Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Last Gasp

Oxygen Levels Depleted By >30% In Gulf

Many years ago I read a book by an obscure author named Trevor Hoyle called "The Last Gasp." It was written in the early '80s, and was a post-apocalyptic tale of global warming causing plankton in the ocean to die off, reducing the oxygen levels first in the ocean, then in the entire world. Also, the ozone hole widened until there was ozone layer left, and increased radiation exposure cause mutations until it came down to a band of scientists and soldiers fighting for survival in an underground base, them versus the mutants. It's quite a good novel, you can probably find it on eBay for 99 cents.

We're not talking about a global problem from oxygen depletion in the Gulf, at least not unless the well really does never stop spewing oil, as some people have predicted. But the problem is already trending towards grave in certain areas of the region.

Texas A&M University oceanography professor John Kessler, just back from a 10-day research expedition near the BP Plc (BP.L) oil spill in the gulf, says methane gas levels in some areas are "astonishingly high."

Kessler's crew took measurements of both surface and deep water within a 5-mile (8 kilometer) radius of BP's broken wellhead.

"There is an incredible amount of methane in there," Kessler told reporters in a telephone briefing.

In some areas, the crew of 12 scientists found concentrations that were 100,000 times higher than normal.

"We saw them approach a million times above background concentrations" in some areas, Kessler said.

I've already told you that methane is both toxic to animals and flammable. What I haven't really touched on before is that is also has the effect of lowering oxygen levels in the ocean, and according to this article, scientists are already measuring a drop in oxygen levels of 30% in some areas. And that deficit will rise as time goes on. At the peak of Mount Everest, where nothing lives and climbers must use oxygen tanks or die, there is about 67% less oxygen than present at sea level. So those areas of the Gulf of Mexico worst affected are already halfway up the mountain, as it were.

Sharks and large whales are already being spotted close to shores when normally they would only be seen in deep waters. Such as near Deepwater Horizon. But the oil and the poison Corexit BP is dumping into the ocean are, I believe only half of the reasons why the sea life are fleeing their normal habitats. The other problem is oxygen. Large animals are more susceptible to lack of oxygen than smaller ones are, but as the O2 level keeps dropping, more and more species will be forced to escape or die. Many will die, since the normal food chains will have been disrupted -- they will try to swim in random directions away from the oil and methane and dispersant, and if their usual cuisines do not happen to have chosen the same area of shelter, they will starve.

"The Last Gasp" scenario won't occur here -- plankton are plants, and as everyone knows they breathe CO2, not oxygen, but the possibilities are still scary. If enough vulnerable species die out or have their numbers thinned sufficiently, the entire food chain in the ocean could collapse. This would probably take years to occur, but if enough damage is done while the oil and methane are still spewing from the well and from the other vents, this is what could well happen. The media are already reporting that marine biologists think it will be years before certain species of lobster, shrimp and other crustaceans and shrimp come back to number that would allow farming to resume, and decades before they are back to their populations on April 19, 2010.

Any of you who enjoy good seafood should go have a nice meal tomorrow, because, depending on your menu preferences, you might not be able to get what you want the next day. Fox News reports that Red Lobster is no longer serving oysters in any of its restaurants across the entire nation (and I assume in other countries as well) due to the simple fact that there are no more edible oysters. They have to be the largest national seafood chain. Last Gasp, no. Last crawfish, probably. Scary stuff.

UPDATE: I found this in another article:

"Samantha Joye of the University of Georgia said Tuesday that water samples show oxygen concentrations within the plumes are dropping 1 percent to 2 percent each day. She said at that rate, it would take months for levels to become hazardous for fish and other animals."

I guess it will take longer than I supposed for the differential between the oxygen levels in the air above the water, the toxic cloud layer, and in the water to even out. But every day the air above is deficient in oxygen, O2 will diffuse out from the water and into the air, trying to reach equilibrium. So it might take longer, but at 1-2% less oxygen in the air per day, it doesn't take a Calculus teacher to tell you that the situation is alarming.

Falling to Pieces

Shell ex-CEO Says Well Casing Deteriorated

Here's the latest news from the Gulf, at least the latest the media picked up on. Lindsey Williams announced this weeks ago, as have others. The well casing is damaged in multiple places underground, i.e. beneath the ocean floor, where the ROVs can't see. With BP, the whole media cover up has been about keeping as much out-of-sight/out-of-mind as possible. That's one reason they're using dispersant, because it allows the oil to sink beneath the surface of the water instead of floating on top for all to see. That's why they've been using private security forces and, in at least one case, local police to prevent media and average citizens away from the beaches and the oil slicks in the water.

The well casing is compromised, and that is why I wrote many days ago that oil has been seeping from additional vents in the ocean floor up to 20 miles away from the well, forcing its way up through the floor, blowing new holes in the floor due to the tremendous pressure involved. Why should you care? First off, I must make it a point that BP chose to use a thinner casing than even they should have in a normal well, much less a "super deep" well, as they creatively call this one. This was obviously on purpose, not to save money. The money for an extra inch or two of steel, even the 4800 or so feet of it needed to go from Deepwater Horizon down to the wellhead and then underground would probably have cost only tens of thousands of dollars more, maybe hundreds. chicken change for a trillion dollar company. Compare that to the billions they're going to lose and it's obvious why this was done against the warnings of their own engineers. If anything they would have used a much thicker than normal casing to ensure integrity could be maintained in the even of a blowout.

The problem is that they are keeping the media and people pacified by claiming that the relief wells they're currently drilling will be complete in late August and that will be the answer, the end to this nightmare. It cannot. Because of the damage to the well casing, the relief wells will be ineffectual. The oil will simply begin to leak out from the damaged sections and then on up through the seabed out from new vents. In other words, the whole relief well operation is a lie, a false promise as to the end of their responsibility. BP says that will fix everything, so sit down and shut up until the end of August, at which time tens of millions of additional gallons of oil and Corexit will be in the water.

BP and Barry Soetoro have something in common -- everything they say is a lie or an obfuscation, or spin. The relief wells will fail, and I'm putting that on the record now. Everyone with inside knowledge of BP's operations at the site of Deepwater Horizon's demise say the same thing, the casing is cracked, the new wells will do nothing, BP is lying and they're dragging this out as long as possible.


Senator Durbin Urges Obama To Appoint Carp Czar

This is the way that mindless, liberal socialists think. For everything there must be an unelected government controller. Soetoro calls them czars, because he is a fan of Soviet-style Communist fascism. Little Dick Durbin, the diminuitive Senator from Illinois, has identified a grave new threat to national security, and it's not from Muslim terrorists, nor from Iran nor Russia nor North Korea. No, the threat does come from Asia, but it's not the Chinese. It's Asian carp. Fish. An invasive foreign species which Dick is terrified will take over the Great Lakes.

First of all, this is a ridiculous thing to make a top priority in this time of danger, with the country being dismantled from within and being threatened by external forces. But Dick's head is not in those fights -- in fact he is part of the wacko left cabal that is doing all it can to destroy America. Remember a few years back, during the firestorm kindled by the media over the "torture" at Guantanamo Bay, when Dick said that American was acting in a way only before seen in the Soviet gulags, or from Pol Pot or other such dictators? This is the same Dick, the same member. Of Congress.

So instead of writing a letter to the fish and wildlife department or the Secretary of the Interior or to a local university who might devise a solution to containing the massive threat posed by these fish, Dick jerks, his knee of course, and demands that Soetoro appoint yet another czar with extraconstitutional powers. The mindset of these Dicks is unbelievable. Instead of using the existing, funded agencies of the government whose job it is to do precisely what he wants, the member wants a czar. Why not? Barry already has appointed somewhere in the neighborhood of 35 of his friends, socialists, Communists, Marxists, Maoists, tax cheats, criminals and other vermin of the lowest order.

Dick needs to settle down and stop being aroused by fears such as the Great Asian Fish Invasion of 2010. Stop being so stiff, Dick. Just relax and you'll shrink back into your normal, mentally flaccid state. It'll be OK. The fish won't get you anytime soon. And stop the spewing from your hole, please. No more comments like George Bush is Hitler or Mao. Just calm down and shut up and wait until the next time you're up for re-election, whereupon you will be voted out of office. Then you can go fishing on your precious Lake Michigan. Unless the killer carp get you, of course.


