Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Oh yes, it's Earth Day. What you don't know, and it's no coincidence is that this also happens to be the birthday of Adolf Alois Schickelgruber, whom you know as Hitler. Historians conclude that Der Fuhrer would not have been able to rise to power if he had not adopted his stepfather's name. It also happens to be Lenin's birthday, so if you think Earth's day is a coincidence, think again.

The other thing you never heard on MSLSD or the Cyanide News Network is that the wonderful, peaceful, magical Earth Day with all of its rainbows and unicorn farms was created by a vicious murderer. Never heard that one? The fat, verminous enviromental nut Ira Einhorn murdered his girlfriend in a brutal attack in the late '70s. The police found her in his closet. He fled the country and lived for decades free in Europe, helped to escape by the equally detestable ratfink Arlen Suspecter. So next time an idiot co-worker mentions Earth Day, have them Google Einhorn. Einhorn means "one horn" in German, only he's no magic unicorn.

VAT Cats

Everything that Soetoro says is a lie. Three days ago he stated to reporters that he was not even considering a "Value Added Tax," and now it's on the table, and tomorrow or next week it will be debated in Congress, then passed by the irrepresentatives who have been purchased by the banksters. The funniest thing is that the libs and the media are spinning the VAT as a way to punish the banks, when, on record, check for yourself, the big financial institutions themselves wrote the proposal. Just as the Health Scare Deform bill was written by the insurance industry it was purported to punish. Everything backward, upside-down, black from white, silent from scream. Every single thing you read or hear is a lie or an obfuscation.

VAT would be acceptable if it replaced federal and state income taxes, sales taxes, Social Security withholding and payroll taxes, and all the hidden taxes you never see on a receipt, passed down to you by business who never pay their own taxes from their own warchests, only pass the bloodletting on to you. What the media are hiding from you is that VAT does not tax the end product or service only. It taxes every single level of the creation of a product. Take an automobile -- VAT will tax the mines from which ore is taken. It then will tax the steel foundry that uses that ore to make the metal from which the car's body will be formed. It will tax the farmer that produces the cotton from which the upholstery will be made. It will tax the company that takes the cotton and makes the raw fabric. It will tax the company that collects sand from the beach, and the one that makes that material into glass for the windows. It will tax the oil company on their extraction of crude, then tax the company that makes that into plastic for the bumpers and door panels and dashboard. It will tax the fab plant that makes the chips for the ECU, and then the company that writes the firmware to run your car's systems. It will tax the company that mines the tungsten, and the one that turns that into filaments for the headlights. It will tax the company that mines copper, then the one that makes magnets, then the one that makes the paper cones, then the one that makes rubber gaskets, then one that makes screws, then the one that produces solder, then the one makes metal grates, then the one that makes copper wires, then the one that puts that all together to make your car stereo speakers.

Need I go on? They are talking about a 2% tax to start them on their VAT cat parade. Sounds harmless until you recognize that that 2% can occur literally dozens of times on a complex product like a vehicle, computer, or television. And when you read your history and find that the income tax, not paid by 52% of Americans at all, which is why we ended up in this predicament, but at 60% of total gross income for high-income earners, started out as a harmless 1% tax to help the needy but well-meaning government which has cared so much about all of us for so long. Which has done so much to improve our quality of life.

Maybe instead of another illegal tax they could ask for some help from their bankster friends, who as Bloomberg reported months ago, on record, have stolen $27.8 trillion dollars from Americans, at a minimum, because that is an old figure and only what they publicly, freely admit.

Time is very short. Revolution is one or two more insults away from breaking out in the streets. always remember to protest and revolt in a peaceable manner. Everything you are going through is a psychological operation tailored specifically to incite armed rebellion. We're not as dumb as the elite think -- we know that's their goal, and we know that that must not be allowed to ever happen. The best thing you can do is listen to Alex Jones, Steve Quayle, Michael Savage and Coast-to-Coast AM, talk to your friends, email people links to the brand-new Invisible Empire and Police State 4 films available on Youtube, and download and burn Fall of the Republic, The Obama Deception, Terrorstorm, Endgame, and Jones' groundbreaking film on 9/11. Burn all the copies you can and give them out to strangers. Leave a stack in the mall or at a school with a note explaining what the discs contain. This truly is an Infowar. And we stand no chance at defeating the globalists with arms, only with truth and informing the sheople can we attain victory.

