, it wouldn't be you who would be criminally liable. It would be the dastardly thief who stole your equipment. What a tragedy for the Pentagon if such a lowlife bum should obtain their secrets and put them out for all to download. I certainly hope that never happens. After all, the military must be allowed to do their business while remaining unaccountable, to be sure. Too bad you and I can't say or do anything without them recording us...


FL Governor Crist Vetoes Anti-Abortion Bill

This is the kind of phony-conservative, former so-called Republican that must be kicked out all across the country come November. Crist says that requiring pregnant women to undergo an ultrasound and view an image of the unborn human they are about to murder would be "an inappropriate burden" on them and would violate their privacy rights.

The liberal culture in this country, designed by the globalists and continuing to be advanced by their Communist, fascist foot soldiers, denigrates religion and morality while glorifying pleasure at any expense. So if you're a female slut, you want to have sex with a male slut, and both of you want unsafe sex because it feels better, no second thought is given. And if that selfish act creates human life in your womb, why not be judge, jury and executioner and visit a murder palace, err, a Planned Parenthood location. And don't feel any guilt -- after the technicians murder your unborn baby on your orders, go out to Starbucks for a grande latte, brag to the other liberal vermin there that you just terminated an inconvenience, and, if you broadcast that loudly enough you just might attract another anonymous male slut. Then you can do it with him in the bathroom and start the cycle all over again.

Michael Savage has reported that 51-52% of black babies are aborted each year rather than being born. The dirtiest secret of the abortion industry, and it is an industry, make no mistake, is that little gem for the globalists. They are racists over and above being pure evil, so while they salivate at the chance to eliminate anyone, they give themselves bonus points for killing people with darker skins. Yes, white women get 60% of abortions (based on the last CDC numbers available from 1996), and black women only account for 30%, but when you factor in the relatively small ratio of blacks to whites in America, you find that black women are three times more likely to have an abortion.

Here's another statistic you don't know: in 2005, 22.6% of all babies conceived in this country were murdered before they were born. Didn't hear that on the news? And while that number sounds high, and even I was shocked when I looked it up, we in the United States are only in the middle tier of the abortion numbers by country. 51.1% killed in Greenland (2007), 44.7% in Russia (2008), 37% in Cuba, several former Eastern Bloc nations in the high 30s, China rolling in at 31.1%... Disgusting.

And, not surprisingly, there seems to be a strong inverse relationship between the religosity of a nation and it's rate of fetal murder. That's why Russia and China are two of the top perpetrators. Cuba is an outlier because of their extreme poverty, but nearly every single one of the countries with an abortion rate below 10% (still a revolting figure) is either a Catholic Hispanic country or a Muslim nation. Panama leads the good guys at a stunning 0.02% (2000 numbers), and then you have other like Chile, Venezuela, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates not too much higher.

Yes, the vaccines and the poisons dumped into your water, the GMO foods, the chemtrails in the sky and a thousand other means are being used to reduce the world population, but abortion is particularly tasty for the demented elite. If they can eliminate people before they're even born, much less before they learn to talk, learn to read, learn to educate themselves and speak out against the global power structure, all the better. They'll kill you when you're adult, to be sure, but it's almost a sexual pleasure for these evil, twisted people when they can convince a woman that the fetus growing inside of her is nothing more than glob of tissue, and that she shouldn't feel any more guilty about aborting it as she would picking mucus out of her nose.

So shame on Charlie Crist. The formerly pro-life fake Republican shows his true stripes as soon as a real conservative, Marco Rubio challenges him -- he abandons the Republican title to become Independent, and now he doesn't so much mind killing babies. Just another phony uncovered.

This is Why We're a Dead Culture

Tom's of Maine's Philosophy

This is my philosophy: Tom's of Maine are pussy verminous environmentalist libs trying to take advantage of the cowed, politically-correct American spineless jellyfish. F' you, Tom, and Maine in general.

This popped up as my chosen advertisement when I made the mistake of trying to watch something on Hulu. I laughed when it was over and Hulu wanted to me to tell it if the ad was relevant to me. I closed my browser and deleted its cache. No tips for Hulu, or Tom, or anyone else.

This is the mindless pap that, for the last fifty years has been piped into the radios, the televisions, and now into the PCs and iPods of the dumbest generations of people ever known to humanity. It's brainwashing, pure and simple.

At this point, I'm waiting for the startup company with the balls to say that they are Bubba's of Texas, we don't give a shit about the environment, and if you don't like it, we have 12-gauge Mossbergs that might trump your eco-friendly, oil-free Ziploc Green bags. I'm thinking that that company might actually benefit from truthful advertising, whereas these losers will simply lose market share...

Operation Swift Fox???

I have no idea if this is true, but I implicitly trust Steve Quayle, who has his own radio show in addition to being a regular guest on Coast to Coast A.M. and appearing on Alex Jones' show. He's a fundamentalist Christian and truly concerned about people. I caught one of his radio shows months back where he mentioned, almost as a throwaway line, that if you could not afford to buy his books, you should email him and he would send them for free. Since that was when I had no income and was bleeding money, I emailed. I thought nothing more about it, but two weeks later I received a parcel containing four full-color, coffee-table size books. For what that anecdote is worth.

Don't laugh so quickly -- the feds had a code name for 9/11/2001 in the 1960's. They called it Operation Northwoods.

