Saturday, June 19, 2010

Guns N' Racists

Kagan Memos Suggest NRA and KKK Equally Despicable

Here is the new equation in D.C. -- if you own guns, you must be a racist. That's the attitude clearly being displayed by Mrs. Toad, aka Elena Kagan. This woman is a nightmare on wheels and Soetoro will do his best make sure the weak, fake-conservative Republicans and Blue Dog Demoncats install her in the Supreme Court for life.


Chavez Orders Raids as Food Scarcity Widens in Venezuela

Make no mistake, this will happen here in years to come if Barry and his criminal gang are not legally removed and punished for their treason...

They Don't All Come Here To Work

Watch this on my page or click the link in the window and you can watch it in 720p HD on Youtube.Watch as a horde of what look and sound to illegal aliens hoot and holler and destroy the taxi of a hardworking driver. These are who Barry Hussein Soetoro, Nancy Lugosi and Harry Greed are importing as quickly as possible to neighborhoods near you. Note the racial makeup of the crowd. I won't go any further or I could be arrested for hate speech.

Watch all the young people capturing the crime on their cameraphones. I doubt any one of them used their phone to do what a phone is supposed to be used for -- calling, as in 911. But they aren't too brave when they start to hear the police sirens finally approach, are they? Listen to the panic in the young "man's" voice, the only one in the crowd who can be heard to speak English.

They do not all come here to work. They are being funneled into this country to further destroy the last bits of our civil society which remain. They are doing a very good job.I'd say 50% come here to work, 30% come here to drop an anchor baby and live off of welfare, and 20% come to murder, rape, rob and simply run wild, protected by police policies all over the country which prohibit officers from arresting or detaining people if they are illegal.

Next time you hear the B.S. line from someone you know that they all come here to work, remember this video and link them to it. Time to reverse the flow of Mexicans. We have enough of their culture, we need no more of their wonderful "ambassadors." They are here in numbers of at least 30 million, and they have been riled up into a racist frenzy by despicable groups like MECHA and La Raza. I have a corollary to La Raza's motto -- how about this: for Americans, everything, for illegal aliens, nothing. But liberals would call me a racist for writing that, while they lick the boots of La Raza, who have named themselves "The Race." Savage is right -- liberalism is a mental disorder.

An Actual Racist

Web Site of the Verminous James Wickstrom

I am listening to an online radio show that is unbelievable in this day and age. I heard this person, if he deserves the dignity to be called anything less than sub-human vermin, Dr. James Wickstrom, referenced to on Todd Schnitt's radio show. I love Schnitt on politics and especially the war on terror, but he totally discounts all conspiracy theories. So this alleged Drd, Wickstrom put out an article where he basically theorizes that the Gulf oil disaster will be much worse than anyone in the media or government are letting on, then goes on to speculate about some sort of giant gas bubble or something that will destroy all life 50-200 miles in from the coastline.

So I looked this person up on Google, and right away you see on his site the Nazi eagle. Not a good start. I downloaded a podcast from June 16, and the very first thing I heard was along the lines of "This is Yaweh's Truth, the radio show for the white man." And in the first five minutes they're calling "Barack Obama" a "nigger" and a "closet faggot," two terms which I would never use, even as much as I dislike Barry. That's just wrong. And then this rat bum fake Doctor has insulted Jewish people at least half a dozen times in the last ten minutes, and gone on to explain that white people are the only true people whom God made in His own image. I have never heard anything like this before. I would suspect this worm and his guest to be government plants to stir up racial tension, except that I imagine they have fewer listeners than their combined moronic IQ.

With all the talk in the media, the constant drumbeat of how America is such a racist country, this is really the first time I've ever heard the sort of talk that is portrayed in the movies. This is like being transported back to the 1920s in Mississippi and landing in the middle of a clan rally. Now they're saying that Jews are the children of Satan and that Jesus said so. This I highly doubt, since Christ was Jewish. This is so unbelievable that I would think it a clever spoof, but you can hear the idiocy in their accents and their poor sentence construction.

"If whites don't wake up to the enemy they're layin' in bed with..."

They're calling Barry "Obongo," obviously a racist reference to his part-African heritage. They just made laughing reference to the Holocaust. And these vermin have the audacity to call their show "Yaweh's Truth?" I have news them -- the afterlife is not going to be as pleasant for them as they think. And I'll go further -- Soetoro and Pelosi and Reid have their law in place where anyone can be arrested for hate speech. Arrest these two filthy, racist rats tomorrow. Give them ten years in a federal prison with all the "niggers" and "kikes" and whatever other races of people that they hate, and then we'll see how tough they are.

OK, I just heard them talk about Jews killing Christian children and drinking their blood, "which they do!!!" I'd heard Alex Jones talking about people like this, and saying that there actually are nuts who believe that Jews drink the blood of children. I didn't believe him. Listen to this radio show and hear the voices of hate, masquerading as true Christians, every bit as irrational and full of baseless anger as the radical Muslims. Truly unbelievable.


Americans Testing Pain Ray In Afghanistan

"The U.S. mission in Afghanistan centers around swaying locals to its side. And there’s no better persuasion tool than an invisible pain ray that makes people feel like they’re on fire."

Of course. Nothing sways locals to our side like invisible pain rays. This is in violation of the Geneva convention, most of whose stipulations I despise. But in this case, the same technologies which are currently having their wrinkles ironed out in the Middle East are really meant in coming years to bring to bear their tyranny on you.

