Saturday, August 21, 2010

Block Party

Here is more proof that BP are attempting to prevent the public from doing their own investigation of what is going on at the former drilling site of Deepwater Horizon. I noticed long ago that the ROV camera footage which appears on television is of much higher quality than that available on the free, live, public web feeds. That the web feeds we get to see are not of broadcast quality I can somewhat understand, because providing streaming high-definition video for free could cost BP money. But only today did I stumble onto something which makes me think they are purposely not only providing low-bitrate video at ridiculously low resolutions, but they are purposely de-rezzing their videos for we the people. BP are turning video of unbelievable quality from the underwater cameras into an unwatchable, blocky, blurry, muddy mess.

I came across 1080p, crystal clear footage from the early part of June, from the Ocean Intervention III ROV. I tried to capture a live comparison video from that same ROV to show you the difference in quality that BP gets to see versus what they let us see, but this is the screen I was presented with when I loaded their live web feeds page:

Because of this confluence of ROVs being offline, I am forced to go to tape, or rather to Youtube. But first let's have you take a look at the 1080p footage I found. I would like to thank persons unknown for compiling this excellent web page, a comprehensive information compilation on the Gulf oil disaster and BP's repair efforts. You can find the four rare full-resolution versions of video from early June at the following links. Make sure to select the 1080p option in the lower right corner of each video and maximize it full screen, or else you're only watching the downgraded, 480p versions:

Note the extraordinary clarity and resolution and the frame rate of these videos. The quality is almost as good as Monday Night Football in HD. You can literally see individual scratches on the paint of the well equipment. You can see far greater detail in the oil plume than any other videos you've seen on Youtube or even on cable or network news. In addition, the on screen display is crisp with well defined characters, unlike a lot of the videos I've used to promote my twin well theory, where some numbers are very difficult to discern.

Now I'll refer you again to Youtube to view a video where someone, on the same day the 1080p versions above, captured video from his television using a video camera. This represents the middle tier of the video BP provides, standard definition but decent looking footage to the TV networks:

Now we'll see if we can find one captured from BP's live public web feeds page. I found a good one, meaning one which looks so awful it's hard to watch. I captured it myself with a screen capture program directly from their web site -- what you see are the exact pixels I saw. The date is different and it is from a different ROV, but this will let you see the difference between the standard-definition video being fed to media and the "de-rezzed" web feeds we are allowed to access:

Note how the background is turned into a series of blocks by the extreme compression algorithm being used. But the lossy compression technique uses psychovisual modeling to discard the information which the codec believes will be least perceptible to the human eye. This is the same model used by the MP3 codec and Apple's AAC for their iPod -- throw away the data least likely to be perceived to save file size, or in this case, streaming bandwidth.

But this doesn't fully explain why we see such a marked difference between the visual quality of the actual scene the camera is viewing and the relatively good quality of the on-screen display. If the complete video were being fed to content distribution servers for dynamic recompression on the fly, as determined by live demand, the video should maintain such an appearance -- in other words its quality should express the traits of that system of distribution.

To my eyes, which are red-green colorblind and thus not the best judge, admittedly, it looks to me as if the background, i.e. the scene before the ROV, has been purposely lowered in resolution before the overlay of the ROV's positional data, bearing, depth, date and time, and the compass tick marks was placed on top of it. The entire video as captured pixel-by-pixel by myself looks like garbage, but the OSD data looks to suffer much less visual impairment by fault of the compression.

Why would BP do this? I believe they want to keep independent investigators from using their own ROV footage against them, as I've tried previously to do. I think they may be trying to keep the actual scenes depicted in the publicly available net streams as absolutely unintelligible as they possibly can, while needing to maintain the on-screen display data just barely readable so that no one calls shenanigans on them. BP were ordered by the government to make publicly available the feeds from their ROVs.

So I have simple question. If the Department of Energy is receiving 1080p video from BP's submersibles, why are we allowed no avenue to access feeds of that quality? At this point I'd pay a subscription fee for that access. Second, why is the news media given video of a middling resolution? There are only three national networks in America, or four if you count Fox, plus three cable news outlets. Surely BP could afford to make available seven 1080p streams from all of its ROVs. Finally, why do the feeds which are available to everyone on BP's web site appear to have one tenth or so of the usable resolution of that which come straight from their subs' cameras and up to their motherships through fiberoptic cable?

What are they hiding and why? At this point, BP's transparency is proportional to the trust I can place in it. They are so eager to hide information about what is really going on in the Gulf of Mexico, acting in such an opaque manner that I cannot help but mistrust all their press releases and management promises. I want to be able to see what BP are seeing on their high definition monitors. I'd pay them for the privilege. Why wouldn't they let me, you or the media see what they and the government are seeing?

It's enough already with blocky video and the attempted cover-up. If BP have nothing to hide then make better video available to the public. But they do, so they won't. More and more people are discovering the lies being disseminated about the Gulf oil disaster. The party's over for BP.

I captured video just now from the newest ROV mothership to be brought on site, the Boa Sub C. It runs the same Oceaneering Millenium ROVs as the other ships which I caught transmitting 1080p video to the Department of Energy. This is what the current public video feed from its ROV #2 looks like, to you and I the sheople:

That's correct -- it's not an HTML coding error on my part. That is the resolution you are allowed to see online. Don't get out your rulers, the dimensions are exactly 180 pixels wide, 180 pixels high. A nice, evenly-sized block. A feed so "de-rezzed" and distorted in aspect ratio that you cannot possibly read all the on-screen data. This video is being shown as I write from the same class of ROV that captured the spectacular 1080p footage I linked to at the beginning of this post.

Why are we only allowed to view a lossy-compressed, 180x180 pixel video window, when BP and the government enjoy watching 1900x1080 flat screens of the true state of the stricken well equipment and leaks in the sea floor? I'll leave that as a rhetorical question.

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Macondo Experiment

I love the story of the Philadelphia Experiment, where according to legend the United States Navy equipped one of their destroyer escort ships, the USS Eldridge, with generators and coils of wire which were supposed to bend light around the ship, rendering it invisible to the human eye. If you believe the accounts from those on board who survived the trial run of this unproven technology, the ship was made invisible but it also unexpectedly disappeared, reappeared instantaneously hundreds of miles away, then popped back into its original port.

I don't know what's going on with the ROV-carrying ships that BP has under contract in the Gulf of Mexico, but they may have managed to pull off something similar, or at least that's what their press office might tell me if I asked. They lie about everything so I won't bother to ask. I wrote a few days ago about the two ROV motherships which have disappeared, literally, off the satellite tracking map. They're still gone, and I will go into that more in a minute, but there is a new twist today.

Today for the first time, a new vessel from the same company, the Boa Sub C has appeared at the Macondo site above survey region MC252. Its twin subs' live video feeds are available now for you to see on BP's web site, in the standard, substandard quality they allow for the public. This begs the question: why did BP dismiss Boa Deep C and its ROVs, and why did they send Viking Poseidon off to who knows where, if they need more cameras down below? Two steps back followed by one step forward...

The fact that Deep C and Poseidon are supposedly no longer at the disaster site is not suspicious in and of itself. All marine vessels carry limited fuel and supplies, equipment occasionally breaks down and needs repair or replacement. It is possible that those two ships, critical to monitoring the well equipment and the sea floor for leaks, both ran out of critical supplies at the same time or suffered critical equipment failure simultaneously. Certainly possible but I think unlikely and I will explain why.

Every commercial vessel is required by law to have a satellite tracking system onboard. The system continuously reports the vessels' positions anywhere they are in the world, at intervals usually of no more than 2-3 minutes. Since I have been investigating this new little wrinkle in the Gulf oil disaster I have never seen a delay in reporting of more than 6 minutes and a few seconds. Sometimes the updated positions are reported within 1 minute. And this is not done only when a ship is underway -- stationary ships like the DDII and DDIII drilling rigs which are locked in position to drill BP's relief wells are also required to constantly update their position, even though it doesn't change.

You can track all the ships at the Macondo site at, and I zoomed and centered the tracking map onto MC252 so all you have to do is mouse over a particular ship to pull up its tracking data. Try it, it's easy. You'll see that every ship is reporting its position at intervals of only a few minutes. What is my point? The two ROV motherships, Boa Deep C and Viking Poseidon, which are supposedly no longer involved in BP's efforts to monitor and clean up their environmental catastrophe, have disappeared.

