Tuesday, April 27, 2010



No, the reason for men only having 5-10% of their sperm good enough to classify as "normal" under WHO's classification scheme is because of the poisons that the Illuminist elite have been putting in your food, water and air for well over a century worldwide. Because the one plastic the government will allow beverage containers to be made from happens to be the one that leaches an estrogen-mimicing compound into your Gatorade or "pure" bottled water. Because of the mercury and the squalene, the aluminum and everything else they get away with putting in your childrens' vaccines, and because the average newborn will have received 80-100 vaccines on a normal schedule by the time they're ready to live on their own, if they're still capable of doing that.

This is one arm of the globalist genocide pincer, the other being their media campaign in the First World making it uncool to have children, to promote abortion, contraceptives, to make it trendy to be gay and have prmiscuous sex so long as no children are conceived. And they damn sure want to make it as easy as possible for idiot parents to mureder their unborn children, even if they're far enough along in development that they could easily live outside of the womb if given a chance.

They want as many of you dead as soon as possible. There are enough slaves to pick from to run their factories, farm their fields, and provide tasy, handsome boys and beautiful girls for them to satisfy their demonic sexual desires, then to torture and murder. It's happening, and it's accelerating.