Mexican Teen Shot by Border Patrol Was Wanted Criminal

He came here to work... Unless he didn't. The 15 year old Mexican illegal shot and killed in El Paso earlier this month was a wanted criminal, a smuggler of other illegals. Do you remember the hue and cry from the media and from the Mexican communities on either side of the border? They literally almost started rioting around El Paso, screaming about how the racist whites murdered a poor, innocent Mexican in cold blood, who accidentally stepped across the border when he was playing with his friends.

I suspected that something like this was the case -- the Border Patrol, like all of our law enforcement agencies, are under orders to treat illegals with kid gloves. If the teen were throwing rocks at them, a more appropriate response would probably have been to tase him, or avoid the rocks and beat him repeatedly about the face and chest with batons, but once angered, police and law enforcement seem too hasty to shoot with firearms. Nevertheless the vermin was a known criminal, violating the law once again by being on our side of the border, and was assaulting the Border Patrol. You can make the case that it was a bad job by the agents, but I say it was justifiable pest control.

Their Mung in the White House

White House, Google Violate Obama's No-Lobbying Pledge

Right on Time

First Tropical Depression of 2010 Season Forms in Caribbean

Here it is, just in time to disrupt BP's and Soetoro's Herculean Gulf oil containment and cleanup efforts. Look at the track, right past the Deepwater Horizon grave and on into Texas. As I predicted. There is no way to tell at this point whether this is a naturally-occurring storm, if it is a natural storm that will be steered by HAARP, or if was created by HAARP entirely. If it fizzles out before reaching the oil slicks and toxic gas clouds, then it is simply the first tropical depression of the season. If it happens to sweep oil and poison chemicals into Texas, then we can ask questions. Especially if it intensifies into a major hurricane, like Katrina did.

There is much evidence to support a case that Katrina was enhanced and steered by HAARP. Come up with your own Google search terms, it's not hard to find. They kicked it up a notch then diverted it straight into New Orleans, like putting English on a bowling ball they got it to curve in the direction opposite to its natural track just before landfall. Secretary of Defense William Cohen admitted in a speech in the late '90s that weather weapons exist, and we've had them operational since the 1960's. Watch this storm and rest of the hurricane season.

UPDATE: It's the day after I wrote this originally, and it now appears that the depression, which has indeed strengthened into a tropical storm and has organized better, will hit Mexico instead of heading into the Gulf. I have no problem admitting when my predictions are wrong, so instead of deleting this post, I'll leave it up and just say bad job by me. One thing is almost certain -- a hurricane or strong tropical storm will sweep through The Gulf before hurricane season is over and while the oil and poison clouds are still on the water.

Friday, June 25, 2010


Police Tase Bedridden 86-Year-Old Woman

S.W.A.T. usually stands for Special Weapons And Tactics... This was some tactic.

"Instead, the apparent leader of the police [defendant Thomas Duran] instructed another policeman to 'Taser her!' He stated in his report that the 86 year-old plaintiff 'took a more aggressive posture in her bed,' and that he was fearful for his safety and the safety of others.

The police today have been conditioned by their superiors to be fearful of everyone. Instead of being brave as they once were, large portions of the beat-street underling cops are plain cowards. This is encouraged by the globalists so that, when they pull the trigger and use the National Guard and regular military to round up our guns, then round us up into FEMA camps, the police will wet their pants, then change into civilian pants, and not help us resist the takeover.

"A more aggressive posture" cause this idiot tase an octogenarian, tied to an oxygen tank, obviously unable to get out of bed and present any real threat. Tasers have killed dozens of people, both innocent and not, since they began to be deployed in a widespread fashion by local departments.

"The police then proceeded to approach Ms. Varner in her bed and stepped on her oxygen hose until she began to suffer oxygen deprivation.
"The police then fired a Taser at her and only one wire struck her, in the left arm; the police then fired a second Taser, striking her to the right and left of the midline of her upper chest and applied high voltage, causing burns to her chest, extreme pain and to pass out.
"The police then grabbed Ms. Varner by her forearms and jerked hands together, causing her soft flesh to tear and bleed on her bed; they then handcuffed her.

"Tinsley says the cops capped it all off by having his grandmother "placed in the psychiatric ward at the direction of the El Reno police; she was held there for six days and released."

The police are currently being sued, and wherever El Reno is, I hope this poor woman and her grandson take the vermin for every dime in the city's treasury. And horror stories like these are happening more and more often. They stepped on her oxygen hose to make her pass out, then made her spend six days in a psych ward. All for screaming "Get out of my apartment!" It can happen to you or me just as easily. It reminds me of "The Badge" by Pantera. They were ahead of their time with that track, let me tell you...

666: The Number of the Beach?

I don't believe in numerology, but the allegedly Luciferian globalists are said to be very much into the occult. On Hawk's show, he pointed out that the Deepwater Horizon exploded on 4/20, which I already told you is Hitler's and Stalin's birthday as well as Earth Day. In numerology, they add the digits of dates to get that date's "number." So 4/20 is of the number 6. And 66 days after the explosion was 6/24. Another six for the month and a 2+4 for another six. Or add up the whole date and you get 12, which is twice 6.

Like I said I pay no attention to these esoteric things, but that is an awful lot of sixes. I do know that the elite like to perform major operations on dates with important meanings for them. I'm just saying, that's a lot of sixes.

In the Air, Everywhere

Corexit Rain May Be Responsible for Crop Death in Mississippi

♫ The Corexit, my friends, is blowin' in the wind, the Corexit is blowin' in the wind... ♫

As I wrote weeks ago, BP's poison dispersant has begun to come back down to Earth after being picked up by weather systems. The first, unlucky victims are farmers in Mississippi. It will spread as more and more Corexit from BP is sucked up into the clouds, along with the benzene, hydrogen sulfide and methylene chloride it precipitates out of the oil slurry, as well as the natural methane from the giant natural gas deposit that is said to be lying on top of the oil stratum into which BP drilled. Levels of the first three of those toxins are already thousands of times higher than maximum safe, according to the EPA itself. And methane is one million times higher than normal levels, again, according to the government, not conspiracy theorists.

People like to laugh and joke about methane, because even schoolchildren know that that is the flammable component in animal flatulence. They think that methane is what imparts the foul odor. It is not. It is mainly hydrogen sulfide that causes the smell, along with other volatile organic compounds. So you can laugh, but consider that methane is the main component in natural gas, which many homes use to heat water and cook food. What happens when you leave the gas valve open on the stove but the flame blows out? The potential for explosion. Natural gas, methane, is so dangerous that the government requires that very same, toxic chemical, hydrogen sulfide, to be added to municipal gas supplies so that people can be warned of a leak or an open valve by the odor.

Of course the level of H2S in your natural gas line is not high enough to cause harm, and most people that do has gas lines in their homes will never experience a leak, so it is of no consequence that H2S is present. But the people in the Gulf are breathing thousands of times the safe level of that toxin continuously, day after day. And more and more methane is getting into the region every day, as are all the other poisons spewing from the wellhead and being dumped into the water by BP.

And you might believe that you are far enough away from the nearest beach that you don't have to worry about this anyway. FEMA has prepared plans for each state to evacuate everyone within the areas 200 miles inland from the coast. And this is the official beginning of hurricane season. The general flow of the oil and the chemicals, due to ocean currents and prevailing winds, is from west to east. A hurricane coming into the Gulf, following a track like those of Katrina and Rita could sweep those toxins in the air back west, into Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, anywhere a hurricane can and has gone before it runs out of power. We've seen hurricanes lose power and end up as tropical depressions but still track as far north as New York. Essentially the entire United States is at risk, except for the Left Coast and probably states like Idaho and Montana.

And something else that I hadn't thought about since I'm not a chemist, but heard today from Hawk's radio show -- these compounds are all heavier than air, except for methane. The chemicals that cause cancers, attack the nervous system, cause birth defects, and will straight-up kill you in sufficient concentrations do not rise up into the air. They hug the ground. They do not disperse as quickly as other gases can. Think of ground fog on a night right for its formation. It stays within feet of the surface level. So yes, the methane rises and distributes evenly, but the most dangerous poisons along with BP's Corexit 9500 stay right where they will do the most damage.

