Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fingerprint or Die!

Fingerprints Required to Enter CA Skate Park

In the '80s we had "Skate or Die!" Now... After 6PM kids must fingerprint scan to enter a skate park in a small California town. The alleged reasons: to prevent vandalism and to allow "authorities" to know the identities of those present if a crime should occur. This is a classic globalist tactic -- accuse the innocent of potential wrongdoing in the future, crack down on them in the present.

The real reason that things like this are being done all over the country is to acclimate people to being tracked and recorded everywhere they go. And it's easier to do with younger people, kids who grew up always having computers and cell phones and parents with GPS in their cars. The teens using this skate park will think nothing of having to present their finger for identification and storage. In fact, they'll probably think it's cool. The globalists have already won their battle trying to convince kids that there is nothing wrong with their entire lives being recorded by all the wonderful technology they enjoy so much. It's up to we older folk to make sure that our peers do not fall into the same trap.


Obamas to Vacation in Maine

Is Soetoro really interested in going on one of his manifold vacations in Maine, or does he know not to go anywhere near the Gulf and its poison air, water and food? Clearly the answer is the latter. His science Czars and personal physician won't let him anywhere near the government-corporate terror attack down there. That's the reason why he spent a whopping three hours on his first visit. They know it's death in the air and the water.

Invasion of the Body Flushers

Belgium Plans to Dissolve, Flush Bodies

This is the latest result of the global warming hysteria which evidently the submorons in Belgium still believe. They are concerned about all the carbon dioxide that released when bodies are cremated, so their solution: dissolve dead people in a caustic solution and flush them into the sewer system. So now when grandma dies, instead of having her in a nice urn to keep forever, she'll be floating next to the results of your last night's dinner. Lovely thought.

Never mind that the earth has been cooling for a decade, that carbon dioxide is what plants breather, or the CO2 is relatively harmless as a greenhouse gas, having much less effect per unit of weight than methane and many other chemicals. Flush the banksters and their government puppets, not the dearly departed.


Oil Flowing Freely After BP Removes Cap

The media are for some reason reporting that it will take BP two or three days to replace the old cap, which was never intended to stop the oil, with a new, much heavier one, which will not have been designed to stop the geyser. BP's own management, however, are saying 4-7 days. However long it takes, there is now absolutely nothing in place now to throttle the oil. I tried to get screen captures from the ROVs to compare how much oil is now coming out of the wellhead, but curiously none of the subs are in place at the moment. You'd think BP would want to monitor the change in the flow rate during these first hours of unfettered flow.

The truth is they do not want video to get out of the true, disastrous state of affairs there, down nearly a mile beneath the waves. But whether or not "Top Hat 10" is successful in capping the oil at the well site, as I have written over and over, that will make no difference as the well casing below the ocean floor is shattered. These next few days are simply the latest delaying tactic, only this one is especially evil because the oil will spew with no resistance against it. If BP were racing on the street this would be the equivalent of activating their nitrous injectors.

Before the cap was removed there were at least 1.2 million gallons of oil and even more cubic feet of methane being released into the ocean. That number will be multiplied by an unknown factor, but certainly double, but we will never be told the truth about what that multiplier is. For that matter, the globalists and our government do not plan to tell us the truth about anything, until we force them to in courts of law, under penalty of perjury.

Friday, July 9, 2010


Handcuffed Aussie Tased 28 Times, Dies

Unfortunately the title of this post refers not to a recipe for spicy tilapia or chicken, but the latest outrageous use of excessive force by police, this time in Australia. They had the man handcuffed but he was still struggling against them, so they tased him. 28 times. Until he died. Naked, on the bathroom floor. His face literally cooked until it turned black.

The police are being encouraged by their superiors to be ever more aggressive against the public, both in terms of investigating and harassing innocent people and in their willingness to use force, deadly force if at all possible. This is a horrible story; I feel for the woman who watched her lover electrocuted and cooked in front of her eyes by verminous, out of control cops. But, as the police will tell you, tasers are not deadly weapons.

Wasting Away Again

Jimmy Buffet Blames Bush for Gulf Oil Spill

Why anyone would pay attention to Jimmy Buffet baffles me. On politics, economics, environmental issues or anything else for that matter. No, Mr. Buffet, the oil disaster was not George Bush's fault. Many things were and are, but not this one. The man you worship as "Obama" signed off on a special safety waiver for BP and personally awarded a safety award to Deepwater Horizon. "Obama" is the one who has done everything in his unconstitutional power to stop any meaningful efforts to clean up the water and beaches. "Obama" is the one whose EPA has allowed BP to dump millions of gallons of admittedly toxic Corexit 9500 into the water, which is what is killing more of the life in the Gulf than the oil itself.