Deep C has not reported its position, as required by law, for well over 10 days. Here is the information on its last known position from Marine Traffic:

Last known position: August 10. Today is August 20. Where is Deep C and why has it disappeared from the tracking system? What is the ship doing? Using the same web site you can pull up not only the current or last known positions of ships but their tracks. Look at Deep C's track and where it ends before the ship disappears:

The ship drops off from the satellite tracking system about 10 miles from the nearest shore. So it did not appear to dock. But I do not know the regulations regarding the use of the satellite tracking for ships in port, I thought perhaps they are allowed to turn off their transmitters when docked. So I randomly pulled up the port of San Diego to see if vessels at dock showed up on the satellite tracker. They do, as you can see:

Note the following:

Status: Anchored/Moored
Speed/Course: 0 kn / 0°

So if Deep C had indeed reached port, even though its satellite track does not show that it could have, it should still be on the map. It is not. And then we have the twin mystery of the other vanished vessel, Viking Poseidon. It has been off the tracking system for even longer than has Deep C. Here is its last known position:

That was on April 3, or 17 days 22 hours from the time I am writing on this topic. And Poseidon appears never to have left the MC252 site. It's track shows only tiny southeasterly movement. Where has that ship and its twin ROVs, so crucial to the underwater surveillance effort? What is it currently doing and why has it not reported its position and tracking data for well over two weeks? Why have two of the vessels which ran the of the four most important pairs of ROVs literally disappeared, Philadelphia Experiment style?

They haven't actually disappeared of course, they are out there somewhere. Ships as large as those would be easy to spot with the naked eye, except BP has a security cordon around the Macondo site, and I doubt they'd let the media in to see exactly which ships are and are not there. Viking Poseidon is enormous and was designed in a particularly hideous orange-and yellow livery:

Boa Deep C is not quite as hard on the eyes but it is of comparable size:

According to Boa Group's PDF file containing Deep C's specifications, the ship is a bit over 119 meters in length, or just over 390 feet long, and 27 meters in breadth, or nearly 89 feed wide. It's deck are is 1150 meters squared, or 12,378 square feet. Not an easy ship to have vanished without a trace.

And Viking Poseidon is even larger overall, though a few feet narrower than Deep C, as you can see in Ulstein Group's PDF brochure for their ship. The Poseidon carries a maximum crew of 106, and Deep C has 135 beds. Where are the ships, their ROVs and their crews, and why are they violating the law by not reporting their positions to the satellite tracking system?

Is it possible that Poseidon never left the MC252 operational area, and that, even though Deep C's last known positions denote a track back towards port, it never actually reached port, instead turning its tracking system off and heading back to rejoin the fleet above the stricken well(s)? I don't know if that is what has happened but it begs the question. For two giant ships, each larger than a football field, to have disappeared entirely is impossible. For them to disappear from the satellite tracking, even though illegal, would involve simply toggling the power switches on the transmitters which report positional data to the network.

Maybe there is an innocent explanation for Deep C to have vanished and been gone for nearly 11 days, and for Poseidon to have been missing for nearly 18. Or maybe there is a more sinister, conspiracy-theory type explanation. Whatever the case, we do deserve to know the entire truth about the Gulf oil disaster and probably never will. But I shall keep asking questions as long as mysteries like this one keep popping up. I highly doubt that the two ships and their ROVs dematerialized from the surface of the ocean. So where are they, BP, Boa and Ulstein?

I emailed Boa Group about a week ago asking the simple question, "What is the current location of Boa Deep C?" I received no response. That was the only question I asked them -- I did not write anything about possible conspiracies, that I am a "conspiracy theorist" or even tell them who I am. As far as they knew I could have been a potential customer for their ship's services, inquiring if it were near to where I would require it. Again that in itself is not suspicious -- Boa are Norwegians and, even though I assume they'd have an English speaker in the office to field calls from the press and customers, maybe they just didn't answer for their own reasons. Or maybe they didn't answer for another reason.

I am quite curious as to why BP are playing musical deck-chairs with the ROV motherships at the Macondo site. Why did two vanish and remain off the radar, so to speak, while an entirely new ship was brought in? There has been much chatter in the media about the "confusing" pressure readings that BP have reported to Thad Allen. Could it be possible that BP are performing secret surveys of the damaged well(s) and the sea floor, and not informing the government, media or public? I think the question must be asked at this point, because it is clear that BP are trying desperately to limit their financial liability for the Gulf oil disaster.

They truly have run a whole series of experiments with their failed Macondo well(s). Everything about the super-deep offshore well drilling had never been tried before, much less successfully completed. Not even the Soviets, now the Russians had ever attempted such a foolish dig. But BP did, in their greed and their need for speed to get that giant petroleum reservoir tapped. But if you go back and look at the Initial Exploration Plan which BP filed with MMS, they state over and over that they planned to use no experimental procedures or equipment.

Section 2.3, titled New or unusual Technology states:

BP Exploration & Production Inc. does not propose to utilize new techniques or unusual technologies for these operation; however, the best available and safest technologies (BAST) as referenced in Title 30 CFR 250 will be incorporated as standard operational procedures.

Well there's another lie right there -- the safest possible technology and procedures were definitely not used, like the $500,000 acoustic decoupler that could have prevented Deepwater horizon from exploding, saving the lives of 11 men. But maybe they weren't lying about the other part, it precisely because they did not develop and utilize new technologies that they failed to safely drill into the reservoir. I'm all for scientific experimentation, but not when it kills people, costs the Gulf states potentially tens of billions of dollars in damage to their economies, and is poisoning people and flora and fauna. This experiment went terribly wrong and BP must be held to account.

Who knows whether this government and this president, who is more concerned with vacationing than investigating the Gulf oil disaster, will ever get to the bottom of all of BP's lies and spin. Who knows if the media ever will? They seem more concerned with stirring up Muslim vs. anti-Muslim sentiments and Democrats vs. Republicans. The only reason I spend so much time on the failed Macondo Experiment is that people's lives and livelihoods are at stake, and could potentially be affected for years to come.

So the question of the day is, BP, where are Boa Deep C and Viking Poseidon? We deserve to know.

As of the morning of August 23, Viking Poseidon has finally reappeared, three weeks after it vanished. Where was it and what was it doing all that time? I still cannot tell you. Ulstein Group has not returned my emails on the matter. Boa Deep C, however, is still off the satellite tracking map, still missing after 14 days, 22 hours. When that ship will reappear I do not know, but I will follow up and post an update here whenever it does.

Not critical information, but I do try to be honest and admit when I wrote something that was incorrect. I received an email back from the office of Ulstein, the company I thought was the operator of Viking Poseidon. It turns out they were the construction firm and that another company, Eidesvik Offshore, actually operates the vessel. I have just sent an email to that company inquiring as to Poseidon's date of departure from the Gulf of Mexico and what its next mission will be (a cover for the first question). I'll provide another update if and when I hear back from Eidesvik. And I still have received no reply from Boa Group regarding Deep C, still missing after 13 days 23 hours...

I just checked the satellite tracking system again, and Boa Deep C has resurfaced, so to speak. This is early in the morning on August 30. I hadn't checked for a few days and thus do not know exactly when it reappeared, but the tracker shows that DP is in port in Tampa, FL. Deep C went missing on August 10. We still have no word from BP why Deep C and Viking Poseidon turned off their satellite tracking, in violation of the law, or where the ships were or what they were doing in the weeks they we untraceable.


Bacteria in Water Threaten Obamas' Vacation

President Obama, who took a plunge in the Gulf last week to show Americans it was safe to swim the oil spill-plagued area, arrived on this supposedly pristine island yesterday in the midst of a rash of bacteria-induced beach closings.

Portions of Tisbury Great Pond, the salt-water lagoon fronting the first family’s vacation estate Blue Heron Farm, were closed earlier this week due to high levels of enterococci, an indicator that the water is contaminated with fecal coliform bacteria.

Every now and then it seems like a higher power intervenes to give us a perfectly symbolic story. On yet another vacation taken at taxpayer expense, the Soetoro/Obama family has run into a nasty problem -- they've been warned not to go into the waters off Martha's Vineyard. And it's not because a maneating great white shark is prowling the sea but because of coliform bacteria counts at unsafe levels.

