Friday, July 2, 2010

Fire Down Below

I captured this video from BP's feed from the Ocean Intervention ROV number 1. Anyone have an idea what the glowing stuff that looks like lava is?

UPDATE: I have been in communication with other Youtube users who have captured videos from the Skandi ROVs, the ones that are pointed at the spot in the wellhead from where the oil is gushing. Just go to Youtube and search "BP oil well fire" and you'll find at least a dozen videos... There are spontaneous fires breaking out in the oil/methane plume. When you consider that this is happening in water, at a depth of around 4850 feet, this is frightening.

Petroleum engineers say that when you have concentrations of methane this high, even under the enormous pressure and being surrounded by water, fires such as these are not only possible but likely. I believe that what I captured from Ocean Intervention I was in fact molten metal seeping out from the well head. It may be that there is fire down below the ocean floor, in the well casing where the ROVs cannot see. It is possible that spontaneous flames are breaking out intermittently down there and that it is melting parts of the steel well casing, causing further damage to the integrity of the casing, which is already being described as shattered.

If this is the case then it may be only a matter of time before a fire breaks out down inside the giant methane bubble that geologists believed is trapped below the ocean floor, on top of the oil reservoir. If that happens, God help us.

Corexit -- It Tastes Like Candy!

Manufacturer's MSDS for Corexit 9500

I highly urge all of you to read the official Material Safety Data Sheet for the dispersant that is being dumped into the Gulf by BP. Highlights include:

-- "Keep away from heat and sources of ignition. Do not smoke."

-- "Keep container tightly closed. Do not get in eyes, on skin, on clothing. Do not take internally. Avoid breathing vapor. Use adequate ventilation."

-- "ACCIDENTAL RELEASE MEASURES: Restrict access to area... Stop any leaks... Ventilate spill area... Do not touch spilled material. Remove sources of ignition... Use personal protective equipment."

-- "ENVIRONMENTAL PRECAUTIONS: Do not contaminate surface water."

-- "RESPIRATORY PROTECTION: ...a positive pressure, full-facepiece SCBA should be used... institute a complete respiratory protection program..."


-- "Our hazard evaluation has found this product to be hazardous... Immediate (Acute) Health Hazard"

Now, after all that:

"The human risk is: Low"
"The environmental risk is: Low"

And of course, if you read through the thing, this chemical happens to be exempt from having to be tested, reported if spilled and all the rest. The United States is the only country in the WORLD which allows Corexit to be used in open waters -- it is banned by law everywhere else. Ask yourself why that is, then ask yourself why millions of gallons of it have been dumped into the ocean by boats and sprayed onto the water by aircraft. Wake up.

UPDATE: According to the EPA, Corexit also contains 0.16ppm of arsenic. As a flavor enhancer, I suppose.

"Nalco issued the following statement related to today’s release of EPA dispersant test results:

“We are pleased that the EPA’s initial testing results of dispersant alternatives continue to show the safety of our COREXIT 9500 dispersants,” said Dr. David Horsup, Division Vice President, Research and Development for Nalco’s Energy Services division."

EPA Says No Danger To Workers

Nalco is owned by Goldman-Sachs. Nalco is a subsidiary of BP. Goldman-Sachs owns BP. BP is buying Corexit from itself and making money on the cleanup. The whole thing is a giant circle-j...

9 to 5

Feds to Take Weekend Off in Gulf Cleanup

There will be no cleanup effort this Fourth of July weekend, because the Coast Guard will be closed, so no permits can be issued. Did you hear this? During the greatest emergency our country has faced, the government will go by their usual 9-to-5, five day a week schedule. It's enough already -- the states affected by BP's terrorist operation must ignore the federal government and clean up the mess on their own. If the Coast Guard or BP's private security army down there tries to stop them, local sheriffs must arrest them and place them in local jails for the duration of the cleanup. If necessary, the governors must order their states' National Guard in to prevent the feds from preventing the locals from cleaning up their waters.

There is absolutely no doubt at this point that the entire Gulf disaster was a planned event, designed to destroy the region, and that Barry Hussein Soetoro is complicit in the operation. "Obama" could order the Coast Guard to keep its offices open over the weekend, but he won't, because he has been ordered to keep the oil gushing for as long as he possibly can. They are really pushing for an armed rebellion, pushing harder and harder every day, it seems. I hope we can avoid that, but ever day you open Drudge and it's one slap in the face after the other.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Unemployment Rate Drops as More Lose Their Jobs

Here is an example of how the government-media propaganda machine works. Last month's official unemployment figure was 9.7%, though the real number including underemployment is somewhere between 22-24%. This month, hooray, Soetoro will tell you, it's dropped to only 9.5%. What wonderful progress! Barry's policies really are starting to work!

Until you read past the headlines in the bought off newspapers, that is. Even though there were 125,000 fewer people working in June, the unemployment number, according to the government, managed to drop by two tenths of one percent. How does this happen? Because their official figure, in order to paint a rosier picture for the average, idiot American, factors out people who have given up looking for work. 652,000 people gave up the job hunt last month so, according to Soetoro and his gang, they don't count as unemployed.

Circular logic again. Every single thing coming out of this administration and a vast majority of what is told to you by the media is a complete lie or an obfuscation. There are 125,000 less people working and well over half a million more have given up, but the government tells you that unemployment has dropped. We truly are living in an Alice In Wonderland type world.


Democrats "Deem" Budget to Have Been Passed, Go On Vacation

They've done it again, but this time the illegality is even more egregious. Back during the health scare deform debates, the House un-voted on one of the many compromise measures not by voting, but by "deeming" that the thing had already been passed. The logic is worse than circular, it requires a whole new dimension; it was spherical. Something that requires, by law, a straight yes or no vote they managed to accomplish by simply stating that it had already been voted on and passed, even though no such vote ever took place. That was one of the many illegal things done during the cram-down of SoetoroCare, besides Barry literally buying votes and all the rest.