Get 'Em While You Still Can

FDA To Ban Walnuts

You can't make this sort of thing up, but even though it seems amusing and a trifle, this is very serious stuff. You see, for the past century, in high gear, and who knows how long before that, the governments of the world have been implementing a systematic program to take away healthy foods, good pharmaceuticals, natural cures, vitamins, minerals and everything else which could augment your health and well-being, and replacing them with chimera GMO Frankenfoods, poisoning your water, on record, with over 200 toxic chemicals on average, and having the FDA use it's extra-Congressional powers to ban new drugs which actually help and approve those which the big pharmaceutical companies know kill people, make them commit suicide, and give them depression, make women miscarry, make both sexes impotent and/or unable to conceive. So banning walnuts may sound unimportant; I'm not a big fan.

Walnuts, along with many other foods, natural elements like selenium, and natural medicines like ephedra, are actually very good for you. They have a tocopherol which is highly effective as a preventative against cancer. There is nothing unhealthy about them at all, save for the fact that, like all nuts, most of the calories are from fat, but not bad fats like they allow the food companies to stuff into nearly everything you buy pre-prepared at the grocery store. If people go back to our natural diet and natural cures for illness, the banksters' cousins over there at Merck and all the other big death-cult drug comapnies would have to find another line of work. The whole pharma industry has to gross trillions of dollars a year.

There is a big push in the media to make people who write books on natual diets and natural cures sound like kooks, to discredit them. At this point in both government and media you can be assured of one thing -- every single thing they tell you is either 180 degrees wrong, a straight lie, or twisted in some way to manipulate your opinions, a spin job. Look into nutrition and natural cures -- there's a huge amount of information freely available on the Web. I'm neither a vegetarian nor a Vegan, in fact I'm a Pizzan from Planet Nacho in the Mashed Potato galaxy, but I stay away from eating things bought ready to eat at the store. If you are someone who eats primarily fast food out and ready-made junk food from the big companies bought at the store, try fixing your own meals or eating at local, mom-and-pop style restaurants where things are made fresh from scratch every day. It is more expensive, and that's part of the game the globalists play with us -- that's why America's poor people are the fattest in the world, fatter than most of the world's royalty. Not everyone can afford to eat healthily even if they could drag themselves out of their pantries filled with food that is literally poisoning and killing themselves and their children.

And you don't see the FDA going after the California almond industry, in the heart of Pelosiland and Boxerburg, do you now? I wonder why that could be. After all, almonds contain cyanide. But in very small trace amounts, so overall almonds are almost as healthy as are walnuts. But it's the same game over and over -- their friends get rewarded, their enemies get punished, and the sheople get slapped around coming and going.

I think I'll go buy a nice 5lb. bag of almonds.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Incessant Cess

This race-baiting, criminal attention whore, head of the illegitimate ACORN, the agency largely responsible for shoehorning Barry into the Presidency, has the nerve to call the Tea Party movement a bowel movement. Let me tell you something, Bertha, you are a piece of shit. That's correct, I wrote it. A particularly old, dried up, ugly and malodorous one. You belong in federal prison, and when we bowel movemens take our country back from you racist, liberal vermin that's exactly where you'll spend the rest of your life. But don't worry, all your friends will be in the same unit, so it'll be like old times.

Bertha, I can't wait to see you swirl about and disappear into the sewer that is your native environment. But I'm afraid your such a fat rectal expulsion that I'll have to employ the service of a professional plumber. No matter - a tiny price to be rid of your fat ass, Love Chunks :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sic Semper Tyrannists

The NWO are very clever in the way in which they present information through their lapdogs in the state media. Fox News and all the "conservative" hosts, and I imagine even the liberal media are all praising the bold decision of the SEC to pursue action against Goldman-Sachs, the heart of the worldwide bankster octopus. But what they haven't figured out is that the octopus itself probably instigated this investigation and the media praise of it -- they're squirting they're vile ink in our face to blind us to the real deal.

You see, what is not being given much play in the media is that Goldmine-Sac is only being pursued by the SEC in civil court -- there are no plans for criminal charges. That means they will receive a fine if found guilty, but that won't matter because, according to figures they just released for 2009, the company made $13.8 billion in profits. That's profit, not gross, and that's only what's admitted publicly. The real figure could be much higher.

So why would they initiate action against themselves? Inoculation -- by going through a civil court proceeding, they will have the opportunity to enter into the official court record the documents and testimony outlining their exact criminal activities of the last 2 1/2 years, then they will move, and the judge will order, all the evidence to be sealed in perpetual secrecy. That way, if the Republicans take back both houses of Congress in November and try to investigate Goldmine, they will not have access to that which is already on record in federal court.

