Saturday, September 25, 2010


John Kerry Blames Democrat Woes on Uninformed Voters

A testy U.S. Sen. John F. Kerry yesterday blamed clueless voters with short attention spans for the uphill battle beleaguered Democrats are facing against Republicans across the nation.

“We have an electorate that doesn’t always pay that much attention to what’s going on so people are influenced by a simple slogan rather than the facts or the truth or what’s happening,” Kerry told reporters after touring the Boston Medical Center yesterday.

John Kerry is still understandably angry from the 2004 presidential election which he believes George W. Bush stole from him. Or perhaps he believes that he lost because of the same sort of stupid Americans he's still having to deal with now, who were not paying enough attention six years ago to vote for the right candidate. But this sort of patrician, elitist attitude is exactly why not only the Democrats will face severe losses in the November elections, but so will many incumbent Republicans.

Kerry has it 180 degrees turned around -- the reason why the Dimocrats will face record losses is precisely because the average American voter is paying more attention to politics and economics than ever before. Most of the last decade saw Americans concerned primarily with foreign policy, i.e. the illegal wars in the Middle East, that is if they could be bothered to pull themselves away from Monday Night Football and American Idol. The current situation in this country is far too dire for such distractions to be largely effective anymore. Washington D.C. will experience the wrath of the citizenry in a few short weeks. John Kerry thinks it is we who are clueless when in fact he is the one completely out of touch.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Kangaroo Congress

Stephen Colbert Testifies Before Congress on Immigration Reform

Taking his blowhard comedy act to Congress, Stephen Colbert told lawmakers that a day picking beans alongside illegal immigrants convinced him that farm work is "really, really hard."

"It turns out — and I did not know this — most soil is at ground level," Colbert testified Friday. Also, "It was hotter than I like to be."

Still, Colbert expressed befuddlement that more Americans aren't clamoring to "begin an exciting career" in the fields and instead are leaving the low-paid work to illegal immigrants.

Staying in character as a Comedy Central news commentator, Colbert offered a House hearing his "vast" knowledge, drawn from spending a single day on a New York farm as a guest of the United Farm Workers.

The Congress of the United States of America has been rogue and criminal for some time now, and that has been readily apparent to anyone paying attention. Now the Democrats have revealed themselves to be insane. During what should have been serious debate on a very grave issue, that of illegal immigration, they invited Stephen Colbert to testify. A second-rate nighttime cable television comedian was called to enter his testimony into the official record, rather than any sort of expert in the matter. He appeared in character, the same act he puts on during his nightly show, uttering such pre-fabricated gems as:

"This is America. I don't want a tomato picked by a Mexican. I want it picked by an American, then sliced by a Guatemalan and served by a Venezuelan in a spa where a Chilean gives me a Brazilian."

But the mentally unstable Nancy Pelosi had no problem with Colbert making a mockery of the hearings:

"Of course I think it's appropriate," she said. "He's an American. He can bring attention to an important issue. I think it's great."

John Conyers tried to convince the comedian to leave the room, but Colbert responded that he was invited to testify by the subcommittee's chairperson, Zoe Lofgren, and would only leave at her direction. He even tried to have images of his own colonoscopy entered into the official record, according to ABC.

I'm not surprised by this mockery of our system, just saddened by it. Many Democrats and liberals get their news primarily from shows like Colbert's, Jon Stewart's and Bill Maher's. I wouldn't be surprised if the liberals in the House and Senate do as well. We know they don't read the bills that are written for them by globalist operatives before they vote to take our freedoms away. The members are so busy conspiring to enrich and empower themselves that they can't possibly have time to pay attention to the real news, so it would come as no shock if Pelosi and her gang end their days by sipping on a cocktail and falling asleep while watching The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, or whatever it's called.

I like Stephen Colbert as an actor, and genuinely enjoyed his appearances on Jon Stewart's show back when the show was funny, and not full of political acrimony. When Comedy Central decided to give him his own show specifically mocking Bill O'Reilly I didn't think it would last long, but it has, and Colbert's popularity has grown. I don't blame him for jumping at the chance to go to Capitol Hill and testify in character -- that's literally the chance of a lifetime for an actor and comedian. But Zoe Lofgren, whoever she is, should never have invited him, and I hope her constituents let her know it.

Early Warning

Russia to Deny Sale of S-300 Missile System to Iran

Russian army chief of staff Gen. N. Makarov broke the news on September 22 that Russia will not sell the S-300 air defense systems to Iran.