No Mr. Buffet, George Bush is not the one allowing oil and Corexit to wash up onshore and continue inland to marshes and estuaries, it is Barry Soetoro. George Bush is not the one failing to hold BP accountable for the checks they promised your friends and neighbors in the Gulf and now are refusing to issue. Bush is not the one who ordered FEMA to draw up evacuation plans. George Bush is now nothing more than what he was before he became governor of Texas and the president of the United States -- a spoiled brat who grew up in one of the most influential political families in America, and a mid-level CFR and Bilderberg member.

At least George Bush managed to kick his alcohol habit instead of glorifying it in song, polluting the minds of children who grew up listening to your talentless musings, Mr. Buffet. George Bush does not care what you think, Jimmy. You, with all your fame and gold records and adoring, idiot fans are nothing more than I in Bush's eyes, and those of the globalists -- another anonymous, useless eater who is slated for destruction. Maybe your next album should focus on exposing the globalist agenda instead of spinning tales of booze and cheeseburgers. But it won't, you won't, because you'd rather hide in a bottle than educate yourself. Like most people you don't have the courage because the truth is more frightening than waking up after the liquor store has closed only to find that you're out of rum and vodka.


Greenspan: "Economy is in a pause"

Go away, Mr. Greenspan, you did your job very faithfully when you were in power over the Fed, doing what the banksters told you to, laying the foundation for the economic collapse of 2008 and the destruction of the dollar that we will soon see. The economy is not in a "pause," it has been destroyed by design. More than by design, what we have witnessed under George "Nukeular" Bush and Barry Soetoro was blueprinted and executed with surgical precision.

(S)Hit List

Southern Poverty Law Center's 40-Person Hit List

Not surprisingly the SPLC has taken down the PDF that used to be publicly available on their web site. This criminal organization must be investigated, its leaders prosecuted, the assets of the Center seized, and the entire operation must be shut down. But it won't be, because it is an attack dog for Soetoro and the liberals whom the globalists are using to destroy our once great republic.

Great Expectations

BP Hopes New Cap Will Stop Leak

This will go one of two ways, I can't predict which, but one of these -- either the new cap is successful in stopping the oil/methane/toxin flow almost entirely or entirely at the wellhead, or it will fail and increase the flow rate. If the new cap is "successful" it will not make a difference, because the well casing has been shattered. That's why, as I've written before, oil has been spotted gushing from naturally-bored vents in the ocean floor at least 20 miles away from the site of the detonated Deepwater Horizon.

There is no way to stop the oil from that trillion gallon stratum, nor the trillions of cubic feet of methane, nor the poison chemicals which accompany the two, from entering the Gulf's waters. Not even if BP wanted to could they, at this point in their terrorist operation, shut off the flow. The only possibility, according to industry experts, would be to use a low-yield nuclear device, but there is an equal chance that doing so would shatter the entire ocean floor which is containing the giant oil and gas pocket as much as it is now. If a nuke is used and shatters the roof over this stratum, the entire contents down below would be instantly released. It would be a planet killer.

Let's see how bold the globalists are, how far along in their endgame plans they think they are. If the media start hyping the use of a nuclear bomb, start pushing for it, that is a sign that BP will be ordered to go ahead and use one, or several. If they do go ahead and nuke the Gulf floor, it is my opinion that that will be because they have used computer simulation to conclude that there is a greater likelihood of it shattering the seabed and releasing all that oil than there is of working to seal the stratum permanently.

Or, of course, should they decide not to bomb the Gulf, and do somehow manage to stop the flow both from the wellhead and from the countless vents on the ocean floor, which I doubt is possible, that will be when their supercomputers have told them that there is enough oil and methane already escaped to accomplish whatever their strategy is for this operation. I believe it to be a test for FEMA evacuations and gun confiscation. If the oil is allowed to keep flowing for many more weeks or until the end of the year, I believe they may want to permanently evacuate the Gulf Coast region. If the oil is allowed to flow forever or if a nuclear detonation releases the entire contents of that giant petroleum pocket, I believe they have it in mind to kill the 95% of all human beings that is stated as optimal in their internal documents.

Time will tell. Maybe I've been completely delusional about the whole thing, BP's new cap will work next week, somehow the oil will stop coming out from those natural vents, and maybe the government will actually allow cleanup to be done. Maybe the fish, shrimp, lobster, oysters, crawfish, dolphins, sharks and whales will magically resurrect and breed in numbers sufficient to return fishing stocks to normal levels within a few short years. But I don't think so. This is day 82, I think, since the elite had Deepwater Horizon blown up. I think that, in their eyes, things in the Gulf are going just swimmingly.