Goldman will pay a fine in the range of tens of million of dollars, but that's a drop in their poison well. Definitely worth it, pennies on the dollar for the banksters to perform a CYA maneuver. Well played, banksters, well played. But you are only a few years away from arrest, imprisonment, trial for all your crimes, but most of all for treason again the United States of America and its people. And then you will be executed. And then I will laugh and buy a round of drinks for everyone at the restaurant.

And then we will be on the rocky path at last to taking our country back from you verminous slime molds.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Full-court Press Against the Press

Watch on Youtube...

Throwbacks Make Me Throw Up

Once again the 7th-century, corrupted Muslim vermn in dirty robes display exactly the Middle East and the Muslim-dominated African nations are the worst places in the world to live. This is like saying that if men go shirtless at the beach, a tsunami will drown them where they stand.

50,000,000°C Over Your City???

Why is FEMA trying to cover up National Level Exercise 2010?

It's coming -- the nuclear terror attack that Soetoro and Biden and Clinton and their minions in the controlled state media have been hyping for months. They'll probably try to blame it on Al-C.I.A.da, but I'm wondering if they won't just skip that story, since people know that's all fabricated, put the pedal right down to the floor and blame the Tear Parties, or the KKK or the Oathkeepers, Minutemen, or similar patriotic groups. That would give them an instant mandate in the media and with the sheople to fully institute their draconian martial law command-and-control state.

NLE '10 was going to happen in May, though they may now push it back to keep the story from leaking into the media, but one small town and one county in Nevada accidentally posted a copy of the plan for this National Exercise on their government web sites. Almost immediately, they were pressure to remove the documents, which were supposed to be secret and only sent to inform state and local law enforcement of the drills. You might ask why you should care about NLE 2010 at all. The reason is that every major terror attack has taken place on the exact same day, at the same time, in the same place as drills announced by the government to the local agencies in the target cities, and invariably the drills announced involve exactly the same type of threat and the exact targets and times of attack that the government then actually carries out. They did this in Oklahoma City, they did it on 9/11, which is why NORAD did not go ballistic when Dick Cheney ordered them not to launch interceptors. They did it in England with the subway bombings several years back.

But lest you think I'm being overly afraid, here's what the NLE '09 secret, official government documents leaked to Alex Jones, along with the now-infamous MIAC report from the Homeland Insecurity Department laid out -- local law enforcement should beware of conservatives, truthers, birthers, Christians, gun owners, retired military and police, listeners of "conservative" media like Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity Ingraham, Levin and all the rest. But especially watch out for people who listen to Alex Jones, Savage, Coast-to-Coast A.M., Steve Quayle and others who are awake and spreading the actual truth to dispel the lies of the globalists' Newtruth. They said that the drills would simulate attacks on military installations, government offices, the offices of government officials, banks, etc. Further "Al-Qaeda" attacks on airports and jets. So what did you see in these last few months? The Crotch bomber on Christmas, Joe Stack supposedly flying the plane into the ECHELON I.R.S. building in Austin, where Alex Jones is headquartered, the wonderful Major Nidal Hassan kills 14 at Ft. Hood, not 13 as you've been lied to -- one of the women shot was pregnant with a child old enough to live if it were excised in an emergency C-section and not shot through by the bullets from the guns of the verminous radical Muslim scum filth. He probably wasn't actively working for the NWO folk, but they certainly knew for 2 full years what he was planning and helped him along every step of the way. And then the false-flag shooting at the Pentagon, and the guy letting shots fly at the White House's back yard, and the supposed attacks by Tea Party members on the poor, downtrodden Congressmen's and -women's offices.

Do you see the pattern? It's easy to follow because they always tell you exactly what they are planning. The only thing that they only sometimes make public is the timetable for specific events. So I don't know when they will nuke one of our cities, and they were smart enough not to say exactly which target they will nuke later this year or early next. But the documents target FEMA Regions VIII and IX. VIII "serves" CO, MT, ND, SD, UT, andWY. Region IX "serves" AZ, CA, GUAM, HI, NV, and American Samoa. I'm kind of guessing that Guam and Samoa are not attractive targets. The other area to be targeted for these drills and possible red skies at night is The D.C. area and it's suburbs in Virginia and Maryland.

If you live or have friends or family in any of these areas, or have travel plans to go to them, perhaps you should inform yourself about NLE 2010 and the nuclear terror threat being hyped in every single media outlet daily. A deuterium-tritium fusion bomb reaches a temperature of no less than the 50,000,000 required for a chain reaction to be sustained. A tritium-tritium bomb requires at least 400,000,000°C and can reach much hotter temperatures.

Think about what you would think about in the half a second between seeing the flash and being atomized.