So now the House has done it again, this time regarding one of Congress' most important tasks each year -- the passage of a budget. This coming fiscal year, right now, will have marked the first time in the nation's history that the government will operate without a budget. Nancy Pelosi is perhaps the most dangerous woman in the world, perhaps in world history. She is also, in my opinion, clinically insane. New medical studies have found that botulinum toxin, commonly known as Botox, affects the brain in a detrimental fashion. There is a reason that Mark Levin calls Pelosi "Stretch." She uses Botox injections on a regular basis.

So now we have a Congress which has shirked one of its most basic duties. Or, I should say, we have a Deemocrat party which has. Not a single Republican, not even the despicable faker Gao, voted to "deem" the budget passed. Nancy Pelosi must be impeached, put on trial for treason and given the correct punishment, that is if she can convince her court-appointed psychiatrist that she is mentally fit enough to answer for her crimes.

Miami Ice

80% Chance of Oil at Miami By August

The government says that there is an 80% chance of the oil/toxic Corexit slurry reaching Miami in six short weeks, by the middle of August. This will certainly put their vibrant tourism industry, vital to the local economy, on ice. Soetoro and the globalists must be marveling at just how well their operation in the Gulf is going. The American people by and large have been so dumbed down that there are no protests to speak of.

So silent have been the citizens of the Gulf, at least as far as the rest of us can tell from the controlled media, that Barry has moved on from his deep concern over the Gulf disaster to trying to get amnesty for criminal illegal aliens passed before the November election, in order to avoid the inevitable Republican capture of control of the House, and possibly also the Senate.

Perhaps it will take until November or December, when the oil and Corexit make their way up the East Coast and start impacting Virginia and D.C. and Massachusetts for the media to really start putting pressure on the administration. Because it will get there as long as Soetoro is able to keep the oil flowing and prevent any cleanup. It will get there, then it will make its way across the Atlantic and start to affect Europe. The Europeans should be screaming and demanding that Barry do everything in his power to stop the oil geyser before enough escapes the detonated wellhead to reach their shores in any meaningful concentration.

How long will it be before people march on D.C.? I'm starting to lose hope in the American people. Too many years of poisoned water and food, government controlled education and media, too many distractions like tweeting and video games. This slow death, for a patriot, is far more painful than if they'd just go ahead and get it over with.


Corexit's Toxic Effects

Corexit/Oil Mixture Eating Through Boat Hulls

I told you...

Thursday, July 1, 2010


This is not my information or necessarily my opinion, thought I certainly think it feasible. Greg Evensen, a military vet and former Kansas State Trooper with extensive ties to both the military and civilian law enforcement, has said on Hawk's show today, July 1, that the government is planning to start evacuations from some of the Gulf Coast states following the Fourth of July holiday weekend. Limited at first to the elderly, pregnant women and young children, then possibly a general evacuation in the areas hardest hit by the oil and toxic chemicals.

Again, I'm just putting this down for the record in case it happens. Hurricane Alex has managed to push the poison slurry even farther inland with its 8-12 foot swells reaching our coast. So the government would have a valid reason for ordering at least a limited evacuation in the aresa with the highest contamination. What is the most frightening is that Evensen says that the military and law enforcement have been drilling to forcibly remove people from their homes, and that those who refuse to leave will simply be shot twice in the head on sight. God help us all if that happens.


U.N.: Drop the Dollar

These are truly the last days of the American dollar, as I've been warning. Last week Medvedev was showing off a prototype of the new global currency, this week the U.N. says we must move to the new form of currency the banksters have devised, the Special Drawing Right. I'll explain how this is going to work, but if you don't care to read the details, I'll repeat one more time -- buy gold NOW!

The SDR is the new financial instrument which the big banks will use as their international currency. You and I will not use that system. We will still have dollars, the Chinese will still use Yuan, the Russians will still use roubles, etc. What the SDR will allow the globalists to do is to create an abstraction layer, disconnecting all the current national currencies from each other. This is key to their final destruction of the world economy.

Right now, every currency is interlinked, the most important being our dollar, since it is the one used to buy oil worldwide. The dollar has been gravely damaged but still is the de facto standard for global trade. So every time the dollar rises or falls in value, it affects all other world currencies, and the reverse is true. The Euro affects the dollar affects the yen and on down the line right now. The adoption of SDR will change that.

The globalists want to use SDR amongst the international banks and governments and have all of us keep using the familiar currencies, but no longer will one currency rising or falling cause another to fall or rise. Not unless they want that to happen. Each country will be given its own, fluid value for its own currency against the global SDR, their own personal exchange rate. And it's as simple as that -- with a financial parlor trick each country's currency will be disentangled from the others, giving the globalists much more freedom to manipulate each nation's financial health.

When they want to kill Japan, they'll simply announce an adjustment of Japan's exchange rate versus the SDR. But that will not affect the rest of our currencies as it would if they pulled the plug on the yen today, without SDR being the standard. They already have been using SDR to trade amongst themselves to test the system out, but have not yet applied it to nations, only corporations and banks thus far. But they're getting very close to ending the beta test and having the U.N. vote to adopt SDR as the new world currency.

The ultimate plan, according to their documents, is to split the world into ten zones, each with their own regional currency, to simplify things by reducing the number of different forms of money now in use. They used Europe as the test for that, with the E.U. and the Euro. We will be rolled into a North American zone with Canada and Mexico. This is why you've been hearing about NAFTA, CAFTA, superhighways going north out of Mexico, through the U.S. and into Canada, and the rumors of an "Amero" currency. It will happen unless we stop it.

They will likely not go to the zoned plan immediately after the adoption of SDR as the new global currency. That would be too confusing for the globalists' corporate cronies. They'll need a couple years at the very least to figure out how the system will work in the real world. But they are planning to remove our northern and southern borders. Just remember back one week when Soetoro told Senator Kyl of Arizona that he was leaving the border with Mexico open on purpose.

If the banksters are able to decouple the dollar from other world currencies, they plan to take the United States out as one of their first victims, perhaps the very first. Because with the exception of Switzerland because of their law, and Africa and the Middle East because of their lawlessness, we are the only country left whose citizens own guns in any numbers. There are more guns in private hands in America than there are people, and an armed populous is literally the elite's worst nightmare. I don't plan to give up my dollar to a North American currency, and I don't intend to surrender my weapons.