I Want To Believe

UFO Photographed Over China


55% Believe Obama To Be a Socialist

Finally, thank the Lord, the sheople are starting to wake up. A new poll of likely voters say that "socialist" is an accurate description of our president. Now if we could get a majority to know that his name is Barry Soetoro, that he was born in Kenya and is currently an Indonesian citizen, not an American, we'd be getting somewhere. The morons that voted for this traitor believe him to be a golden boy, a rock star, someone who could and would do no wrong. Gold is prized because, among other properties, it does not tarnish or rust. America is quickly coming to realize that "Barack Obama" is fugazi, that he is fool's gold.

The King Has No Clothes

I did a much better job this year trying to stay focused on important issues, not being distracted by the government-media complex's distractions like this LeBron James decision fiesta, but I must do better. I did watch a dozen or so Spurs games on TV and most of their playoff games. Alex Jones is right.They're throwing the kitchen sink at us to keep us from paying attention to the Gulf oil terrorist operation, the economy, the America-killing bills that Congress passes nearly ever week during which they're in session, the coming war with Iran and the rest of the whole globalist agenda to enslave and kill off the general population of planet Earth. We must all do more to pay attention, filter out the distractions and inform our friends, family, neighbors and coworkers while there is still time to salvage this great, fallen nation.

Turnabout is Fair Play

The Congress is outraged now that German authorities have uncovered evidence that Google's "Wi-Spy" vans managed to collect personal information from several members' residences. I think this is hilarious, and, like most of what they say, hypocritical. They are pushing the Cybersecurity bill that will put black boxes in every person's home to monitor everything they do on the internet, and another box to control what you can watch on TV. But they don't like it when the policies they are pushing on us are turned around and used on them.

Make no mistake about it, what Google did was illegal, and they are rightly being pursued by European authorities for prosecution. Hopefully this revelation will spur our Justice Department to do the same. As a side issue, it is kind of frightening to think that the members whose data was stolen by Google are using unsecured wireless networks. Surely they conduct some official business from home, emailing each other and the companies who have bought them off and their controllers. On an unsecured network, all uploaded and downloaded data is plainly visible to snooping programs like Google used. So anything the members happened to be doing over the internet that might have been of a sensitive nature was captured and is stored in Google servers while the vans were in range of their routers.

Congress routinely writes into bills exemptions for themselves. They make themselves above the laws that they write and with which they are enslaving us. Let this be a lesson to them.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Water Samples Show High Toxicity in Gulf

The government has been lying about every aspect of their false flag terror operation the media are still calling the "Gulf oil spill" since the beginning. Even before, in fact, since Soetoro gave a special safety award to Deepwater Horizon months before his agents blew it up. Now they're lying about how much of the methane and other toxins spewing from the shattered well is out there, oh, and of course, lying about how much poison their Corexit is adding to the water.

Independent, non-government-controlled tests are showing levels of propylene glycol well over ten times that which kills fish. Corexit is not a chemical, it is a combination of several chemicals. For propylene glycol to be present in the range of 350ppm, there must be far more Corexit in the water than the government and their BP buddies are admitting have been used. Residents in the Gulf are reporting airplanes flying at night with their lights off, which is illegal, spraying Corexit onto the water. There are also reports of planes flying over the beaches, spraying bleach on the sand to camouflage the oil.

Let's do a simple calculation, and I'll make this way too conservative by pretending that Corexit is made of 100% propylene glycol, which is only one component. One part per million is equal to one milligram of a chemical per liter of water. So there are 350mg of that deadly chemical in every liter of water, at least at the spot where these water samples were collected. Let's say that there are a trillion liters of water in the affected area in the Gulf of Mexico, which has to be a very conservative guess. That means, assuming there's that little water, and that Corexit is all propylene glycol, which it is not, that there are 350 million kilograms of the stuff in the water.

BP tells us that only several hundred thousand gallons of Corexit have been used. One gallon of liquid, depending on its density of course, weighs roughly three kilograms. So, using all these conservative number, and again these are extremely rough and inaccurate guestimates, we see that there must be hundreds of times the amount of Corexit in the Gulf than is admitted. And don't forget that this one chemical is but one of six or seven component chemicals which make up Corexit 9500. So the true amount of this poison dispersant must really be thousands of times greater than the media report from BP's and the Coast Guard's figures.

WikiAnswers (and nothing "wiki" can be trusted as being greatly accurate, I admit) the Gulf of Mexico contains around 650 quadrillion gallons. Of course most of the Corexit spawned chemicals will hang around the surface of the water and the shallower depths, and not all of the Gulf has yet been affected by the oil/methane mix and the Corexit that BP has been spraying. But that's a lot of water compared to my lowball estimate of 1 trillion liters, which is about 264 billion gallons, so about 2.5 billion times more total water is in the Gulf than I used for my illustration.

