Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's Just Pat(-Down)

Philadelphia Cops Randomly Search Commuters' Bags

Commuters who ride PATCO trains between southern New Jersey and Philadelphia should expect random searches of their clothing, pockets, bags and vehicles on their morning trip to work. . .

Delaware River Port Authority Police Chief David McClintock told The Courier Post of Cherry Hill screeners were looking for improvised explosive devices and weapons. . .

“We can conduct any kind of search we want," said McClintock. "We could ask TSA to bring wands or X-ray machines like they have in airports, though we don't think that's appropriate for PATCO riders at this time. . ."

A special Delaware River Port Authority police unit plans to conduct surprise searches at various PATCO stations.

Fourth Amendment? What Fourth Amendment? Not in Philadelphia, just the latest example of unwarranted searches of citizens and their property from all around the nation. "We can conduct any kind of search we want," says the Chief. No sir, you cannot, not under the Constitution and Bill of Rights. This is outrageous, but if people do not protest, this will happen in even more American cities. We are so close to being a society akin to East Germany during the Cold War, most people have no idea. It's very sad.

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