Cracking Up

BP Aware of Cracked Well Two Months Before Explosion

Yes, the official story of what happened at the Deepwater Horizon is cracking up very rapidly, even in the mainstream media. No one of us regular citizens, "small people" in the parlance of BP's chairman, knows exactly what happened, who is responsible or who the precise actors were. But it is obvious to everyone, even to the normally-drooling lapdogs at MSLSD and the Clinton News Network, that we are being lied to by both BP and the Soetoro administration. To call it that is to give them too much credit -- it's more like a defenestration.

BP knew months before the explosion on the rig they leased from TransOcean that the well had problems, yet they did nothing to fix the situation. Instead they ordered their operatives to speed up their deadlines, to barrel ahead at full speed in order to cause this disaster. They did everything they could to cause the explosion, including not letting the cement pumped into the base of the well set, which would have taken less than 24 hours, admitted by them. They declined to install the industry standard emergency safety device of last resort that the media say costs around only $500,000. They pulled the Deepwater Horizon's engineer in charge of the well operations the day of their operation, replacing him with someone who had no experience on the rig.

You don't have to believe the wilder conspiracy theories, like the reports from some onboard the rig that a team of Blackwater SEAL-type agents was on the rig that day planting explosives, or the reports from the Russian navy that a North Korean ship was spotted in the region releasing a mini-sub which proceeded in the direction of Deepwater Horizon in the hours preceding the explosion. These are probably both untrue. They don't need to be to damn BP. For a crime of inaction can result in the same damage as a crime of direct action. It is not a theory, but reported widely in the lamestream media that unknown, unaccounted-for, unauthorized alterations were made to the safety devices at the wellhead in the days before the rig blew. That alone is proof of guilt. That's in BP's own records.

Whether, like Lindsey Williams says, this was an unforeseen accident or whether the explosion and oil geyser were planned and executed surgically, BP and our government are colluding, using the situation to push for the carbon tax which will result in billions of dollars of contracts for BP, G.E. and many other favorite corporate cronies over the next 50 years. BP will lose tens or hundreds of billions of dollars in the short term, but will stand to gain trillions stolen out of your wallets and purses in the long term. And Soetoro and his eco-fascist rabble will finally be able to control your energy usage. For the planet, of course. Not for their own power aggregation, and certainly not for corporate coffers.

And while America is distracted by all of this, the globalists are gearing up for war with Iran and North Korea. Alex Jones doesn't think, as I do, that this is designed for widespread devastation of the Gulf and East coasts, but as a head fake to take peoples' eyes off of their gearing up for World War III. I think it's both. They always like to get multiple rewards for their operations. I think it will kill the Gulf states' economies for years, will destroy fishing and shrimping for decades, and will result in higher cancer rates and some direct deaths, once the full effect of the Corexit 9500 and its benzene and hydrogen sulfide have come to bear. And if the just right mixture of public anger and action should form, FEMA will sweep in to perform the beta test of widespread evacuation and encampment that they've been waiting to try ever since they blew up the World Trade towers.

We are living in very interesting, historic, dangerous times.

Friday, June 18, 2010


17 Afghans With Top Secret Credentials AWOL From Texas Base

I'll tell you right now that this is a smoking gun, and that's before the globalists fire it. So these Afghani military guys were given clearance to all our secret installations, and 17 have gone missing. That's bad enough, but here's the line they slipped in the middle of the story hoping you wouldn't think for a second about:

Not all at once did this happen. It started two years ago, and one or a couple at a time the operatives went underground until the last one did, three months ago. Why did we not hear anything about this after the first one? Why did the globalists activate their seventeenth operative and we hear nothing for three months?

Because this clearly is part of an operation. I have no other information on what their mission may be. Given the level of clearance they were given, it may be that they are here to smuggle nuclear weapons out, as the globalists tried to do a couple of years ago with the "missing" nukes from Minot AFB.

Everyone owes it to themselves to read this overview of that operation, where two nuclear weapons went "missing" (stolen) for two days, the magically were found when patriotic military personnel leaked the tale of the theft to the media. They almost got away with it. And to make sure that the real story didn't get out, at least seven of the crewmen from that flight died under mysterious circumstances, i.e. were killed in order to prevent them from talking. Here is the Sunday Times article from October of 2007 if you don't want to read the story from a conspiracy-oriented web site.

Time will tell what these Afghans are to do here, or do to us.

Air Superiority

Russia Unveils Cheaper, Better Copy of the F-22 Stealth Fighter

Vladimir Rasputin has pulled the curtains back to reveal yet another copy of our most advanced technology. This has happened before. After WWII they took crashed B-29 Superfortress bombers, the planes that dropped our atomic bombs on Japan, and reverse engineered the entire plane, eventually producing their own copies. In the '80s they copied the Space Transportation System, commonly known as the Space Shuttle, producing a vehicle they named Buran.

Now they've copied the F-22, currently the most capable fighter jet in service from any nation. And they say it will outperform our model while being one third as expensive. This I don't doubt -- with any advanced military technology, two thirds of the cost is related to research and development, and only one third is used to actually manufacture the items once the design has been finalized.

So the Russians are always a few years behind us, but that doesn't matter to them, since our government doesn't have the balls to actually use any of our trillions of dollars of military hardware in anger against anyone beside AK-47-wielding villagers in the Middle East. So they hang back, wait until we unveil our new breakthroughs, then have their spies and hackers steal as much of the design as possible. And what they can't steal directly they simply have their own genius scientists improvise.