The water is contaminated with feces, in other words. I think this is entirely reflective of President Soetoro and his administration. But even more so, Martha's Vineyard is the summer vacation mecca of the banksters who control Barry. Some have wondered if this trip is not so much to recreate in that exclusive community but to serve as an undercover summit for Barry and the banksters to sync up their next few months' policies and actions.

The entire place is filled with the scum of the Earth, the people who have planned and are executing the destruction of the American economy. And now their water is unsafe to swim in because it is replete with fecal matter. I love it, it's perfect.


Health Effects of the Gulf Oil Spill...

...from the Journal of the American Medical Association, not from us conspiracy theorists.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Not For Sale

Kenyan Sentenced for Attempting Sale of Albino Man

A Kenyan man has been sentenced to nine years in prison for trying to sell an albino man to witchdoctors in Tanzania, local media reported Thursday.

At least 53 albinos have been killed since 2007 in the east African nation and their body parts sold for use in witchcraft, especially in the remote northwest regions of Mwanza and Shinyanga, both gold-mining regions where superstition is rife.

The victims' blood and body parts are used for potions. Witchdoctors tell their clients that the body parts will bring them luck in love, life and business.

So $263,000 buys you an albino in Tanzania... I wonder how many regular people you could purchase in that impoverished country. And I thought only racist white Americans ever bought and sold slaves. Shocking.

The Prince Has No Clothes

Charles: Avoid Baths to Save the Planet

Prince Charles has told British families to take shorter showers to help protect the environment.

The instruction came at the end of a list of 20 lifestyle changes recommended by the Prince of Wales for his new green campaign, Start.

In separate advice endorsed by the Prince, he was more detailed – urging people to give up baths in favour of 'short, refreshing' five minute showers.

This is naked hypocrisy at its ugliest. Prince Charles has come up with a list of 20 things his British subjects must do if they are to save environment and not kill us all. Among them is to make the concept of baths a relic of the past, and to make short, "refreshing" showers in vogue. Why the people of the United Kingdom put up with this putz is beyond me.

This is a man who flies around in his own royal jet, releasing more of the deadly chemical weapon carbon dioxide in one flight than your whole family does in a year. He takes his own entourage of bodyguards, secretaries, attendants, chefs, and minions of every other variety, all of who have carbon footprints. He has never worked a day in his life yet he lives like a king.

This detestable ass brings all of his own organically-grown food and his own pure, filtered water with him wherever he goes, as does, by the way, Barry Hussein Soetoro, because the food and water we slaves consume are poisoned by the very globalist elite of whom Charles is a part. It is sickening that the peoples of the world allow their leaders to practice none of which they preach.

Spinal Tap

Saudi Judge Considering Surgical Paralysis For Punishment

A Saudi judge has asked several hospitals in the country whether they could damage a man's spinal cord as punishment after he was convicted of attacking another man with a cleaver and paralyzing him, the brother of the victim said Thursday.

Abdul-Aziz al-Mutairi, 22, was left paralyzed and subsequently lost a foot after a fight more than two years ago. He asked a judge in northwestern Tabuk province to impose an equivalent punishment on his attacker under Islamic law, his brother Khaled al-Mutairi told The Associated Press by telephone from there.

He said one of the hospitals, located in Tabuk, responded that it is possible to damage the spinal cord, but it added that the operation would have to be done at another more specialized facility. Saudi newspapers reported that a second hospital in the capital Riyadh declined, saying it could not inflict such harm.

In a story which rings of the exploits of one Josef Mengele, a judge in Saudi Arabia, our dear allies and devoted followers of the The Religion Of Peace, is considering having a man convicted of assault clinically paralyzed by a hospital surgeon. Evidently the only Book which exists, praise be to Its cover, pages and binding, is rather unforgiving in Its prescription for punishment:

"We are asking for our legal right under Islamic law," the brother said. "There is no better word than God's word — an eye for an eye."

Alright, if that's what God want, a spinal cord for a spinal cord... I don't care about the people of Saudi Arabia, let me make that honestly clear. If they want to continue living under Islamic law and suffering under a repressive royal family that sucks the entire wealth of the country into its walled and guarded compounds, leaving nothing for the ordinary sheople, that's their problem. My concern is that there are forces at work, right now, in our country which are beginning the push for Sharia law to be introduced.

At first you will see it pop up in places like Dearborn, MI, where the Muslim population is higher by percentage of total than anywhere else in the United States. At first it will be an optional, alternative system of justice with which disputes among Muslims will be decided. With that precedent having been set, they will then push for it to be available statewide, then nationwide. And when the stupid American people, cowed by decades of political-correctness brainwashing, accept Sharia law as a national "alternative," the push will then start for it to be mandatory.

Think it can't happen? That we could wake up one day and find one of the thousands of demented, liberal judges here shopping hospitals and doctors to find one willing to break the Hippocratic oath and purposely paralyze a "patient" because The Book says that such an atrocity is appropriate, praise Its Holy Index? It could happen. And there will be billions and billions of dollars coming in from Saudi Arabia and the other Muslim OPEC countries to make it so. Money that we give them for their oil, which they could never have extracted without American and British companies building all of their infrastructure for them. It's the perfect punishment for decades of idiotic liberal policies in America. We built their oil empire, we pay them when they should be paying us, and our own money will be used against us to impose Sharia law.

And the people who scream and bray about "tolerance" and "understanding" all day and night, the submorons in San Francisco and West Hollywood and elsewhere, should take some time to rethink their attitudes. Muslims of the hardcore variety, the spinal cord-taking sort, hate anyone who is not of The Religion Of Peace, may its passages live forever in the halls of Allah. And they especially hate homosexuals. I wonder what the punishment would be for the Barney Frank types of America? It certainly wouldn't be pretty to look at.

The Spill With the Crystal Plumage

Scientists Detect Giant Plume in Gulf, Say Oil Has Not Disappeared

The scientists said that, using a robot submarine that zigzagged across the deep gulf, they found a plume of oil droplets that was as tall as 65-story building and more than a mile wide. The plume, whose droplets were so small that the water appeared clear, extended off to the southwest of the well, 3,600 feet deep.

They said they were puzzled about how, exactly, the oil got there: Despite the conventional wisdom that oil floats, this crude seemed to have stopped rising less than halfway through its journey from the well to the surface. They thought that perhaps icelike hydrate crystals played a role, or that the dispersant chemicals squirted into the oil as it escaped.

What was certain, at least at that time, was that it wasn't disappearing. Scientists tested the levels of dissolved oxygen to find out whether they were unusually low, which would indicate that microbes were at work. But they weren't.

Finally more and more universities and independent scientific researchers are discovering the truth of the fake resolution of the Gulf oil disaster, and finally the media are beginning to pay this the attention it deserves. Perhaps hydrate crystals played a small role in dispersing and hiding the oil, as mentioned in the article, but the next segment of that sentence is where the real action is, and the scientists know it. It was the Corexit that allowed BP and Barry Soetoro to claim that 76% of the oil had disappeared from the Gulf due to burning, evaporation, microbial digestion and unicorns bearing saddlebags.

I don't know anything at all about methane hydrate crystals, or how much of them may be floating alongside the oil in these giant plumes which independent researchers keep discovering, or what side effects they may have. The only time I'd heard mention of such crystals was after the first failed attempt that BP botched trying to contain the oil geyser at MC252. Remember when they tried to cap the well(s) by essentially dropping a pre-built barn sized building on top of the site? But it failed within minutes because of frozen methane crystals.

Such crystals are of no consequence now. The oil and the methane in its gaseous state are, and the 40+ million gallons of Corexit that is admitted to have been used is an even deadlier threat. These enormous oil plumes could be found all over the Gulf of Mexico if there were enough people to run ROV surveys and enough money to fund such operations. But there are not. BP has been going around to all the Gulf Coast universities and paying professors and scientists to remain quiet. The news media don't report it in quite so simple terms -- the professors have been "hired by BP under contract" to "perform studies."

Right. Bought-and-paid-for studies to hand the EPA, Thad Allen and Barry Soetoro which allow them to say with straight faces that the crisis is over, if there ever were even a crisis to begin with. Because, they will tell you, the media were scaremongering you, and there never was a crisis in the first place. And any remnants of the non-crisis their brilliant handling of the matter has fixed with swift and total precision.

