Saturday, May 15, 2010

Take a Hatchet to "Machete!"

Hollywood Movie Will Incite Race War

I am calling for a boycott of Robert "Riefenstahl" Rodriguez' new movie, "Machete," set to come out in September. I was a fan of his previous films, but plan to sell the DVDs I own and never buy another, and certainly never pay at the box office to see this propaganda piece or anything else he might roll out. I do plan to see the film for research purposes, but will pay for another movie and accidentally sit down in the wrong theater.

Adding insult to injury, our tax dollars went to help fund this racist vermin's filthy film, having been subsidized by the Texas Film Commission. And they were allowed to film in front of the Capitol building in Austin and other government installations. Read the article linked to above -- it describes the film and the problems it will cause better than I can. Alex Jones has the final shooting script, leaked to him by persons unknown, and has spoken with insiders on the crew and Hollywood hotshots who remain nameless but have seen the finished film at an internal corporate premiere.

Fox acquired the rights to the film after a bidding war with the Weinsteins, so you know that the ad blitz in preparation for the public release date will be massive. In a nutshell, Danny Trejo (you'll know him when you see him) plays Machete, a heroic figure who roams the southwestern U.S. killing white people indiscriminately. That's it. Whites are portrayed as cruel racists who want all Mexicans dead. And Leni, errr, Robert Rodriguez juxtaposes Machete in the place of Jesus Christ. Machete is the new Christ for Mexicans in Mexico and in the United States, at least the illegals.

The real situation in America is that legal Hispanic residents are just as opposed to illegals as whites, blacks, Asians and Native American Indians. But the media hide that fact. Every poll bears out this fact. But schools in Mexico teach that America stole our southwestern states from Mexico, that we are all racist Gringos and that they must achieve reconquista by mass murder. Go back and read the Plan of San Diego, written a century ago.

The media line that all illegals come here to work is laughable. Most do, but 30% of the inmates in federal prisons are illegals, 90% of those from Mexico. But you don't hear that from AC/DC Anderson Blooper or Rachael Madcow. Many of the illegal horde are violent criminals escaping justice in Mexico, but many are actually let go by the authorities in return for agreeing to come here and wreak havoc. Every week there are stories of illegal Mexicans murdering, raping, robbing, assaulting Americans, and even other illegals. The narcoterrorist Mexican government is expelling their poorest citizens and the unwanted criminals and we're receiving them.

And our rogue government continues to beckon them with free welfare, free medical care, free education and free everything else they can think of. This is by design, in order to help accelerate the bankruptcy of America and to help bring the greatest country, formerly, in the world down to, as Michael Savage puts it, Turd World status. Next to the banksters and their engineered economic collapse, the burden of our insane policies of open borders and free welfare for anyone except straight, white Christian males is the greatest threat to the future of our economy. It must stop.

From reading the script and talking to his inside sources, Alex Jones believes "Machete" to be the modern day, Mexican equivalent of the old '20s film "Birth of a Nation." That movie, a racist white supremacist propaganda piece by the equally filthy, racist D.W. Griffith managed to increase the Ku Klux Klan's numbers by ten times in the space of just a year. And that was a silent film with no special effects or any other enhancements. Not even filmed in color. Imagine what this will do to the dumbed-down illegal Mexican horde, fueled in their hatred by MECHA and La Raza (CIA and Ford Foundation funded all the way).

This could start race riots, or even a widespread race war. And if it doesn't have that desired effect immediately, look for government to stage fake beatings or murders of poor illegals by racist white rednecks outside movie theaters.

And never support Robert the racist Rodriguez again. And I'll say something to him -- drop down, Fifth Ring, burn you piece of s#!t...

Thursday, May 13, 2010


We now know the real story behind the 1000-point, $1 trillion drop in the Dow Jones index. I was wrong with my initial theory that they would tout it as a cyberattack in order to push their Cyberinsecurity bill. We now have learned that, at the very moment the banksters triggered the fall, the Senate was in session, on the floor and getting ready within minutes to vote on Ron Paul's bill to audit the Federal Reserve.

This was a Sicilian message to the Senate. A naked threat, just like, in October 2008, with the Senate refusing to vote and pass the bankster bailout that has ruined our economy, they openly threatened Congress with martial law. Alex Jones had one Congressman on his radio show testifying to that, and others have since confirmed it.

So this was shot across the bow of freedom, to deflect the only bill this Senate might ever pass to reverse course, audit the Fed, end it, re-establish a true national bank, and prosecute and imprison the guilty. Simple as that. Oh, and by the way, when certain stocks from $40 to one penny (it happened), their partners bought as many shares as they could, and within 15 minutes the banksters raised the Index by 800 points, meaning that they made hundreds of billions, if not trillions, off of those fire-sale purchases. That's economic terrorism both coming and going. They stopped the audit plus made off like thieves, as always at the expense of the American people.

Jail the Banksters, then pass a new law allowing for execution of their type. We have to be as ruthless fighting these criminal vermin as they are while they're poisoning, sterilizing, stealing from and killing us. No retreat, no surrender. No mercy.


