Thursday, September 23, 2010

Evasion of the Body Scanners

Italy to Abandon airport Body Scanners

After a six-month test, Italy's government will drop the use of full-body scanners for security checks in airports, judging them slow and ineffective, Italian daily Corriere della Sera reported Thursday. . .

"We didn't get good results from body scanners during testing, it takes a long time to examine a person, more than with a manual inspection," said Vito Riggio, the president of Italy's aviation authority.

The naked body scanners are not only slow and ineffective, they store your naked images and they irradiate you with carcinogenic and teratogenic radiation. But our government is going full court press with the scanners in Amerika. If we as a people allow the scanners to be installed and used at every major airport in the nation, as is the plan, it will be signal of weakness to the federal government and to their globalist controllers. We must protest and petition Congress to ban the scanners on the grounds of privacy and health concerns. It is obvious that the machines do nothing to increase airport and airline security. They are meant to help limit our freedom of movement, one more brick in the walls being erected to contain and enslave us all.

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