Never mind the fact that more and more people are getting seriously ill in the Gulf states, massive fish kills are taking place from Florida all the way up to New England, that plants are being chemically burned from the toxic rain caused by BP's and Barry's massive Corexit usage or that the beaches ooze dark oil when stepped on, which comes up and out from under the layer of sand BP dumped in order to hide it. No, everything is fine, in fact it is better than before the non-crisis. In fact, BP has left the beaches even cleaner, safer and healthier than they were before April 20, when Deepwater Horizon exploded. Because their cleanup workers picked up trash too, not just oil.

Every time I start obsessing on the question of whether there is one well or if there were and are two, I have to pull back and realize that that is, at the point, an academic matter. These plumes of oil that BP and Soetoro have attempted to hide from the media and public are the real issue, as is all the oil that has washed up on the beaches, as is the millions of cubic feet of methane released and the oxygen depletion it has caused. It will be years before we will be able to know the actual extent of the damage done by the BP oil disaster. It will take time for the tremors to reverberate and find their way to the top of the food chain. But at the very top of the food chain are we, the human beings, and that is why I spend so much time on this story.

Testifying before a House subcommittee Thursday, Florida State University professor Ian R. MacDonald called the administration's account "misleading." He said that the government's assumptions about how much oil is breaking down underwater were too optimistic and that its report didn't mention the natural gas that gushed out of BP's Macondo well along with the oil.

"This oil is going to be in the environment for a long time. I think that the imprint of the BP release, the discharge, will be detectable in the Gulf of Mexico for the rest of my life," said MacDonald, who is 58.


Media Hypes Story: More Americans Think Obama is Muslim

The media are really pushing the Obama-is-a-Muslim poll and the story of the controversy over the victory mosque. It's becoming more apparent that, for whatever political gain they think the Democrats might realize from this strange campaign, these stories are being synchronized with the possible coming war with Iran or even with Pakistan.

It could be that the liberal media (and the liberal Congress -- just look at what Pelosi just said about the mosque and its detractors) are trying to draw out the less book-learned but still very patriotic members of the conservative movement. The people that the Anderson Coopers and Rachel Madcows think of as dumb, racist, gun-owning hicks, in other words. Are the media trying to provoke some kind of violent lashing out from misguided individuals, hoping to portray the Democrat party and the Muslim community both once more as sensitive, caring groups who are the victims of evil conservative persecution?

It just seems very strange that after the last couple of years, when the Islam versus America dynamic had largely faded into the background of media attention, all of a sudden it is now once again being brought to the fore. Leading up to the election of 2008 the media were screaming about white, Christian America being both racist against black people (from whom Soetoro derives half his parentage) and being bigoted against Muslims (who they claimed he never was). I don't think Soetoro is a Muslim and even if he is I don't care -- that's not the crux of my problem with him, his religion.

Barry Soetoro was raised for a few years in Indonesia in the Muslim faith, but then when he decided to run for public office he dropped whatever prior commitment he may have had to that and entered the bizarre, racist, Black Theology church of the Irreverend Jeremiah Wright. I think the president is an opportunist, a narcissistic sociopath and an anti-American agent controlled by the globalist elite and their bankster minions.

If Barry Soetoro would stop destroying the country on a daily basis, I would welcome his daily calls to prayer being broadcast in real time on all three cable news networks. If the people who will inhabit the Ground Zero Victory Mosque actually use the place to educated the different religions in America about each other, in a spirit of peace and cooperation, I think that would be fantastic. Let them both prove us all wrong.

But let's quit being distracted by both of these stories, being waved at us like the red capes in a matador's arena. The media think that by flashing these stories of third-rate importance, the bull-headed American conservative male will follow and be led off course. We're not that easily distracted, and not as dumb as the media and the Soetoro administration believe. Alex Jones is talking about the mosque story being a canard, Mike Rivero is talking about it being used to hype up support for another war against Muslims, and Savage is saying that the religion of peace should have the decency to build the center in a different neighborhood but that we must allow it to be built or we place every American on a slippery slope.

Yesterday I wrote that I would no longer write about the Victory Mosque. I'm not, per se -- this is about two stories being used in a package to try and provoke a specific response from conservative Americans. Soetoro's religion matters nothing in the grand scheme of what is being done to us, and the potential mosque is insulting but largely inconsequential in proportion to the real stories in the news. The media are starting to pay attention to the reality of the Gulf Coast environmental disaster. But they have polluted the American informational landscape with so many false stories, so many lies that I doubt even they could manage to navigate their way safely back to the truth through the minefield of deception and spin they've laid.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Recapping: Well B

Tonight I discovered two more videos showing the well at site B which BP claim they never built. Two more daggers in the body of lies that company has been trying to smother the media and the American people with. Behold the well that does not exist:


And again:


Remember what we are dealing with here -- it's all about the coordinates. For any newer people not familiar with my investigation and conspiracy theory, BP only admit to having drilled one well at the MC252 survey site, the so-called Macondo well. They applied with the government to drill two, a bit less than 300 feet apart from each other. BP's own press relations officer, Ms. Shirley Williams, told me personally that:

BP ‘s exploration plans for Mississippi Canyon, Block 252, references two possible well locations -- well location "A" and well location "B." But BP eventually sought and received approval to drill only one well -- a well at the "A" location referenced in the exploration plan. This one well is now known as the MC252 (or Macondo) exploratory well. The Transocean Marianas rig started drilling the MC252 exploratory well in October 2009. The Marianas rig was subsequently damaged by Hurricane Ida, so in February 2009 the Transocean Deepwater Horizon was brought in to finish the well.

So according to BP's official line these days, only one well was drilled and equipment installed only at one of the proposed sites. But according to the interview that 60 minutes did with Mike Williams, a senior member of Deepwater Horizon's crew, the well that they were drilling, the one that blew out, was the second -- the first well had to be capped and abandoned after problems developed in the well and casing. Nearly every single video you have ever seen on TV and on the Internet is indeed of the well at site A, the only well that BP admit exists.

I have combed through hundreds and hundreds of videos online to find the extraordinarily rare ones which do indeed show what Mike Williams was speaking of -- that there is a second well, it was damaged and, at least a handful of times, BP forgot to cut the publicly available, live streaming feeds from their ROV cameras when they were surveying that second well. It does exist and you see it above. To recap for the newer people:

Well A is the only one admitted to exist. Video of it is as common as dirt. Here is that well, followed by an image of BP's Initial Exploration Plan filed with the Minerals Management Service, denoting the location of Well A. Note the X-coordinate of Well A from the BP document compared to that on screen:


Now I will show you the very rare, assorted still frame grabs I managed to locate from Youtube videos on various days, earlier on in the operations at MC252. The last video I managed to find thus far of the non-existent Well B is from June 20. After that, it appears that a meeting was held and the people operating the ROVs told in no uncertain terms never to let video of the well at site B, which certainly does exist, out again to the public. Here is the location of Well B, from the same document, followed by the stills of it. Remember to look at the X-coordinates on the ROVs' screens compared to the sites of Wells A and B:

WELL B (not supposed to be there):

I now know that a couple of the earliest videos I thought I'd discovered of Well B, including the one clip from Russia Today, were probably in fact showing oil shooting out from the broken riser pipe. The above four images are not of a pipe, they are of a well. It is clear as day.

Well A is located at X=1202803.88 and 99.999% of all videos on Youtube show the ROVs around that well. The numbers on screen and in the BP/MMS document will never match exactly because that coordinate represents the point at the center of the wells. In addition, the ROVs must necessarily be at some distance to that which they are tasked to film, in order to get the items of interest in frame. But nearly every single video ever broadcast on TV or archived on Youtube shows Well A, the only one (according to BP), and the onscreen coordinates are always in the range of X=1202750 - X=1202825.

Well B does exist even though it is supposed not to, and I have caught four very clear instances from BP's own ROV cameras of it, and collected them here for you. Remember, Well B is at X=12020514. These four videos show without a doubt that the cameras are looking at site B, not site A, and indeed are filming a second well. It's just that we were never meant to see that video. And even if a few times when BP were filming site B they accidentally forgot to flip the kill switch to the public web feeds, so what? No one would be curious enough to investigate their fraud, smart enough to look up their filed document showing that they did in fact apply for two wells, and spend hours putting the whole thing in a semi-concise, hopefully coherent form for others to discover and udnerstand.

I'm not that smart, but I am curious and determined. I'm also pissed of at what I believe to be evidence of massive fraud on behalf of BP. It's a simple matter of matching two pairs of numbers -- Well A's site in the document to the common videos of Well A all over the place. Then match Well B's proposed site to what you see onscreen four different times. It's down there, people.