I'd link you directly, but the home page changes constantly, so, from, echoing my last post:

EXTREME ALERT — Gulf Coast Evacuation Contingency Plans Soon to Go Operational: The operational name for the Gulf Coast Evacuation is "Swift Fox". Yesterday morning at around 8:30 Mountain time, I received information that specific towns, in Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas and Georgia were having hotel rooms rented in mass by different named "Societies" using Federal government credit cards. The block hotel room rentals are for half the available rooms in hotels with a minimum of 120 rooms. Specific conversations were "overheard" that would indicate that the planned Gulf Coast evacuation is soon to be implemented. The only scenario I hear that may force the government to evacuate the coast is a multiple plume situation. Apparently, the unmitigated oil spilling has caused a pressure flux which, ironically, has caused a spider web network of Gulf seabed fissures, which has caused at least one other confirmed oil plume. NOAA is searching for two more suspected ones". This quote is from an insider who is really concerned as he should be. Here's additional info he provided. His comments in the following quote: "I know FEMA has already scoped out FEMA camp locations, i.e. vacant lots and swaths of land that can be leased temporarily in Texas and Georgia".

The inside guy said it is up to the President to give the go-signal. There is an evacuation plan drafted and in place, ready for execution only *if* the administration deems it necessary. That can happen two ways. FEMA makes an emergency declaration with recommendation to POTUS (President of the US) for an evacuation or 2/3 of the Gulf States request federal help for an evac. States can individually declare an evacuation of their Gulf residents, but that would be a state action only, not FEMA/Federal".

MAXIMUM ALERT: Deadly Levels of Toxins Already in Gulf Air

If you live anywhere in a Gulf Coast state from Texas all the way to Florida, this is critical information of the highest magnitude. Watch the Youtube clip, in several sittings if you must -- it's 90 minutes long. Alex Jones did an extra half hour of "overdrive" on his radio show because this information is so important. Alex had on Lindsey Williams, a Christian pastor for over 50 years who spent 3 years as the chaplain to the executives on the Trans-Alaska pipeline. They liked him so much that they gave him actual executive status and let him sit in on their top-level meetings. He has a source, an 87-year-old former top executive of one of the big three oil companies, who is dying and supposedly tells Williams things to try to atone for his harmful behavior in the past as a globalist himself.

I'll give you the most important information first, that which comes from the EPA and not from Williams, Jones, myself or a rumor mill. I hope you'll take the time to read the rest afterward, because thins is the first time I have prefaced a post with Maximum Alert.

► Hydrogen Sulfide -- maximum safe level is 10 parts per billion -- now in the air
all around the Gulf at 1,200ppb
► Benzene (maximum cancer causer) -- maximum safe level is 4ppb -- now at 3,000ppb
► Methylene chloride -- maximum safe level is 61ppb -- now at 3,400ppb

This is in the air folks, coming out of the water. Obviously it's bad enough to be in the water, but people don't need to be in the water to survive. And think back to what I wrote days back -- try to remember the two deadly chemicals that Corexit yields when it breaks down. Benzene and hydrogen sulfide. There are trace amounts of these in the oil itself but the vast majority is coming from the Corexit. That BP is dumping in the water at a rate of hundreds of thousands of gallons a day. That Soetoro and his EPA are allowing them to dump in, in order to poison you and your family!

Never forget that 100% non-toxic dispersant chemicals are available which according to the EPA itself and the oil industry are twice as effective per volume used. So why are they using only one chemical, Corexit 9500, when vast supplies of the safe alternatives are in warehouses all over the Gulf Coast? You make up your own minds.

Here's what else Lindsey Williams said:

► The explosion was the result of an actual accident, but the elite immediately
seized on it to advance their plans of a complete command-and-control society
► The pressure readings of the well were numbers never before seen - 20,000-70,000
psi, whereas Williams said that Alaskan oil is pressurized at 1,500psi
► The pipe is broken in multiple places, not just the one they keep the camera on
► The Russians have been drilling wells like this for decades, but they do it on
land -- this accident is a direct result of liberal environmental policies,
without which BP would have drilled into the same stratum and depth from land
► There is so much pressure that oil is now coming out in multiple locations from
cracks in the ground
► BP is using the Corexit as well to keep most of the oil beneath the surface,
invisible to us and to the media, but able to be monitored by government satellite
► BP insiders say that the only possible way to cut off the flow is to use a
tactical nuclear weapon, and there is as great a possibility that doing that
will completely destroy what containment is left, shattering instead of settling
the stratum on top of the oil layer
► If the nuke fails, the oil will never stop, according to BP
► The National Guard is actively preventing people from photographing the Gulf,
along with private BP security, as well as preventing people from cleaning up oil
in their towns
► The Corexit gasses will rise into the atmosphere, travel with weather patterns
and come back down as toxic rain, according to Russian scientists
► It would take months before a nuclear device could be placed, since they would
have to slant-drill from off-site to get the bomb in position

There was more, but I can't recall every single, apocalyptic point. So I may have been wrong about BP or the government itself blowing the well, but there was so much suspicious behavior, the most egregious of which is the fact that some unknown party made unauthorized modifications to the blowout preventer, for which there are no records of being ordered by, done by, paid for or authorized or signed off on by either BP or TransOcean or any of their technical partners.

So there are 4.2 million gallons per day now admitted, and the leak is getting worse constantly as oil, under pressures an order of magnitude past anything ever seen, works its way through additional weak spots in the ocean floor. But the oil, while it sucks for the birds and fish, is not the bigger problem -- the Corexit is. Which the government is protecting BP's release of every day. Again, I'll let you figure it out.

But 52 days into this mess, according to the cooked BP figures already 8x the oil lost from the Exxon Valdez has leaked. So the figure is probably closer to 20x. If you figure four more months to drill an approach tunnel for a nuclear weapon, that is 120 more days, and if you figure the rate will not increase anymore (which it will but I've forgotten the necessary calculus to compute that factor), that's another 504 million gallons of oil. And if you remember the computer-generated estimate of the oil's path after 120 days, it was all the way up the East Coast to around Massachusetts. Perfect.