These plants in Mississippi are the canary in your coal mine. Soon you will see reports of dead animals or reports of large areas from where the animals have fled. Then maybe you'll see birth defects and a higher rate of miscarriage. Then people will start getting sick, and if enough quantities of these toxins reach inland from the water, people will start dying. This is not conspiracy theory, it is biochemistry. It's a matter of titration, like the experiments we all did in high school chemistry. The ones where you added one clear chemical a drop at a time to a large beaker of another clear chemical, looking for the titration point. Before the final drop, you still had a crystal clear beaker of fluid. One more drop and all of a sudden, a plume of yellow or blue or red would form, because you finally reached the level of reactant necessary to initiate the chemical reaction.

It's not that black-and-white with people, since everyone has different tolerances and metabolisms,and the levels of these chemicals vary from region to region, from town to town. But essentially this is what we are looking at. Mississippi has reached levels at which plant life is dying. Soon other things will start dying as well. And still BP and Barry Soetoro pump tens of thousands of gallons of Corexit 9500 into the Gulf each day. Ask yourself why.

Random Number Generators

Chris Dodd Has No Idea What Financial "Reform" Bill Does

This is who you have elected to run the country:

"It's a great moment. I'm proud to have been here," said a teary-eyed Sen. Christopher J. Dodd (D-Conn.), who as chairman of the Senate Banking Committee led the effort in the Senate. "No one will know until this is actually in place how it works. But we believe we've done something that has been needed for a long time. It took a crisis to bring us to the point where we could actually get this job done."

Kind of like Nancy Lugosi saying that the American people must have her health scare bill passed so we could see what it contains. I guess that's what we've come to. It's a corollary.

I guess the vermin in Congress won't know the treason they've committed time after time until they're languishing in federal prison. How does that suit you, Mr. Dodd? Maybe it takes a crisis to get you where you belong, in Leavenworth, being raped daily by a Black Panther. But that might be a fetish fantasy for the Senator. I should be careful what I wish for...

Who Do You Believe?

Officer Jack McLamb has a radio on GCN, the same network as Alex Jones, so at first you might think he is another "conspiracy theorist." He happens to be the most decorated police officer in Arizona history. You can read his curriculum vitae on his web site. As a military vet, former, decorated police officer, current Arizona state police instructor and FBI negotiator, he has a lot of confidential sources within the law enforcement communities and with the federal, state and local agencies that deal with law enforcement.

He has multiple sources who wish to remain anonymous for fear of their lives, telling him that a team of men dressed in Bureau of Land Management uniforms landed on the Deepwater Horizon two hours before it exploded for a highly irregular inspection. The BLM is not responsible for inspecting offshore rigs in the ocean, that's why it's called Land Management. No, that responsibility lied with the MMS, the people who were appointed by Soetoro, who were busy watching Internet porn instead of doing their jobs (true story, look it up). Of course Barry has renamed the MMS now to a much longer acronym, but that is neither here nor there.

These people were not BLM workers, they have no jurisdiction in the ocean. And you had Halliburton people on the rig at the same time who did not belong, and Anderson Cooper on CNN interviewed Deepwater survivors who said that there were many strange people on the rig that day. It has been in the papers that the captain was replaced at the last minute by one not familiar with the rig, as was the chief engineer. I wrote about this earlier, you can use the search box to find the posts. I wrote about an interview with the engineer in charge of the electrical and computer systems onboard who told of the chief engineer being replaced.

Do any of you really still believe that this was a tragic, unforseen accident by a bumbling company trying to hurry their tapping of this oil stratum by a few days or weeks? It will take years for direct evidence in the forms of declassified documents or criminal court proceedings for those who designed and carried out this operation, but the circumstantial evidence is overwhelming.

I believe the BLM team allegedly seen onboard two hours before were there to distract the workers, performing a fake inspection to keep the roughnecks in certain areas of rig. This to allow the team of Blackwater-style special ops men reported by other survivors of the Horizon time and space to carry out their mission, which was probably to plant explosive charges to ensure the complete destruction of the rig and the forensic evidence it would still contain when it would sink to the bottom of the ocean, most importantly the "black box" data and audio recorders on the bridge.

From their own government web site, under the What We Do section, and the Minerals and Mining subsection:
"The Bureau of Land Management leases certain solid minerals, like phosphate, sodium, and potassium, on public and other Federal lands. These lands include areas managed by the BLM and the Forest Service. BLM can also lease these minerals on certain private lands, provided that the mineral rights are owned by the Federal government."

Nowhere on their web site is the ocean mentioned. Their job is to distribute mineral rights on land, manage Federal land, protect wildlife and the like. All on land. Deepwater Horizon was not even in U.S. territorial waters, since the verminous enviro-libs used regulations to force drilling so far offshore. There is no reason for BLM agents to be on that vessel, and so far nothing in these last 66 days since the explosion has given me a single reason to trust BP/Dutch Royal Shell or Barry Hussein Soetoro and his administration.

So do you believe BP and Barry Soetoro, or do you believe Arizona's most decorated law enforcement officer, former military man, currently working for the FBI, and the sources he trusts?

Like Clockwork

Government Prepares For Mandatory Evacuation Around Gulf

Wayne Madsen's Original Article

There, everything I told you days and weeks ago is starting to happen. Methane levels one million times normal levels. Benzene and hydrogen sulfide and methylene chloride already at unsafe levels, according to Lindsey Williams' sources already thousands of times the maximum safe levels according to the EPA's own tests. Government plans drawn up by FEMA for mass evacuations and given to local and state authorities. National Guard all over the Gulf states in preparation.

But I was conservative. I said 150 miles in from the coast. But now they're saying 200 miles:

On June 13, SoCal Martial Law Alerts (SCMLA) predicted that Gulf states would be evacuated. “Greg Evensen, a retired Kansas Highway Patrolman, estimates that 30-40 million people would need to be evacuated away from the Gulf’s coastline (i.e. at least 200 miles inland),” SCMLA reported.

DK Matai reports that by some geologists’ estimates, the methane now escaping into the Gulf may have been part of a massive bubble trapped for thousands of years under the sea floor. “More than a year ago, geologists expressed alarm in regard to BP and Transocean putting their exploratory rig directly over this massive underground reservoir of methane. Warnings were raised before the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe that the area of seabed chosen might be unstable and inherently dangerous,” writes Matai.

Matai and others fear the methane — under intense pressure (experts estimate the pressure to be between 30,000 and 70,000 pounds per square inch) — may form a bubble that would then rupture the seabed and erupt with an explosion.

The “dead zone” created by a combination of methane gas and Corexit toxic rain, Madsen continues, will ultimately result in the evacuation and long-term abandonment of cities and towns within the 200-mile radius of the oil gusher.

“Plans are being put in place for the mandatory evacuation of New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Mandeville, Hammond, Houma, Belle Chase, Chalmette, Slidell, Biloxi, Gulfport, Pensacola, Hattiesburg, Mobile, Bay Minette, Fort Walton Beach, Panama City, Crestview, and Pascagoula,” Madsen writes.

Indeed, if Florida and the Gulf states are evacuated as predicted — and again, Madsen’s sources are usually impeccable — a large part of the country will be separated from the United States and placed under martial law.

None of these quotes were my own words, but go back to my previous posts and see how well I extrapolated what could happen, based on the same primary sources as these people evidently independently reached their own conclusions. Mostly using major media articles and videos from CNN, MSNBC, Fox, the big three TV networks and a mixture of U.S. and British newspapers. Helped along by Alex Jones and his sources, yes, whom most people consider crazy.

But if this situation does turn into the kind of nightmare scenario we are laying out, remember who first warned you. I pray to God, literally, that I am crazy, because while that would suck for me, at least no one else would be affected. Certainly not 30-40 million people.

