Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Three massive fish kills in one week in Plaquemines Parish have raised some serious concerns from parish officials and area fishermen.

The latest kill was spotted in Bayou Robinson in the southern end of the parish over the weekend. Right now, the cause is all being blamed by state wildlife and fisheries officials on low oxygen levels, and not in any way related, at least at this point, to the oil spill. . .

"We've got the state wildlife and fisheries checking the oxygen levels, and they've acknowledged that they've seen some areas in the water column where there is no oxygen which is unusual," said [Plaquemines Parish President] Nungesser.

The last sentence is key -- no oxygen. Not less oxygen than usual... None. BP and the federal government have been trying to pass off the massive fish kills being seen all over the Gulf Coast as normal yearly kills caused by lower than usual oxygen levels in the water, they say due to hot weather. Heat can very slightly reduce the oxygen carrying capability of water, but not eliminate it. The Gulf oil disaster is not over. It has barely begun.

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