So, just when enough oil has been released to ensure the evacuation of the entire East Coast into FEMA camps, they may or may not decide to nuke it. According to Lindsey Williams' dying source, no one has any idea what the odds of success are, if they even try to actually achieve what success would be for us -- stopping the damn thing. The current BP engineers who talked to Williams under condition of anonymity said that they are all extremely concerned -- to me, it sounded like <50% chance of stopping the oil. SO they may actually try to stop it with a nuke, they make shatter the entire sea floor on purpose to instantly flood the entire Gulf of Mexico with crude and natural gas, or they could do the easiest thing, and just keep trying Top Hats and Junk Shots and Top Fills, maybe even come up with more clever plans designed to fail or make things worse, perhaps a Top Junk of a Fill Hat. Or they could go back to what the Mexicans did in the mid-'70s -- Operation Sombrero (true story).

Whatever they choose, at this point it appears that, whether at the slow, current rate of at least 4.2 million gallons a day, or at the catastrophic rate perhaps hundreds of time higher that would result from an incorrectly placed or sized nuclear blast, this oil will continue flowing for a much longer time than it already has. If it's the end of the year before they nuke it or build something like the giant containment dome they built around the reactor at Chernobyl and drop one over each of the leaking vents as well as the BP pipe, enough oil will be out to cross the Atlantic and menace Europe. Perhaps Africa too, I haven't studied the Atlantic currents yet.

And the whole time you can bet that BP will be dumping as much Corexit as they can into the water, poisoning everyone, potentially, within 150 miles inland of the Gulf and East Coasts at that point. They probably are building new factories to make the stuff, it's so diabolically perfect for the globalists. I still think they blew the well on purpose. But even if they didn't, it is the direct and intentional acts of the government in cahoots with BP that have caused, according to the EPA's own internal numbers, thousands of times the safe level of benzene and H2S in the air.

Get away right now if you're on the coastline, and make plans to get away ahead of the National Guard and FEMA, and probably the regular Army too, if you live less than 150 miles from the coast (Houston people, I'm writing to you).

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Harry Reid Down 11% To Rival in Nevada Senate Race

Have a nice retirement Harry, you slimy sack of ass. You've had far too long in the Senate helping to destroy the country.

Religion of Puss

Taliban Hang 7-Year-Old Boy as Spy

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How BP Overruled TransOcean to Blow Their Rig

"The rig's on fire! I told you this was gonna happen."


Rahm Emanuel's BP Tie

So Rambo lived rent-free for 5 years at a home owned by the founder of a BP lobbying firm. Could this be why he was hiding in Isreal the first 3-4 weeks after the rig exploded?

"Floating Globs of Death"

Ap Reporter Dives Into Oil


Now the Flow Rate is 100,000 Barrels Per Day

Oh, what a surprise. Did you hear the latest estimate? I love how BP and the government always use barrels as their measurement, trying to keep the public from rabidly attacking the White House. There are 42 U.S. gallons to a barrel, so now they admit that over 4.2 million gallons of oil are escaping every single day from the well they blew up. And when it wasn't spewing fast enough for the banksters, they had BP go in and open the breach in the pipe even wider with their "top kill" and the whole episode with the jammed saw.

Now there are reports, rumors I should say since there is not yet hard evidence in our possession, that a 10-man Blackwater special-ops team was on the Deepwater Horizon planting explosives, which they blew at the moment that the huge gas surge coming up from the blowout preventer, in order to destroy any possible evidence, including the airliner-style "black boxes" which could have been used to discover their fraud.

But the name of this post derives from the lies about the leak rate. The very first BP estimate was 450 barrels per day. That's not a typo. From 450 to 100,000+/day in 50 days. And they just kept ratcheting their estimates up every couple of days, each step not so much greater than the previous number that it would alarm anyone unless they were circumspect enough to go back and look at the original guess. You had one stop at 1000 barrels, then BP said 5000 on April 28,then the Coast Guard estimated 8000. On May 1 "industry insiders" guessed up to 25,000 barrels could be escaping per day. But on May 29, the cooked BP/government official line was 12,000-19,000.

And Mr. Doug Suttles, the BP COO in charge of drilling operations, said that day that the new cap which would be placed over the pipe would capture "...said it would capture most but not all of the oil leaking from the well, which is believed to be gushing 12,000 to 19,000 barrels a day." That from the New York Times. So only, at most, 19,000 barrels a day were leaking, and they would start capturing say 15,000 barrels a day and pumping it into their tankers to sell on market. Therefore, by June 1, only 4,000 barrels per day would actually be getting free into the ocean. And today, they admit over 100,000 barrels, 4.2 million gallons each and every day, are getting out there. That's what I call a quadratic equation.

Shell Game

"Dr. Doom" on the Future of The Gulf Coast and of BP

This guy thinks BP will file for bankruptcy protection in the coming weeks to indemnify them from having to actually pay what Soetoro made them promise -- every single dollar it takes to clean up their mess. Very smart play, if they do it. Like I've said, BP is a huge company whose two biggest investors are Queens Beatrix and Elizabeth, because even though their advertising moniker is simply BP, they are actually British Petroleum/Dutch Royal Shell.

BP may actually cease to exist as it is currently configured after the bankruptcy, lawsuits and media and public pressure all come to bear. If that happens, what you'll see is that the company will be broken up and their assets sold to other globalist-controlled firms. And then those pieces will either remain, with the Queens moving their money into those companies, or I think it's quite likely that, after a couple of years when everyone but those living on the Gulf coast have had this disaster fade in their memories, those pieces may be bought from their temporary holding companies and reassembled into a neo-BP under a different name and with a different logo.