Florida 411

FL School District Bans Bibles on Religious Freedom Day

In the last 40 years our public school system has been transformed by the Communist liberal rats from an education system to a government indoctrination system. One of the biggest wedges they've used is the removal of the teaching of Christian ethics and morals, all the while promoting atheist thought and demonizing Christians and Jews. So when you see a place like Collier County announce a "religious freedom" day, that means only thing. Allow me to translate: Adopt-a-Muslim Day. Or Bash A Christian Day. Or Kick A Jew Day, which actually happened, as I've written about previously.

This is another example of liberal hypocrisy. If such a district were caught preventing Muslims from handing out copies of the Qur'an or if Wiccans were barred from handing out, I don't know, books of tree poems, the ACLU would fly down there with Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton in tow, even though they would have no stake in it, just to get their ugly mugs on the TV one more time. It would be a media circus. But since it was Christians who were denied their right to free speech, nothing. A mention in the local paper, picked up by Matt Drudge, without whom the country most likely would never be made aware of the situation.

I'm tired of Christians always turning the other cheek. We have to turn so often that we're spinning around in circles at an ever-increasing pace. I'm dizzy from it. We founded this country, built it into the greatest nation the world has ever known, then welcomed in any and all people of different races, religions and cultures to share in the American dream. And they have abused our hospitality by using our own set of ethics against us. It's high time to plant both feet firmly back on the ground and stop the turning of cheeks.

I have never proselytized and tried to convert anyone else to Christianity. If the people in that school district want to be atheists or witches or Zoroastrians, that's fine. But stop trying to restrict the religious freedom and the free speech of others. It's as if the liberal vermin think that the Bible is radioactive and will hurt them if they get too close to a copy. If they actually took a few weeks to read some of it I think they'd find out it's not so bad after all.

Can She Play With Madness

Pelosi: Unemployment Checks Fastest Path To Job Growth

Nancy Lugosi has just given a press conference in which she stated that, as economists will tell you, unemployment checks are the quickest way to create new jobs. If you needed any more proof that the woman is not only dangerous to the country, but quite literally insane, there it is. What does she know of jobs? She's never had a real one. She's sitting on $500 million in her bank account, so she certainly never will have to worry about herself or her children or grandchildren. Except she will. Once she's out of power and the globalists collapse the dollar, she won't be able to feed them either. I hope I end up in the same FEMA work camp as she, so I can watch her having to labor for the first time ever.


BP Claims Boss Says No Money To Illegals

This is a true curiosity -- illegal aliens actually being denied free money for once? I'm betting this Feinberg will be getting a call from one of Soetoro's Czars about this one. It's stunning that someone with power over the $20 billion fake reparation fund would actually think about following the law, but I guess BP's already in enough hot oil-and-water already:

“Of course,” Feinberg said. “Required by law. I can’t violate federal law."

“Federal law says I’ve got to follow the law governing immigration,” Feinberg said. “I’ve got to follow the law governing the Internal Revenue Service – people who get a check for wage loss – 1099."

“That’s the law of the land,” Feinberg said.

I honestly can't figure this story out. If they really are going to deny payouts to illegal criminal vermin, why make it a media story? But CNS News is a conservative outlet, so if they simply caught Feinberg with the question of illegals' claims, and the story doesn't appear in the liberal media, there's the answer. Or it could be to try to rile up the illegal hordes to an even greater extent. The tense rift between illegal criminal aliens and we natural born citizens and our legal immigrant friends has never been stronger. The economic drain placed upon this country bu the uncontrolled flood of illegals coming across from Mexico has been unbearable for years, but with the additional economic implosion caused by Soetoro and BP, tensions in the Gulf Coast region have to be at a boiling point.

There really is no reason for Mr. Feingberg to worry about our laws. Our own government doesn't, and Congress themselves are, by their own fiat law, exempt from each and every law that they pass to enslave the rest of us. Not even "Barack Obama" worries about laws. But whatever the case, it would be nice if, for once, aid goes to the legal American citizens and immigrants and not to the globalist army of Mexicans here illegally.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Capitol Cronyism

Eric Holder Ordered Case Against Black Panthers Dropped

Our verminous president Barry appointed one of his closest friends, the equally detestable Eric Holder, Attorney General and that rat has not failed to please his boss. This wiry, wily man was the one in charge of pardoning the laundry list of criminals that Slick Willy wanted free and clear. He was the one who signed off on pardons for the FARC terrorists and the fugitive scam artist Mark Rich (after Rich's wife gave Clinton a generous donation, of course).

The media except for Fox did a good job in November of 2008 not reporting on the voter intimidation perpetrated by the Black Panthers in Philadelphia, where the wonderful "civil rights activists" menaced white voters outside of polling station with assorted weapons, a very serious crime. "Minister King Samir Shabazz, Malik Zulu Shabazz and Jerry Jackson" were charged appropriately, video exists of the incident, and the case was, in the words of one of the Justice Department lawyers who tried to bring it to trial, open and shut. Jerry needs to get to work on creating a ridiculous-sounding fake Muslim name to match his friends...

Then all of a sudden word came down from on high to drop the case without explanation. It has now been revealed that this came all the way from Holder, who undoubtedly either was under Soetoro's direct order, or who informed Barry of his intent. Just another example of the reverse racism that is rampant in the country. Black people cannot commit a crime these days, it seems, especially if they are "activists," and especially when they're working for Obama. If the Klan or some other racist white organization tried to intimidate black voters we'd still be hearing about it a year and a half later.

But the ignorant Black Panthers don't realize that they are not "Obama's" friends. "Obama" has used them and will throw them away when the time arrives. Every single citizen in this country who is not in the highest levels of the globalists' elite power structure are in the same boat -- we are, as they like to call us, "useless eaters." King Malik would be well advised to change his name back to Percy Givens or whatever his Christian parents named him, drop the racism, and try to educate himself, if he can read, before he and his family are killed or enslaved by "Obama" and the globalists.