And Soetoro is cutting R&D for the military rather than either keeping it level or increasing it, as he should do. The reason for this is that most of the world is controlled by the globalists. They have enough hardware to destroy their true enemy, us. Regular people. There's no need to continue to spend hundreds of billions of dollars for new technology. That's why the B-52, which has been flying since the 1950s, is scheduled to keep flying until 2050. That's why our tanker aircraft are still modified DC-10s.

They have no plans for 90-98% of the world population to still be around in 2050. 2030 is more like it. But Putin is not controlled by the banksters, and he knows what's coming in the years just ahead, so he forges ahead with new equipment. I never thought I'd say this, but it might be a good time to start learning Russian and apply for a passport...

Killswitch, Engage!

New Bill Gives Obama Kill Switch To Shut Off Entire Internet

I told you about this before. The "Cybersecurity" bill is nothing more than a censorship and control bill. You will be required to have a license to use the internet, and, out in the open instead of what's already happening in secret, every single bit of data going out from or coming into your computers, Blackberries, iPhones and all the rest will be tracked, recorded and databased. This bill represents the end of free speech and the Internet as we have always known it.

Thou Shalt Not

Coast Guard Prevents Vaccum-Barges From Doing Their Job

Against the wishes of the state and local officials in charge the Coast Guard is stopping all the barges in Louisiana equipped to suck the oil off the surface of their waters. Their excuse? They must inspect the barges for proper fire extinguishers and life preservers. And they can't seem to get the boats' owners on the horn.

If this isn't one more clear indication to you that not only is the government doing nothing to help but that they are, in fact, doing everything possible to hinder all efforts, you need to wake up and smell the hydrogen sulfide.


Gulf Oil Field Holds 2 Billion Gallons

BP has publicly admitted that the oil field beneath the sabotaged well holds an estimated 2 billion gallons, and that at the current rate of flow it will take up to four years to drain into the ocean. That's what they admit. Watch for this estimate to keep being revised upwards as they have done and continue to do with the admitted flow rate.

I have no idea if this figure is accurate, but Lindsey Williams' inside sources at BP told him that the true number is in the trillions. If this is true then it will take thousands of years for the oil to stop flowing, unless the sea floor shatters either naturally or by means of a nuclear explosion, then it will all be released at once.

I told you this was coming. It's the perfect crime.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We're a Small People After All

BP Exec's Comments Anger Americans

Everyone knows BP doesn't give a shite about people, I just can't believe this guy was dumb enough to say it on camera.


ICE to Lavish Benefits on Illegal alien Detainees

If you want, if you need any more proof that the government, under orders, is literally inviting illegal Mexicans into this country to ruin it, look no further. They're already immune from being charged with drunk driving in Austin. They're given free everything in every state. Most major cities are officially classified as sanctuary cities. And now this, the latest insult to hardworking taxpayers whose contributions to Uncle Sam are being diverted to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars a year to the swarms of illegals.

So if you have the bad luck to be here, breaking our law, and you happen to actually be picked up and detained by ICE, guess what the dumb Americans are going to give you now... Internet access, unmonitored phone calls, 12-hour visitation privileges (likely to breed more leeches), bingo, and the list goes on.

Quote: "CCA also plans to offer movie nights, bingo, arts and crafts, dance and cooking classes, tutoring and computer training, the e-mail states.

Detainees also will be allowed four hours or more of recreation “in a natural setting, allowing for robust aerobic exercise.”

CCA also committed to improving the look of the facilities, such as requiring plants, fresh paint and new bedding in lower-risk units."

Are you reading this? More robust exercise so that when they start the race war the illegals can kick more ass, Soetoro style? F'ing bingo nights? Hanging plants? Dance classes? Is this a detention facility or a Carnival cruise ship? They don't even have to wear uniforms anymore, because that would make them uncomfortable and lower their self esteem. They get to wear whatever they want. We might as well give each illegal alien piece of trash their own personal butler to put their clothes on in the morning and wipe their ass in the afternoon. Maybe bring in Tejano bands for nightly concerts. Hell, might as well give them an open bar and rental cars and let them drive around the grounds drunk like they do everywhere else, killing citizens.

Illegal vermin, detained in luxury, can wear whatever they want, but if you're a high school kid in San Francisco, you get sent home from school for wearing a terroristic T-shirt, that being one with a simple American flag on it. The globalists are pushing the American people with full force from many different angles. The issue of illegal immigration is one which they are using as a wedge to try and start a race war, a revolution against the government, and, if possible, both. In this economy, with billions of dollars already drained out of the Gulf Coast region, stories like this are being pushed by the pseudo-well-meaning but not-yet-awake "conservative" media, and when enough pressure builds up, people will explode.

There is absolutely no reason for any illegal alien to be detained unless they are being interrogated for crimes in addition to that of being here in the first place. They should immediately be deported and Mexico and any other country should be charged the full cost of their brief detention and swift return to where they belong. And they should certainly not be given privileges like carrot sticks and bingo. This is an outrage and people must write their irrepresentatives to demand that this program and anything similar anywhere in the country be canceled.

"Rosenberg said some of the changes, like new flower baskets, may seem small, but they will combine with the bigger changes to make a difference in the daily lives of detainees."

