Friday, October 1, 2010

What About B.o.B.?

DNC Invites Vile Hip-Hop Artist to Fundraiser With Obama

Grasping for the electric energy that propelled him to the White House, President Barack Obama whipped up young supporters at a rally Thursday night, where the boisterous crowd tried to shout down any talk of an "enthusiasm gap" among Democrats. . .

The DNC had enlisted hip hop artist B.o.B to perform, and the crowd also heard from Obama's 2008 campaign manager, David Plouffe, on the importance of the youth vote to the November midterm elections, which are expected to be brutal for the Democrats.

I have absolutely no idea who "B.o.B" is, and I'm sure that President Soetorobama does not either, so I'm not going to blame him for appearing at the same fundraiser that "B.o.B" played. But someone in the Democratic National Committee payed this vermin to appear, yet another in what seems to be an endless series of "artists" who make their millions by reviling women and promoting the "gangsta" life style. If such vile filth had ever been invited to perform at an RNC function attended by George Bush, the media would be screaming about the damaging message being sent to the youth of America. They are naturally silent since the subject is Barry Soetoro, but Drudge picked up the story. Here are the lyrics of one of "B.o.B"'s enlightened songs:

Im that nigga X3
and im clean, that machine,
super cool, super mean

You Already know,
im the hottest nigga you heard in a long time,
introducin you to the hottest nigga you heard in a long time..

mega pimp, super clean, the coolest in the universe. niggas hatin on what he doin, just mad cause they aint do it first.
his name pop up when you hit "playa" on ya google search. bitches bow they heads and bend they knees, just like they do in church.
drop dough into a purse, before you get into a skirt.
she agree to do the work, before she get into the purp.
till my pine box drop down into the dirt, ima be by far the hottest nigga known to the earth. in the air i fly cant compare, my swagger to another rapper dont you dare try, anybody wit a pair of eyes can look and see, no licorcy, will ever be, next to me. or nothin near by. tho i invite you all to try, aye, ima a fair guy. just approach with caution, be aware, cause i dont share my..thrown. my crown i own, hottest flo on any song. im on im gone...nigga!

B.o.B you up next baby,

if i aint the hottest nigga on the mutha fuckin universe, i guess ill just have to do till he get here nigga!

Here i go...

Im that nigga that you heard about thru word of mouth,
they prolly said i change the music in the dirty south,
now that the word is out,
the timing is perfect now,
to take all these hypicritical rumors and burn em down.
if you observe the doubt you would see what they worried bout,
they say i sound like dre when im rappin bout virgins now,
honestly, i could give a fuck wut you blurtin out.
point blank, im in the game..rockin my jerseys now.
so just accept me or dont pay me no mind,
either way you gonna be hearin me all the time,
wether on greg street, or 107.9,
or on yo favorite rap blog, on yo rap website,
and if that aint right, then show me straight to the judge.
just like bryan nichols i aint spittin, nuthin but slugs,
venomous blood in my vains,
chemicals up in my brain,
yes i resemble a criminal,
B.o. Bizzle, you aint fuckin wit mane!


I'm willing to bet that this particular piece of sophistry was not performed before the DNC and Soetorobama, but it gives you an idea of the caliber of individual that the Dimocrats invited to their event. Bearing the clever name "I'm Dat Nigga," the song is a tour-de-force of grammatical and spelling errors, and represents very nicely the decline and fall of American civilization. "B.o.B" evidently is the hottest nigga in the mutha fukin universe, but to deliver this particular message, he needed the additional of talent of someone called T.I. Which when I was growing up was Texas Instruments but unless he employs a speaking calculator for the blind to emit lyrics, I'm guessing that "T.I." is another verminous "gangsta" rapper.

Barry Soetoro and the DNC should apologize to the people who attended that fundraiser and refund them their money. I know I would be horrified, after having paid thousands of dollars as a dumb liberal for a plate and the opportunity to hear "President Obama" speak, to find out that I had also been in the same room with a filthy piece of street trash like "B.o.B." This is just another example of how clueless and out of touch the Democrat Party as a whole is. They're operating in the D.C. bubble, but that bubble is about to be popped in a few weeks. In a time when the DNC is struggling to maintain control of the House and Senate, gaffes like inviting the "hottest nigga in the muth fukin universe" should be inexcusable to its members.

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