More Than Meets the Eye

Pentagon Develops Morphing Robot

In the latest example of old predictive programming having its subject matter appear in the real world, the Pentagon has working technology to create robots which shape-shift. Everyone remembers the Transformers cartoons from the '80s, and if you're old enough you might even remember the Go-Bots. All the boys loved to play with the toys, changing aircraft, cars and trucks into humanoid robot characters with a few sequenced twists and flips of the toys' parts. It's all part of the acclimatization process the globalists use to keep people docile when their new technologies are unveiled.

This little test robot for public show is harmless, of course. So we'll get used to their new Transmorphers one step at a time. Next they'll probably unveil surveillance drones that can switch between naval and aircraft configurations, or something like that, and deploy them overseas. Then armed shape-shifting robots to kill people in Afghanistan. Then they'll come here and be used against you. And then the old cartoons from our childhood will not seem so cute.


National Debt Now Highest Since WWII

Economists now say that our debt and the deficit spending which Soetoro continues to increase make it literally impossible to pay off our national debt without devaluing the dollar. Here's the entire bankster scheme in a nutshell, this is how they work, and how they broke other countries in the past and are in the final stages of breaking us now:

It all started in 1913, when the wretched Woodrow Wilson signed into law the Federal Reserve Act, and illegal bill passed by Congress which went against the Constitution by giving away control of the issue issuance of currency to a private organization. The federal government has only three responsibilities according to that document -- national defense, the issuance of currency and protecting our God-given rights. The Federal Reserve was named to give it the appearance of being controlled by the government, but soon after that act was passed and signed, the Fed began to control the government.

The one key element of the bankster scam is fractional reserve currency. This policy was designed by the big banks specifically to allow them to do what they have for almost a century now -- use your money to bankrupt people, companies and entire countries, then use it again to buy their assets at fire sale prices. Under the fractional reserve system, the big banks and financial institutions are allowed to leverage at ten times the amount of dollars which they actually hold in real assets. So, if say Bank of America makes $20 billion in one quarter, and they wish to go out shopping, they can spend $200 billion or more as if they actually had that money.

This is the cornerstone of the scam. You or I, if we showed up at Best Buy and demanded that the store sell us a $3000 LED-backlit HDTV for $300 would be laughed out of the store. But the big six banks that are the cornerstone of the Federal Reserve are allowed to do just that, under the rules that they themselves wrote. It's quite literally unbelievable that they could get away this for so long and have the public be unaware, but I didn't even become aware of the scope of their fraud until a couple of years ago.

So what they do is take the money that you give them, your checking accounts, savings, IRAs, retirement accounts, mutual funds and all the rest, and they use their fractional reserve rules as a force multiplier, and go out and snap up struggling banks and corporations. And the globalists have expanded their model to destroy entire countries. Ever since the support group for dictators known as the U.N. was invented, they have been using the International Monetary Fund to take down entire nations. What they do in those cases, such as in Bolivia, Greece and nearly all the African nations, is to loan money under the guise of humanitarian purposes, but with interest rates high enough that the principles can never be paid off.

The interest and thus the debt to the banksters keeps piling up, and eventually the countries declare bankruptcy. Then the banks go in and buy up the natural resources, manufacturing assets, the banks of those countries, whatever they wish for pennies on the dollar. Actually, tenths of pennies, since they use fractional reserve money to do that as well. Greece is selling its islands, for God's sake, some of the places mentioned in the great ancient literature of the Greeks. For them that has to be as painful as it would be for Americans if we were forced to sell the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone.

They tried to do it to Iceland, and almost got away with it, but the people stood up and said no, we will not pay back the debt that you created in our system. That must happen here, but it won't unless more people are made aware of how the criminal banking cartel works. We've seen examples since Soetoro came into office of their system at work here in America already. Remember the whole Bear-Stearns affair, where J.P. Morgan-Chase broke the back of one of their fiercest rival institutions, then, along with others bought up all of Bear's assets? They "rescued" Bear for $236 million and received the entirety of the company's assets. The Bear-Stearns 45-story office tower alone is worth over $1.2 billion, just the building and the land it sits on, not counting the rest of what used to be one of the top three brokerage houses in the country.

That is the bankster system. Create money that does not exist, wait for a company or a country that they want to fail (or, if necessary cause it to fail) then buy the assets for a tiny fraction of what they are worth. And it's happening to us on a personal level. The debt that Soetoro is continuing to snowball will result in massive inflation in coming years, and your dollars will continue to drop in purchasing power. Then, when you reach the point that you can no longer pay for your second car, they'll take that from you. Then your primary ride, then your house.

And think about this -- when you no longer earn enough to feed your children, Child Protective Services will investigate you then take your children away. This is all in the globalists' own documents, out in the open. They want to ultimately have all children in government camps, as John P. Holdren wrote, Soetoro's Science Czar, where the government will educate them and you will have no contact. Under their plan, we are the last generation who will have been educated under a semi-autonomous system, the last who will have any idea what freedom means, the last to enjoy any freedom. That's why it's so important that we wake others up now and take action against the globalists and their puppets in the government.

If the government can engineer conditions in America to the point where they actually do get all children into their camps, it's over. They will be brainwashed to love and serve the government, they will not be taught history, they will have no idea that there is a world outside of their camp. This all sounds crazy, and it is astonishing, but the elite actually write about their plans, knowing that 99% of people won't bother to look up the documents available online or in libraries and actually read them. They're hiding in plain sight. And laughing at all the lazy slaves who they've dumbed down and made servile with their poison water and food. Time to make them fear us, for once is what I say. And they are beginning to lose their air of invulnerability. Can we push back in time? I don't know. I honestly do not know the answer.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Scanners: The Exploding DNA Move

Naked Body Scanner Radiation 20x Higher Than Estimated

That reference is too obscure so I'll explain it -- the movie "Scanners," affectionately known as "The Exploding Head Movie." So Columbia University has measured the cancer-causing radiation emitted by the government's naked body scanners and found that they put out twenty times the amount of radiation that the government said they would. Forget for a moment that they capture and store naked images of you and your children, which they do, on record, even forcing the U.K. to change their child pornography laws to allow the globalists to install them in British airports.