Did you hear this? Flower f'ing baskets to better their lives... Houston, according to the article, gets $99 per honored guest per day from ICE, i.e. from you. These people, for the few days before they're deported in mass bus trains, should be grouped together, Boysville style, in large rooms with nothing but cots and toilets. They should be given bologna sandwiches and water. Not flower baskets and cooking lessons and unlimited, free Voice-over-IP long distance calling to Mexico and Afghanistan.

We should, if we were still a sovereign nation, make it as stressful and boring, everything short of painful to be in this country, both in and out of "custody." These people would rather be "detained" in Houston, because they get all the amenities you and pay our own way for, and they don't have to work or pay monthly bills or anything else. My God, I'd rather be "detained" in Houston than pay for my apartment and cable and internet, power and water and sewer. And I'd love to take cooking classes but I can't afford that. Hanging plants and flower baskets would certainly pretty up my place, but I can't afford them.

Perhaps we should give each illegal verminous leech his or her own Wii, complete with Wii fit, for better exercise as well. Perhaps we should give each an Xbox 360 and a complete library of first-person-shooters so that they can hone their hand-eye coordination and learn sneaking techniques for when the race war starts. Maybe we should give them Roth IRAs, with money deposited for their "retirement" each week, for when they're no longer being punished in this facility.

Maybe we should just go ahead and kneel and kiss their feet, or somewhere else. Maybe we should just bend over and have them anally rape us, because they are already doing it financially. And while I get overheated and call the illegals themselves vermin, that's not really fair because if I were a poor person within a few hundred miles of a country stupid enough to welcome me in with flower baskets and carrot sticks, I'd do what they, just sans the drunk driving.

This just occurred to me -- this is a good line to wrap up with. They get carrot sticks. Here in America, we're all carrot and no stick when it comes to the illegal alien tsunami. Enough of carrots. Time to get a bigger stick and stop playing with our collective twig-and-berries.

Lucie in the Sky With Diamonds

Obama Loses Even Matthews and Olbermann After Speech

Thank you Christ Matthews and Keith Olbermann. For once, thank you for being honest instead of disingenuous. Soetoro, who the radio host known as Hawk calls the Lucie Joker Tut (Luciferian, a total joke, a would-be boy-king) gave a speech yesterday on the Gulf disaster which was so empty, directionless and emotionless that even these two shills from MSNBC were shocked into a moment of truth-telling.

Matthews said he does not sense "executive command." There's a very simple reason for that -- Soetoro is not in charge. Sure, he is given the leisure to do things the globalists care nothing about one way or the other, like having Mrs. Soetoro implement a push for better childrens' exercise and "nutrition," but for the big picture type actions, he takes his orders directly from the shadowy elite.

Barry has no intention of cleaning up the Gulf, because the banksters want it destroyed. So President Kick-Ass got on the tube yesterday and delivered a milquetoast speech that was so unfocused it startled even his staunchest supporters. I watched Frank Luntz on Fixed News interviewing 30 or so people after the speech. Not surprisingly every single person thought the speech was horrible except for two, who thought it was marvelous and told Fixed that Obama is doing everything he can, and everything right.

Not surprisingly, they happened to be the only two African-Americans in the focus group. Barry still enjoys 90% support among black people, even though his national approval rating is in the forties. This blind loyalty to a puppet who has done more to destroy the American economy and especially the lives of poorer Americans is sad but in no way surprising. Sharkton and Hijackson have spent the last 30 years ensuring that the progress that was made in race relations in the 1960s and '70s is not only evaporated, but that black people hate white people even more than in the heyday of the vermin in the Ku Klux Klan.

Soetoro's speech was perhaps most remarkable for his pitch that he doesn't have any idea how we'll get there, has no plans, no ideas of how to do it, but we will get to a green economy where we are no longer dependent on foreign oil. Because his energy Czar has a Nobel Prize. He actually said that -- that was his killer point. Somehow, just because he always has been handed what he wanted on a platinum platter, Barry wants, by fiat, a green energy revolution.

I heard on the radio a great line to share with your friends -- this so-called green revolution is analogous to a watermelon -- green on the outside and Red on the inside. Barry's diamond-encrusted wonderful future no-CO2 economy is truly pie in the sky. Maybe America will be powered by teams of rainbow-colored unicorns running inside giant hamster-type wheels. Better hope unicorns don't fart, Barry, you lowlife piece of cap.


I am here eating at Pizza Italia and am writing live about one of the many reasons this country has devolved. There are two middle aged men sitting in the next booth whom I've been listening to kvetch over Facebook for the last ten minutes. These are large, grown men. The one doing the bitching is probably 50, six feet tall and probably well over 200 pounds, with rather impressive biker-style mutton chops. The guy listening and commiserating is a bit younger but of equal size. In other words, these are not a couple of simpering quasi-adult metrosexual Starbucks types. Not liberals, from the look of them. Either of these guys could beat me to death with their bare hands within ten minutes.

I'll let you in on the conversation. Evidently 'Toby' was talking shit about 'J.C.,' so the mutton chop guy sent him a private message on Facebook to tell him that wasn't cool. J.C. sent him a rude message back, so Mutton Chop de-friended him. I read recently that the term "de-friend" (or defriend, I don't know) has been added to some of the big dictionaries as an actual word. Just like to Google is now an official verb. But any, Mutton Chop didn't know J.C. before he became the sales manager, because he, Chop, recently moved here from the office off of Westheimer in Houston. So he didn't know that J.C. was such an asshole, so naturally he added him as a friend when he got the request.