That's the way these things work -- when a globalist company like Enron or BP gets into hot water, they sell their assets off and cease to exist under the name and in the configuration with which the public has known. But make no mistake -- all of the rigs, the refineries, all of the infrastructure that BP currently owns will still be owned by the globalists, just the names on the titles of ownership might change. And even if Soetoro and Congress do nationalize the energy industry, the profits will mysteriously never reach the coffers of our Treasury. They will continue to be funneled to the very same people who are rolling in their billions and trillions.


BP Stands to Gain from Green Movement

As I tried to tell everyone in recent days, BP will lose money over the Gulf oil mess, but they stand to gain much more in the future from contracts relating to the green energy bowel movement. The article above is from the Washington Examiner, not me, not Alex Jones nor Mike Rivero nor Steve Quayle.

♦ BP partnered with John Forbes Kerry to write the crap-and-trade bill
♦ "BP...has lobbied for tax hikes, greenhouse gas restraints, the stimulus bill, the
Wall Street bailout, and subsidies for oil pipelines, solar panels, natural gas and
♦ "BP was a founding member of the U.S. Climate Action Partnership (USCAP), a lobby
dedicated to passing a cap-and-trade bill."
♦ "As the nation’s largest producer of natural gas, BP saw many ways to profit from
climate legislation, notably by persuading Congress to provide subsidies to
coal-fired power plants that switched to gas."
♦ "BP has lobbied for and profited from subsidies for biofuels and solar energy,
two products that cannot break even without government support."
♦ BP lobbied for the "stimulus" package and the bankster bailout bill

Blood of the Earth

Whoever did this is not a very good speller, nor does he or she obey the rules of capitalization, but these are very powerful tools for educating people who prefer to passively watch videos than to actively research the matter for themselves.

Somebody Light A Match

It is well known to everyone by now that the traditional method of dealing with an oil spill like this is to set it on fire. Alex Jones suggested today that not only should they have set the plume on fire the first day or two as soon as it surfaced, but that they also should have seeded it with the custom-engineered bacteria that are available which actually eat the oil and use it as food and as a medium in which to multiply. Because if you started bacterial colonies when the oil was all in one place, the natural multiplication process would have ensured that the colonies would have spread apart along with the oil, all the while continuing to multiply and eat the slicks until they were gone. Alex also suggested not only setting the oil on fire, but dropping napalm on it, to keep it burning until it was consumed in the "bombing" area. I have no idea if we still have napalm in weapons deliverable by fighters and bombers -- I remember a controversy here in town years ago where people were protesting a huge shipment by train of napalm to be destroyed somewhere west of here. But napalm isn't difficult to make -- you can find recipes on the internet with a simple search.

And I'd like to clarify a point which I've alluded to in the past, but not made it as clear as I should have. Oil is bad for the birds and other wildlife and plants which it is starting to coat off the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. It certainly makes the beaches uninhabitable to tourists who supply a large percentage of those states' economic income in the summer months. But oil is composed of a mixture of hundreds of types of hydrocarbons and a few trace minerals. We are made up largely of hydrocarbons. Science books refer to them as building blocks of life. That's why astronomers are excited every time they detect the presence of such molecules on distant worlds -- they are the chemical signature of life.

The oil is bad, but it will break down after not more than a couple of years into harmless chemical components. In other words, it will not poison the coastline forever. I don't have enough data on Corexit and whatever else BP and the government are dumping into the water, but make no mistake about it -- of the two, the Corexit is by far the worse. I wrote earlier that it causes skin burns on contact, burns the lungs on inhalation and attacks the liver, kidneys, erythrocytes, testicles and ovaries directly. And worse, unlike oil breaking down, Corexit breaking down results in benzene, hydrogen sulfide and other toxic and cancer-causing by-products.

I'm neither a petrochemist not a pyromaniac, so I have no idea if lighting the surface oil on fire would be able to do anything about the sunken plumes (which Corexit has caused to stay beneath the surface, if Anderson Blooper forgot to tell you), but it would get rid of the oil on the surface, the oil that the government is permitting, no, encouraging to wash up onto the shores in Louisiana and Florida. Local fishermen could go out with matchbooks and maybe a few cans of lighter fluid and burn off the oil as it threatens their own small harbors. But the government has teams of lawyers threatening them with lawsuits if they do try to save their small towns and businesses, and SWAT teams ready to threaten them with automatic weapons if they defy the lawyers.

Look it up. "Obama" deploys SWAT teams to the Gulf as a search term should bring up the articles. Not Soetoro, as I first typed before correcting myself. That probably won't get you the best results. So why is Barry sending tac squads to the Gulf of Mexico instead of the Persian Gulf? You figure it out.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Leak May Be Bigger Than BP Says

Second Gulf Oil Leak Discovered

1 Killed Monday in Texas Gas Explosion

Second Natural Gas Explosion in Two Days Kills 2 in Texas

7 Hurt in West Virginia Explosion

'New' BP Oil Spill in Alaska Blamed on Cost-Cutting

I wonder why there are suddenly so many stories in the media about accidents and disasters in the energy sector... Why could that be? Because Soetoro and his globalist puppetmasters are desperate to push their crap-and-trade carbon tax on the American people before he's rendered politically impotent after the elections in November. The lame duck Demoncats and phony conservative Repubics won't mind voting for it in exchange for promises of cushy "consulting" jobs with the big corporations controlled by the banksters. Even the lamestream media admit that this would instantly double your electricity bills and push the price of gasoline up to the level that Europeans pay.