If this is true then Russia has given its de facto permission for NATO and Israel to strike Iran's nuclear facilities. It had been widely speculated that the Russians would sell their advanced S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems to Iran, obviously for the purpose of protecting "sensitive" installations against air strikes by foreign military. Some analysts believed that the equipment already was in Iran, along with Russian military trainers teaching the Iranian military how to operate and maintain the system. If that has turned out to be false, and this General Makarov's statement represents the official stance on the issue, a la Putin and Medvedev, then we may be closer to World War III than you would care to believe.

There are various iterations of the S-300 missile family, but the more advanced models which Iran was surely interested in can track and engage multiple targets simultaneously. More than that, they also have the capability of intercepting and eliminating not only the fastest fighter jets and bombers in U.S. or Israeli inventories, but can also destroy cruise missiles incoming at speeds up to 8.5 Mach. This would have meant that, in the event of an Israeli or joint NATO-Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear installations, the attacks would either not be successful or only partially successful, and at a great cost to incoming aircraft.

Russia had been supporting the Iranians, it seemed, since the second Iraq war began. If they have spontaneously changed their position, or have been compensated by NATO to do so, and if this report of the denial of the missile sale is correct, this is an early warning that attacks on Iranian nuclear facilities are in the final planning stages, if not imminent. I'm not enough of an expert on the Iranian alleged nuclear weapons program to comment on if or when they will develop a working, deployable warhead or bomb. I only know that if Israel and or the United States strike Iran, it will start at the very least another regional war in the Middle East, and very possibly World War III.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Evasion of the Body Scanners

Italy to Abandon airport Body Scanners

After a six-month test, Italy's government will drop the use of full-body scanners for security checks in airports, judging them slow and ineffective, Italian daily Corriere della Sera reported Thursday. . .

"We didn't get good results from body scanners during testing, it takes a long time to examine a person, more than with a manual inspection," said Vito Riggio, the president of Italy's aviation authority.

The naked body scanners are not only slow and ineffective, they store your naked images and they irradiate you with carcinogenic and teratogenic radiation. But our government is going full court press with the scanners in Amerika. If we as a people allow the scanners to be installed and used at every major airport in the nation, as is the plan, it will be signal of weakness to the federal government and to their globalist controllers. We must protest and petition Congress to ban the scanners on the grounds of privacy and health concerns. It is obvious that the machines do nothing to increase airport and airline security. They are meant to help limit our freedom of movement, one more brick in the walls being erected to contain and enslave us all.


Congress: "Mentally Retarded" Out, "Intellectually Disabled" In

The measure, passed by the House by voice vote Wednesday night, changes the phrase "mentally retarded" to "an individual with an intellectual disability" in existing health, education and labor law.

Democratic Sen. Barbara Mikulski of Maryland, sponsor of the bill with Republican Sen Mike Enzi, of Wyoming, said it would make language in federal law consistent with that used by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the health arm of the United Nations and the White House.

The economy is in shambles, there is a growing ecological disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, American soldiers continue to be killed in the "transitional support" operations in Iraq, we are continuing the hopeless was in Afghanistan, and Badmood Ahmadenijad spoke today in New York before the United Abomination general assembly. And our cowardly, criminal, rogue House of Irrepresentatives has just passed legislation not dealing with any of the nation's problems, but with semantics. Now, laws dealing with mentally retarded individuals must refer to them as "intellectually disabled." The House and the rest of the political structure in D.C. is patriotically disabled.

Jersey Shores

BP Oil Stains New Jersey Beaches


Mueller: Terror Threat Greatest Since 9/11/2001

The nation's top counterterrorism officials were blunt. The threat from within---of Americans willing to commit terrorist acts--- is growing. FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III told a congressional hearing today that a spike in recent terrorism cases is direct evidence of the evolving threat. . .

"Homegrown terrorists represent a new and changing facet of the terrorist threat." [Janet] Napolitano said, "To be clear, by homegrown, I mean terrorist operatives who are U.S. persons, and who were radicalized in the United States. . ."

Describing the power of the Internet and its use as a recruiting tool, Leiter said, "A blend of al Qaeda inspiration, perceived victimization, and glorification of past plotting, has become increasingly accessible through the Internet, and English-language websites are tailored to address the unique concerns of US-based extremists."