But now Chop is talking to his friend about how he just straight up tells people when they're being dicks, and that's what he was forced to do to J.C. I've been here for 15 minutes now, just got my pizza, and ever since I sat down these two guys, who do look like bikers (Chop even has one of those wide bracelet-style leather watch strap/holder things) and possibly even ex-military, are still talking about people on Facebook. This is incredible.

They're not even watching the bread and circuses on the HDTVs -- the Yankees are playing some white-and-red team. I don't care enough to wait until after the commercials to identify them. They are sharing a pitcher of dark beer but it's still almost full, so they're not drunk, but all they are talking about is Facebook.

Facebook, unlike most of the big Internet institutions, was not started by the globalists. It was started by a college kid who was angry that his girlfriend dumped him, so he put up his own web site essentially to post embarrassing photos of her for all to see. Now, because of the incredible narcissism of the American people, having spread as well to the rest of the world, this putz is now rolling in millions and millions of dollars. But the government certainly knows how to use this tool against you.

It's perfect both for the putz and for the globalists -- they don't provide any content. That's the beauty of it for them. Facebook is essentially a blackboard, a scrapbook or whatever analogy you like. A white piece of electronic paper on which you inscribe details of your personality, your daily life, your political and cultural opinions, your likes dislikes, rants, raves, and where you can also put up photos and videos. In other words, it is a giant goldmine, a treasure trove of your personal information, and the neatest thing for the CIA, NSA, Homeland Insecurity and FEMA is that they don't even need to use their illegal wiretapping dragnets to get your data. You push it to them. All they do is use normal web crawling bots to retrieve what you voluntarily give them.

But perhaps the most valuable information they extract from your Facebook pages is perhaps the least obvious, and, at first thought, the most innocuous. But it is indeed quite important to the government's intelligence agencies. The data they most desire is your list of friends. It allows them to build databases of your relationships -- family, friends, lovers, co-workers, people you agree with politically. They use the kind of software that creates maps of peoples' interrelations. Perhaps you've seen such maps, the look kind of spiderwebs, with you or whomever or whatever the target is at the centers, your closest friends one level out, and your lesser relations further distant from you. And then each of those people has their own web of connections sprouting from their own data point.

This is the same technology that the FBI uses legitimately to suss out drug gangs, identity theft and child pornography rings and the like -- starting with one known criminal they use it to find others who may be involved in illegal activity and, after closer investigation, bring them to justice. Used in this capacity, such automated web crawling and indexing, I'll call it "relationship hashing," is a good thing. The FBI and CIA have used it in the Middle East to identify members of terrorist cells. Whether or not those terrorists were actual fanatics or paid for the government is irrelevant in this discussion. The technology is the issue here.

But the very same software programs are being used to build maps of your own personal life. And in coming years these data which are currently being hashed and stored in giant server farms like the new NSA facility here in San Antonio will be used to identify and hunt down dissident groups that speak out or act out against the government. The media have been able to convince such a huge percentage of the American people to put every detail of their lives, voluntarily, on the Internet in sites like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, YouTube and on blogs that they already have very accurate personality and behavioral profiles on nearly everyone, and each new bit of data you give them allows them to constantly refine the virtual you in their systems for better accuracy.

So I started by complaining about the inane conversation between to men who, ten years ago, before Facebook, would have been talking about the baseball game, or about work, or, if it had happened back then, the worst environmental disaster in world history, still ongoing, with the potential to be a world killer. But no. Still Facebook this, friend that, it's unbelievable to me. This has gotten close to half an hour and still Mutton Chop is just bitching about people. But he won't have anything to worry about. Being a Facebook slave of this order, he's no threat to the government. They have Chop and his friend exactly where they want them -- in the sheep pen, where most of America still stands, motionless.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Game Over?

Oil Gusher Will End Life As We Know It

This is an opinion piece but it reflects my own views in a concise manner. Good for emailing to friends.


Oil Flow Rate Estimate Jumps Yet Again

So now we have gone from 450 barrels per day to 60,000. That's 2.52 million gallons, and that is only what BP and their puppet Soetoro's administration is admitting to. And that's only estimating the flow from the wellhead. What no one is talking about, and what the media are barely mentioning and the government not at all is all the other vents the ROVs have found in the seabed as far as 20 miles away from the Deepwater Horizon site. There could be hundreds or thousands of other leak points, each of which could be leaking even more oil than the well itself -- after all, the well pipe is only partially compromised, so it is throttling somewhat the flow at that location.

I'm no environmental scientist, but I'm going to go ahead and make a prediction that it will be decades before normal levels of fish and crustaceans will return to the areas of the Gulf to which the oil flows. Certainly the ocean currents will protect certain areas by keeping the crude away, but large swaths of the deep ocean and the shallow waters and coastline will effectively become dead zones. And if BP keeps pumping Corexit out of their giant tankers into the water, that will compound the damage by an order of magnitude.

This is the most effective weapon the globalists have ever deployed. Certainly the easiest for the to have done -- one shaped charge at a strategic point on the well, if that's what happened. Or, if you believe Lindsey Williams (who still believes it was an accident) BP simply drilled into a stratum under such pressure that it blew through all their substandard safety devices. I believe that if explosives were not used, whoever ordered the operation knew that the oil would explode through their system. You can't expect to drill through 30,000 feet of earth, with one mile of water on top of it, and not know to expect enormous pressure. And then you have the fact that they declined to put in place an emergency safety that only costs $500,000 and the fact that persons still unknown made "unauthorized" alterations to the safety equipment at depth...