Everyone knows that one must be careful when getting X-rays and CAT scans and nMRI scans, because of the radiation. Everyone knows that radiation is not a good thing when it comes in contact with living tissue but most don't exactly know why. It's because, as you know, smart readers, it attacks DNA (and RNA also, of course) and causes mutation. And it's a semi-cumulative effect, with your cells being able to repair the damage over time, so if you know that you must have a series of scans taken for whatever medical reason, doctors will try to space them out over time to give your body time to fix your DNA.

But the globalists want the scanners, particularly because of whom is most affected by the radiation:

Pregnant women and children should not be subject to scanning, according to the report, adding that governments should consider “other techniques to achieve the same end without the use of ionizing radiation.”

They love to go after women and children. Of course it affects men too, particularly their fertility. Mens' sperm counts all over the world are one tenth of what they were on average just 100 years ago. This is a direct result of all the environmental poisoning we've been subjected to by the global elites. The mercury and fluoride in your water first, then GMO foods for the last few decades, now the naked body scanners are being installed to harass the public and damage them further.

“If all 800 million people who use airports every year were screened with X-rays then the very small individual risk multiplied by the large number of screened people might imply a potential public health or societal risk. The population risk has the potential to be significant,” said Brenner.


Well, Hurricane Alex is not headed for a direct strike on the site of BP's oil geyser. But all is not lost for the globalists. BP stated yesterday that the maximum wave swells their ships could handle is 8 feet. Even though the eye of the storm will remain hundreds of miles away from the well site, meteorologists are saying that there is a good possibility that waves of that height or greater will reach the "cleanup" effort's area.

If that happens, BP says it will have to dismantle the entire "containment" apparatus, leaving the well entirely uncapped, and move all their ships (along with the private ships they have under contract) to safe harbor, and that it will take 14 days to move the ships back and rebuild the "containment," should 8-foot waves indeed reach them.

Even if Alex doesn't give them the excuse they need to leave the well free-flowing for two weeks they'll get their chance this summer. There are always one or two strong hurricanes that track right through the site of the oil gusher. They really did do their homework in picking a perfect site to drill a super deep well with substandard well design and safety equipment. The people responsible for this, in BP, in our government as well as the elite who ordered the operation must all be identified, tried in court and executed if found guilty of sufficient crimes. The Gulf is already dead for years to come, it's just that the people down there don't know it yet.

Come On Down

Obama Accepts Int'l Aid for Gulf After 70 Days

At last, Soetoro has caved in from the pressure brought to bear on him by the media, the American people and even some in his own party. 70 days after the BP, in concert with the government, blew up Deepwater Horizon, he is finally going to allow other countries to help. Unless that's not the reason, and he was ordered to do so by his controllers, who can say at this point.

So now that Slimeball Matthews and AC/DC Cooper and Rachel Madcow are free to stop criticizing his inaction on the Gulf disaster, they can go back to doing what they do best. And Barry will be given cover and the opportunity to spend the next few months trying to get his carbon tax through the Congress. It doesn't matter to him now how much of the oil will have been cleaned up by other countries' vessels and crews. He managed, somehow, to play thing out for well over two months without massive protests or riots. The people of the Gulf should have rallied and marched on the White House, or as I have decided to rename it, the Red House.

Soetoro would prefer you to think of his abode as the Green House, but we all know he doesn't really care for the environment, for Earth, for Gaia, as the crazed environmentalist nuts call the planet. He has allowed the oil to flow freely, and allowed BP to attempt "repairs" over and over which only increased the flow rate, on purpose. He has covered up the fact, along with the media to a large extent, that oil has been flowing for weeks out of innumerable other, smaller, naturally formed vents on the ocean floor. Even if the wellhead were somehow sealed, at this juncture it wouldn't matter -- the oil under that seabed, reported by the media in the U.K. to be under 100,000psi of pressure, would simply continue to empty from those other vents, and new vents would also form.

If in the future history books are allowed by the government to be written in an honest fashion, they will clearly state that a foreign agent calling himself Barack Obama not only purposely stalled efforts to clean up the oil in the Gulf but was in fact complicit in and a crucial piece of the globalists' own effort to kill the Gulf states' economies, as just one small piece of their gambit to take this country apart, one piece at a time.

The North Bitch Diet

Elena Kagan, Mrs. Toad, tried to hem and haw her way out of answering a hypothetical question about the government's power to tell people what they must eat. The question was designed as a test on her position should the SoetoroCare monstrosity bill work its way up to the Supreme Court after the state attorneys general file the suits they have been planning in federal courts. Because that bill compels citizens to purchase a service, the first time in American history that the government has forced every single citizen to purchase a product or service. It is blatantly unconstitutional, but the Demoncats used the excuse of the Commerce Clause as justification. That perversion is another matter entirely, how that clause has been expanded and twisted far beyond anything those who wrote it intended.

A very clever question, indeed, and Mrs. Toad couldn't really answer for herself. Nevertheless, from what she did and did not say it is clear that she would vote to uphold the health scare deform bill as constitutional. Neither I nor the Republicans nor any moderate Democrats with any sort of conscience need hear anything further from this porcine creature from hell. The true conservative wing of the Republican caucus in the Senate must agree to filibuster Mrs. Toad. She is young and robust enough to live for 40 years or more, injecting her amphibian poison into the constitution and Bill of Rights to paralyze then kill them entirely.

And do you really want Mrs. Kagan telling you what to eat? From the looks of her she shops in the snack food isle of her corner gas station, not at Whole Foods. My God, woman, put the Ding Dongs back on the shelf. Or, on the other hand yes, please continue stuffing your hole with junk food -- maybe then you'll only last for 20 or years. Yes, that's a better idea. What's your address? I'll send you a pallet of Twinkies or Ho-Hos. Yes, Ho-Hos would be appropriate.

Oilpocalypse Now

Op Ed: BP Spill Worst Disaster Since Noah's Flood


Mike Adams: How BP's Spill Could Ignite an Entire Major City

Monday, June 28, 2010

Canadian Fakin'

Widespread Police Misconduct During G20 Summit

Yes, the Toronto police and the other, outside "law enforcement" agents present at G20 made up any fake excuse to terrorize and beat the loyal citizens of Canada who showed up to protest the group of criminal politicians meeting in their country. The globalists do not like unpleasantness such as protests, it makes for ugly TV. Go to Youtube and you can find hundreds of videos of police dressed in black uniforms, hiding behind riot shields in a display of cowardice, beating up men, women and children indiscriminately, usually for having done nothing besides shout insults, or, in one instance, spontaneously starting to sing their national anthem.