The only problem is this: we do not know what the current status of Well B is, the well which does not exist but which you can see spewing oil in these videos and still frames. Because, as Thad Allen admitted a couple of days ago he, and thus the government and media get 100% of the information coming out of the Gulf of Mexico from a single source -- BP. And they have a built-in survival instinct to hide the truth because it would mean the end of the company if it were proven that they've been lying to everyone since the beginning of this disaster.

You may go back and read the story of the two wells from the first day I noticed something was wrong by following these links:

RED ALERT: The Other Well
Gone in 18 Seconds: BP's Lie Dismissed
Caught on Camera Again: Non-Existent Well B

An anonymous commenter brought something back to my attention which had been written by someone to me before, and I simply forgot to update my articles. The Y coordinate for Well B which was printed in the section of BP's Initial Exploration Plan I've been using for the Well A vs. Well B comparison is a typo. The true figure for Well B should appear as Y=10431494, not Y=10434194. No conspiracy here, just a simple keystroke error resulting in the transposition of a '4' and a '1' in the middle of the number.

The anonymous commenter noticed this on his or her own and calculated the correct figure by translating the latitude-longitude figures, but this is confirmed elsewhere in the same Plan -- if you scroll past the first couple of pages you will find a large color map of the site, and the coordinates printed there for site B are the correct ones, corroborating what the commenter noticed. I have been only concentrating on the X coordinate but it's nice of that person to have noticed the error in BP's filing and let me know about it.

Thanks to Fintan Dunne I have been made aware of a fifth video showing Well B, this one by far the best of the lot. The screen capture is very clear and so is the water quality, making it quite easy to see a complete well there. The X-coordinate on the video shifts slightly, as the ROV moves around to view different parts of the well. Remember, the Lamber coordinates are in feet, so in the video a typical position is X=1202544.78, so the sub is sitting 30 feet away from the Well B site:

Bone Thugs in Armory

From "Protect and Serve" to "Defect and Unnerve" in two generations. Watch as an undercover NYPD thug tries to intimidate an innocent citizen, hoping he'll stop filming the scene. For no apparent reason, just because these verminous, steroid-head power-tripping losers think they're gods. The "officer" threatens the little person with three days in jail complete with repeated rape.

And it's exactly this type of psychotic animal who are not only allowed into police forces across the nation, but are actively recruited and highly prized. Because when the government decides to initiate their final crackdown, when Homeland Security finally drops its mask and they come right out in the media and say that they are rounding up first the gun owners, military vets and old retired police, then the political dissidents and then the rest of Americans, they need "men" like this to carry out the orders.

Mindless, petty automatons who will not only grab you, your wives and children and throw the lot of you into FEMA camps at gunpoint, this type will actually enjoy killing the percentage of Americans who refuse to go. This is the kind of devolved people who comprise an ever-growing portion of police in the United States. And they have access to the latest paramilitary weaponry and armor, gifts of the loving federal government. And all to keep you safe. Doesn't that make you feel good?

Creeping Death

I have been proven correct in this five minute piece by CNN, who are actually doing some real reporting for once. Independent scientists (not those being paid by BP to do no research) have found highly toxic levels of oil and Corexit on the sea floor just three miles from Panama City, Florida. They have found damage to the marine life and have determined that it will take the dispersed, sunken oil much longer to naturally degrade than it would if BP and Barry Soetoro had left it together, in plumes, on the water's surface, as it was before they started using the Corexit.

Plants are suffering chemical burns in areas which aren't even near the coastline -- the gases given off by the dispersant have been rising into the cloud layer, moved about and then dropped onto unsuspecting citizens' property in the rain. There is oil and Corexit in blue crabs and making its way up the food chain -- smaller fish are already dying in the hundreds of thousands and those photos are all over the 'net, and videos are manifold on Youtube.

BP and Barry say the Gulf oil disaster is over and almost entirely cleaned up. They're lying, they know that they are lying, and these mendacious criminals must be held responsible for the people, animals and plant life they're killing in their sick attempt to hide the scope of the crisis they created. This is far from over. We will all be lucky if we can talk about it only taking years to be over, rather than a time scale in decades.

Thinking Outside the Bugs

EPA, DoD Brought in to Help Solve Bedbug Crisis

The federal government now is devoting some of its resources to solve the endemic bedbug problem in Ohio, which I'm sure is nice for Ohioans. Never mind that the reappearance of the pestilence is as a direct result of the government's invitation to 30+ million illegal aliens to come on in and bring their diseases and bugs with them. Also discount the fact that the government banned the pesticides which were used for decades to remediate such problems, for "environmental" and "health" reasons.

I have the perfect solution for Ohio, for the EPA and the Department of Defense -- buy even more Corexit 9500 from BP and use the spraying planes which are no longer being used in the Gulf of Mexico (they are -- at night when no one can see) and simply blanket the entire state with dispersant from the air. And for particularly badly infected buildings just send in exterminators with portable tanks of the stuff.

Because, as BP and Barry Soetoro tell you, Corexit is perfectly harmless -- it's even good for you. BP's ads say it's no more toxic than dishwashing soap. So why not? Everyone wins -- Ohio's bedbug problem goes away, BP makes even more money and Barry gets to prove that he and his administration are geniuses. And if all the plant life in the state suffers mysterious chemical burns, the media won't be able to put two and two together. It's a beautiful idea -- go for it Barry! You can be a hero in the swing state of Ohio!

Spike Spoke

Spike Lee: BP Runs Obama

Lee also said that he thinks the U.S. government has been a puppet for BP.

"Throughout this whole thing, I feel — and a lot of those people feel down here — that BP was dictating [to] the United States government what to do," he said. "BP dictated [to] the FAA who could fly over the site. BP dictated to the Coast Guard and Thad Allen which boats can come and go. And BP dictated [to] the EPA — the EPA sent a letter to BP saying we have serious concerns about your dispersant, Corexit. They sent back [one] saying, we're going to use it anyway. So BP's been running things."

Truth is always refreshing, and made more so when repeated by someone who usually causes me to roll my eyes.


Pelosi: Investigate Critics of Proposed NYC Mosque

Barring any kind of startling new developments in the tale of the proposed Victory Mosque two blocks away from Ground Zero in New York, I'm going to stop talking about it. Because it is obvious that the media, then Barry Soetoro and now Nancy Lugosi are doing everything they can to use this story as a canard, as a distraction. The current state of our union is so dire that anything, even a story like this which makes Democrats and liberals look bad, is as valuable as gold to their party this close to the November elections.

The Democrat party is on life support if the polls are to be believed, and I don't believe most of the polls. The numbers we see in the controlled media are probably skewed as they nearly always are in favor of the Dimocrat party. They will probably lose even more seats than the "experts" currently project and they and their buddies at CNN and MSNBC and the three-letters will throw out anything to capture the public's attention and divert it from the stories that matter.

Yes, it matters to me that the questionable, verminous radical Muslim so-called imam in New York is using money from every country in the Middle East to erect a permanent middle finger to America right next to the site of the destroyed World Trade Center. But that shouldn't be the top story having dominated the media for the last week and still doing so today. It's a grand distraction and working well so far.

The Victory Mosque is an insult, but like any other insult, unless it is actively used to train terrorists or acts as a conduit for funding them, it will not have any direct effect on me -- it will be like any other insult. The things that do affect us all directly the media are trying their best to ignore or spin. The economy is being destroyed by design, the Constitution is being shot full of holes with help from insane liberal judicial activists, we are gearing up for war with Iran and there is poison being deliberately added to nearly everything we ingest or handle. That is what matters and what should be the talk of America, not the Muslims' stupid Victory Mosque.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I captured this video myself at 10:40PM CDT on August 17. Just now. BP insists that no oil or gas is leaking from their oil well. Busted again, one more lie dismissed. Interestingly enough this video was from the Enterprise ROV #2 -- almost always those feeds are unavailable to the public, appearing as plain black screens. Now we have a clue what BP are hiding. Send this to your friends, try to get it out to the media. If the company still insists tomorrow that they have no evidence of leakage this is de facto proof that they are lying.


I found this picture linked to on It's a good reminder that G.W. and Barry Soetoro are nothing but mid-upper management in the world. They are replaceable parts that the globalist elite swap in for each other every four or eight years. Nothing has gotten better, not one single thing in America, since this president was installed in office. Everything has either remained stagnant or worsened. Good job by whoever Photoshopped this.