This was all authorized. It was carefully planned out, probably after months of supercomputer simulations to determine the oil rig they could blow which would give them the most bang for the buck, as it were. This will end up causing BP to pay out tens of billions of dollars, but it will have cause trillions of dollars in damage to the people the globalists hate the most -- prosperous, hard-working, gun-owning, largely conservative Americans. So they'll keep ratcheting up the amount of oil entering the Gulf waters every few days, and they'll continue to ensure that that number doesn't go down until every living creature possible has been killed.


Federal Judge Orders New York Hispanics to Vote Six Times

This judge should be immediately arrested and charged with treason, then given the punishment due. So no "Hispanic" had ever been elected in this village of 30,000 people. So what? This is the ultimate expression of the bastardization that affirmative action has brought upon our society. If this vermin wants a system of proportional voting, we should adopt a Constitutional amendment to set up a system for testing citizens' knowledge of current events and of history and give more voting power to people whose heads are not lodged in their own colons.

Hell Frozen Over

Al Gore Calls for End of Censoring Gulf News Reports

As always, in the rare instances that people I usually am diametrically opposed to do or say something I agree with, I give them full credit here. Al Gore has written on his own blog that the government must stop censoring our media's coverage of the Gulf disaster by denying them access.

If his motivations are that pure, then kudos to Goreleone. However I suspect that Phat Albert wants the full horror to be not only seen but magnified in order that the new carbon tax bill, from which he would become a billionaire, has a greater chance of passing through Congress unscathed.

In either case, I agree with the full truth being made available to the American people so that they can make their own decisions based on the most, best information they can draw on. That might be dangerous for me to gamble on, but even if it triggers crap-and-trade, nothing is more valuable than the truth.

The I-Team

American Arrested in Pakistan On Solo Hunt for Bin Laden

This is awesome. I like the initiative. Too bad he got caught -- the government of Pakistan will allow ours to extradite this patriot and probably execute him. Can't have him taking out their favorite CIA-trained (mainstream news) boogeyman.

Hint for the guy if gets a chance at an 8th hunting trip -- if bin Laden is still alive, which he probably is not, word is the Iranians are giving him shelter. Go over there, and take out Amadjihad as long as you're at it.

Monday, June 14, 2010


World's Richest Mining Resources Found in Afghanistan

This is the real reason why we've spent 8 years, tens of billions of dollars and over 1000 soldiers' lives in that hellhole. That and the opium, of course. Oh, you didn't know that our military now admit to helping grow the poppies? Watch the video:


Bilderberg 2010 Exposed

Score It

Obama To Push Energy Bill In Speech Wednesday

Barry likes basketball, so in his terms, I have scored a 3-pointer from way beyond the arc. I told you a week ago that one of the angles to this Gulf oil disaster would be for him to perceive a mandate for pushing the globalists' crap-and-trade bill through Congress. So let's see what the Tele-Prompter tells him to say tomorrow night. Will the speech it orders him to give be powerful enough to convince the American people to accept yet another economy-killing monster bill?

No, but that doesn't matter one bit. Nancy Lugosi and Harry Greed will do their best to get it passed before the new Congress is sworn in early next year. If they do ram it down, your electricity bill and gasoline cost will instantly double. We have to fight against whatever they will rename cap-and-trade, the Rainbow and Unicorns Happy Energy Greening Act, maybe. It will be the final blow to our national economy.


Obama Compares Gulf Situation to 9/11

Barry is right about one thing, even if it does enrage the families of those killed at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and in Shanksville -- both operations were carried out by our own government.

And I haven't been clear on this next point, so I'll try to state it definitively. Soetoro would not be in the loop, not be given the knowledge of the operation if indeed, as I suspect, our government, a foreign government or private agents in the employ of the globalists blew the well on purpose. They would have no reason to let him in, and for the purpose of plausible deniability they necessarily would not do so.

Barry takes his orders and carries them out without question, just like a soldier. However, unlike a soldier who is not required to carry out unlawful orders, Soetoro will carry out any order, since he cares nothing for our laws and traditions. So he's on his two-day show trip to the Gulf, and he'll make a bunch of speeches and pose for many photos with very concerned and saddened looks on his face, then Wednesday he'll meet with the president of BP. And then he'll continue to offer no real solutions and to go on preventing any meaningful action to mediate the crisis.

And the Gulf will die a little bit more every day, and the people will lose a bit more of their savings, and the globalists will be a bit more satisfied. If Barry Hussein Soetoro had even a bit of human decency he would either refuse his orders or resign, whichever would be less damaging to his legacy, but sociopaths have none. That's one of the reasons they chose to install him in our White House. And it is ours, not his, and certainly not that of the offshore criminal banking syndicate that has usurped it.

We're taking it back from you in 2012, Barry, if the country is still even here...

What A Surprise

Human Genome Project Proves Worthless

Oh, the Human Genome Project hasn't actually yielded the Star Trek-like cures it promised? Could it be that the purpose of mapping the complete human DNA structure was not for humanitarian purposes, but instead to allow the globalists the data necessary to construct race-specific and individual-specific bioweapons?

The Russians, frugal as always, used a human agent bearing polonium-laced sushi the last time they neutralized a threat to their regime. The global elite have fancier tricks. Every baby born in a hospital in the western world for the last 37 years has had its blood illegally drawn after birth for storage in a global DNA database. Google it since you don't believe me. Follow this link since you're too lazy to do that.