As with everything coming out of the government for public consumption, this dire warning coming from FBI director Robert Mueller and Homeland Insecurity director Janet Napoleono requires clarification. The government is behind the rash of "foiled" homegrown terrorist "plots," and this is part of their plan to take away the few rights that citizens have left. And the increasing drumbeat of lies about the Internet as a threat to national security is very telling. The federal government and the globalists would live nothing more than to shut down the Internet in America, because it is a threat, but not to the safety of the American people.

The government is engaged in semantics when it talks of the Internet as a threat to national security, for what it actually represents is a threat to the criminal government structure in Washington, the controlled media and the military-corporate complex which has grown up around them. The Internet is what is allowing people all over the country and all over the planet to communicate with each other and start to tear away the shrouds of falsehoods surrounding the core truths of what is actually going on in the world, who is really running things, and what their ultimate goals are.

The Internet and awakened patriots who use it to inform and wake others is indeed a grave threat to the federal government and the Luciferian globalist elites who control it. If the government calculates that in order to kill the original Internet it is necessary to set off one or more low-yield nuclear devices in the United States, killing a few hundred thousand or a couple millions of citizens, it will not hesitate to do so. And we are rapidly approaching that point, I fear. Look at the damage we who pay attention to the truth have been able to do with the globalists' hand-picked Messiah, "Barack Obama," in the less than two years he's been in office. Most Americans, besides the Kool-Aid-drinking hard leftists, know now that he is a fraud. A sizable portion of the population now do not believe that he was born in Hawaii or is a naturalized citizen.

Barry Soetoro, the globalists' deep-cover intelligence operative, has been rendered largely politically impotent because of truth seekers wielding the power of the Internet. His two assignments for the first half of what now will be his only term as president were to get socialized medicine passed through Congress to give the government life-and-death control over its citizens, and then to get the elite's cap-and-trade carbon tax scheme through. The carbon tax was to be the financial fuel for the final stage of the New World Order's self-implementation. Largely because of the Internet, Barry failed to cram that legislation down our throats.

If only the Climategate emails had not surfaced and spread virally across the Internet, the globalists and Barry Soetorobama lamented... That is why he signed the executive order giving himself an Internet kill switch. All of these fake, subverted terror "attacks" and the media hype surrounding them are the government's attempt to jump out from a dark corner and yell "Boo!" at the American people. We're not buying it. I'm not frightened by alleged Muslim fanatic terrorists. I am, however, apprehensive each day when I wake up and load the Drudge Report, cross my fingers and hope that the headline is about Lindsey Lohan or Paris Hilton, and not 5 million degrees over Los Angeles. Don't put it past the rogue, criminal government to do it...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Three massive fish kills in one week in Plaquemines Parish have raised some serious concerns from parish officials and area fishermen.

The latest kill was spotted in Bayou Robinson in the southern end of the parish over the weekend. Right now, the cause is all being blamed by state wildlife and fisheries officials on low oxygen levels, and not in any way related, at least at this point, to the oil spill. . .

"We've got the state wildlife and fisheries checking the oxygen levels, and they've acknowledged that they've seen some areas in the water column where there is no oxygen which is unusual," said [Plaquemines Parish President] Nungesser.

The last sentence is key -- no oxygen. Not less oxygen than usual... None. BP and the federal government have been trying to pass off the massive fish kills being seen all over the Gulf Coast as normal yearly kills caused by lower than usual oxygen levels in the water, they say due to hot weather. Heat can very slightly reduce the oxygen carrying capability of water, but not eliminate it. The Gulf oil disaster is not over. It has barely begun.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Game Over...?

Final Test Taking Place to Allow BP to Declare Well Dead

A pressure test on the blown-out BP well in the Gulf of Mexico was set to be finished early Sunday, the last step needed before the runaway well can finally be declared dead.

There was no word from company or government officials on whether the test had started as scheduled or when officials would say that the well had been permanently sealed, though the milestone was expected to be reached Sunday.

The test involves engineers exerting 15,000 pounds of weight against the cement plug to make sure it won't budge. They also will exert 1,150 pounds per square inch of pressure.

So we are being told that the relief well successfully intercepted the nightmare well, that the cement was pumped in and dried perfectly to plug the infernal thing. Overnight, engineers will perform a pressure test as the final act in this drama. Once that test is declared a success to the public, regardless of its actual readings, BP will pull all the ROVs out of the water and send all the ships in the fleet back to port or release them for other assignments. We will then be told that entire Gulf oil disaster is over, and that there never really was much of a problem in the first place.

