Friday, March 26, 2010

The Chaos is Begun

Many, in fact most, of the acts of violence over the last few days perpetrated to intimidate both the Demoncat and Repubic members of Congress are truly by the hands of genuine citizens, both on the right and from the left. However it would be no surprise if these attacks continue to escalate. The media is already trying to demonize the conservative movement -- could this be the opening salvo in their battle to re-implement the Fairness Doctrine? They have already taken away our Consitutional right to privacy, using the lame excuse of the Commerce Clause as cover. A clause which should long ago have been stricken completely from the books, or at least should have been modified to reduce the scope and size of the power of Congress.

But it would be no surprise if we learn in the coming months that some of these violent attacks against the politicians are false flag operations. If things escalate to too high a degree, they will officially announce martial law, even though we are already under it, on record, the media know this but they keep quiet while their Marxist agenda is being built piece by inexorable piece. The public is unaware because of that, but mostly because the government has been very careful not to use their literally unlimited powers of life, death, travel, 2nd Amendment rights, free speech, free media, open Internet and all the rest. They are terrain-following, flying just under the radar, at least to the average American.

My friends, you and I know what is happening right under the nose of the asleep citizens of this fallen republic. There will be more "terrorist" attacks, when in fact it is our own elected and unelected officials and their shadowy puppetmasters both here and overseas. But you and I know who they are -- our movement has shone brilliant them on them, they are seen and captured with crystal clarity even as they run like cockroaches fleeing a flipped light switch. Yes, more attacks, more, always more until they get what they want -- S.W.A.T., National Guard and reserve troops, all four major branches of our military, foreign soldiers and special operations teams, mercenaries hired from your neighborhood and every hellhole on the planet. The verminous Herman von Rompuy last year proudly announced in a press conference last year that this would be the first year of global governance. Ban Ki-Moon paraphrased him around the same time, those wonderful days when their Crap-and-trade conference in Copenhagen was buried in a whiteout.

The most important thing to do is to inform those around you. The most critical thing to remember is to keep your weapons safely locked away until the very day when, God forbid, someone shows up at your door and orders you to leave with them. As the shock and incredible sense of betrayal begin to turn into massive peaceful resistance, the percentage of attacks on government, military, big media and big business will tilt more toward a higher proportion of false flags. We know what we have to do -- hammer Washington with phone calls, letters, emails, faxes, protests and hope we can hold off any other major piece of their legislation until November when a shock wave will blow the globalists away such as has not been felt since the Soviets detonated the Tsar Bomba.


  1. This is the CIA. You will not be able to run from us if you are wearing sandals. I recommend upgrading your footwear.

  2. I don't plan on running. I like fighting :)