Thursday, March 11, 2010

Our Banana Split Republic

We most certainly are living in a banana republic -- just because our quality of life is still better than that of the peoples of Cuba, Venezuela or North Korea, our government has decayed into exactly the same type of operation. And our country most certainly is split right down the middle. Obama, Reid and Pelosi along with their media minions are merely the chisel being driven repeatedly into the divide to force conservatives and liberals even further apart. But as you know by now, the sculptor wielding the tools is the collection of ultra-elite bankers at the top of the pyramid of power.

If you don't think we have devolved into a banana republic, look no further than the House of Irrepresentatives. They're planning, with Obama's blessing, to use reconciliation to pass their fetid bill, even though the vast majority of Americans oppose using that technique, a tactic never before used for a bill of this magnitude, cost, and import. But it appears that thy may not have the 216 votes needed, so today, here comes the Slaughter Solution. An unknown, moronic Representative from New York named Louise Slaughter cheerily announced that she and her legal staff had found a loophole in the House rules, and that as soon as the Congressional Budget Office returns its latest cost estimate for the bill, that the House would immediately proceed to activate this chicane and pass the bill with less than even the minimum 216-215 vote count legally required by the Constitution to pass Communist health care for everyone (except the House and the Senate, who get to keep their platinum packages, of course).

It's difficult to understand the exact legal maneuvers they will use to accomplish this, but I believe I have the basic blueprint down. This traitorous wench Slaughter wants to use a peculiarity in House rules which requires a House vote on a set of rules for passing the bill before the vote on the bill itself, kind of like people agreeing on the rules for a hand of poker before the cards are dealt. She wants to have them pass a rule sating that, upon passage of that rule, the House will consider itself to already have passed the Senate version of Soetoro-Care. This fascinating bit of hysteron-proteron may defy the physical laws of the universe and linear time, and it certainly defies the laws of this nation, but they're going to try it. At first, you may ask what good that would do, since they would still need 216 votes to pass the rule to conjour, by fiat, their takeover of 17% of what's left of our once great economy. I had trouble understanding it on first reading.

What they are hoping is that this treason will give fence-sitting Democrats enough P.R. cover so that they will vote for this rule, when they otherwise would have voted no on the bill. The theory of the brilliant Slaughter is that the members can then claim to their constituents that they only voted for a rule change, not for the bill. Even though the rule change's sole purpose is to enact, de facto, their health rare monstrosity. Do you begin to see the depth of the depravity of these people, and their complete disconnect not only from the American people today, but from all those previous generations who laid the foundation for everything they now enjoy, up there in their ivory tower of decadence and perversion? They have devised an illegal plan to pass a bill not with the 60% majority required by law, not with the 50%+1 required under the made-up, un-Constitutional reconciliation maneuver, but with no vote at all. 100% illegal, 100% treasonous, 100% punishable by death penalty for everyone involved if we still had any kind of a righteous justice system and law enforcement mentality left.

I have no idea if they'll get away with this. Hopefully enough of the wavering Dems are smarter than Ms. Slaughter and realize that this is completely transparent to anyone even remotely paying attention. Britney Spears could probably even find the end of the logic maze and know that passing a rule which instantly creates the law is the same as voting yes on the law itself. This is kind of like Clinton saying that maybe "is" does not mean "is," necessarily. Maybe law doesn't always mean law, but rule can sometimes be law. It's the ultimate expression of classic Orwellian doublespeak. Most people are extraordinarily naive when it comes to poltics, but Pelosi is out of her drug-addled, allegedly, mind if she thinks the American Idol crowd are that dense. You'd have to be dense on the order of Darmstadtium to not see through this proposal.

Large swaths of this illegitimate, runaway government which is trying to control every minute aspect of your life, are literally guilty of treason, as defined in the Constitution of the United States of America. They should all be given fair and public trials by jury, and if found guilty should suffer the correct punishment. But that's not going to happen and you and I know it. I only hope that, on the days each of them leave this Earth, that God is in a very foul mood.

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