Would They Lie To You?

U. Georgia: 79% of Oil Still in Gulf

♫ Would BP lie to you? Would they lie to you, honey?
Now would Obama say something that wasn't true?
I'm asking you sugar, would they lie to you? ♫

Barry Soetoro says that only 24% of the oil spilled by BP remains in the Gulf. The University of Georgia says that 79% is still out there. Who do you believe at this point in the Gulf oil disaster?

Contrary to what the media is telling you, a report from the Georgia Sea Grant and the University of Georgia released yesterday says that a whopping 79% of the oil from the Gulf oil spill still remains in the waters there. The report concludes that the media is way off in their estimates — they are saying that a mere 25% of the oil remains — and that the effects of this spill will be following us for decades while the oil slowly dissipates. The report notes that the large plumes of oil present deep underneath the surface of the Gulf are most likely still present and perhaps will be for years to come.

The Gap

Hey moron, as Savage would say, hey you moron, idiot, schmuck Thad Allen, you don't have a clue what's going on down below the ocean's surface, where you have no cameras of your own to investigate. You are not seeing "very, very small drops in pressure" only because of a gap in the well column. You are seeing thousands of pounds of pressure less than you were hoping for because BP itself admitted there were at least two failure points in the well casing at 9000 and 17000 feet below the sea floor. There are probably more than that. Lindsey Williams' "Mr. X" described the well casing as completely "shattered." That, Mr. Allen, is why the pressure is so low. Open your damn eyes and look at the thousands of Youtube videos of petroleum coming straight up from cracks in the sea floor. Here, I'll make it easy for you:

That's what's going on down there that BP don't want you or any of the rest of us to see.

Let Loose the Drones of War

Warmongers: Israel Has Only Days to Strike Iran's Reactor

Israel has only mere days to launch an attack on Iran’s Bushehr nuclear reactor if Russia makes good on its plan to deliver fuel there this weekend, former US ambassador to the UN John Bolton warned Tuesday.

He said that once Russia has loaded the fuel into the reactor -- slated for Saturday – Israel would no longer be willing to strike for fear of triggering widespread radiation in an attack.

Marvelous, but I guess in a way it's good that the timetable is so short -- we won't have to wait long to know whether we'll see the start of World War III this year. Because that is what an Israeli or joint Israeli and American attack on the Bushehr reactor would trigger. Unlike some people in the "conspiracy theorist" community I actually do think that Iran is trying to build a miniaturized nuclear weapon able to be fitted onto their Shahab missile systems.

For the purposes of this discussion that is immaterial. Whether or not Ahmadenijad is pursuing weapons or peaceful nuclear energy production does not change the current situation -- we are one week away from the Russians delivering the reactor's fuel rods and beginning to insert them. Accounts in the media claim that an attack on that installation after the fuel rods are on site would create a radiological disaster much worse than that which occurred at Chernobyl.

This must not happen, so if Israel indeed is dead-set on taking out that site in Iran, they will have to do it very soon. I cannot imagine that even brazen Israel would attack the reactor after it is operational because the cloud of radiation would spread all over the Middle East and then further east towards Russia, China and the rest of Asia. The waters of the Persian Gulf and the all-important Strait of Hormuz would be poisoned. It would be unthinkable.

I hope nothing happens, but Israel drew up plans months ago to use both manned fighter jets and drone aircraft to strike Iran's scattered nuclear facilities. If you wake up one morning and gas is suddenly $10 a gallon when it was $2.65 the day before you'll know what happened. It would be an absolute nightmare and the beginning of a third World War. And the scary thing is that the globalists want this to happen. Stay tuned...


"Bottom Kill" Delayed at Least Seven Days

"I would say approximately seven days after I direct them to move ahead we would finish the pressure test and declare the well dead," [Thad Allen said]

The setback will be disappointing for weary Gulf Coast residents eager for the psychological relief of knowing a final death blow has been struck against a well that has unleashed such economic and environmental catastrophe.

Here's a shocker for you -- there's another delay in BP's alleged attempts to kill their stricken well. At least for a week no further progress will be made on the relief well, now just feet away from intercepting the so-called Macondo well. If you read this dumb blog you know what's really going on -- there are likely two wells at the MC252 site, both of which were damaged and only one of which (the older one) is capped, leaving the newer well that Deepwater Horizon was drilling in unknown condition.

Unknown because BP control all the cameras and all the information. The reality that Barry Soetoro refuses to call in the Navy to do their own underwater investigation of the site, to me anyway, is de factor proof of collusion. If he was not informed ahead of time of what I believe to be an intentional destruction of the well, or purposeful dereliction regarding safety procedures and equipment on the part of BP, I believe the president is using the situation to his advantage after the fact.

Or at least he was trying to, before Congress announced that the broad scale carbon tax, written by BP itself, was off the table for the year. But maybe all these delays in killing the well(s) are a stalling tactic, keeping the worst of the story out of the news (76% of the oil vanished) while still keeping it on the back burner in the media. I wonder if all of a sudden, after the elections in November, suddenly the situation if the Gulf may take another mysterious, inexplicable turn, this time for the worse. Then Barry can throw up his hands in panic, maybe calling in Al Whore for backup and his expertise on impending disasters, and demand that the lame-duck Congress pass crap-and-trade.

Don't put it past him. It's clear to me now that Thad Allen is in no way in on any possible conspiracy. And I'm probably too harsh on him, calling him vapid and ineffectual when it is BP who control the flow of information and Barry Soetoro pulling back on the reins of the Coast Guard and Navy to do anything useful. The whole thing is damned suspicious. BP said the well would be capped, top-killed, bottom-killed, finally shut for good weeks ago. And now we have to wait another week just to have them restart the relief well drilling? Are they kidding?

I wish I were an engineer so I could make more sense of all this talk of pressure readings. What is clear to me is one thing -- BP are continually lying to us. Remember when, before the capping procedure, BP announced that they hoped for psi readings in the neighborhood of upper-8000s to mid-9000s, but that 7500psi would be good and that the higher the better after the cap were in place, since higher pressure readings would mean more complete containment? And that the actual reading BP got once the well had been "capped" was 6,700psi? Remember how they tried to spin that once the grim news was revealed? I'll quote from a different article:

Pressure inside the Macondo well is holding at just more than 6,700 pounds per square inch a day after it was capped, National Incident Commander Thad Allen said.

The pressure reading is lower than officials had hoped for, but they have not yet determined if the low pressure is being caused by a leak or if the well has been "depleted" and is just no longer capable of producing a high pressure.

That spin was my favorite single piece of BP propaganda during this whole infernal affair because it damned them either way. They since have retracted this ridiculous piece of dishonesty. Because if the well's pressure were lower than expected due to the giant petroleum reserve having been "depleted" then BP just admitted that many, many times more oil and methane had escaped than they had been telling people. If that were not the case then they admitted that the well's integrity were shot. Either way it damns them.

And now we're still being told one day that pressure is high, the next that it is low, BP and Thad Allen have told conflicting accounts to the press on the same day on a couple of occasions and no one in the government or media seem to know what the hell is going on. They'd better find out quickly if they truly don't, because it appears that the sea floor is slowly losing integrity, and if it does give out and shatter, releasing all the petroleum in one massive rush it could be a planet killer. I suggest that Barry Soetoro stop worrying for once about his political career and that of his party and consider the possibility that this reserve BP drilled into could potentially affect every person, animal and plant on Earth. Yes, that's an apocalyptic vision but the Gulf oil disaster is beginning to seem like a bad Hollywood movie wherein the government knows an apocalypse is impending but decides not to tell its citizens. The suspense is killing me.

Under No Pressure

Allen: Pressure, Or Lack of Pressure Is Good, or Bad

Admiral Thad Allen said that an earlier successful process sealing the well from above may have wedged cement between two layers of casing, trapping leaked crude inside the void.

That has forced officials to put on hold plans to seal the well from below by flushing first a heavy drilling fluid called "mud" and then cement into the damaged structure via an intercept from a second relief well.

"When we do the intercept well and commence pumping mud and cement... it will create pressure," Allen said.

"We want to make sure before I give the order and direct BP to do that, that we know the implications of that pressure, and how we will deal with it."

Let me get this straight. First, high pressure would be bad. Next low pressure would be bad. Then, with middling pressure readings, BP decided that mediocre pressure was best.