Sins of the Father

Harry Reid's Son Running for Office, Omits Last Name

I don't blame him. Besides Pelosi, Reid has done the most in Congress to destroy America, after the fake conservatives calling themselves Republicans booted the elections in 2006 to the Democrats. Hopefully the people are smart enough to know who this man is, but I wouldn't count on it.

Little Boy Peep

10-Year-Old Named Grand Marshal of Gay Pride Parade

This is the result of decades of Communist and liberal infiltration of the education system and the media in America. But you have to read the whole article -- this isn't simply the gays trying make America more tolerant of the NAMBLA type vermin. It's an example of how they have used popular culture to force sex and sexuality and sexual orientation issues on people at ever younger ages. When I was growing up and 10 years old I was interested in Transformers and Nintendo. Now you have middle school kids all over the country sexting each other with pictures, trading child pornography in the cafeteria as if they were trading lunchbox items.

I remember the story related to in this newer article, where this same poor, brainwashed boy refused to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in school, citing inequality between straights and gays. First of all, that's nonsense -- between the decades of political correctness and the newer hate crime laws put in place, the average straight person treats gays and lesbians with kid gloves, better than they would treat another straight stranger. The gays have managed to position themselves as a kind of superclass, not to be touched by the other 95% of society. They may not be insulted, looked down upon, or told that their lifestyle is against Christian teachings.

Does anyone actually think that a 10-year-old came up with this anti-straight-person platform on his own? Or was it his fathers or mothers who coerced him to refuse to say the Pledge, next time a substitute teacher was there, who wouldn't send him to the principal like his regular teacher might? And who wrote the ridiculous acceptance speech you can watch from Youtube at the end of the article above? Not him.

I'm sick of the gays, lesbians, trangendered, hermaphrodites, animal lovers, pedophiles, and anyone else who prefers a sexual life different to the classic, monogamous, Christian heterosexual way being held on high and exalted as some kind of heroes. It is the typical liberal path that they used -- define yourself as a minority group oppressed by the majority, claim victimhood even if no such victimization has occurred, and use pressure tactics to blackmail the majority into giving you what you want. That's what the left does over and over, and only recently has the conservative community seemed to start catching on.

It won't work too much longer. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have lost their effectiveness. So have Gloria Allred and the rest of the prune-faced, old line feminists. The gay pressure groups are starting to see their rainbows fade. In any case, they should be ashamed convincing a 10-year-old boy to do their dirty work for them.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Run To The Hills

CDC Warns Pregnant Women To Avoid Spill Areas

It has started, as I told you it would. First pregnant women are being warned to avoid the spill zones and the coastline where the oil and toxins and Corexit and the poisons that it releases have washed up. Then they will be ordered to evacuate along with children and old people, and people with medical conditions. Then, if they can keep the oil flow and the Corexit flowing long enough, everyone will be ordered out.

Molecular Inspection

Gene Data For All Within a Decade

Wonderful news, my friends! Celebrate! We'll all have our complete DNA sequenced and stored in giant databases within 10 years, at least everyone in First World countries will. Oh, and there will be rainbows and unicorns for everyone, for as soon as you get sick they'll be able to create customized treatments for you. Assuming that SoetoroCare provides the necessary funding. I can't wait.

No, the push for DNA sequencing of the general public is for two reasons. First, on record, the Pentagon has been storing blood samples from every baby born in America, Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand since 1972, taken at birth in the hospitals, for the purpose of individual-specific bioweapons. Second, the government's friends in the giant insurance companies want your DNA so that they can scan you for future disease, so that they can deny you coverage or only offer you sky-high rates, those of you with gene markers indication a propensity towards cancers, heart disease, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Crohn's, etc.

This is a major part of the super-technological, scientific tyranny which we will soon be under. Their computer systems automatically create and constantly update behavioral profiles for everyone based on the telecommunications, travel patterns and purchases. With DNA databases, they will have the rest of the information they want about you, information they couldn't get from spying on you with all of their machines. Information that you can't possibly know yourself because it is encoded in the very cells of your body.

I and all of my friends are already in the government database, or at least they have our blood so that they could sequence us if they wished. Sooner or later every sample will be sequenced and stored, but it is only in the last few years that automated gene sequencers have been fast enough to allow for mass typing on a scale of millions of people. If anyone reads these posts who was born before 1972, never allow yourself to be sequenced for any reason, and be very cautious who you give blood samples to, for drug screenings for job applications or for any other excuse.

Paul Is Dead

Paul McCartney Equates Global Warming Skeptics to Holocaust Deniers

I find the "Paul is dead" conspiracy theories very amusing, but one thing is certain -- Paul's career is nearly dead. No longer relevant in the music scene, only as a museum piece, and struggling to remain in the spotlight in his advanced age, McCartney has been flinging himself around, giving interviews to anyone who will give him camera time.

The whole World War II, Nazi, Hitler and Holocaust comparisons, all favorites used by both the right and the left to attempt to demonize their opponents, have gotten so old and tired that they carry no punch anymore. Most people alive now were not during World War II, much less the years that led up to it. It's old, and it's finished. So are you, Paul. Save some dignity and retire behind the walls of your mansion. Holocaust denial is based on racism and ignorance. Global warming skepticism is based on science and knowledge.

P.S. -- The Beatles had no musical talent to speak of, simply catchy songwriting.


Death Threats for Judge Who Overruled Oil Moratorium

The author of the article doesn't speculate from whom the death threats against Judge Martin Feldman came, the man who struck down Soetoro's 6-month ban on American offshore drilling (but not for other countries). I'll tell you who they came from -- the so-called "green" environmental terrorist types. The Earth Liberation Front types. The insane, drugged up liberals who think that we are killing Gaia every time we twist the key in our cars' ignitions and every time a cow belches.

Hitler had his SA, his so-called Brownshirts. Soetoro and Reid and Pelosi have their Greensleeves. Funny how the far left, who claim to be peaceful and to love everyone, are the ones who are responsible for an overwhelming percentage of death threats against politicians, media figures, and anyone else who dares to oppose their views.

The Hand of God?

You don't see this very often. Could this double strike on two landmarks in Chicago, along with the photos captured of the fly landing on Soetoro's mouth during one his innumerable, lying speeches, in addition to the video of the rat scurrying by him on the White House lawn be a sign that somebody is not too happy with Barry Hussein? Or not. Either way, it's an amazing image.

RICO Suave

Blago: Obama Knew of Quid Pro Quo

The bizarre creature Rod Blagojevich is a gift who keeps on giving. Yes, I had to look up the spelling. He was entertaining in the weeks leading up to and those following his resignation as governor of Illinois, Soetoro's stomping grounds. He went on all the morning shows, the afternoon shows, the evening shows on cable news as well as The Daily Show and Oprah and any other media outlet that would have him, with his strange pompadour hairdo and odd mannerisms.

He is probably guilty and if so should be given the proper sentence, but he is small fry. He may, however, be the key to unlocking the narrative of how Soetoro, his handlers and his minions operated in Chicago to get him, Barry, elected first to the United States Senate and the to our highest office. There was an Axis of Weevils in Illinois, including some that we already know about, such as Rahm Emanuel and Tony Rezko, who is currently at trial himself, and undoubtedly many more of whom we are not yet aware. Blago can unravel the whole criminal enterprise that put this traitor president in power, and who funded the whole thing.

Assuming he actually knows what he claims, and is not fabricating evidence in an attempt to either deal for immunity or a reduced sentence, this could eventually bring down the whole Chicago political mafia. These trials and the investigations which they trigger take years and years, so even if Rambo and Soetoro are investigated, they will be out of power before any possible charges. But get Obama into court as a defendant and we have what we need -- the power of discovery.

Prosecutors could demand his real birth certificate, and demand he testify as to his actual, current, legal name. Because if he were tried as "Barack Hussein Obama" but his current legal status is as "Barry Soetoro" then that would be a technicality which his lawyers might use later on to try to get his conviction thrown out. I think this could actually work, and while it would be too late to stop him from continuing to sign illegal laws and executive orders and appointing the lowest scum of the earth to top government posts, such a finding could lead to the nullification of the things he will have signed and the removal of his appointees.