They have our genotypes already stored in massive databases. So why not publicly admit that the Genome Project yielded no positive results? They got what they wanted. They processed the results. Now it's time to stick it in your face that you gave them millions of dollars to fund a project that will help them kill you.

Flying the Friendly Skies

FAA Pressured to Accept Drones Inside U.S. Airspace

They're already in Miami. Now they're coming to patrol the skies over my home state of Texas. The globalists have brought enough pressure with their illegal Mexican hordes that now Governor Dick Berry of Texas, along with Senator Hatchison, along with Senator Cornhole have begged Soetoro to have his Air Force's armed drones patrol our airspace. Never mind that this is illegal under the construct of posse comitatus.

They'll do it anyway. And the drones will arrive with their Hellfire missiles, and no hell will be fired upon any illegal immigrant or verminous cross-border drug dealer. No, the hell will be reserved to be fired upon lawful Americans such as myself and you. This is a sad time.


The elite don't like it very much when citizens ask them questions, even innocent ones which they should easily be able to answer. If you or I assaulted another person as this Congressman did to a student reporter, we would be imprisoned for years. But even with the evidence out on the public internet, this piece of trash will not face so much as a toothless censure. This is what happens when government proclaims themselves God.

By the way, from the looks of him he is either drunk or a drunk. That's who is running this country. That's what we got, who we deserved when not enough of those of us who are informed could convince our idiot neighbors and colleagues that Soetoro would not present hope and change, just dope and strange.


Saturday Night Live Sketch of Obama Speech

Watch this. It is funny, yes, but it is typical of the type of predictive programming the globalists love. Everyone in the audience laughs when the guy doing a bad job of imitating Soetoro talks about choosing which member of your household to kill so that the rest can live, under the new Socialist health scare deform law. And just before that when the fake Soetoro says that care will be denied to people who Obama. And everyone laughs when he talks about taking all your guns away.

This type of programming is bought and paid for, literally, by the government. It has been for decades but G.W. ramped it up and Soetoro has taken it to Ludicrous Speed. I'm a bit disappointed in Lorne Greene, as I thought he was cynical enough to avoid cooperation with a program like this. But, like most, he cares about money more than personal integrity. So you have this. The average viewer would say that this is not programmed programming, simply a sarcastic take on what we conservatives think Obama is really doing.

It's very clever in that way, couching the real message in a false message of sarcasm, but I think I see the true motivation behind the sketch. I found myself laughing at the first few jokes before I realized that they were forming a pattern. Accustomization, at first through harmless comedy, then through drama, then through nonfiction, and finally, physically, at your doorstep.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Most Dangerous Game

BP Passes Gov't Deadline With No New Solution

Obama Golfs (Again) As Gulf Dies

I have a new theory on why the government is purposely stalling any sort of meaningful efforts both to stop the flow of new oil into the Gulf of Mexico and to clean up the hundreds of millions of gallons already in the water and having washed ashore. More of an added layer than a new theory to be more precise. I now believe, in addition to everything I've written about in the last few days about the globalists trying to destroy the economy of that region and trying poison people and wildlife with their Corexit dispersant, they may be actually trying to provoke an armed rebellion by the citizens.

Follow me on this. In any other disaster scenario like this (though this is far worse than any other disaster in history) the government would be doing its best, assisted by their paid-in-full media purse dogs, to appear to the people as if it were doing every single thing in its power to solve the problem. Whether or not they would actually do anything useful would depend on the nature of the crisis and their own motives, of course, but they would strive to maintain an appearance of concern and action. What we have seen these last 54 days is fake concern and no action.

Actually, that's not correct -- there has been plenty of government action, but all negative, not positive. They have prevented local and state officials and individual citizens from doing anything at all in their level with teams of lawyers and the National Guard to back them up. They are using the excuse of an obsolete law from the 1920s to say that they can't have the military do anything to help.

And here's why I think they may actively be trying to provoke Joe Gun Owner through their inaction and conceit. You have Soetoro, who above all else cares about his own current image and his future legacy, doing absolutely zero besides chiding BP and threatening to kick their ass on Good Morning America. And he is not only doing nothing, he's out playing a four hour round of golf, again. Hillary is out of the country, Biden is at the World Cup, Rambo Emanuel is nowhere to be found except having Super Soaker fights in front of press cameras, and we have heard nothing at all from the Marxist Secretary of Interior Carol Browning.

It seems to me that in this one instance, Barry has received orders to do the opposite of what he has when dealing with the economy, the foreign wars and practically everything else he's done to destroy the country thus far. Instead of pretending that he's doing everything in his power (and creating new unconstitutional powers) to fix this situation or improve that, his administration seems to be doing everything possible to shove it in our faces that they are not doing anything besides blaming BP.

So why would they do this? I believe this is a beta test to see if they can finally provoke armed rebellion amongst the American people. They certainly picked the right area with their whole Gulf oil sabotage operation. Those are the states with the highest concentration of gun ownership, and some of the highest percentage of conservatives versus liberals. They already have the National Guard in place, FEMA are haunting the states, though of course they are not doing anything to help. I believe they will let the oil flow as long as they need and continue to have their agents actively prevent the local fishermen from cleaning up literally just their own front yards.

