Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rare good news, but no rest for the wicked

It looks like John McShame's U.N. Codex Alimentarius dietary supplement bill giving the FDA omnipotence over what we choose to put into our bodies is dead, or at least critically wounded. This would be a great victory for our side and one more papercut of thousand we need to give to the globalists in order to defeat them. But the libs have already begun discussion of their ace-in-the-hole. Hopefully we can manage to throw their collective ass down a very deep hole, but that can't happen if the true gem of their agenda is allowed to pass into law -- the amnesty for 20-30 million illegal aliens already within our borders and the right for them to bring their families over here, leeching off of our largess as they always have but in geometrically-increasing numbers.

This is the most serious danger to our republic. If amnesty passes, the Demoncats will have trumped the rest of us and have assured their continuing domination of America's political map until the very day their friends the banksters decide to kill them all too. The fools don't realize with whom they are dealing. Pelosi would have a shocked expression on her face, if any of her muscles were still under voluntary nervous control the minute she is shuttled away to a FEMA camp. But that is no longer possible, so I guess she'll go to her Maker with the same taut, contrived smirk that evidently she and her plastic surgeon selected as the most efficacious of the permanent faces in his catalog.

You must do everything you can to prevent amnesty from passing. Health care is chicken change in comparison, because if that verminous witch Pelosi is permitted to jackhammer that bill down our collective throat, it will be the end of this country as you know it. The gloves come off from this point forward. The stakes are too high. We are toying with death at this point, you do realize that? And that is not hyperbole. If the 25 million Mexicans are given equal rights to ours, they will ensure a permanent Democrat majority. Which will act as they always have, and follow their orders from the banksters like beaten puppies obey their owners.

This is not pie-in-the-sky speculation. It is fact. One might believe it prophecy, but I'm no prophet -- I simply read their own documents and report to you. I encourage you to read for yourself. Never believe me on my face. Always think independently and act independently. Thank you for your time.


"Been caught between heaven and hell.
  My guitar is my ammunition,
  Raise the flag, sound the mission bell.
  Everybody always wants control of me,
  The only way to get it’s over my dead body.

  Take no prisoners, open fire,
  Someone’s trying to brainwash me,

-- Winger, 1991

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