If this is possible, and if Blago has enough dirt on Soetoro and the machine behind him, I wouldn't be surprised if he either commits suicide by shooting himself twice in the back of the head with a shotgun and then ties lead weights to his ankles and throws himself into a lake, or if he gets one of those out-of-the-blue, deadly cancers that kill so many whistleblowers. Be careful crossing the street, please, Mr. Blago, there are also plenty of black SUVs driving around at unsafe speeds...

Crazed Sex Poodle

Woman Describes Gore, Sex Attack in Police Transcript

"Crazed Sex Poodle" sounds like an album name from a ska band or something; I certainly never would have thought that description to fit Al Gore, with his stiff, wooden public persona. Oh wait -- stiff, wood, perhaps I should rethink. You can read the full police transcript of one of their interviews with the woman accusing Goreleone above at The Smoking Gun, including her "allegations against Gore, who she portrayed as a tipsy, handsy predator who forced her to drink Grand Marnier, pinned her to a bed, and forcibly French kissed her."

And wait, there's more -- everyone remembers the iconic dress that Monica Lewinski saved with Bill Clinton's, umm, DNA evidence splattered on it. Evidently the unnamed massage "therapist" has similar evidence on Gore, except that she happened to be wearing black slacks instead of a blue dress. Hopefully she will proceed with criminal charges against the former Vice President, instead of settling for a job away from the public eye like Lewinsky did. Someone needs to get good old Al into prison, using whatever tactic necessary -- Al Capone was only ever jailed for tax evasion, not for running a crime syndicate. Gore has made over a billion dollars on his global warming farce, he's won an Oscar and a Nobel Prize.

Can't do anything about the Academy and the Nobel committee being either stupid or, more likely, part of the game. But I do believe Al could easily be found guilty under RICO, the racketeering, influencing, and corrupt organized crime laws. These were designed to be able to put people like the two Als in prison. They require evidence of collusion between two or more people or organizations, corporations, whomever to commit a crime. Simple as that. There should be hundreds, possibly thousands of people around the world extradited from their countries of origin, brought here and tried under RICO for colluding with the Crazed Sex Poodle on the global warming fraud.

But Al Gore is not a spring chicken. If found guilty of aggravated sexual assault, his sentence would likely see him spending his last hours in prison. I don't care what specifically leads to him going away for the rest of his life, just that he, like Soetoro, simply go away and stop screwing the world up. I wonder if this story and the black slacks now custom polka-dotted by the Notorious C.S.P. had anything to do with his wife divorcing him suddenly after 40 years of marriage. Time after time, these power-mad politicians simply can't keep their zippers up.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Crystal Blue Dissuasion

Obama Removes McChrystal From Post

The child Barry Hussein Soetoro has had his feelings hurt by the hero General Stanley McChrystal. So, on the eve of a major offensive in Afghanistan, instead of having the maturity to simply scold the General, warn him not to engage in such opinion speaking again, and sending him back to the illegal, idiotic one-hand-tied-behind war, Barry fired him.

But it is rumored that McChrystal was not caught off guard in semi-private moments saying things that hurt Barry's feelings, but in fact that the General invited the anti-war freelance reporter working for the anti-war, dying Rolling Stone magazine and spent a month feeding him bread crumbs, hoping for just such an article to be published.

The ludicrous Rules of Engagement that started badly with Clinton were made even worse by G.W., then made even more unbelievable by Soetoro. The military are literally not allowed to do their job. Barry now gives medals not for valor, but for when a soldier refrains from engaging the enemy. So McChrystal had had enough. He wanted out of the illegal war, but had too much honor to quit and retire directly.

So the General, well known as a master of unconventional warfare, sought to perform a special operation against the verminous president of his own. And he succeeded as he always had in the field, when he was in charge of special operations in Iraq for five years. He outflanked Barry, caught him by surprise and Barry did exactly what the General knew he would, knee-jerk and fire him.

General McChrystal just played Rolling Stone and Barry Hussein Soetoro, but neither of them yet realize it. Job well done, sir. Come home and enjoy the civilian life you deserve, the one you fought for 34 years in the Army to preserve. It's no longer your fight over in Middle East. But I hope you will write a book and give interviews to those media who will listen about the way you were constrained by the administrations of Bush and Obowa, and how many good men and women were killed or lost limbs or eyes or faces because of the vermin in the government-media complex. Thank you for your service, General.

Dam Mexican Gangs

Mexican Gangs Plotted to Blow Up Texas Dam

One more example -- they all come here to work. And to commit acts of terrorism against the American people. In this case a well-known and large drug gang known as Las Zetas planned to detonate charges at Falcon Dam in South Texas, hoping to cause failure which would release hundreds of billions of gallons in what could have been a torrential flood.

Government officials said that there are flood control measures in place that would prevent widespread damage and loss of life. Kind of like all those safety measures that BP had in place, I suppose.

Trouble for Al Whore

Al Gore Subject of Sex Assault Investigation

I was considering titling this "Al's Whore," but that might be unfair to the woman, depending on whether it was an actual, legit massage parlor she was working for or if she provided "massage relief," as it were. Al certainly was already a whore, in any case, with his giant global warming scam. Actually no, he a pimp, pimping that fraud to the world.

So in 2006 a woman filed a police report, claiming that Gore sexually assaulted her. Unfortunately it appears that she did not want to go public and have charges filed and appear in court to testify, as female assault and rape victims often do not. But I just wanted to let you know what kind of guy, allegedly, Al Gore is. These politicians are almost all on crazy power trips where they think they can get away with anything. In nearly every case, that is true. We can't get justice in our court system for these criminals, so we have to wait for justice to be meted in the next world.

Restraining Order

Goverment Orders Halt To Sand Berm Dredging

Here we go again. This is a story from today, not a rehash of the last time the government ordered a stop to local cleanup efforts. This time the player is the Fish and Wildlife department, citing environmental "concerns," because Jindal and Louisiana are using sand from a "sensitive" area on one side of the big river.

Soetoro's administration is concerned not a whit with the impact from the oil, natural gas, naturally occurring toxins coming out with the oil, or with the Corexit 9500 poison dispersant that BP is dumping into the water as quickly as possible. No, they are only concerned with making excuses to stop anything that will actually prevent environmental catastrophe.

Even the jackass Olbermann on MSLSD is criticizing Soetoro for stopping the people from cleaning up their own local waterways and estuaries, as is AC/DC Cooper. Everyone knows what's going on at this point. I think this entire operation will explode in Barry's face with a force orders of magnitude higher than that which rocked Deepwater Horizon. Hopefully it will be enough to scuttle him and send him to the bottom, politically.


Gulf Cleanup Boat Captain Commits Suicide

...thus bringing to 12 the number of lives that BP, Soetoro and the globalists are responsible for having snuffed out with their Gulf oil operation, allegedly. There is little doubt that Barry is a sociopath, that he feels no normal human empathy toward others. But I wonder if he hasn't even considered that, if indeed the Deepwater Horizon were blown up on purpose, or if BP purposely used methods which their engineers were literally screaming, swearing at them, telling them that would cause an explosion, I wonder if Barry has thought that he might be an accessory to the crime.

I don't know the intricacies of the law, but it is easy for the authorities to throw the book at someone for being an accessory to murder. Now, I have no way of knowing if Soetoro had prior knowledge of the operation in the Gulf. As I've written earlier, I highly doubt that he was informed what would happen, in order to maintain plausible deniability. He was probably simply given orders as to what he would do at the same time as he received his first briefing after the rig blew or was blown.

And there would be no way in court to directly connect this captain's suicide with Barry's efforts to stall the fake repair and cleanup efforts of BP and the Coast Guard and his attempts to prevent locals from doing BP's and the feds' jobs for them. But people should remember these 12 lives, because they are not often mentioned in the media, though I do credit CNN for an interview with one of the rig's survivors last night, where they did discuss the 11 killed onboard.

There is no doubt that Barry Hussein Soetoro has committed treason on a nearly weekly basis since being sworn in, and there is increasing public suspicion that he is not an American citizen and that he broke the law by running for office under a name which, even though he's used for decades, has never officially had paperwork filed to change to be his legal name. He presided over the U.N. General Assembly in violation of the law. There are so many things he could be charged with...