We will be told by the twisted, verminous management of BP and the Soetorobama administration that life in the Gulf of Mexico is back to normal. Let me be the first to tell you that that will be a lie. Unless God performs a miracle and the well blows out again during the pressure test, revealing the true nature of the problem to the public, almost everyone will believe them and be fooled. The disaster is not over, and, as I wrote a couple of months ago, the actions which BP has performed with their playacting at capping the well and plugging it have only made one difference -- instead of the oil and gas coming out very quickly and mostly in one location in the fantastic gusher that was on television for weeks, now it is slowly leaking out in almost inscrutable amounts from thousands or millions of tiny leak points in the sea floor.

All BP has done is, in effect, to render the problem invisible to the public. The rate of the oil and methane flow into the Gulf may have decreased by capping and plugging the well, or it may have actually increased. No one can know, because these leaks in the sea floor have been spotted as far away as 20 miles from the MC252 wells. There aren't enough ROVs in the world to monitor even a fraction of a percent of all these small leaks. Not that BP wants to monitor them. They have turned off most of the publicly available ROV feeds after people like myself, my Youtube buddy MrsMilkytheclown, the people at and Alexander Higgins and Mike Rivero started posting about new, damning video from the ROVs nearly every day.

This is a sleight of hand, a con job, and a further criminal fraud foisted upon the American people. Throughout the entire Gulf oil disaster, BP has and Barry Soetoro have been playing games with the people of the Gulf states and indeed the entire country. More people are getting sick, then going in and having their blood tested for hydrocarbons and volatile organic compounds, and more are finding that BP's toxic mix of oil, methane and Corexit is inside of them. More fish kills and dead oyster beds are being reported daily. More underwater oil slicks are being spotted by independent researchers, and locals are finding more oil and tar balls washing up on their beaches.

More people are uploading videos to Youtube showing oily rain that has fallen on their property and in their streets. Levels of toxins continue to rise to even more dangerous levels in all five states directly affected. And the government is conspiring with BP to keep the truth hidden from the public and the moronic national media. Only local newspapers and TV stations are doing real investigations, and the federal government is using all their weight to stop the results from being made known. Homeland Insecurity has been confiscating samples from scientists. I bet you didn't hear about that on CNN or Fixed News:

Texas A&M Prof: Homeland Security Took All Samples

DARREN: I’m an adjunct professor here at A&M, and we were also in the Gulf, but got thrown out. We were testing a theory that the chemical composition of the dispersant they were using was causing the oil to sink. And we’d been there for approximately three days, and federal agents flat told us to get out. And it wasn’t Fish and Wildlife officers. These were Homeland Security officers, and we were told that it was in the interest of national security. . .

FLATOW: Darren, did take your samples away or anything – take anything away from you?

DARREN: Oh, yeah, they inspected the boat. They, of course, checked everyone’s identification, and they took all the samples that we had. And they also took some notes that we had. The theory that we were operating upon was information that had been given to us by someone who worked in the plant that made that dispersant. And they took everything.

Ask yourself why the agency that was ostensibly created to guard Americans from evil, foreign terrorists is in the Gulf of Mexico confiscating samples from scientists. It is because the government has in its own interests the need to hide the truth from the people they are supposed to serve. The truth is that the damage to the ecosystem in the Gulf of Mexico is severe, and it will take years, perhaps decades for it to recover. The truth is that more people will get acute illnesses, more will develop cancer and other chronic illnesses like neurological disorders over time, and infant mortality and birth defects will increase, as will the rate of miscarriages in the affected states.

So the government and BP may believe that they can get away with calling their game over, but not if enough people keep this story alive. I fear that everyone will lose interest once the ROV cameras are gone and we are blind as to what is happening on the ocean floor. I pray that when the normally spineless Republicans take back some measure of control in the Congress next year they will synthesize a backbone and bring criminal charges against BP's management under the RICO statutes. If BP is able to get away with what they've done, at least in my opinion it would be the most significant evasion since the banksters had J.F.K. killed and the government destroyed the World Trade Towers, Building 7 and part of the Pentagon in 2001. We must not let BP and Barry Soetoro get away with this. Many people need to be in federal prison for life for what they have done to the poor people of Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and Florida.