Sunday, March 21, 2010

REDS ALERT: Countdown to Extinction


Friends, we currently have less than 18 hours left of Constitutional freedom left in this, the once greatest society in human history. There will never be another anywhere near as free, prosperous and healthy. The globalists have seized too much power and too many assets to be stopped now without widespread blood shed in the streets all over the world. If we cannot stop this health scare deform plan at the last picosecond, you can start your countdown timer, and you'd better start praying, saying goodbye to the people you love, and making right with your Creator. The House of Irrepresentatives currently has the 216 votes they need to pass their nightmare takeover of 17% of our once-robust economy, and not a single extra to spare. And this is only after Rahmbo and his cronies deployed every tactic in Saul Alinsky's manual of destruction and those of the Frankfurt school of Communist/Marxist/Leninist/Socialist/Fascist vermin and their heirs and ancestors. First they forced out Congressman Massa by blackmailing him with threats of a homosexual outing. They have purchased, openly, the votes of many other fence-sitters, in blatant defiance of our body of law.

And then our illegitimate, traitor president, who should be given a fair trial and the just punishment when found guilty, our gigolo-in-chief, Barry Soetoro of Mombasa, Kenya, Barack Obama, Iraq Hussein Osama, pimped himself out and took one pathetic loser Representative for a ride. The shameful loser, former homeless bum living in a sedan somewhere in New England, the rat-faced ultra-socialist Dennis Kucinich. Osama swept him off his feet an took the louse for a ride, literally. The politicians like to snicker and call all of us in the middle of the nation "flyover country." You see, they can't be tasked with the burden of caring what they think when Soetoro is soaring so far above our heads in his VC-25A. Nancy Lugosi cannot empathize with the sick people she will have been responsible for dooming to die in agony when she is flying with her family in the 767 that she bullied the Air Force into purchasing for her. Harry Reid never thinks of you when he returns to Nevada in his Gulfstream V to receive a new payoff from a lobbyist. No, you and I are useless eaters, as Ted Turner once said to a reporter.

If you or anyone you know doubts that this health care disaster will be anything but, let me give you three brief, undeniable and easy to understand facts. One, no member of either chamber has read the bill -- not many people can read 2000 pages of purposely obfuscated legalese without going crazy. Two, it was written by lawyers from the very insurance companies that complain, as do the fake politicians, that it will destroy the industry. It will destroy all but the few top companies who have paid off Pelosi, Reid and Obama. It will be exactly like the financial sector was systematically raped, pillaged and redistributed. And if you really need convincing, in the latest of an unending series of un-Constitutional moves, Congress and the rest of the government employees and their families will be exempt from the entire thing. Not one iota of their current iridium-plated health care plan will change. That one line should tell you everything you need to know. It is specifically written in our Constitution that Congress shall make no law exempting them from anything which is placed onto the American people. So on it's face, the entire thing is against the law, and everyone involved in writing, passing, administrating and enforcing its measures is by definition an enemy of the United States of America and should be tried, and again, if found guilty, executed under the fair and just law that they are trying to masticate.

If this vote passes tomorrow, and if both chambers give it final passage, there are three options, two peaceful, one unfortunate. The first option is to attack the bill in the court system. If you are or happen to know a lawyer, investigate whether you have legal standing to file a lawsuit and if there are federal judges in your area who would be sympathetic to your view. Every judge should due to their sworn oath, but much of the federal courts have been sullied by swine from the ACLU, the Anti-Defamation League and all the rest of the far left evil groups. The preferred mode of nullification would be to out Soetoro as an illegal usurper to the office, which would render every law passed under him, every executive order and signing order, and every treaty and agreement he has entered us into void. Then he would get what he deserves after trial and appeals.

Neither of those are likely to happen in my view. The government will continue to demonize the Tea Party movement, the Alex Jones, Michael Savage, Coast-to-Coast A.M. listeners, gun owners, veterans, conservatives and Christians. They will do so with their lap dogs in the media and with more false flag attacks like we've seen these last four months. They will tighten the noose of their police state command-and-control grid around your throats until you can no longer breathe. Then they will pull the lever, drop the trap door, and you will have one last second to think about what you could have done to prevent this that you never did, because you were to busy, or you didn't think it could really happen, not to you, not now anyway. Then your neck will snap and you will have 3-5 minutes to have your life fast-winded through the virtual eyes and ears of your mind before the oxygen levels in your brain's blood supply dwindle below the minimum levels needed for conscious thought. You will see a bright white light and lose all physical feeling. The last thing to go is your hearing. You will be able to hear them laughing at your gullibility, your implacability, your inability to educate and protect yourself And that is the greatest pleasure you could give them, maybe even better than the innocent children they love to rape, torture and murder.

I do not like to be so graphic, but time is so very short. We are two seconds from midnight, and when the chime rings, an inexorable series of events will be set in motion. After tomorrow's treason is committed, after they all toast each other and retreat to the coat closets to debauch each other, Monday brings the start of amnesty for illegal aliens. The pimp in the Oval Office has already told Congress to use Demonpass, or deem-and-pass, to illegally force that one up our collective rectum. With that, the Democrats will have an unbreakable permanent majority voting bloc that will ensure that every Congress and every President until the end will be a jackass, or rather represent the party of the Donkey. What they don't realize, and what will be my ultimate justice is that, while they think they are big time now, they're the dessert portion on the globalist tasting menu. Obama, Congress, the E.U., Herman the vermin von Rompuy, look him up, you haven't paid attention, Ban Ki-Moon and all of them think they're the players. Unfortunately for them they are secretaries, just one level too low to escape the banksters' judgment. They'll end up in the rape rooms too, and then they'll be sorry. But it will be too late and they will face the ultimate judgment when they finally face the God they always ridiculed and savaged. And I'll be somewhere out there, laughing, but crying at the same time. It never had to be this way.


  ". . ."
     -- Sindrome, 2010

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