One thing is obvious: BP is lying about their use of Corexit. If the media were to do their job for once and do what I have just done, it would cause a panic in all five Gulf states. That may be what the government wants. They may wait a couple more weeks or months until the entire world supply of poison Corexit is exhausted, until the water is as toxic as they can get it, then suddenly have the EPA announce that, due to errors in their calculations or faulty equipment, the levels of toxins in the Gulf are orders of magnitude higher than previously thought. Then FEMA gets to come in and perform their beta test mass evacuation and encampment.

Think about this: the average worker who labored to clean up the Exxon Valdez spill, which happened to be the first large-scale use of Corexit, died at age 51. And that was working around far less dispersant then than has been dispersed this time. Oil has reached all five Gulf states, meaning that the Corexit also has. Oil and tarballs have now washed up on the Atlantic coast of Florida. It is now making its way up the Eastern seaboard. I have the feeling that when it finally gets to the D.C. area, maybe the spineless politicians will start demanding answers from Barry Soetoro.


U.S. Debt Leaps $166 Billion in Single Day

Did you hear this? Soetoro, Reid and Pelosi managed to add, at the behest of their bankster bosses, a stunning $166 billion to our national debt in one single day last week. That's about one third of the entire cost of the illegal war in Iraq. That's one fifth of the bankster bailout package, and of the "stimulus" package. There is literally no way out of this debt spiral into which we have been spun, according to every economist, without a devaluation of the dollar. The American people have been used for the last 77 years by the Federal Reserve banking cartel as a siege engine to allow them to buy up the rest of the world. Now that they have done so, we are no longer of any use, so we are being tossed in the trash can to join the other peoples of the world.


Indian Woman Disposes of Newborn in Plane Toilet

I don't know what the laws are in India, but this filth should either be executed or sterilized.

Equality, D.C. Style

Financial Reform Bill Sets Gender, Racial Quotas

Get ready for a dose of political correctness. The financial deform bill is designed to give the Federal Reserve absolute power, and will allow them to take over, literally steal smaller banks. But the insane liberal Congress managed to get the lawyers who wrote the bill for them to include some bonus provisions. Get ready for 20+ "Offices of Women and Minorities."

When are the American sheople going to start seeing and thinking for themselves? Women and minorities are no longer disadvantaged parties. They have every advantage. The white, Christian, heterosexual conservative males in this country are the ones who are disenfranchised. That's not to say that women and minorities should not be supported, but to establish special offices, segregating them into special categories is wrong.
Sodium Fluoride Safety Data Sheet

I finally looked up the official Material Safety Data Sheet for "sodium fluoride," which is really a catch-all name for hundreds of chemicals put in municipal water supplies under that umbrella name. Go ahead and read the health effects. And they put it in our water. I contacted SAWS hoping to get an answer as to what level they put in our water here. The EPA says that 0.7-1.2ppm is considered a safe level. Scientific studies from Harvard and other prestigious institutions have found a 4x greater risk of you developing bladder cancer if your water has 1.0ppm of fluoride in it versus clean water. It's also linked to osteosarcoma, a rare cancer, especially in young boys.

Adolf Schickelgruber (Hitler) used fluoride in prisoners' water to keep them docile. It has many effects, none of which are good. It even manages to do the opposite of what the health services of the world say they put it in your water for. It worsens the condition of your teeth. Google "dental fluorosis." It's called that for a reason. I'm honestly considering buying one of those $1000 atmospheric water generators. That's the only way to get clean water unless you have access to an artesian well or a mountain spring. You can't even trust bottled water, even if it is distilled, because the Bisphenol A mandated as the only allowed plastic for drinking containers by the government, for over 50 years, causes fertility defects according to Yale and everyone else.

There is a reason why the U.N. reports that for the first time in human history, global fertility rates will drop below replacement levels. Do you understand the implications of that simple statement? The human race is on the path to extinction, except that it's not -- only we the "useless eaters" as we are called behind closed doors at the U.N. will die off. The elite cadre of royal, banking and industrial families will live in in decadence, along with a skeleton crew of us to farm their fields and repair their equipment.

If you can afford a water generator, get one. If not, at least look for toothpaste for yourselves and your kids that is organic and fluoride-free. And whatever you do, never get a fluoride "treatment" at the dentist. Certainly never allow children to have them. I found this gem:

"Dentists do not prescribe more than 264 milligrams of fluoride tablets at a time because the toxic dose of fluoride for a 2-year-old child weighing 22 pounds is 320 milligrams."

So at the 1ppm "safe" level, that means the toxic dose of fluoridated water for your two-year-old is 320 liters. Obviously they would die way before ingesting 320 liters from electrolyte imbalance, but consider that -- the toxic dose, if somehow having been drunk all at once is 320 liters. Your child can't drink that quantity in a day, but they certainly do in a year. Think about all the damage that has already been done to us at our ages. Scary.