They thought they'd have no problem getting it through Congress late last year, after the Copenhagen climate change conference that was supposed to convince the last of us skeptics that we would all die in a firestorm if the U.N. were not allowed to attach a tax to literally all human activity. Then they got snowed out, the Climategate emails were leaked, and the whole conference turned into a joke. Al Goreleone went back into hiding, as he usually does during winters, and the carbon tax was put on hold.

So, five months or so later, boom -- Deepwater Horizon is blown up by operatives of the NWO, killing 11, a fact which seems to have been completely forgotten. The worst ecological disaster probably in world history before it's all over, if it ever ends, and now you have all these ancillary disasters happening (or being perpetrated) and being hyped in the media. And suddenly, instead of spending a total of 3 hours in the Gulf, touring the affected areas in the first five weeks after the explosion, now Barry is all over the place, hopping back and forth between his stressful job in Washington guided the good ship America, and now he's the man on the spot in the stricken states.

Pretty soon you'll see a concerted push from the controlled media for new EPA controls on energy, then you'll see them try to pass crap-and-trade, and then you will have them try to nationalize the energy sector, probably waiting until their narrow window after the elections and any runoffs in November and when the new Congress is sworn in. They know that Americans have seen through their takeovers of the financial and automobile manufacturing sectors. They know we will not stand for them nationalizing oil, coal, and gas, as Hugo Chavez has done in Venezuela, but they have never cared what their constituents want.

Watch for it. It will unfold exactly as I've just predicted unless some sort of divine intervention occurs, or unless you can wake up enough of the people you know to what is going on behind the curtain in the land of Oz.

Damn Dirty Liars

BP Says 'Virtually' All oil to be Captured Soon

Look at the video of the leak tonight, then compare it to yesterday's and the video from the day before that, which I also posted here. Does it look better or worse to you?

Monday, June 7, 2010

Here We Go Again

New (old) BP Oil Spill in Alaska

Didn't see this on the news? Even though it's in the same Alaska wilderness that the enviro-wackos always scream about how we must protect the wild moose and bears? Why had not even I heard about this until two weeks later, and that by accident, listening to Mike Rivero's podcast? The media are protecting BP from the public by hiding this, a real accident, while pretending to chide the company over the situation in the Gulf, which should now be obvious to all is a government-military operation.

BP is owned mostly by Queens Beatrix of the Netherlands and Elizabeth, two people who sit at the very top of the elite power pyramid. And BP is the largest corporate pusher of the "green energy" movement. After the oil spill in the Gulf is forgotten, years from now they will be given hundreds of billions if not trillions of dollars in government contracts to build "eco-friendly" power infrastructure in this country. Sure, it's costing them billions to "clean up" the Gulf and to fling all these Top Hats and Top Kills and Junk Shots at the well on top of which Deepwater Horizon used to sit.

That's the game for them. Take a hit now, lie low for a while and be rewarded for helping the globalists carry out the greatest act of terrorism ever perpetrated in this country or any other. They have killed the Gulf of Mexico, and nearly all of it, for years to come. Admitted now in every mainstream media article. Years. Maybe decades. And they continue to spread the oil around by dumping their Corexit for the banksters, designed to make the core of the country exit as the oil reaches Florida, then continues around its tip and up the East Coast, all the way to Massachusetts or so, according to their computer projection. Oh yes, they knew exactly what they were doing when they blew up the well.

The above is the NOAA computer simulation of the oil slick as it hugs and travels along the East Coast, on Day 132 after the explosion. We are on Day 50 now, I believe.BP has said that the oil won't be cut off until August. So the rest of June, all of July, and as much into August as they can get away with puts us right around 132 days. I wouldn't be surprised if they stopped it exactly on Day 132 just to shove it in everyone's face. Watch, all you people on the Eastern seaboard who think you're safe.

We've Got a Pulse...

10,000 Protest Proposed New Mosque Next to Ground Zero

This is Who You Elected

Biden and Emanuel Enjoy Watergun Fight on White House Lawn

Thank you, idiot Americans. Thank you, Peggy Joseph and all your friends who thought that just because Barry skin is darker than McCain's, he would do anything to help you. How's that working out for you?

So now we have Rambo Emanuel, just back from spending three weeks hiding from the media in Israel, having a water gun fight with the vice president. Let's survey what's going on right now to which they should be paying attention and devoting their time:

1) The worst environmental disaster in American, possibly even modern world history
2) Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq
3) Iran acquiring nuclear weapons
4) North Korea having nuclear weapons
5) 22%+ real unemployment and underemployment
6) 30-40 million illegal aliens, mainly Mexicans, helping them bankrupt citizens
7) National debt now equal to and about to surpass our Gross Domestic Product
8) More black babies being aborted every year than being born
9) The rise of China as a superpower about to equal us in military
10) China having risen to surpass us in manufacturing and most economic sectors
11) Vladimir Putin constantly sabotaging us in the U.N. Insecurity Council
12) The U.N. itself being a cartel of banana republics
13) The breakdown of the American family as a cultural value

There, I'll stop at 13. I could do 100. And there they are, cavorting on the lawn with Super Soakers. I never saw anything like this at such a time of domestic and international crises. But it's on purpose, like everything else the New World Order does, it's designed to break our will.


Soldier Arrested for Leaking Video of Murders by U.S. Army

Older Wired Magazine Article

I'm not talking about the consumption of flesh, but our military certainly know how to eat their own. Everyone must immediately view the video in question if you haven't seen it already. You won't have seen it in the controlled media, probably have not even heard about the incident unless you or someone you know listens to Alex Jones or other free, alternative media. It has almost a million view on Youtube (just one of dozens of copies) and an incredible sum of over 16,000 comments. It's the military's worst-kept, dirty secret. And now they want to crucify the man that brought the world's attention to this.

