Thursday, May 6, 2010

Persecuting Patriots

Bay Area School Sends Kids Home for Wearing American Flag Shirts

The topic of this post is a subject voluminous enough to fill an entire library. Patriotic Americans are under neverending and ever-increasing siege by the media, the government and the education system. So it was Cinco de Mayo, which the media and schools lie about, saying that it is Mexican Indepence Day, their equivalent of July the Fourth. It is not -- it is the anniversary of an important military victory in a battle against France. Nothing more. But the moron principal in the San Francisco and the teachers who probably ran screaming and frightened to death to him on account of the terroristic American Flag shirts worn by the kids probably doesn't know that fine point, nor do his underling minions.

First of all, May 5 is meaningless, though I'm sure that, in the same way that the greeting card industry invented Mother;s and Father's Days, probably the beer and corn chip industries conjured Cinco de Mayo from thin air to sell product. Second, even if it does have some meaning in Mexico(which would be like America celebrating the anniversary of the Great Turkey Shoot) it certainly does not and should not here. Third, probably a full third of the Mexican students in California are illegals. No fault of their own that their parents are criminals and made them into accidental criminals to be sure, but they are all in violation of our laws, and the high school age kids are old enough to know that and realize the ramifications, were this country ever to remember the combination for the lock of the safe in which the government-media complex has locked its balls away in for the last half century.

Do you honestly think that any of the Mexican students, or any foreign-born students, were offended by the American kids wearing the flag of their country, the country which is providing free education for everyone, regardless of citizenship status? I'm guessing the thought never occurred to them to be offended. It had to have been a white, liberal, brainwashed idiot moron teacher that was, because they learned from their hippie Communist parents that the natural state of being is to be constantly offended by something, and it is only once every blue moon that a day passes where they should not find something personally offensive. And they're so very sensitive about others' feelings that they must maintain a constant vigil to make sure that no one else is offended by anything. The only qualifier of that vigil being that they only watch out and spring into action when a minority is offended by a straight, white, conservative, Christian male who was born in this country.

The students and their parents should take a page out of the school of activism that Barry Soetoro and the little vermin Potok of the ACLU read by Saul Alinsky. They should sue the principal, the school district, the city in which the school lies, and everyone else their lawyer can think of for violating their First Amendment rights. That is, unless the district were clever enough to have already specifically stipulated in their dress code that the American flag may not be displayed or worn on clothing on school property. Though I wouldn't be surprised if they convene an emergency meeting of their board to immediately add that to the list of banned items.

Kudos to the terrorist, American white kids, and to those of all the other races who were courageous enough to have the idea for this silent protest of the pushing of 5 May down our collective throat, and for having the perseverance to go home rather than change shirts or turn them inside out. You can bet that Big Sis Janet Napoleono will have had the FBI investigate those seditious, patriotic American children, their parents and friends, and had the whole lot placed under NSA surveillance and on Homeland Insecurity no-fly and terrorist watch lists. And they'll have the pedophile squad take pictures and videos of the kids in their bedrooms with the webcams on their government-provided laptops, waiting for a marijuana cigarette to appear, or for them to illegally download an MP3 file or a movie. Then the SWAT teams arrive.

And I have a message for the principal -- you, you tiny, spineless little worm, have almost exactly 6 months before the long-silent majority have our chance to throw the rat bum Demoncats out of office. There will be a house-cleaning in this country, and, on the blessed day when your black heart stops beating, there will be a much harsher reckoning awaiting you.

From Bay Area to Fey Area in three generations...