Further reading:

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

RED ALERT: Military Confiscating Guns article

National Guard Confiscating Guns in New York

National Guard Units Scanning Cars for Guns


Obama Bypasses Senate, Appoints New Czar With No Vote

The putrid Kenyan bag of pus serving as president has just appointed a new Czar with no Senate confirmation. We are living in a hard, tyrannical dictatorship. The Republicans must move immediately to impeach this criminal and put him on trial for treason, but they don't have the stones to do it. I'm starting to believe that there is a very real possibility that Soetoro will suspend either the elections this November or the one in 2012, using some false flag operation as a pretense. This vermin must be stopped by whatever legal means necessary.

Perfect Citizen

New NSA System To Spy On Americans

The name is so 1984, it should be dubbed "Perfect Orwellian." I've written about this many times before and have been telling my friends about it for years, the government operations which record and store everyone's telecommunications, including all of your internet activity. They then use behavior modeling applications and have their NSA computer farms build behavioral profiles for everyone in the country. I have no idea if the insiders' claims are true, but the government says that they can model your behavior with 90% accuracy based on all the surveillance you are under.

This illegal spying on American citizens by agencies whose task is to survey foreign threats has been going on for decades. The Echelon system was the first one to allow widespread, automated signals intelligence gathering, developed in the decade after World War II. An alliance between all the English speaking countries (besides Singapore), it focused on telephone and radio traffic, later adding the ability to intercept faxes when the fax machine came into wide use. Constantly upgraded with more powerful computers and software, it evolved into a system which automatically sifted through communications looking for keywords which it had been programmed to flag. If you were overheard saying things like "Down with America!" the computer would flag that call, notify a human operator, and an agent would be assigned to investigate you.

Echelon was incredible technology but it seems as outmoded as a vacuum tube radio today. There was quite a flap several years back when Echelon's successor in spirit, Carnivore, was revealed to the media. Designed specifically to intercept internet traffic, it was a network of government black boxes installed by the NSA in literal secret rooms at every major telecommunications trunk in the United States. The rooms were off limits to AT&T, Verizon, Sprint or whoever owned the buildings in which the NSA was spying. Often the agency would have its own floor, for security reasons, guarded by men with guns. The public didn't much like the revelation that Carnivore was reading all their emails, listening to their voice chats and watching them for suspicious behavior when they used their webcams. And the name was scary, so they gave it a new, harmless one -- DCS-1000, for Data Collection System.

You won't believe me about Echelon, so watch it on TV:

We do not know what capabilities the current system used by the NSA has, but it is at least two generations more advanced than Carnivore and light years ahead of Echelon. The FBI has admitted that, by law, every cell phone manufacturer must include capability for the government to listen to your conversation, or to use the speakerphone microphone to listen to everything in the room, even when the phone is turned off. You won't believe me, so watch Schlep Smith on Fox News:

The government wants to track and database every single thing you do, down to the most ridiculous things -- watch CBS explain how your printer can spy on you:

That's right -- as long as the battery is in your phone the FBI can instantly type a command and listen to you. If your phone has a camera they can use that as well. and they not only listen to and watch you. The NSA and Homeland Security are using the GPS chips required by law in every cell phone to tracks and store your movement. Part of your behavioral profile, you see. An very important part, that.

The new, monstrous banking "reform" bill the Demoncats just passed openly mandates that every single purchase you make be reported to the government and stored in their server farms. It's in the bill. You won't believe me, so go read Andrew Breitbart on the subject. One member of Congress recently admitted that over 90% of the bills they cote on are never even read by the Senators and Irrepresentatives. The health care industry wrote the health scare deform bill, on record, the financial sector wrote the bankster bailout bills and big tech companies like IBM, Microsoft and G.E. wrote this horrible, Orwellian Cyber "Security" bill. It's on record.

The government's behavioral profiles for you and I will be made even more accurate, now that they can record everything you buy. They'll know what flavor of ice cream you prefer. They'll know if you have athlete's foot, if your children get head lice, they'll know how sexually active single people are based on the frequency of condom purchases. You are quite literally under government surveillance almost every single minute of your day. If your phone is on you or in the room, if you're on a computer, even if you're not using your computer but it is turned on, you are being spied on. Don't believe me, believe Prisonplanet.

Even your cars are now being used to survey you. Don't believe me, believe the U.K. Telegraph. The OnStar system has allowed the government to listen in on your conversations for years. Now they're working on black boxes for your car that will report "accidents" to the government and "driving behavior" to your insurance company. Video cameras hooked up to "avoid going the wrong way" on a one-way street. No, they're not working on it, elements of this are already in your car, those of you with newer vehicles. There are already black boxes that record speed, brake pressure, g-force in turns, and delta-v if you collide with something.

