Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Hartford City Council to Begin Meeting With Muslim Prayers

The Council announced Tuesday that it has invited local imams to perform Islamic invocations at the beginning of the Council meetings in September.

Though meetings don't regularly begin with any form of prayer, an email from the Common Council called it "an act of solidarity with our Muslim brothers and sisters."

The email even referenced the ongoing issue in New York. "One of the goals of the Council is to give a voice to the many diverse peoples of the City, which is especially important given the recent anti-Islam events throughout the country."

Council President rJo Winch called it an important move for the Council. "I feel it is very important that, as a Council, we project a culture of inclusiveness in the City of Hartford. Too often it is our differences that divide us. In my opinion, it is our combination of differences that makes us strong," Winch said.

I have no idea if "rJo Winch" is the result of a typographical error. I would say that spelling his or her last name as Wench would be more appropriate in any case. This is a disgusting sycophantic effort aimed toward Muslims, a direct reaction on the part of liberals to the Ground Zero mosque kerfuffle and the controversial planned Koran burning in Florida. The city council does not normally begin its affairs with prayers of any sort, but for the sake of "inclusiveness" they took it upon themselves to grovel to local "imams." City councils typically do nothing positive for their communities, so the Christians, Jews, Hindus, Shintos, Wiccans and Jedi Warriors of Hartford should demand that their holy leaders be allowed to bless future meetings. Maybe enough of the council's time could be wasted in such a manner that they would think twice about such trifles in the future.

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