Autistic Boy Charged as Terrorist for Stick-Figure Drawing

Our criminal government and their minions in the public miseducation system are determined to break the will of the American people and have done a remarkable job of it so far. They refuse to prosecute real terrorists, and themselves are responsible for planning and executing every major terror attack in memory, yet they seek to persecute the innocent, like this boy. Very soon, though, we will have our day, and vengeance will be swift, fierce and total.


Teacher Beats Student as Class Laughs

I'd give the bitch 30 years. And expel the students who laughed and did nothing to stop the attack.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Supreme Convermation

Obama's new appointee to the Supreme Court is even worse than the last, Sonia Sotomayor, and that's saying something. This woman Kagan has never been a judge, ever. Not presided over a single case, yet she will be 1/9th of what has become the most powerful of our three branches of government, having aggregated power over the decades through a series of decisions like those involving the Commerce clause. And at her age she can probably expect to serve for at least 40 years, draining this once great republic of its last vestiges of freedom and strength.

It's bad enough that when she ran the Harvard law school that she kicked military recruiters off campus because she believe the insensitive towards gays and lesbians. No, we've come to expect that from every one of Soetoro's friends, teachers, students, coworkers, appointees, nominees, satellite dish repairmen, etc. Barry wouldn't let anyone less than a mild Socialist anywhere near him. That's bad, but what's coming up is worse:

In 2nd place, it is all but confirmed that Kagan is a lesbian, which in and of itself has no meaning. If she were a consitutionalist and an originalist that would have no bearing whatsoever on her performance in the Court. But I just told you what she did at Harvard, and why. So, Q.E.D. she does let her alleged personal orientation affect her professional decisions. It is my fear that Soetoro has handpicked her again (she was on the short list last year along with Sotomayor) because of the probability that she might be lesbian, and he knows that the spineless Republicans and, of course, the bought-and-paid-for media will be scared to criticize her on any matter if they believe she is queer.

Just like Barry is the champion of the world series of political poker because he and he alone can pull out his special extra card that no one else can use, the race card, and call it wild, he will double down and use the gay card with her. How dare you speak out against illegally kicking the military off campus -- she's had such a hard time rising through the Communist ranks because everyone hates lesbians. She's practically been stoned to death by us evil, straight, Christian white males. That's going to be the game, I'm telling you right now, one day after her official nomination.

But the blue ribbon, the number one reason she must be blocked, and the primary reason why Barry chose her is this: she worked for the octopus itself from 2005-2008. That's right, the company who invented the persona that your uninformed friends and neighbors know as "Barack Hussein Obama," Goldman-Sachs. That tells you everything you need to know -- their own corporate operative on the bench. Senator Inhofe, one of the few Republicans who is a strong conservative and not afraid to say so, has already announced his intent to try and block her confirmation. You must call or write your Senators and inform them, if they are ignorant (yes) of how dangerous this woman would be if voted onto the Court. Don't bother with your Irrepresentatives in this case -- only the Senate votes for the Supremes.

Diana Ross would be better for the country and more qualified -- at least she's had a job outside the bubble of academia and the corrupt corporate buddy system, not so with Kagan. We must lobby the Senate to block this puppet of Goldman-Sachs in the confirmation hearings or, indeed, the Supreme court will go through a very serious convermation indeed.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Invasion USA: They're Heeere...

L.A. Teacher Calls for Race War

Illegal Vermin Says Mexicans to Murder Whites With Picks and Shovels

This is what is going on all over the country but which you never see in the media. There are hundreds and thousands of these clips on Youtube with more popping up every day. The next time that someone tries to give you a line about white conservatives being racist, send them these links. If a white had said things like this in public, taped, put up on Youtube, they would instantly be SWATted and charged with hate crimes, but these filthy, racist Mexicans not only get away with it, but are encouraged and, in some cases, actually funded by the government and their globalist overlords.

Alex Jones is talking about a new Robert Rodriguez film called Machete, whose complex, nuanced plot sees the entire movie being about heroic Mexican hordes killing every white devil in sight.

Oh, you never heard of The Plan of San Diego? It's nearly 100 years in the history books, but you never heard of it because it involves Mexicans being racist and killing whites, not the other way around. Kill every white devil over 16 years of age. I wonder why not the ones 16 and under -- oh, right. So the bankster rape-torture-murder rooms can stay manned, or boyed, as it were, with the blond-haired blue-eyed white children that are the elites' favorite delicacy.

Divide and conquer is the greatest military and paramilitary philosophy ever devised, commonly attributed to Julius Caesar, though he probably was just the first to put it in writing. All races pitted against each other, all countries, all political parties. Gays hating straights, atheists hating Christians hating Muslims hating Jews. Feminists hating men, the Phoenix Suns changing their name to "Los Suns" for a game to protest Arizona's magnificent new law.

But we're not powerless. I will not go to see Robert Rodriguez' new movie, nor will I ever see another, nor will I buy any of his older movies on DVD or Blu-Ray, even though I enjoy them very much. No more Mexican food restaurants that aren't large national chains for me. No more anything that pumps money into the corrupt Mexican government. They have more billionaires than any other country, but one of the poorest peoples outside of the worst hellholes in Africa. No more white devil money for you, Mexican government. You're cut off. Hasta!