Friends, ask yourself this question. Are you, in government's eyes, a "perfect citizen?" Or do you occasionally do things of which Big Brother does not approve, like speaking out against the verminous, criminal impostor Barry Soetoro? I know I do. I am on the opposite end of NSA's spectrum from perfect citizen. Nearly every post I write has multiple phrases which are tagged by NSA's computers. I'm being spied on, but I know it, so I'm careful about what I write and what I say. If you didn't believe me that this is going on before, believe it now. They're openly announcing "Perfect Citizen" in the media, but don't worry -- it's only to prevent those nasty Chinese from hacking our power grid.

That's the way their tired system of acclimating the public works -- start with rumors, then announce the plan in public documents that no one except we "conspiracy theorists" know about, then announce the thing to the media as a limited program to test public opinion, then go full-bore. It's already full bore and it's been that way for years. You are being watched and listened to and read every single day, not by people but by computers, and that's bad enough for me. And, if you're like me and not a perfect citizen, you're being monitored occasionally by human agents. It's all real, it's happening to you, so please wake up to the reality.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

BP and Old Lace

Arsenic Levels Rising in Gulf of Mexico

The media have just discovered yet another way in which BP and Soetoro are poisoning the Gulf region -- arsenic. I don't need to tell you how deadly that element is, having been used for centuries by jealous housewives to kill their cheating husbands. It can cause immediate death in the right quantity, but its real danger is that it can accumulate over time in the body if ingested a bit at a time, leading to a slow death whose cause is not readily apparent unless toxicology screens are performed.

So this arsenic will accumulate in the fish and other animal life in the Gulf (plants too, of course, for the Vegan types who enjoy eating kelp) and then it will accumulate in you, if you eat fish, shrimp or anything else caught in the Gulf. The EPA's limit for acceptable arsenic level in drinking water is 10 parts per billion. It is a particularly nasty toxin, because it disrupts the production of Adenosine triphosphate in cells. ATP is the end product of energy metabolism, the chemical which directly powers your body. So arsenic affects every single cell.

I'm glad I've never liked seafood, but any of you that do want to order it in restaurants or pick some up at the grocery store should ask about the origin of your fish or shrimp, and if the people can't tell you or if they admit it came from the Gulf of Mexico stay from it, and especially keep children away from it. Like all the poisons coming out of BP's well and being added to the ocean by their ships and aircraft, children are at even greater risk than we.


Justice Kennedy Waiting Until Obama Gone to Retire

This is fascinating, thank you, Justice Kennedy. Thank God too. Anthony Kennedy says he will not retire until Soetoro's (hopefully only) first term is over. But the good Justice must be very careful. Do not clean any shotguns, please Justice Kennedy, and watch out for speeding black SUVs with government plates. They might decide to retire you first...

Royal Flush

Prince Dumps the Internet

I like this attitude of rebellion, even though I don't agree with his premise that the internet is "over." It is not over in the way Prince thinks it is, but it will be soon if Soetoro gets his Cyberinsecurity bill through Congress. He's courageous for flushing his website and shunning the online music stores. It would be nice if more people had that sort of original thinking and willingness to break out of the norms that society has created at the hands of the globalists. I think I'll go buy his CD. Good job by Prince.


Top Story on Drudge Tonight

God love Matt Drudge, he does a magnificent job aggregating the news for the world to read, and he has come a long way in a short time with regard to posting stories about the New World Order, Bilderberg, the banksters, Barry Soetoro and all the rest... But for heaven's sake, he still falls for the globalist trick of using tabloid news to distract from the important stories. Read the top story he has up with giant letters and complete with a photo.

I honestly do not exactly know who Lindsey Lohan is. I have a vague notion that she is some kind of actress or singer popular with children or teenage girls. Beyond that, all I know is that I keep seeing stories about her drug or alcohol problems. When the elite have news stories that they wish to minimize, like their terrorist operation in the Gulf of Mexico, they have the controlled media waste time with stories like this.

And why was it, after more than three years of sitting on the story, did Al "Crazed Sex Poodle" Gore's pathetic attempt at sexual release with a massage therapist come out, dominating the news for days? Because if Anderson Cooper or Hannity or Softball have say 48 minutes of programming time in their hour long time slots, and stories that will make the less politically in-tune people tune in, they will use part of their time covering those. Ratings must be maintained. It's a simple trick the globalists use but it's quite effective.

The Beginning of the End...

