Friday, May 28, 2010

Coming Soon: Soetoro Energy, LLC

It was plainly obvious in April when Barry announced increased offshore drilling territory would soon be awarded to American energy companies that something was wrong with the picture. Weeks later the "accident" at the Deep Water Horizon gave him and the Demoncats the cover they needed to immediately retract plans for expansion and instead plan a contraction. It was my theory that they wanted to damage the Gulf Coast states' economies and use the disaster that I believe they caused, and certainly which they have done nothing to help clean up, to give the EPA a mandate for even more draconian environmental restrictions.

So after more than six weeks of doing nothing, saying little more than nothing, and certainly not taking any responsibility or blame for not having lifted a finger, all of a sudden, yesterday Barry was unexpectedly grilled by the press. Grilled -- the kind of treatment that Bush got in the days after Katrina. So why? Soetoro's first press conference in 307 days... He called it for a reason, and instructed the liberal reporters to ask him certain harsh questions. One of them asked if this disaster was his Katrina. Why?

Because Barry needed to be publicly "humiliated" into his answers. He now, suddenly and completely, takes the responsibility. He now owns the disaster. Why? Because even the crazy enviro-libs are polling strongly against his job performance with the Gulf situation. So now he takes full responsibility. Why? Maybe just to let the EPA enact any sort of insane, economy killing policies they can think up. But I think the next sector of the economy they might try to nationalize is the energy sector. Why not? They only have a few months until Americans take back control of Congress in November. There certainly is something going on behind the scenes besides that he suddenly started to pay attention after six weeks.

And then he deigned to devote a whole 3 hours touring Louisiana, which rudely interrupted his rigorous schedule on vacation in Chicago. Drudge reports that he routinely spends 5 hours at a time on the golf course. I hope I live long enough to see what future historians will have written about this vermin, the worst president in American history, successor to the second worst, who took over from the third worst. But looking back, I'd give anything to have Slick Willy or G.W. "Nukeular" Bush back.

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