The video, from an Apache gunship shows our military murdering innocent Iraqi civilians, one of whom was a reporter. There were two helicopters, and you hear the crews discussing whether or not they have any reason to mow the people down. When one sees the reporter's camera, he says it's a gun and they open fire. When it becomes 100% certain that the Iraqis had been unarmed and no threat, you hear them laughing. Then they shoot up an car containing two small children. And laugh some more.

Full version:

Shorter version:

The government tried to shut down Wikileaks over this video, the site where it was first disseminated to the public. Since then it has gone viral on Youtube and elsewhere, so now it's too late for them to stop you from seeing it. So, they're doing the next best thing -- persecuting the soldier who risked his life to sneak this video out. Listen to the zeal in the voices of the pilots and the guy manning the machine gun.

"Good shootin'!"
"Thank you."

Watch them finish off the reporter, who is crawling away towards cover. Listen as they wish for an excuse to kill him -- "Come on, buddy... All you gotta do is pick up a weapon." Listen to them begging for permission to fire at the van that comes to pick up the dead bodies, desperate for blood -- "Come on, let us shoot!" Whiny vermin. I believe this is the first time I have ever called a United States soldier that, but it fits this scum. Up there in his multimillion dollar gunship, begging for permission to murder as if it were a video game.

Then they finally obtain permission to engage the van just as it starts to pull away from where the driver and passenger picked up the dead bodies. The two Apaches circle over and over, looking for other victims.

Pilot 1: "Yeah, it worked pretty good. I didn't want those motherfuckers to run away and scatter!"
Pilot 2: "Yeah..."

Here's where the story gets a bit deeper, emotionally. There are ground forces moving in -- men who fight yards away from their enemy, not hundreds of feet above in armored helicopters. They see up close the result of the actions of the helicopter pilots and gunmen, and they have a different take, emotionally and morally, on what happened. You can read the full transcript of the incident here.

So the ground forces arrive and find the wounded kids inside the van, and, being true to the spirit and the soul of real U.S. soldiers, they evacuate them to a hospital in Bradley fighting vehicle. No one knows if the kids lived, but their wounds were said to be grave at the time. Then, after the compassionate ground forces leave, the chopper pilots continue their pursuit of more blood. But one of them evidently forgot which button to push on his video game controller -- my favorite snippet of conversation has to be this gem:

"32:40 Let me know when you're going to fire.
32:44 All right, I'm fucking having a brain fart. Where's the man [manual] advancement?
32:48 You got one on the clutch on the bottom left on your left door.
32:54 Roger let me stand by.
32:57 Got it?
32:59 No.
33:03 All right.
33:09 Let me just put a kilo [Hellfire missile] in there.
33:12 Ok.
33:15 Got it?
33:21 Put a kilo in?
33:22 All right, let me get back."

Yeah, buddy, you had a brain fart all right, when you purposely called a camera an AK-47, when you finished off the crawling, wounded reporter, when you killed the people who came to get the dead bodies off the street and when you most likely killed two young children in cold blood. I'd call that a brain fart of the highest magnitude.

Well, watch the rest if it interests you. As far as I know, nothing has happened to these pilots, who should be in Leavenworth for the rest of their lives, if not executed. I would prefer the latter. And now the government is going after the whistleblower, who, though he did break one law by leaking "classified" video, should be protected by our whistleblower laws. But our military, starting under G.W. and continuing under Soetoro, does nothing better than prosecute its own heroes. It can't prosecute a war to save our lives, because the Pentagon hats won't let the fighting men fight, but they sure as hell can make sure that if a soldier does his job, like in the tragic case of Michael Behenna or the so-called Haditha Massacre, after which the government spent years and millions of dollars to persecute our Marines. That one was particularly galling as the late, detestable John Murtha took a report from the verminous Bernard McGirk of Time Magazine, who fabricated his story based on the word of Iraqi locals, with no evidence to back it up.

For every 100 soldiers out there in combat there are a handful that have been perverted, and at some level I can empathize. The very purpose of basic training is to break the cadet, then to reform him or her psychologically to suit the purposes of the government and the military. This process removes some of the normal mental and emotional checks and balances with which they grew up, assuming that they had a normal childhood. Perhaps the ones who perpetrate atrocities like you have just seen, if could bear to watch the whole thing, were the ones who were abused themselves. Or maybe the stress with which the government has burdened many of them by deploying them for tour after tour is responsible. Part of it is certainly due to the culture of acceptable violence in the media here -- the graphically violent video games, the torture-porn movies like Hostel and shows like "24."

Whatever the cause of these aberrant behaviors in a tiny fraction of our service men and women, there is no doubt that this is a problem, and the problem will worsen as the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq drag on. And they will drag on, and new theaters of operation, whether they be in Pakistan, Iran, North Korea, the Sudan or wherever else a fake conflict can be generated, will continue to ensure that the military-industrial complex continues to funnel billions of your tax dollars to their bestest friends like General Electric and Halliburton.

The soldier who was brave enough to recognize the atrocious nature of this horrendous slaughter should be given a presidential medal, not prosecuted. This video does not reveal any classified information. The military is simply sending a message to anyone else who might get a thought in their head to shed light on any such future incidents. Because the one thing that the globalist elite, their bankster money hoarders, and their minions in government and military cannot stand is the light of truth shining on them. They scramble away like the cockroaches that they are.

It is time to put on a heavy pair of boots and smash some insects around here.

Chicago Style

Obama Knows Whose Ass to Kick

I don't mean deep dish pizza. Soetoro's Chicago political upbringing shines through a crack in his facade. When you don't get what you want by being a multiracial, silver-tongued Communist, you threaten. That's the way politics have run since the first tribes of humans aggregated, I suppose.