Thad Allen is a submoron. I am also a moron but I am smart enough to detect what is going on here. Another lie. Another deception and fraud. BP are lying. The fact that this admiral cannot think for himself forces me to determine that he is more of a rear admiral than a fleet admiral. I'm tired of being tooled in the rear by BP and Barry Soetoro. You should as well.

Vanishing Point

This is old video but is the clearest yet on what exactly we're dealing with regarding the probably thousands of underwater vents which are still leaking oil and gas into the Gulf of Mexico. Watch the first 30 seconds -- you can actually see the very crack in the seabed with oil coming out. This much more clearly demonstrates the issue. usually BP have their subs sitting on the ocean's bottom, looking straight out to monitor for leaks. This time the ROV was positioned above the crack and looking down at it.

Also notice how, instead of continuing to monitor the leak, they move on seconds after they find it puffed out a few rounds of petroleum. As if "nothing to see here," moving right along before someone records their feed. Also notice the name of the ROV -- Viking Poseidon. The twin Viking Poseidon subs were originally available on BP's live public video feeds web site. They are no longer. And the mystery deepens yet again.

Like the Boa Deep C, whose feeds have also gone offline, Viking Poseidon has literally disappeared from satellite tracking. Boa Deep C's last known position was heading towards shore but still in the Gulf one week ago today. Viking Poseidon's last known position was two weeks ago, still at the MC252 site. Two ships with four ROVs have disappeared from the map. Only by visual inspection could we tell if either are back at MC252 or are in the 20-mile radius around it where these types of cracks in the sea floor are. But the reporters have left the Gulf, BP keeps a security cordon around the fleet it has assembled and Thad Allen admits that he and the government get 100% of their information spoon-fed to them by BP.

So Deep C and Poseidon have been missing, according to the satellite tracking data at Marine Traffic for 7 and 14 days respectively. To compare, the Skandi Neptune's position, whose two ROVs are the ones shown on TV most of the time and are available on the live public feeds, always on and always showing block, murky video, was recorded 1m33s ago when I just checked, so it's not like the satellite tracking does not update frequently. Olympic Challenger reported in 51 seconds ago when I just checked. HOS Achiever reported its position 40 seconds ago. Q4000 said hello 70 seconds ago. Helix Producer I gave us a wave 3 minutes and 9 seconds ago.

Even the little ships that no one has ever heard of have the mandatory satellite tracking systems integrated into their navigational systems and are reporting in on a nearly minute-by-minute basis. The Toisa Pisces reported in 4 minutes and 30 seconds ago. Even ships which are not going anywhere anytime soon must constantly report their positions. Development Driller3 (not a typo), currently in position and drilling one of the relief wells, sent its updated, stationary position 5 minutes and 39 seconds ago.

I find it extraordinarily suspicious that the only to ships which are or were involved in the surveying and clean up at MC252 have literally vanished from the face of the Earth. They have not vanished of course, the ships are out there somewhere, but their tracks have been erased. For the last 7 and 14 days we do not where Deep C and Poseidon were. We do not know now where they are or what they are doing. I want to know why this is. I highly doubt that both vessels suffered from failure of their satellite tracking systems, and were not able to be repaired in one and two weeks. Ships carry spare parts, have mechanics and technicians, and both were close enough to port that a replacement bad computer board or something in the tracking system could be helicoptered out to them from New Orleans.

Something is very, very suspicious about the way BP are handling the underwater video feeds. What we can pull up on their web site is, I believe, purposely degraded, lowered in resolution so as to be almost unwatchable, while BP keep the high-definition footage for themselves. And now two ships with their four subs have vanished, and half of the live feeds on BP's spill response page are always, or nearly always black screens or color bar test patterns. I want to know why, and what BP are hiding.

Monday, August 16, 2010


From the report given to Congress on 17 June. Read the entire report detailing BP's criminal negligence or worse here.


Mike Rivero came up with the clever name "floornado," not I. Here you see the creation and result of one of the naturally-forming vents in the sea floor that I've been telling you about for weeks. There is no doubt about this problem whatsoever and you can see it happening with your own eyes. This is why BP and Barry Soetoro are lying nearly every time they speak about the situation in the Gulf of Mexico. It's not over, even if they did cap the one well they admit exists, and even if they did cap the other one I've proven exists.

The current crux of the problem lies not at the wells, but in the ground itself. These undersea vents have been spotted at a radius of at least 20 miles from the MC252 site. This will continue and it will continue to get worse. Soetoro is hoping that the entire sea floor will not rupture before the November elections, but more and more of these vents are being caught and recorded from BP's ROV cameras. God help us all if the worst happens and all of that petroleum is released in one massive rush, rather than leaking out very slowly for decades, as it currently is, through these tiny vents.

Floating Purple People Eater

BP Worker: Giant, Floating Purple Masses in Gulf Ocean

Stewart, a third generation commercial fisherman, told Truthout he had regularly seen "purple looking jelly stuff, three feet thick, floating all over, as wide as a football field" and "tar balls as big as a car." He, like Miller, is an eyewitness to planes dispensing dispersant at night, as well as the Carolina Skiff crews spraying dispersant. "I worked out off the barrier islands of Mississippi," Stewart said. "They would relentlessly carpet bomb the oil we found with dispersants, day and night. . ."

Stewart, echoing what VOO employees across the Gulf Coast are saying, told Truthout his crew would regularly find oil, report it, be sent away, then either watch as planes or Carolina Skiffs would arrive to apply dispersants, or come back the next day to find the white foamy emulsified oil remnant that is left on the surface after oil has been hit with dispersants.

Stewart added, "Whenever government people, state or federal, would be flying over us, we'd be instructed to put out all our boom and start skimming, acting like we were gathering oil, even when we weren't in the oil."

While acting as whistleblowers, Miller and Stewart have both been accused of being "troublemakers" and "liars" by persons in the Mississippi government and some of their local media, in spite of the fact that they are doing so from deep concern for their fellow fisherman and the environment.

Meanwhile, both men told Truthout they live with chronic headaches and other symptoms they've been experiencing since they were exposed to toxic dispersants while in the VOO program. Recent trips to investigate their waters for oil and dispersant have worsened their symptoms.

I didn't predict football-field-size purple masses of jelly floating in the ocean, but the rest of it I did. The chemicals BP have been spraying onto and dumping into the ocean are there, as is all the oil, no matter what the company and Thud Allen tell you. And things in the five Gulf Coast states are not getting better, they are worsening, again as I told you they would. Toxic rain has been killing plants in states which don't even have coastlines. The gasses given off by the mixture of methane, oil and Corexit have been taken up into the clouds, moved around and have fallen back to Earth. This is happening all over the place. I have no idea exactly what the purple masses consist of, but I am fairly certain they are not nutritious.

Living in a Dream

Reid: Build Victory Mosque Elsewhere

Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada on Monday became the highest profile Democrat to break with President Barack Obama, who on Friday backed the right for the developers to build a mosque near ground zero.

In a statement, Reid said the first amendment protects freedom of religion and he respects that, but the mosque should be built somewhere else.

I have to be dreaming -- twice in one day liberals have said things I agree with: first, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals said "not so fast" to gay marriage in California and now Harry Reid, whom I detest and despise to the Nth degree tells the radical Muslim vermin imam trying to build his Victory Mosque near Ground Zero to move it somewhere else. But don't worry, tomorrow the long national nightmare will resume. A broken clock is only right twice a day, and the libs will get right back to destroying America tomorrow, I have no doubt.

The Hope Diamond

Obama Still Campaigning on Hope and Fear

"Don't give in to fear," Obama said Monday in his latest ominous vision of a country led by the opposition party. "Let's reach for hope."

On Monday, he warned of reliving a dreadful past, saying Republicans want voters "to be afraid of the future."

"The worst thing we could do is to go back to the very same policies that created this mess in the first place," Obama said at a fundraiser in Wisconsin. "In November, you're going to have that choice."

Let me ask you, America: how has Hope and Change worked for you? Is your life and are your prospects for the future better after 17 months of Barry Hussein Soetoro's imperial rule or worse? Did all of his grandiose promises come true or has he done the opposite of what what he promised? President Barry promised to immediately withdraw all combat troops from the Middle East. Was that done or are there more brave men and women serving under this verminous, illegal alien commander-in-grief? Did the economy bloom and prosper thanks to his stimulus bills, or has unemployment skyrocketed? Are you excited about SoetoroCare or afraid because, as has recently been admitted even in the lamestream media, the death panels do actually exist, care will be rationed, and senior citizens will suffer the worst of it?