Tear gas rubber bullets, hardened batons, it was all there, and it already is here as well. No, dissent is not tolerated by the globalists, so they use their armies of dumbed-down thugs on power trips to intimidate people from showing up to protest, and those who are brave enough to stand up against tyranny are beaten up and locked in jail to teach them a lesson that they should stay home and be good slaves next time the circus comes to town. Congratulations to the Canadians, usually stereotyped as laid back and spineless, for doing an excellent job of demonstrating for the media and for Youtube viewers that police are used against the citizens these days, not to help them.


Philly to Bar ICE From Arrest Records

You've heard of magnet schools, and now the creatures known as "progressives" bring you magnet cities. All over the country more and more cities are becoming "sanctuary cities," but what they really are are magnets to attract as many people as possible of the all-come-here-to-work variety. A law like this should be illegal -- ICE should be able to have access to local law enforcements' records. But Soetoro and his puppeteers want as many filthy people from south of the border here as they can get, especially if they are criminals. So this is why this is being allowed.

California want to boycott Arizona -- I say boycott CA, Austin, Houston Philadelphia, New York and every other place that pampers illegal aliens. They all come here to bankrupt you and I.


Bonds Expert: Prepare For Massive Money Printing

Buy gold. Buy gold. Buy gold. Now.

Inflation will continue despite the globalists' effort to keep gold prices artificially low by dumping massive amounts into the market. They can't do this forever -- there simply has not been enough gold mined in human history to cover up the massive fraud they perpetrated by using derivatives and other fake financial sleights of hand to bankrupt then buy up the entire world. According to economists, based on the history of gold prices in the last century as compared to inflation in this country, gold should be trading somewhere in the range of $2500-$3000 per ounce. That is about twice what is currently being asked at precious metal brokerage firms.

In 2001 you could buy an ounce of gold for $280. Today, less than a decade later, you need to shell out well over five times that amount. If the banksters weren't keeping the price artificially depressed you'd have to spend ten times what you would have before the government attacked the Pentagon and World Trade Center. It's very simple -- gold hasn't changed in real-world value, our money has. As a direct result of the fraud perpetrated by the banksters. No one knows the exact figure of how much money was created out of thin air and used to buy everything in sight, but economists generally agree that the number lies in the quadrillion dollar range.

The globalists and their bankster minions literally created more money than any and every single single physical asset on the planet is worth. There is more money, really just digital data bouncing back and forth between the big banks, than you would need to purchase every home, factory, parcel land, oil well, gold mine and retail store on the entire planet Earth.

The only reason why we are not yet seeing runaway, 1930's Germany style inflation is because they are manipulating the markets to keep inflation under control. The only reason they are doing that is because they are still trying to put in place the last pieces of their global command-and-control police state. If and when those goals are accomplished, they will yank the plug out of the drain, inflation will instantly rise in meteoric fashion, and we will all be fighting each other in the streets for the last loaves of bread in the grocery stores.

That's why gold is the key to protecting yourselves and your families and friends. It has intrinsic value and always will. No matter how crazy I sound now, the future events of which I write are inevitable if the globalists are allowed free reign to implement their plans. It's openly discussed in the media -- just load Drudge each morning and you don't even really need to read every line of every article. Just the articles' titles should be enough to scare the solid waste out of you. We're almost out of time.


Proposed Bill Gives Obama Power To Shut Off Internet For Four Months

The idiots and criminals in the Senate Homeland Insecurity committee have given their rubber stamp to Soetoro and approved the so-called Cybersecurity Act for a vote by the full Senate. I've told you about this before -- it has nothing whatsoever to do with security, cyber or otherwise. It is designed to do two things: track and store literally everything you do online using giant NSA computer farms across the country (including one here in San Antonio), and let Barry cut off the entire Internet whenever the globalists order him to.

It's quite literally the beginning of the end of free speech. And more than that. Imagine the damage to the economy that having no internet would cause. The millions of dollars, if not billions in lost productivity when people can no longer communicate with email, Blackberries, can no longer video-conference or use Skype to talk to colleagues at work. That will be just a small bonus when they do shut off the 'net. The real reason this is being done is to teach you how to shut up and like it.

What will happen in the months after the morons in the Senate pass this (and it enjoys widespread Republican support) is that the CIA, errr "Al-Qaeda" or "Chinese hackers" will carry out false-flag cyberattacks on large companies like Google or Microsoft, or maybe a shopping site like Amazon, or attack our ridiculously vulnerable power grid and shut down power for a few days in a large swath of the country. Soetoro will then give a speech condemning the terrorists and order the Internet shut off for however long he's told. This beta test will probably only be for a few days. When the media start really getting angry at him, because without the Internet there would be no news dissemination anymore, Barry will magnanimously turn it back on.

It will be a test to see how long people will take it before protests and riots begin. The article I linked to above admits that Soetoro can leave it off for at least four months. But there is no such restriction in the text of the bill. And if the fake conservatives in Congress demand that a time limit be written into the bill, that doesn't matter. Because thanks to George "Nukeyoular" Bush, the president now has the power to declare a state of emergency for literally any reason, then martial law can declared by him and congress and all the laws of the nation are suspended. Instant, full dictatorial powers will be placed in Barry's hands.

You've seen what he's done to our country with the somewhat limited power he enjoys, along with bought-and-sold Demoncat majorities in both houses of Congress and the disgusting lapdog media. Imagine what he would do if such a scenario were to play out. He'd do what the globalists order him to do first, and then they'll let him loose to do anything he personally would like, as long as it doesn't interfere with their plans.

Don't think it can't or won't happen here. We are hanging onto what's left of freedom by the slimmest of margins. Shut off the internet and they remove the most important tool that patriots use to inform and keep in contact with each other, to gather news and try to warn others. That would be a major victory for the elite, if their beta test goes well. If you enjoy using the Internet, please consider taking a few minutes to email your Senators and Irrepresentatives.