Breaking Up is Easy To Do

Oil Separates Into Thousands of Patches, Could Persist for Years
UPDATE: ... Cleanup Will Take Years

Yeah, it's really easy to get the single oil plume to break up into thousands of individual patches, each able to catch slightly different currents and land at thousands of different landfall points. Very easy when you have BP dumping thousands of gallons of the poison dispersant Corexit into the ocean each day. Did you ever wonder why they were using a dispersant instead of whatever the opposite may be called -- an aggregator, perhaps?

From the first day I heard the term dispersant I thought that that was odd. Why try to spread the oil over more area instead of collect it in the smallest possible patch of ocean. You know why. Because they want the most percentage of the Gulf coastline affected as is possible. That's why they've kept the geyser gushing from the blown well, that's why they have refused to stop the leak, and that's why they are using a chemical weapon to spread the thing as widely as they can.

But oh yes, the wonderfully competent Thad Allen says that the new cap is capturing between one third and three quarters of the oil. Rather a large spread, that. The live feed from the BP robo-sub monitoring the leak at the rupture in their pipe is conveniently not available today, but I watched it last night -- the oil is flowing out of that thing just as quickly as it was when they first got the ROVs down there to film it.

So do you believe the Coast Guard and BP when they say that progress has been made and that a significant portion of the oil is being captured? Or, if the video feed becomes available again will you watch it and believe your own eyes? Oh wait -- breaking news -- the feed just now became available. Perhaps the ROV is being maneuvered, but right now, it shows only clear water with a few white particles drifting about. No pipe, no cap, certainly no oil. Strange. This is the feed I'm watching from BP's web site. Yesterday I had found a stream from a third party ROV -- judging by it's name it was from a Scandinavian country. I can't seem to find that one on Google again, but it certainly showed a massive amount of oil gushing from the broken well.

UPDATE: I found the stream from yesterday, though coming through BP's web site they are only sometimes available. I'm sure their servers are crashing from news media and curious public individuals trying to view the streams. You can view all the ROV live footage at this page from BP. The two best views currently are Skandi 1 and Skandi 2. Most of the other subs, right now, are either pointed at clear water, away from BP's equipment or are diving, climbing, or back in their motherships.

Let's see if this works, I'll try to embed a couple short videos I captured while the streams were online:

I'll admit that these don't look as bad as the video I was watching 18 hours ago, though the ROVs look to be positioned at the flange of the connector rather than further up toward the surface where it was really gushing like wild. So maybe they are starting to actually tighten the thing and capture more, who knows. Good, I'd like to be wrong about this whole thing, I'd love it if BP would actually stop the flow. But one thing is certain -- even if not one more drop of oil leaks from the well, there are already upwards of 25-50 million gallons, according to BP, free in the water. And now it's been broken up into thousands of independently-drifting patches. If you're planning on spending a weekend at the beach, better do it soon.

UPDATE: I captured another video from the Skandi-1 ROV. The flow is worse, this just 4.5 hours after the one from the same ROV above. Note how it says "Dispersant Ops" on the overlay. They're sticking it in your face -- it's an op and they're using their dispersant to make it worse.

We're Coming for You, Barbara

Finally, the American sheople have begun to wake up from their near Living Dead state. At last, Barry "Obama" has begun to tarnish and people are clawing their way out from the quicksand pit of misinformation that the media have been doing their best to keep the general population in.

The poll was conducted by ABC with the Washington Post. The Post is not a bad rag but you all know how biased ABC is. I'm actually surprised that ABC went on to go live with the story -- usually they would either not report on a poll so unfavorable to Soetoro, or they would bury it on some unknown reporter's blog. This is a good sign.

So more Americans now rate the government's "response" to the oil spill unfavorably compared to two weeks after Katrina. Why they chose to compare two weeks after Katrina to six weeks after the rig explosion I don't know -- it is generally not a good idea to try to compare poll numbers with a time difference like that. Perhaps because Katrina blew through in just a couple of days, whereas the oil took weeks to start reaching land and is still an ongoing story with no end in sight. In any case, this is a good sign. Even better is that 64% of all polled want criminal charges against BP.

This is very encouraging. But what is still not being talked about, except in "conspiracy" forums and on "kooky" radio shows, is the possibility, I say probability that if the government itself did not blow the well, that they certainly have done everything in their power to stall any sort of meaningful abatement of the oil flow as well as actively preventing the cleanup of the oil that has drifted far away from the site of the leak. They have lawyers in every Gulf Coast state keeping local fishermen from going out in their personal vessels to mop up the oil or to form cordons using theirs and their neighbors' ships.

The globalists may have overplayed their hand with this operation. In the last 24 hours I have seen libs including Jimmy Buffett, Harry Shearer and no less than the man who got Bubba Clinton elected, James Carville, screaming on Fox, CNN and yes, even MS-LSD about how the government is doing nothing to clean up the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. These are intelligent people, for the most part (Buffett has too few brain cells after living in Margaritaville), which is the most maddening thing about liberals. They're intelligent but not smart. They have intellectual potential but have been warped since childhood by misguided parents and an education system manned from bow to stern by Communists, enviro-nuts and every other sort of misfit known to man.

But even the Prius people are starting to peel their Obama stickers off their bumpers. We need to find a point of penetration into their virtual intellectual electric fence, some way to get past the brainwashing that they have been enslaved by all their lives. Maybe the crisis in the Gulf is the opportunity that will give us the chance to shatter the false paradigm in which they have been living. Because it's easy for the radical left to preach about this EPA policy and that U.N. committee, but when dead birds soaked in oil start washing up in front of their beach-front condos, they start to pull themselves out their typical university debate-club mindset and start thinking in practical terms like the rest of us do.