The Hope/Change versus fear dynamic which Soetoro employs reminds me of the similar character which the late Patrick Swayze played in Donnie Darko. Using much the same language and scaremongering tactics, that character attempted to convince schoolchildren that he understood them, that he had all the answers to unlock their inner potential, that if they just would listen to him and adopt his philosophy, all their problems would be solved. Does that sound familiar, even if you haven't seen the movie?

Barry Soetoro sold America a bill of goods. He does not have the answers except as to how to destroy the economy, denude you of your freedoms and look good for cameras doing it. He pretended that he had a perfect gem of a plan for you, a flawless, colorless diamond of immense value. Barry convinced 52% of voters that he and only knew how to bring America back from the brink of economic disaster and instead has purposely done every single thing he can to make the situation worse.

Barry Soetoro is a fugazi. Literally and figuratively. His name, though he was given it at birth, is currently, legally not Barack Hussein Obama but Barry Soetoro. He never did care for Hope, only for Change with a capital 'C' to match that of his other favorite C-word: Communism. Barry hoped Americans would be dumb enough to believe the corporate-controlled media and elect the first black president of the United States simply out of guilt. They did. He never had any substance, no record of meaningful activity in national politics, no qualifications whatsoever aside from the fact that he is quite handsome, has an attractive voice, was young and fit in the public appearance of JFK, and was not the usual crusty old white guy that becomes president.

Dimocrats and independents hoped for a diamond and what they got was a faceted piece of plastic. That's all Soetoro is -- a very good fake, an imitation of a real president. He is the globalist elite's hand puppet and now even the idiots who voted for Him are beginning to realize it. President Barry's days in the Red House are numbered because there is no way that he will be re-elected, considering his plummeting poll numbers. America realizes that it was deceived and, without massive electronic voting fraud, Barry stands no chance in 2012. It's over for him politically. I wish he would have the decency to resign but he does not and will not. The globalists won't let him, even if he personally should desire to do so. So we all have to suffer another two and one half years under this faker, still spewing his rhetoric of Hope and Change. Some jewel this guy turned out to be.

Shocked and Awesome

Appeals Court Suspends Gay Marriage in California

I couldn't believe my ears when I turned on the radio in my car this evening and heard that the federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals had stayed the homosexual judge Vaughn Walker's decision on Proposition 8. As you know, his biased decision was to annul the votes of over 7 million Californians, who decided to amend their state constitution to define marriage as between one man and one woman. So for now, until the case makes its way through the highest court in the land there will be no gay marriages in the state.

The 9th Circuit is well knows as easily the most liberal and most activist Appeals Court in the nation. It is also the one whose rulings are most often overturned by the United States Supreme Court. This case, as predicted, is heading for a showdown before the nine Supremes, now loaded with two Communist lesbians. Who knows what will happen then. But today I am literally stunned that the Court has ruled in favor of the American people and on the side of the law for once. This has to be a dream in the midst of the long national nightmare we are all trapped in. Somebody pinch me...

Flu Shot, Down in Flames

Spokane Students Urged to Get New H1N1 Shot

The start of school is just around the corner and that means the beginning of flu season. But the big question is will the H1N1 virus be as serious as last year. . .

You only need one shot this year. Scientists have combined the seasonal flu, with last year's H1N1 strain, along with two others. They should start seeing shipments by the end of September. There will be a number of school-based clinics. Colleges will also offer free shots to every student.

At first I was just going to write about this story mocking the media and government for trying to hype the fear over H1N1 once again and move the remaining stocks of last years vaccine, which was proven to be a scam run by the World Health Organization in order to enrich themselves and their cronies in the pharmaceutical industry. The entire H1N1 story, as told to you by the idiot media at the behest of the U.N. has been conclusively shot down in flames:

A stunning new report reveals that top scientists who convinced the World Health Organization (WHO) to declare H1N1 a global pandemic held close financial ties to the drug companies that profited from the sale of those vaccines. This report, published in the British Medical Journal, exposes the hidden ties that drove WHO to declare a pandemic, resulting in billions of dollars in profits for vaccine manufacturers.

Several key advisors who urged WHO to declare a pandemic received direct financial compensation from the very same vaccine manufacturers who received a windfall of profits from the pandemic announcement. During all this, WHO refused to disclose any conflicts of interests between its top advisors and the drug companies who would financially benefit from its decisions.

That's bad enough, and the whole government-media complex's attempt to frighten the public last year was bad enough, but something caught my eye in the article at the top about Spokane. Read more closely and think of the implications of these two, seemingly harmless lines:

You only need one shot this year. Scientists have combined the seasonal flu, with last year's H1N1 strain, along with two others.

Oh, how convenient for you and your families. And for the vaccine manufacturers, of course. This year, at least in that community, you do not have a choice of getting the seasonal flu vaccine separate from the admittedly useless and even deadly H1N1 vaccine. If you get any flu shot, you're getting H1N1 along with it. This is very sneaky and potentially a danger to the public health. Refuse any vaccines. They may have been blessing in the past but are these days largely suspect. Too much money is at stake for big pharma to care about your health or that of your families. I will never again be injected with anything, vaccine or otherwise, which is manufactured by the huge drug companies and pimped by the government-media complex.

Wiped Out

Broke Schools Forcing Students to Bring Own Toilet Paper

When Emily Cooper headed off to first grade in Moody, Ala., last week, she was prepared with all the stuff on her elementary school’s must-bring list: two double rolls of paper towels, three packages of Clorox wipes, three boxes of baby wipes, two boxes of garbage bags, liquid soap, Kleenex and Ziplocs. . .

Schools across the country are beginning the new school year with shrinking budgets and outsize demands for basic supplies. And while many parents are wincing at picking up the bill, retailers are rushing to cash in by expanding the back-to-school category like never before.

This is an indicator of just how badly our once-great economy has been wiped out by the treacherous globalists. Common janitorial supplies which used to be provided by the schools are now needed to be brought in by the students. In a way this doesn't change who pays for the supplies -- public schools are funded entirely by our tax dollars. But it is a portent of things coming soon -- the so-called "austerity measures" being discussed all over Europe and being put into force in places like Greece.

There is absolutely no reason why any well-meaning parents with the time and intelligence should not be home-schooling their children. Public education has been repurposed from it's original mission, to prepare children for life in the real world as successful, hard-working, smart adults, to being nothing more than a propaganda and government indoctrination system. Public schools in the United States today would have been a nocturnal emission for Joseph Goebbels decades ago. Instead of sending their children in to be brainwashed, toilet paper and Ziploc bags in tow, these parents should teach them at home. A truly educated and enlightened public is the globalists' worst nightmare, except perhaps for the same but who also own guns.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Crystal Blue Assuasion

Obama Didn't Technically Swim in Gulf Water

I noticed this yesterday but didn't post about it because the technicality was just indicative of one more lie from Barry Soetoro. Tip of the hat to Mike Rivero for noticing what i couldn't because I am color-blind. Barry and his daughter Sasha allegedly went for a swim in the Gulf of Mexico to prove how safe and wonderful the water is now that 76% of the oil has been disappeared. Except they didn't. I look up on Google Maps exactly where they swam and noticed that it was in a cove protected from inflow of of the toxic water from BP's oil disaster:

Soetoro's press people told the media that they swam in the Gulf of Mexico but they actually swam in St. Andrew's Bay. Mike Rivero points out that the water in these inland coves is greenish colored due to the algae which grows in them, whereas the picture that the liar-in-chief released to the media shows himself and his daughter cavorting in crystal blue waters, trying to assuage the American people and get people to drop their fears over eating Gulf seafood and visiting the afflicted states as tourists.

Compare the two colors for yourself -- that shown on Google Maps to that of the official Red House photo released to the public. The official photo is an official lie just like everything else coming out of this criminal, mendacious administration. Keep in mind that no media were allowed to accompany Barry Soetoro on his swim -- the only people present were the Secret Service and the official Red House photographer.

It's one more in the unbroken day-to-day series of lies. The photo was clearly taken in a swimming pool, and there is a Mariott resort at St. Andrew's Bay. I think that's where the photo was snapped. I'm giving Barry a new nickname -- the Decepticon, because he is the globalists' puppet robot whose job it is to deceive us all.