TSA Blocks "Controversial" Web Sites

This is the beginning of the end of free speech in America. It is also typical of the federal government when they wish to impose unconstitutional policies on the American people -- start with a small test group, in this case, the TSA, put the story out in the media, wait to see what the reaction is, and then, when there is no massive protest from the sheople, take their program nationwide. Your speech will be curtailed, as will be the information they allow you to gather.

It makes sense for companies and government offices to filter out pornogrpahic sites, gambling sites and other places on the web that employees often use while at work, lowering productivity. But now the feds want to block "controversial opinions," which will consist exclusively of those which are rebellious against the government and the banksters and their politician puppets. This is standard government style use of color of law in place of law, because this is one more finger in the eye of our First Amendment.


DHS Takes Control of Oil Spill Info Distribution

Evidently Soetoro does not all the information about the Gulf oil operation which is being disseminated by the alternative media. So he has no taken control of the official web site responsible for distribution of information about the area and placed it under the sole control of our wonder Department of Homeland Insecurity.

Can you not see the big picture? From beginning to now, the entire "spill" was caused by and continues to be helped along by Barry's administration. By the time where we begin to see large numbers of people get sick and die, he will have been guilty of being an accessory to murder, which, unless I am mistaken, carries punishment equal to that of first degree murder. We'll just add that one to the end of Mr. Soeotoro's rap sheet.


Military Now Patrolling Panama Beach

The U.S. military is now on our beaches in clear and direct violation of posse comitatus. This alone is enough to impeach and put Soetoro on trial. No executive order has the power to override a lawfully adopted act of Congress, such as the 1878 Posse Comitatus Act. The media and people should be screaming about this.

It is all a part of our government's plan to acclimate the people to the military being used against us. First they started with military "assisting" police at drunk driving checkpoints, then training with local law enforcement agencies on "counterterrorism" and gun control. They used the military to control the population in and around New Orleans after Katrina hit, and today they're using them to "help" in the Gulf.

The Gulf states do not need your help, Mr. Soetoro. In fact, they need you to get your verminous ass out of the way. Take back your military and Coast Guard, take back all the lawyers and regulators you sent down there to stall the cleanup, sit back and relax in your Red House and plan how next to help your bosses destroy America, you piece of trash.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Spaced Out

NASA's Mission: Improve Ties With Muslims

OK, this takes the cake for the most maddening story of the day. NASA's new administrator, appointed by Soetoro, has told Al-Jazeera that their new mission is to improve ties to the Muslim world. Not to develop a replacement for the Space Shuttle, not to return to the moon or to send men to Mars, nor to search for life in our solar system or outside of it.

"When I became the NASA administrator -- or before I became the NASA administrator -- he charged me with three things. One was he wanted me to help re-inspire children to want to get into science and math, he wanted me to expand our international relationships, and third, and perhaps foremost, he wanted me to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science ... and math and engineering," Bolden said in the interview.

I have a message for the "Muslim world:" F' you! As soon as the "Muslim world" decides to let their women out of their slave garb, promote free speech and freedom of religion, and stop blowing themselves up with car bombs, may I'll be more receptive. Until them, I don't want any "contributions" from the wonderful people of the Middle East, and I certainly don't want any more Muslims of the radical, throwback type to be allowed in this country. Here's an idea for stimulus, Mr. Soetoro -- educate and employ Americans to be the next generation of scientists and engineers we need for NASA. There is no reason to look to the Middle East for imports, unless of course you want to save on NASA's expenditure for toilet paper.


White Voters Abandoning Obama

Finally it seems that the blind, deaf, dumb idiot liberal voters who helped Soetoro into the presidency are starting to notice that he has not done anything he promised, except for getting his health scare deform plan through Congress. His approval rating among whites has dropped 20 points, and it is bound to drop further. President Barry has not ended the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, only escalated the action in the latter. He has not created any jobs, nor prevented unemployment from reaching 8.0%, as he promised during his push for the Porkulus package, instead he has purposely destroyed jobs, with officially-admitted unemployment at 9.5% and the true unemployment + underemployment + given-up figure at 22%. He has not achieved greater world respect for the United States, only deepened divisions with our allies, most notably Israel. He has not done anything to stop the hemorrhage of criminal illegal aliens crossing our border, only implemented policies to encourage them to do so.

There is widespread voter remorse felt by nearly everyone who voted for the impostor they know as "Barack Obama," the only people still blindly following him being black people and the insane Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann types. They should do more than feel remorse, they should literally repent, because they have killed the country at least for generations to come, if not forever, by voting in Soetoro The Destructor. The globalists played the moronic liberal and independent citizens of this country like a Stradivarius, using the media and education system they devised decades ago to use political correctness to guilt-trip them into having to vote for the black man.