The American people are already near the boiling point from everything Bush did in his last term, especially the last year, and they are enraged from what Soetoro has done to dismantle every single American institution and founding principle at best speed. We have watched, helpless, as the government not only has purposely done nothing for nearly two full months to either mitigate the flow of oil into the Gulf, but seem to be prodding us, saying, "Yeah, we haven't done anything and we're not gonna. What are you going to do about it? We'll kick your ass!"

They are trying to get the people to attack them that the 2009 MIAC Report warned local and state law enforcement agencies of -- us, the gun owners, the patriots, the white Christian males, the taxpayers, the business owners, the people who built this country. This must not happen. I don't think it will happen. Most gun owners are highly intelligent people, not the mindless hicks portrayed in the media, and most are aware of what is really happening. They have already shown incredible restraint, since Bush and Soetoro are probably already eligible for trials on charges of high treason. They will continue to restrain themselves.

But the situation in the Gulf is so dire that this cannot remain as is. You have story after story of Nth-generation shrimpers, fishermen and oyster farmers who have had to shut their businesses down. And Barry imposed a 6-month moratorium on all offshore drilling, so BP and everyone else are already pulling their operations out of this country and moving elsewhere. So he has destroyed two of the three pillars of the Gulf Coast economy, and he's working on the third, which is tourism.

Someone will snap, and then that will give Soetoro the excuse to bring in the police state. And if the real citizens are more patient than they would prefer, they will simply use their oldest trick and run false flag attacks, using their own police or military to attack themselves, and proceed as if the attacks were done by the Joe Gun Owners.

This is the only explanation that makes sense. I've been perplexed for weeks that they haven't even tried to seem to be doing anything. I knew from the start that they wouldn't actually do anything but they always act like they are. Not this time. And so the answer came an hour ago, when I saw on Drudge that Soetoro was going to play golf again. Put that along with his announcement a week or so ago that he would personally meet with top-level BP execs, but not for 10 more days, and it clicked. They are trying to provoke a specific response by the American people, which they will then use to have the police and military confiscate our firearms.

Gun ownership is the only reason why they have not been able to impose their total lockdown, command-and-control 1984 state. If they either force real people to attack their forces or they can successfully run false flags without being exposed, watch out. That will be the end of the end of your freedom. We're already past the beginning of the end, floating somewhere in the middle. But the oil flow in the Gulf is propelling us further towards that end.

It is indeed a very dangerous game they're playing. As always, remember that 100% peaceful resistance is the only way to defeat the globalists. At this stage of the game, information is far more powerful a weapon than handguns or even assault rifles. If enough people are informed of this possibility, and again this is my own speculation, but if they know what to watch for and then see things happening, perhaps the whole scheme can be exposed and stopped without physical nastiness. It's the only way for us to win.


Material Safety Data Sheet - "Sodium Fluoride"

Do not ingest."

Those are the words which should be important to you.

This is the official Material Safety Data Sheet that OSHA requires be created for any toxic chemical that may be encountered in a workplace. I suggest you read the parts pertinent to you, but obviously you can skip it's physical, chemical characteristics. Look at all the damage it causes, then ask why it is placed, on purpose, by the government of this country in 80% of municipal water supplies.

I just got a water filter for my kitchen sink that filters mercury, but it cannot filter fluoride, even in compound, because Sodium and Fluorine are two of the smallest atoms. If you afford $1000 to buy an atmospheric water generator so that you can drink and cook with absolutely pure water, I highly recommend one of these. I don't drink much water, but I'm seriously considering ordering one and making my own tea here instead of ordering it at my restaurant.

But "sodium fluoride," which is actually a blanket name for hundreds of chemical compounds (most being industrial waste products) is so small a family of molecules that you don't even need to ingest it. You only need to have it in contact with your skin for it poison you. That's why they picked it, that and the fact that the big chemical companies make billions of dollars per year selling it to governments around the world. You are being poisoned every time you shower or bathe, get into a swimming pool or enjoy a whirlpool. And every time you brush your teeth, you not only swirl the water in your mouth but get a mega-dose of fluoride from your toothpaste.

Look at the rear panel of the next toothpaste carton you buy -- it will contain a drug information panel the same as any pharmaceutical drug, along with a warning to call the poison control center if you ingest any more toothpaste than the size of a pea. But most people never look at the back of their toothpaste's box. I never did. I opted for the giga-dose fluoride treatments when I went to the dentist; I even remembering getting them in elementary school, at school. Why do you think they gave us free fluoride treatments as kids that would cost $30 or so at a dentist? Because they wanted you to have strong teeth?

Fluoride actually causes dental fluorosis. It is named after the poison -- yellowing and weakening of the teeth. Again, this is not my brilliant discovery. Alex Jones' father is a dentist, and he says that even his colleagues are largely ignorant of the fact that not only does "fluoride" cause tooth decay, it causes decay in most of your major organs, including the brain.

I hope this will be a black-and-white example that not everything I write about is wild, speculative conspiracy theory. Here you have the government's own Data Sheet on "fluoride" telling you what it is doing to you and your children, your families and friends. Only no one thinks to download and read these things. Download and read it, please.

I'll leave you with one last fact, which you also can Google search if you don't believe me. It was not George Bush or Barry Hussein Soetoro who discovered this magic elixir of the globalists. It was established fact in 1930s Germany that "fluoride" dumbs humans down and makes them servile. That's why Adolf Alois Schickelgruber, who you know as Hitler, chose it as an additive to his country's water supplies. He had his reasons. What do you think the motives of those who control the United States are?