And I don't even want Barry to face the just punishment that would be due if he were to be given a proper trial on charges of treason and found guilty. I go back and forth, vacillating on that, depending on my anger level each day, but generally, I really don't hate the man that much. He has a (scary) wife and two beautiful daughters that need their father. And when he's not busy destroying the country, he seems like a regular guy that I wouldn't mind watching a basketball game with over beers at a sports bar.

I think Barry has been caught up in the amazing roller coaster ride that the globalists have sent him on, from being a drug using, lazy college kid on scholarship with probably not so high grades, to community organizer, to Senator, to President. I think that his coming from relatively humble beginnings, not being from a family involved in politics, probably not even having been born in the United States, made him a perfect choice for the banksters. He can't believe he's actually in the White House any more than we can. So that's why he does as he's told when orders come down from on high, and that's why he does bizarre things like golfing 39 times already and paying Paul McCartney one million of our tax dollars to sing "Michelle" to Michelle.

But if he had a scintilla of a human soul, he would realize that this isn't a fairy tale or a dream. his actions, directly and indirectly, as in this case, are ruining lives. I've seen numerous stories of men killing their entire families and then themselves since Soetoro got elected, often because of the dire economy that Bush and Barry have given us. He's allowed the Gulf of Mexico to be ruined financially, and guaranteed that the fishing industry will be damaged for years if not decades.

I don't even necessarily care if he is tried for treason. I just want him out of power and gone out of the American collective life forever. I'm not that vindictive on a personal level because he is not the one in charge. The banksters and globalists are the ones who must be tried and possibly executed, not the puppet. Please, Mr. Soetoro, pack up your bags, resign and pick somewhere else to live. And if you want to live here, get in line like everyone else (except the Mexicans) and go through the process of applying for citizenship, if you truly are not one at present. Just go away, for God's sake and for ours. Leave us alone already, you've done enough damage.

Domo Arigato

BP Robot Damages Cap, More Oil Released

Another shocking development from the Deepwater Horizon well site. One of BP's robot ROVs has "accidentally" damaged a vent on the cap that was being used to contain some of the oil, "forcing" BP to remove the cap and letting even more oil into the Gulf. Note how the article refers to the ROV not as that -- a remotely operated vehicle, thus requiring an operator, but simply as a robot. This may be poor writing, but the media use clever semantic tricks to sway opinion.

By calling it a robot, that makes most people think of it as an automaton in their subconscious mind. That meaning that it has no operator, that it independently was carrying out its program and just happened to "bump" into the vent. In fact these machines are operated by human beings with video game-style television and controller setups which I've seen on TV. So of course it could have been human error. But it's two steps backward after each step forward with these criminals at BP and in our government.

The media had been thrilled the past three days as more and more oil was being captured, piped to their tanker ships and burned off. Of course they didn't hue and cry about the giant black clouds of pollutant being released from the burns, but that is a side issue of media hypocrisy. So now, oops, bad Mr. Roboto ROV. But behind the scenes, thank you very much, Mr. human saboteur -- here, please take your blood money bonus for a job well done.


New Footage of U.S. and Foreign Troops Drilling With Locals

This is a sign that things are getting very close to the point where the globalists will order our own military and forces from other countries to confiscate our guns or worse. This is illegal, but like everything else they do, that small fact in of no consequence.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Under Siege

Mexican Gangs Have Permanent Bases in Arizona

These are the people I write of when I refer to the filthy illegal alien vermin. They were allowed to encamp in Arizona and build their drug-running support bases, and now they outgun and outnumber our own federal agents, the good, low-level ones who are trying to stop them and who are not in on the globalist agenda.

The reason this is the situation in which we now found ourselves is that the government itself is heavily involved in the drug trade. It is a major source of income for black-budget projects. CIA-owned airplanes have crashed repeatedly carrying cocaine and other drugs into the country, or out of their country of origin. The government used the body bags of returning KIA soldiers from Vietnam to smuggle drugs. In 2006 the Army investigated itself for smuggling marijuana into Kuwait. It is practically all but declassified that the government did indeed invent crack cocaine and ship it into the inner cities in the 1980s to hook poor people onto their cheap, new wonderdrug.

I normally would never link to a Wikipedia article as that site is notoriously unreliable, since anyone can edit it, and since it has come out that the CIA and other government agencies employ people to continuously monitor and alter articles should content not pleasing to them show up. But their article, at least as I am reading it now, has a fairly good set of references, should you want to investigate government involvement in drug trafficking for yourself.

So it should come as no surprise that the Mexican gangs are allowed to camp out in Arizona. It sure sucks for the FBI, DEA and local law enforcement the the government allows this, and undoubtedly many are killed each year in skirmishes with these gangs and the corrupt Mexican military and police who routinely cross the border to escort the drugs.

We now have the government illegally flying Predator drones, a military aircraft, within our borders in violation of posse comitatus, except they will try to say that it not illegal, since they may or may not be using trained civilian agents as pilots. That is a matter of semantics -- the spirit of the law is violated even if the phrasing is not. So why do they not send those craft to Arizona, and greet their Mexican friends with Hellfire missiles? Because of that very reason -- they are their allies in the war against America and her people.

Rare Light From Hollywood

Jon Voight's Open Letter To Obama

Jon Voight has been known for some time as one of the very few high profile figures from Hollywood who is willing to speak out for conservative principles. Kudos to Mr. Voight for having the courage to stand up to Soetoro. We need more like him. The sheople listen to famous people. Image the difference it would make if Miley Cyrus or Eminem would step up and make a statement to their fans to reject this slide toward socialist fascism and back to an honest, constitutional representative republic. At this stage in our collapse I'd be happy to get Snooky from Jersey Shore...

Freewheel Burning (Through Your Tax Dollars)

Congress Cancels 2011 Budget

That's right, no budget. Who knows if it's legal to operate that way, but who cares? Without the constraints of a budget, Nancy Lugosi and Harry Greed can simply spend as much as they want without having all that pesky paperwork going back and forth between their offices and the Congressional Budget Office. If the people of California and Nevada re-elect these two evil criminals they will get what they deserve.

President Kick-Ass

I knew someone would do it. I had the idea the day of his childish comment but don't possess the skills to Photoshop it myself. And President Kick-Ass has the nerve to call general Stanley McChrystal immature...

Scientific Psychics

Scientists Use New Technique to Predict Behavior With 75% Accuracy

I told you about this before but it sounded too fantastic to believe. Now it's in Reuters. Except what the globalists claim they already have is over 90% accuracy, and it's not necessary for them to scan your brain. They use computers to scan your life through financial transactions, cell phone GPS tracking, and reading your email and blogs, listening to your phone calls and tracking your World Wide Web usage. Algorithms compile a behavioral profile for you based on what time of day you start moving, when you stop, where you go, who you talk to or write to and what you say. They record what web pages you visit, with what frequency, how long you stay on each domain, and what you do there. They know what flavor of ice cream you prefer, now that every time you purchase anything at a store with a debit or credit card, it is recorded, via the Democrats fake banking reform bill.

All of this has been done for years, but now you're starting to see the predictable acclimating stories being fed to the media. They don't want to scare you into action with the full truth, so for right now, they want to tell you that they would have to get you into an expensive, experimental brain scanner to predict your behavior. Years later they will admit that have and have been using what I have told you is the case. The globalists are getting you used to the naked body scanners, pain rays, internet tracking and behavioral prediction that are only a few of the legs on the millipede of their total surveillance command-and-control police state.

So be unpredictable. Screw with them. Visit random web sites, email random people with gibberish or pasting text from websites. Buy different things. Take the level of their accuracy down a notch -- it's easy to do.


Federal Judge Overturns Obama's Drilling Ban

In a stunning and rare example of a federal judge actually upholding the law instead of either creating it or twisting it toward their own bent, a district judge named Martin Feldman has told Soetoro take his offshore drilling ban and cram it. Thank you Mr. Feldman. Actually, he was somewhat more reserved in his language than I:

“The court is unable to divine or fathom a relationship between the findings and the immense scope of the moratorium,” Feldman said in his 22-page decision. “The blanket moratorium, with no parameters, seems to assume that because one rig failed and although no one yet fully knows why, all companies and rigs drilling new wells over 500 feet also universally present an imminent danger.”