Red Tide

FBI Arrests 10 Russian Spies in America

Yes, the Cold War is over, but the spy games aren't. Every few years we get a big bust of the Chinese, the Israelis or the Russians whose agents have infiltrated our nation and placed themselves in sensitive or important positions. Usually they have sought and gained positions in the military or intelligence community. These were playing a different game -- their mission was to gain influential positions in order to influence policy.

The liberal vermin have rewritten history and demonized Joseph McCarthy. But he was right after all, and this is borne out in declassified government documents that you can easily find with a search engine. There was a massive infiltration of our government by Communist operatives, many of whom became Democrat Senators and Irrepresentatives. They did have a strong influence on policy, starting after World War II and they still enjoy a strong presence today. Whether or not Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Dodd, Feinstein, Boxer and all the rest of the evil trash in Congress are actual, paid agents of Russia or any other foreign nation nation is irrelevant, except when they're brought to trial. But their philosophy is precisely aligned with the wishes of the Communists in Russia and China.

The FBI is the one law enforcement agency which I have any faith left it. It seems that there are still some patriots left in their ranks, and that they are not completely controlled by the Soetoro administration. Good job by the FBI. Now if only they would put some resources into investigating the rat bum who masquerades as "Barack Obama..."

Hair Trigger

Supremes Reaffirm Second Amendment 5-4

The Supreme Court has just voted 5-4 in favor of your Second Amendment rights. This landmark decision is key in that, for now, by law, your right to keep and bear arms is intact. But this is also very sad and telling of the liberal left. The four liberal vermin on the court voted against the Second Amendment, which is the most important next to the First. At certain times it becomes the most important of all, when arms are needed to protect free speech.

But the insane leftists like Ruth Hater Ginsberg care nothing for the Constitution or Bill of Rights, nor any of the ideals and morals that our founding fathers held high. In order to finally destroy the last vestiges of this once great republic they need to take our guns. The blue-blood communist libs are scared to death of red-blooded American patriot citizens, especially when they own guns. So Soetoroland, a.k.a. Chicago passed a law violating the Bill of Rights and your rights, and the Supreme Court, by the narrowest possible margin, slapped that illegal law down.

But make no mistake about it -- if something were to happen to one of the heroic conservatives on the Court who are constantly fending off these type of criminal laws and policies, tyranny would instantly be enabled. If Barry and his filthy ilk keep being rejected in the Court you may very see a mysterious accident or illness take the life of Justice Thomas, or Scalia, or Roberts or Alito, God forbid. Don't put it past the globalists and their puppets. If offing a conservative justice becomes necessary to strip us of our last fundamental rights, they will do it.

And today marked both Anthony Kennedy's last day on the Court and the first day of the show trial hearings for Mrs. Toad, Elena Kagan. This woman is an abomination and has absolutely no business being nominated, much less being confirmed and installed in the Supreme Court. She has never been a judge, never presided over a single case. What she is, though, and the reason she will be confirmed, is a toadie of Goldman-Sachs, and a former employee of that band of criminals. So she will do what her and Soetoro's common handlers tell her to do, namely destroy the remains of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

And she will be confirmed, I'd bet the house on it. None of the spineless Republicans will stand up to her and Barry. A couple will try to pander to their constituents and voice disapproval during the televised hearings, hoping to become each days hot sound bite on Fox News, but none of them will have the steel to filibuster the bitch. She'll slide through the hearings like feces through a goose, which is appropriate because she is filth of the lowest order. She has written that we have no Second Amendment rights, that government could and should control speech to make it "fair," and that the executive branch, i.e. her old friend Barry Hussein Soetoro, should enjoy increased power, unequal to and above that of the Congress.

So you still have your God-given rights, at least for now, but only by a hair's breadth did they survive. And as soon as someone at Goldmine's-Sac snaps their fingers, one of the four conservative Justices can be bumped off and the real fun will begin for the drugged-up, mentally ill liberals. The irony of the whole thing is that they'll run crying with soiled pants to their conservative, gun owning neighbors when the globalist endgame machine starts to crank. I think they'll have an epiphany when they're forced out of their ivory towers in the universities and their sandboxes in the media. Maybe the founding fathers weren't all ignorant racists after all, and maybe conservatives don't all secretly wear white hoods and robes at night. Maybe guns are good things. Without them, we'd all already be dead or enslaved.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

An Embarrassment of Enrichment

Iran Has Sufficient HEU for Two Nukes

The small, unqualified director of the CIA, Leon Pancetta, has told the media that Iran already has enough highly enriched Uranium for two nuclear bombs. Why has he just announced this, after the last year and a half of Soetoro's people saying they wouldn't have enough for one bomb for 2-5 years? Because we are getting ready to start a war with Iran, in order to start World War III. Alex Jones believes that the Gulf oil disaster is a head fake, a distraction to keep the media and the peoples' eyes off of the buildup of this new war. I think it serves many purposes, primarily those I've written about these last weeks, but that it serving as a smokescreen would be a very handy bonus for the globalists.

Iran's Shahab series of missiles are already capable of hitting Israel and all of our allies in Europe, thus obviously able to strike our bases in those countries. They can hit our bases in Iraq and Afghanistan. Their Shahab-3 has a range of 1200 miles and has MIRV capability for hitting multiple targets with one missile. They are feverishly working on final development and testing of Shahab-4, which is an ICBM, allegedly for the peaceful purpose of launching satellites into orbit. This is the same excuse Russia and America used in the '50s when they developed their own ICBMs -- yes, to put satellites in orbit but mainly to strike each other. The -3 series is an MRBM, so not able to strike the United States directly from within Iranian borders. But they may be able to modify a large ship to launch one of the -3s, park it a few hundred miles out at sea from D.C., New York, Los Angeles, or wherever they'd like and to hit us that way.

They have their delivery system perfected, they have at least enough HEU for two bombs, according to Pancetta, and they have repeated over and over their desire to destroy Israel. And Ahmadenijad has stated that he is willing to sacrifice half of the population of Iran to do just that. There is no way to know if what Leon said is true -- nearly everything that comes from Soetoro and his people is either an outright lie or a distortion. But it seems clear that they are trying to get America both psychologically ready and supportive of a new war against the Little Hitler. And when that happens, oil will go above $200 a barrel instantly, gas will cost $9 a gallon, and the economy in this country will wither even more quickly than it already is. All by design.