The man with not a single qualification to be a state senator, a U.S. senator, or to be our president. The man whose pastor and best friends are all Communists, racists, anti-American and vermin of every other low order. The treasonous hand puppet who was not born in this country and who occupies the Red House under a false name. If Soetoro allows the 2012 election to take place, I hope the daft white liberal voting block will pay more attention to he or she for whom they want to have in office.

Are You Threatening Me?!

Spy System Monitors Conversations for Threatening Intent

Back to the Future

"...this really is starting to feel like 1932..."

This will be worse than the Great Depression. Trends forecaster Gerald Celente predicted this predicament a couple of years before we saw it start under Bush and are seeing it worsened on purpose by "Obama." He calls it "The Greatest Depression," and I have no reason to disbelieve him. We are going into an economic deathtrap the likes of which Americans have never seen, because the current situation is not a result of free markets working towards a natural equilibrium.

The economy has not been allowed to proceed in a fair, organic manner. Instead, the globalists have been using the big banks of the world and especially those in America to manipulate the world markets at every level, their big guns being the fractional reserve system and the newer derivatives which they conjured from thin air. There is more fiat, digital currency floating in the Ether(net) between the banks than there is in the value of all the actual, physical assets in the world. Therefore the system is not in danger of collapsing, but must collapse as a matter of simple mathematics. It was designed to collapse, after lasting long enough to transfer all of your assets to the banksters.

And the worst part about the coming collapse is that, unlike in 1932, the average American has been educated in a system designed to make them helpless in terms of individual survival. During the Dust Bowl and Great Depression years, America was still largely a rural, farming nation. Yes, there were the big cities, but the suburban communities had not formed, so either one lived in a major city like New York or L.A., or one likely lived on a farm or a small town. And even those in the big cities likely grew up a farm or was only one generation removed from farming or ranching.

This is key. The family farm in the United States has been almost completely eliminated as part of the elites' plans. Most corn, wheat, beans, fruit, beef, chicken, pork and all the other basic staples of your diet are grown on mega-farms owned by a few giant corporations. This is problematic not only because they use GMO seeds and animals almost exclusively, designed to poison and sterilize you, but for the simple fact that when they decide to, the globalist leadership can snap their fingers and turn your local grocery store into 8000 square feet of bare shelving.

Think about how you would feed yourselves if this happens. I don't know how to plant fields or harvest them, or how to raise and slaughter animals. I'd starve within two weeks if the food supply were flicked off like a light switch, and, while there is no current plan to do that anytime soon in the globalists' documents, it has been discussed in the past. People freak out when their Blackberry service is interrupted for a few hours; imagine what would happen if there were no more food being produced. Mad Max to the Nth degree.

Storable food and non-GMO seeds are both very good investments right now. There is a reason why MSNBC and the other controlled media always throw in derogatory comments about survivalists and people who hoard food and buy "survival seed banks." It's because the globalists don't want you to have the food you'd need to survive if they decide to drop the hammer on you. After all, it would take far less time and be far cheaper for them to simply order their corporations to stop producing food for the general population, much easier than it would be to go house to house, shooting everyone in the head. A war of attrition instead of direct action. The troublemakers, we gun owners, will be rounded up and put into camps, but I doubt they have enough work camp space for 320 million Americans and illegal aliens. They'll simply say no soup for you, and you'll starve to death. Quick and clean.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Nothing To See Here

BP, Police Detain Photographer

Thank you, George Bush, for having signed into law the destruction of our basic rights. The Patriot Act, as with most important, groundbreaking government bills, possesses a name quite opposite to what it actually does. The Patriot Act would more accurately be called the Bill of Rights Cancellation Act. There are reasons that BP doesn't want anyone to see what's happening in the Gulf, and the government is right there with them.

I'm half expecting to be S.W.A.T.ted myself for posting video of what appears to be their well literally melting (on Youtube, see earlier post). News and media are critical to keeping government and big business honest, or as least criminal as possible. The globalists have almost total control of the major media companies. But citizen reporters are thorns in their paw. Of course security must be tight at high-value, potential terrorist targets like refineries. But we all know that if a refinery does blow up in the next few months, especially a BP one, and especially if the controlled media do immediately announce that the government has suspects in custody and they are militia or Tea Party members, who really are the terrorists.

In this age of ultra-cheap, high quality cameras and camcorders, every responsible citizen should carry a video recorder at all times. For $180 I got a Kodak camcorder about the size of a pack of cards, which shoots 1080p HD video and 5MP still shots. Carry something like this in your pocket or keep it in the glove box of your car and you'll be ready the next time you run into an illegal "drunk driver" car search checkpoint or the military running gun confiscation drills.

Happy Birthday, America!

50 Reasons Why We Are In Trouble

I would send the United States of America a birthday card if it were a living thing, but I think a Get Well Soon card might be more appropriate.