“The court cannot substitute its judgment for that of the agency, but the agency must ‘cogently explain why it has exercised its discretion in a given manner,’” Feldman said, citing a previous ruling. “It has not done so.”

But the spoiled, rotten Barry Hussein Soetoro does not like it when people tell him no. That's a word he never heard directed at him when he grew up and was escorted by simpering liberals all the way through Columbia and Harvard, through the local Chicago scene, then into the Senate and ultimately where he is today. He doesn't like that at all. So immediately he had Ken Salazar, Secretary of the Inferior, inform the press that this ruling is being appealed.

Sorry, Barry. One more slap to the face. Another slap, figuratively, of course, will come in November and then in 2012, assuming you allow elections to be held. You should do the honorable thing and resign while you at least still have a shred of credibility left with the left. It'd give you even more time to play golf...

Red Carpet

Here we have Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis telling the criminal illegal aliens in a paid TV ad that she wants to help them get paid. Complete with a toll free telephone number. The ad is in English, at least this one (surely counterparts ran on Telemundo and Univision) but I'm sure the operators habla EspaƱol. After all, we know who "undocumented workers" are. Probably 95% Spanish speakers from Mexico and Central and South America, along with a relative handful every year from Africa, Asia and Russia and the former Eastern Bloc states.

I have no doubt that Barry appointed this woman specifically because she is "Hispanic." He wants to roll out a red carpet to Mexico, gilt on the edges. Actually a more accurate way to describe would be that Soetoro is building a superhighway from Mexico City to California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. And taking money out of your pocket to give every poor, uneducated Mexican a Cadillac to get here as soon as possible, with as many freebies as possible, again coming directly out of your pocket.

As I wrote before, even that term is literally a government fabrication, created by Richard Nixon's 1970 Census in order to separate "Hispanics" and "non-Hispanic whites" into distinct voting blocks, hoping to get the Latino vote permanently for Republicans, as the Democrats enjoy near total support among blacks. It didn't work as he had planned. One of the ironies of current American politics is that even though most "Hispanics" are highly religious and family-oriented, in other words, socially conservative, they tend to vote for Demoncats because they are always promised something as a bribe.

Another irony, and one which the media desperately hides, is that legal citizens and resident workers of Latino descent are opposed to amnesty for illegal aliens as much as the general population, a figure currently polling in the 80% range. And among immigrants who have gone through the full process, years of work, paperwork, studying and testing, they poll even higher resisting what Barry and Nancy and Harry are trying to do.

The ones who do come here to work I don't personally blame -- the guilt lies with our rogue, criminal government and their controllers. When one takes the lid off of a sugar bowl and leaves it open, naturally lines of ants will stream in and make off with the sugar. But too many do not come here to work, but to run drugs, steal, mug, rape, and murder. 30% of all federal prisoners are illegal aliens. The media hide that too -- I've only heard that from Savage. No one knows what percentage of those in state and county prisons and jails are "undocumented workers," as the federal government has ordered them not to check citizenship status.

The bottom line is this -- the longer our border is left purposely wide open and the government not only allows Mexicans and other into the country unpunished, but in fact actively entices them with free health care, free welfare checks, immunity from arrest in some places like Austin, TX, and things like this toll free help line from Hilda Solis.

If you are here illegally you most certainly do not have a right to work. And you do not deserve to get equal pay. You deserve to have your butt kicked back across the border. And if you return, you should be kicked back out again and the government of Mexico billed one million dollars. I bet if the jackass Calderon from Mexico, who had the nerve last month to come here and lecture us on our immigration policy, received a monthly bill in the billion dollar range, he might not be so lax regarding security on his side of the border.

Time to roll the red carpet back up, America. Build a double-walled fence across the entire border, give illegals who are here a 3 month grace period to tidy up their affairs and move back home, then arrest and deport those who try to hide. We certainly could do this -- the total surveillance grid that the government has set up to use against Americans could be used to detect and track illegals. Especially after they passed the "banking reform" bill, after which every financial transaction you make is recorded -- simply compile a list of people who have paid for things, match it against a list of people with real social security numbers and driver's licenses, and the people who are buying things but have no valid ID get a visit from the local sheriff's office or police department.

Do it in the summer, use school buses to deport them, and employ out of work people from the Gulf as drivers after training them for their CDLs. That's my stimulus plan -- turn off the vacuum pump that is the illegal aliens sucking our treasury dry, and give thousands of out of work Americans jobs finding and deporting those who have broken the law by violating our borders. A simple plan, so logical it will never be implemented. Certainly never by Barry or his fascist, Marxist friends in the Democrat party. Probably never by the establishment, sorry Republican party. But the Tea Party... That is where hope lies.

The Fly

Housefly Lands on Obama During Speech

This could be completely random or a sign from God, I'll never know. The fly is a symbol of filth. As is the rat. I have seen on Drudge two separate incidents in the last couple of months where Soetoro was giving speeches on the White House lawn and a brown rat was captured by pool photographers scampering by out rat-in-chief. Either way these images are highly appropriate to the verminous traitor who occupies 1600 Pennsylvania.

Executive Disorder

Could Obama Grant Amnesty By Executive Order?

Why not? Soetoro is acting as a de facto dictator already. He has signed more executive orders at this point in his term than G.W. did, yet you don't hear the controlled media bleating about it like they did back in Bush's administration. I'm sure he'd prefer to buy off a couple of senators like he did to get his health scare bill through Congress, but if they won't cooperate, then sure, the spoiled infant president we are stuck with will probably do it on his own, in spite of the will of the American people.

If this happens it would solidify my theory that he is being ordered to attempt to stir up an uprising of the citizenry against the government. There is simply no other explanation for such a blatant violation of the Constitution. Most people don't even realize that the ridiculous "anchor baby" provision the illegals use to get their meathooks into our society is not even in the Constitution or Bill of Rights. It is part of the 14th Amendment, adopted in 1868 as part of Reconstruction. So it is not what our founding fathers envisioned. Its purpose was to ensure that black people would be considered citizens and given the right to vote after the Union won the Civil War.

Barry is doing a damn good job at the two primary duties to which he was assigned by the globalists -- to kill our economy and to foment revolution. We are doing a damn good job so far at strongly resisting through peaceful means. Our fight must stay in that arena. Because his administration is truly is disarray. You hear Rahm Emanuel to quit after the elections, Peter Orzag resigned, General McChrystal was quoted indirectly by Rolling Stone essentially saying that Barry doesn't know his butt from a hole in the ground, Ahmadenijad is offering to clean up the Gulf oil since Barry won't... Yes, our exalted boy-king is losing at everything he tries, now that his golden veneer has been washed away.

So will the brat give 30 million illegal, criminal aliens citizenship by fiat? We can only wait. Then act.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Core Exit

America To Face Years of Toxic Rain From BP Dispersant

I told you weeks ago that this would happen, now it's mainstream news.

A Simple Plan

BP Knew of Oil Leak Weeks Before Explosion

Yes, they had a very simple plan indeed. One well blown, 11 people killed, hundreds of millions, if not billions of gallons oil in the water, and Barry Soetoro and Congress to pass a carbon tax to make them trillions of dollars. We see through you. I suspected this from day one. It took Alex Jones over a month to come out and say it on air, even though he suspected it immediately as well. Savage has been saying for weeks that they are not stopping the oil geyser or cleaning up what's already out on purpose, and he has said multiple times that he wouldn't put it past the New World Order to have blown the well up directly. Even Mark Levin, who will hear nothing of conspiracy theories, says that Soetoro is stalling on action in order to bring in the carbon tax for his pals at BP.

BP is owned in part by Goldman-Sachs. Goldman-Sachs is the current favorite, criminal bankster empire of the globalists. They all take turns -- J.P. Morgan-Chase for 20-30 years, then Citigroup, then Bank of America, then Goldmine's-Sac. They stand to gain directly from a carbon tax, through whatever BP renames itself after the Gulf incident has done its job.

