Thursday, May 27, 2010

Your Friendly Census

Census to Enter Your Apartment Even if You Are Away

Talk about color of law -- this is plainly illegal in black and white. Under the Constitution, the Census is to be performed every ten years for the purpose of enumerating the number of citizens in America. Not to add congressional seats to states with the most illegal aliens, not to determine how many TVs you have or if you have low-flow toilets installed. Not to do any of the espionage that the current monster census machine has become.

Make no mistake about it -- you are required by law only to answer how many people live at your place of residence. The census worker bees will try to tell you that you will suffer penalty if you do not tell them how many times a week you shower or whether or not you have athlete's foot, but they are lying, as they are told to do by their supervisors.

You have all seen the numerous stories over the past couple months of census workers robbing, raping and murdering. They are so manifold I won't even bother linking you to them, just search "census worker murder" or something similar and you'll see. Do you really want these temp workers entering your apartment to spy on everything? Most are probably college kids looking for summer work, or retired people forced to work because of the wonderful Soetoro-Reid-Pelosi economy. But perverts, psychopaths, thieves and criminals of all sorts naturally gravitate to positions of power, and the public perception is that census workers have power.

But if they have the de facto, fiat power of entering your apartment when no one is home, do you want to trust your luck that it'll be an honest college kid and not an ex-con? Going though your wife's underwear drawer and smelling the contents, or through yours if that's his orientation? Seeing what valuables you have so that he or his friends can return months later, to steal them after enough time has passed that you wouldn't make the connection? Looking for pictures of your kids so that he or his pedophile friends know where to stalk?

I'll say this -- I have an assault shotgun. And I'm a very light sleeper.

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