There is absolutely no reason why Israel or the United States should not send a cruise missile to blow that tiny bastard up the next time he makes an outdoor address in Iran. He is a criminal -- there are photos of him as a young man participating in the 1979 embassy siege that resulted in the whole Mr. Peanut vs. Iran hostage crisis. But there is a reason -- the globalists want this war, and contrary to what people like Mike Rivero think, the Jews do not control everything, and they are not not the root of all evil in the world. The elite control everything, and of course some of them are Jewish, but that's not the fulcrum of power. Israel, like America, has politicians installed at the highest levels by the banksters and their controllers.

I grew up in the '80s fearing nuclear war with the soviet Union. After their empire fell apart I spent the next ten years thinking almost nothing of the possibility of a global, atomic war. Now there once again is that very real fear, and we must prepare ourselves, both mentally and in terms of real-world preparation, buying guns and ammo, storable food, precious metals, water filtration systems and everything else we'd need to live for years with no organized society left to fill the grocery stores with food and the pharmacy with supplies.

And if our enemies decide to EMP attack us, it's over in the blink of an eye. The entire country destroyed without the possibility of it ever coming back. If you think movies like "The Road" and "The Book of Eli" are simple, random entertainment you are mistaken. They are predictive programming to numb people, to get them ready to accept what the globalists have planned. Those are what our future will look like if the elite are able to implement their final plan. They will be living in luxury in lavishly decorated underground bunkers, or in open-air chalets in an area of the world that they know from computer simulation will not receive the clouds of radioactive fallout. They'll have clean water and food and all the little boys and girls they care to rape, torture and murder.

And we'll be left to fend for ourselves in a Mad Max style, devastated wasteland. We can stop it if we can inform enough people in a short amount of time, vote real patriots into office and demand that the banksters be investigated, put on trial and jailed or executed for their crimes. It's them or us.

Byrd's Dropping

Byrd Illness May Endanger Wall Street "Reform"

I was debating whether or not to post this story, because while I often speak of the vermin whose policies and actions I despise, I rarely feel the sort of personal, vindictive hatred against them as human beings with lives and families. In other words, I don't wish them pain or death, I'd rather they just go away on permanent vacations to other countries and leave us alone.

I didn't feel glad when Ted Kennedy finally died of cancer, one of the worst ways to die. I didn't feel the kind of almost demonic hope that liberals and leftists and the Soetoro crew feel every Dick Cheney is hospitalized, as he is today. So no, I don't wish Robert "KKK" Byrd to die. But I do hope he remains unable to reenter the Senate chamber to vote on this monstrous so-called Wall Street "reform" bill.

I actually have mixed feeling about Senator Byrd. The man is from another era, literally, so I can't expect him to change his liberal ways. He was born during World War I, joined the Klan during World War II, then was quick to distance himself from that group of racist losers when he decided to run for office. He is the longest "serving" Senator in the history of this country. He is a mixed bag. He voted for partial birth abortion murder and against the proposed amendment which would have banned flag burning. But he also supported the impeachment of Slick Willy and was on of only three Demoncats with the spine to oppose Barry Soetoro's appointment of TurboTax Timmy Geithner. He also had the cojones to speak out again Barry's creation of his army of Czars.

So no, I don't want Byrd to pass on, though he well may at age 92, from whatever illness is not being disclosed. You can bet the Democrats don't care at all for the man himself, probably less than I do. At least I have a modicum of compassion for my enemies. To him, Byrd is just a vote, just a number, a disembodied "Yea" or "Nay" for whatever illegal or immoral laws they wish to pass or oppose. While the timing of his hospitalization is unfortunate for Senate Democrats, just before they try to pass their ridiculous banker empowerment bill, Harry Greed is probably actually hoping that Byrd dies, so that they can finally install a younger, less controversial yes man or woman. One who will do as he or she is told 100% of the time, instead of occasionally having the courage to break with the pack.

I hope he recovers, but I hope that one way or another, this bankster bill dies in the Senate. This is the one written secretly by the banks themselves, just as the health scare deform bill was written by the health care industry, all while SoetoroPelosiReid pretended that the bills were designed to punish the banks and the big health care companies. This is the one that right out in the open says that every single purchase and financial transaction you do will be recorded at the point of sale and transmitted to the government to be stored in databases. For your security and wellness, of course... What? What does the government knowing everything you spend money on have to do with your wellness? It's just another brick in the wall, building their panopticon piece by piece. This is a big piece.

Double Down

Listening to a scientist on Coast-to-Coast A.M. minutes ago I learned more bad news -- oil breaks down into methane. So you have three sources of this flammable, poison gas: the natural gas spewing out of the well in mixture with the oil, the methane that Corexit creates when it mixes with the oil, and the natural breakdown of oil in the environment into methane and other smaller compounds.

This maybe Barry Soetoro's trump card in his push for a carbon tax. He's already announced he will use the Gulf disaster to do just that. Watch for him to suddenly discover this new danger. Because, as a greenhouse gas, methane is hundreds of times more potent in contributing to global warming than is harmless CO2. Watch for one of Soetoro's advisers or czars to begin creating a new, fake panic about global warming starting to accelerate in the near future because of all the methane being released into the atmosphere from below the sea.

It's perfect for the globalists, thing entire operation. Not only do they destroy the short term economy in the Gulf, they get to take away peoples' futures in the fishing industry and possibly oil industry, they get to poison and kill people, cause birth defects and all the rest with their Corexit poison, and now they can use the false religion of global warming to finally get their carbon tax through the criminal Congress.

The carbon tax, to the globalists, is what "health care" was to Soetoro -- their ultimate dream bill. Because it will literally give the government the authority to control every aspect of your life, and even you yourself, since you emit the deadly gas, carbon dioxide. Every day it seems I stumble upon yet another facet of the Gulf disaster that makes it seem like the perfect storm for the elite. So much damage to the country from one single, controlled demolition of an oil rig. Incredible.