Goldman-Sachs was the largest single donor to Barry Hussein Soetoro. BP was the third largest. He is literally bought and paid for by both of them, and he is in their thrall and under their control. It was a simple plan, executed flawlessly and still going perfectly well at this point. It should be an equally simple equation for people to follow the money from American citizens' pockets, through the government, and on to BP and Goldman.

Yo Quiero Arizona

There are so many criminal Mexicans flooding across our unsecured border in Arizona that Soetoro has placed a large area of the state off limits to Americans. So now we, like the East Germans after World War II, are being restricted in one of our basic rights, freedom of movement. But the Mexicans can go wherever they want, because they are a paramilitary arm of the globalist elite.

See the previous post I wrote about him admitting to Senator Kyl that this is on purpose. They want to destroy our economy by means of the Mexicans, they want to enrage Americans to the point where they take up arms against the government, and they want, if at all possible, for a race war to start. Order out of chaos is the Luciferian gloablists' credo. Disrupt everything normal, inject everything possible which could be destructive, throw the entire nation and its people into confusion.

This is why every single day there are stories of the government doing things which, five or ten years ago, we would think of as impossible. It's death by a thousand cuts, winning a boxing on a decision based on landing a bunch of jabs instead of a knockout from a massive uppercut. Knocking us back on our heels, forcing us to backpedal one step at a time.

This is a gambit which will ultimately fail, because doing these things has caused a massive awakening, People who never were interested in politics are starting to put down the Xbox controllers and seek out the truth. We will win, unless the globalists go all out and start a nuclear war or use the military in direct action against the American patriot community. Very dangerous times are upon us all.


Obama Tells Senator No Border Control So That Republicans Will Support Comprehensive Reform

Soetoro is no Prince, he's a naked fascist. He told one of the most respected Senators from the Republican side, John Kyl of Arizona, that he will not control our border because he expects a couple of phony Republicans to defect and vote along with the Demoncats for comprehensive immigration deform, i.e. amnesty for the invading hordes of illegal alien criminals. Watch for yourselves:

The White House communications direct then released a statement saying that Soetoro did not say that to Kyl in their private meeting. So either John Kyl is lying or Barry Hussein Soetoro is. Which do you think is being mendacious? I think I know. Barry has lied about everything, including his name, his place of birth, his current citizenship status, and dozens of other items. He is pathological in his lies.

But now we see exactly how he operates, in true Machiavellian fashion. No border control to force some kind of Republican compromise. No Gulf oil cleanup so he can nationalize the oil companies and shove a carbon tax down our gullet. Ths story should be huge. Here we have the illegitimate, criminal President of the United States of America admitting to a senior member of the Senate that he is purposefully not controlling our border. National security is one of the three duties charged to the federal government in the Constitution. Barry admitted that he is purposely being derelict in his duty in order to try to get a policy change that he desires.

This alone is grounds for impeachment and trial on a charge of treason. After decades of appeals, I'm sure. Forget my pie-in-the-sky hopes that some day his real birth certificate will out and that the Supreme Court will nullify all the laws, regulations and treaties that he signed off on, and remove any judges and government officials that he has appointed. This very admission should be enough rope for Barry to have hung himself by accident, in a candid moment, in a private meeting, where his gangster ways momentarily overrode his polished, cool manner.

I'll tell you exactly what happened. His arrogance came out. Mixed with the anger that he is feeling due to his plummeting poll numbers and the near certainty that he will lose control of the House of Irrepresentatives after January's swearing-in, definitely lose his near-filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, and possibly lose control of both. He is spinning his wheels in a desperate attempt to shove through all the rest of his socialist, fascist agenda as ordered by the banksters, but he's losing traction. He got his crown jewel, health scare, passed by the thinnest of margins, and that was only made possible by multiple bribes. Barry's scared and ticked off at the same time that his true nature has become obvious to all but the most oblivious, both in this country and around the world.

Barry let this little gem slip out, and it's too bad that Kyl did not have some kind of recording device. I don't know if D.C. is one of the areas in which you are required to notify a person that you're recording them... If Kyl had caught that on tape it could have spelled the end for Soetoro. It still should, but I doubt the Republicans will have the balls to impeach him. I wish they would. That's why we must elect the most conservative, originalist members possible in November, not beltway insiders but regular people like you and I. Ex-military, doctors, nurses, teachers, small businessmen. Real people who care more about the idea of America than about their own personal aggrandizement. It can be done but it will take much work to educate enough of the dumbed-down public to do so in the few months before the elections.

Yes, the wheels are indeed starting to come off the Hope-and-Change bus. Sorry Barry, you done screwed up!

Rambo: First Dud

Rahm Emanuel Expected To Quit After November Elections

The rats are beginning to jump off the sinking ship that is the Barry Soetoro administration. Rambo is denying it now, but I wouldn't be surprised in the least. Rats, like any animal, have an instinct of self preservation which overrides everything else. Word is that Rahm wants to be mayor of Chicago.

Barry has been going down in the approval/disapproval polls almost every single week since he was installed. His approval rating has dropped more quickly than even Mr. Peanut's did, which is saying something. No one at all wanted the bankster bailout, no one except union workers wanted him to nationalize the G.M. and Chrysler, 60% of people didn't want his health scare deform, and no one except for blind, diehard "Obama" supporters think he has done anything positive after the Deepwater Horizon was blown. Now Barry is trying to push crap-and-trade, amnesty for illegal Mexicans, internet censorship, National ID with spy chips embedded, and he wants to nationalize the energy sector of our economy.

In other words, Barry is doing everything that we who bothered to pay attention to his background knew he would, and nothing that the idiots who voted for him thought he would, based on his empty campaign promises, like getting us out of the illegal wars that G.W. started. And Rahm knows that public anger is at a level not seen in my lifetime, probably not even in his. Maybe it was like this during the civil rights struggle and Vietnam war towards the end of that debacle, but I wasn't around then. People have finally gotten a stark dose of reality -- that more government means less freedom, less money in their pockets, less opportunity and more restrictions. The big-government lapdogs that voted for Soetoro now find that they have shorter leashes, and they realize that it was their own fault.

So even moderate Democrats are abandoning active support of Soetoro. November for them will probably be like the last four years for conservatives, who were so disappointed with the largely false-conservative Republican candidates that were on the ballots that they were not energized to get out the vote. If they can't bring themselves to do the right thing and vote for conservative, constitutionalist candidates, hopefully they'll go for the decent alternative and simply stay home, not voting at all.

And Rambo knows this, so he's getting out. This helps to explain why he hid like a coward in Israel for three weeks during the Gulf oil disaster and after the bizarre episode involving the Israeli military and the Turkish "relief aid" convoy for the Palestinian swine. Except for the watergun fight he had with Joe Biden, Emanuel has literally been unseen and unheard from for nearly six weeks, until yesterday when he went on some of the Sunday lib media shows to defend Soetoro's handling of the Gulf incident, which has largely been composed of golfing, drinking Bushwhackers and hosting parties.

I also suspect that Rahm, being a dual citizen of Israel and the United States, and being a veteran of the Israeli Defense Forces, doesn't want to be in the White House when Israel is finally forced by Amadjihad to attempt to take out Iran's offensive nuclear weapons facilities. Soetoro has been very anti-Israel, in my opinion, since day one of his residency, excuse me, presidency. This might have come as a surprise to Rahm, Barry might not have been anti-Semitic before he was installed, but then his bosses might have kept ordering him to bow to this leader, send more aid to the Palestinians, cancel the bunker-busters we were supposed to sell to the Israelis, etc.

I don't blame Rambo for having split loyalty, but I do blame Barry for choosing as his top aide a person whose loyalty to this country is compromised. He should never have been given that position. But he got what he wanted out of it -- he went from being an obscure member of the House of Irrepresentatives to being a widely known face, at least to people who watch the news instead of America's Next Top Model.

He won't be the only one to abandon Soetoro's Titanic, now starting to take on water in the Gulf of Mexico. Just today another, more obscure one of his appointees announced his own resignation. Because everyone Barry has surrounded himself with are rats, and rats can swim. They'd rather chance it on their own than let Barry drag them beneath the waves along with himself. Good call, Rambo. Get out while you can.

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