I personally dislike James Carville, a bizarre, alien-looking, strange-sounding shill in the media for the liberal Democrats. But there is no doubt that he is incredibly intelligent and that he is extremely smart politically. He lives in New Orleans. Though he campaigned for Hillary he has consistently supported Soetoro in the media since his nomination as the Demoncat candidate for the presidency. Now that his home is threatened he has suddenly switched to harsh criticism in place of the blind support he previously exhibited for anything Barry did or didn't do.

Because this is all about what Barry isn't doing. Which is anything. Barry had his EPA request that BP stop poisoning the waters with the Corexit that they are buying from themselves. The didn't, and the gangster from Kenya/Indonesia/Hawaii/Chicago opted not to pursue the matter any further. Barry could order the Navy and Coast Guard, if BP refused, to spread oil-eating microbes on the spill to get rid of the oil, or use the age-old method of surface burning, but he doesn't. Barry order the Navy, which certainly is of no use against foreign enemies or even pirates, due to Bush and Soetoro's douchebag rules of engagement, to form cordons using booms to keep the oil from reaching shore, but he won't.

Barry has his orders and he's following them. So instead of helping the people of the Gulf states, he has Paul McCartney over to the White House for an evening of wine and song, and to sing "Michelle" to Mrs. Soetoro. It should speak volumes to all of you that even though this inaction is political suicide, Barry still continues down that path. It shows that he is controlled, and that he is in no way at the top of the pyramid of power. The globalists have his birth certificate and they can remove him at any time they please, should he start to defy them.

But the people are indeed waking up from their coma. Soon they will be clamoring for criminal charges not against BP, but against Soetoro, Pelosi, Reid, Soros, Geithner, Bush, Cheney, Kissinger, Brzezinski, Ban, van Rompuy and all the rest of the list. The once dead American people will rise and attack the power structure in D.C. And we will rebuild this country in the original form which the founding fathers envisioned. And all the globalists and banksters and their minion operatives will spend the rest of their lives in prison.

And the Band Played On...

US Debt to Overtake GDP in Size

I thought of that title because this is the top story on Drudge, and he used a picture showing a Titanic-size ship sinking beneath the surface. But I think it's appropriate because while anyone who spends even a few hours researching the controlled financial meltdown will find, it is already too late to save the country's economy without completely eliminating the Federal Reserve and creating a new national, actual-Federal banking system with the necessary checks and balances so that this sort of banker takeover of our country and the rest of the world can never again happen.

But the band plays on, that is the controlled corporate media, and by that I mean all media, not just the bought-and-paid for news media. Hollywood, MTV, prime time programming, sports, reality shows, music, popular Internet sites and all the rest are distractions largely designed and financially supported by the globalist machine. But if I started discussing how the NTSC television system just so happens to refresh the screen at 59.97Hz, a rate which happens to coincide with a harmonic of the alpha-wave state of the human brain, and that this has the effect of raising the alpha, or sleep-like (in)activity in your brain, you wouldn't believe me.

But NTSC was designed post-WWII, so it is an old trick. Now, the government directly purchases what Alex Jones calls "behavior placement." Product placement became popular in the '80s as large companies discovered they could pay movie and television production firms to prominently display their products in films and shows. Today the government pays production companies to promote ideas, memes. I don't have a list, but I would start "24" near the top of the list. Torture is good, it's patriotic, sometimes it is necessary to break the laws of the land in order toprotect the innocent. I love that show -- it is terrific entertainment. But we need to put a wall up between what we see and hear one side, and our own thoughts and opinions and convictions on the other.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mrs. Toad's Wild Ride

Kagan Papers To Be Sealed From Public Scrutiny

In yet another striking example of how the most open and transparent administration in U.S. history is exactly the opposite, some nobody named Bauer who is evidently Soetoro's personal lawyer has informed Republicans that the 150,000 documents related to the unqualified Supreme Court nominee, Elena Kagan, a close personal friend of Barry's, may be sealed. I can't wait to hear the doublespeak on this one. It's gotten so ridiculous under this regime that they'll probably issue a press release stating that the papers are being sealed so that the public can have time to read them all. Like how we had 72 hours to read the Health Scare Deform bill, except we didn't, and neither did the Republicans. And the bill they voted on wasn't even the one they were voting on.

Mrs. Toad is a nightmare. Put aside the alleged fact that she is a lesbian and that she would use that bias when deciding on gay marriage. We don't have time to get caught with that skirmish -- it's a diversionary tactic. She is anti- 1st and -2nd Amendment, she is for live birth abortion, euphemistically called partial birth abortion even by Fixed News and even more shadily termed "late-term" abortion by AC/DC Cooper and the rest of the media. This is pulling the baby's head out of the mother's vagina, sticking a hollow icepick into the brain, through the soft plates of the skull, and vacuuming out the brains. While the baby screams and fights to live but has its lower half still inside the mother. While the baby was old enough to live, often without even needing a respirator or special treatment. Next time a verminous liberal coworker or friend starts talking about abortion, ask them if they know what "late term" really involves, then tell them.

But that's a side issue. Mrs. Toad will indeed take us on one wild ride, away from states' rights and towards total federal control. Away from private industry and into complete nationalization of the economy. Away from checks and balances towards you checking your bank balance and finding it zeroed out. Wealth distribution, wealth confiscation, continued shattering of our military and intelligence institutions, away from free speech and into only government-approved speech... The list is endless. So why do you think her papers will be sealed?

Because she's Barry's personal friend, she's a fellow power-grabbing socialist and she's relatively young. And she'll do what their common boss, Goldman-Sachs says to do. Simple as that.