Monday, March 1, 2010

The Eugenics Octopus

Bill Gates, the father of buggy operating systems recently gave a speech in which he stated that the current world population is up to 6.8 billion, and expected to rise to 9-10 billion [in the next three decades]. He then went on to announce that by means of "vaccines and seeds, we can reduce that number by 10-15%." He said it right out in the open. Gates is considered by many uninformed to be the world's most generous philanthropist. Reality is much different. His announcement months ago of a $1 billion pledge from his personal foundation towards vaccinating all of Africa might seem cuddly on the surface, but as with most globalists you must look beneath the surface, though you don't usually need to dig too deeply.

Bill Gates' father ran Planned Parenthood, the organization which has done more to promote abortion rights and to increase the numbers of annual abortions in this country for the last four decades. More black babies are aborted each year in America than are born. Acorns don't fall far, and it appears that Bill Gates is no exception. Eugenics does not mean to the globalists what you probably learned in school, that it means the promotion of healthy, strong and intelligent traits in people. Everyone would like to be healthier, stronger and smarter. To an elitist, eugenics means the elimination by any means necessary of the vast majority of humanity. Ted Turner once said that his wish was for the world population to be culled to a total of only 350 million left alive. After taking heat for that statement he later said that he could live with 2-3 billion other souls, meaning that he'd settle for killing only 29-44% of everyone currently living. How benevolent.

John P. Holdren, President Barry Soetoro's handpicked Science Czar, wrote in his government textbook Ecoscience that he believed the population needed to be reduced by 95%. That would mean 340 million left alive, a figure Ted Turner would be thrilled with. If you are asking yourself how the world's most powerful individuals could have so little respect for the little people that they would publicly write and comment on global genocide, keep one thing in mind. They have more money than they can spend, literally, more land, houses, cars, servants, art and other finery than they can ever use up, and they have virtually unlimited power and are above the law in almost every single incident. Imagine yourself in that position, and we aren't talking about a large number of uber-elite here, maybe 1000, perhaps a couple of times that, but probably not much fewer.

Then imagine that you are, in the cases of many of the top royal families and top banking clans, inbred to one degree or another. That is not an insult, simply a scientific and medical term. In a classic twist of iroy, the very families that promote "eugenics" are themselves the result of centuries of heavy inbreeding amongst their own, and therefore among the lest fit in the genetic sense. Look up the madness and horrible criminal acts by Elizabeth Bathory. Consider the current best, most modern theory concerning Jack the Ripper, that he was an inbred, psychotic member of England's royal family whose existence was kept unknown to the peasants, as it would obviously have been embarassing for the Royal Family. If you imagine that you have unlimited power, are above the law, you are a psychopath and you are also quite bored, you can begin to imagine why many of these elitists turn to criminal activity and plans evil beyond the ken of a normal, well-balanced person.

We derive our greatest pleasure from watching our children and grandchildren grow up. They derive theirs from rape, torture and, when the victims are used up, murder. Once one crosses the Rubicon of murdering one person, there is no compunction against mass murder and finally genocide. But it's worse than genocide, because that refers to killing one race, as Hitler did in the '40s, as was going on in Bosnia in the '90s. The current crop of global ruling elites wants to kill everyone except a small percentage of slaves to remain as worker bees, and an even smaller band of the most beautiful boys and girls to act as their personal harem and to breed future sexual fodder. I am neither particularly attractive nor a very good worker; I know in which of the three groups I'd land.

Bill Gates mentioned vaccines several times, and briefly threw out seeds. What he was referring to is Geneticall Modified Organisms, or GMO crops and animals. Monsanto is the world's largest agricultural conglomeration. They continue to develop and patent GMO plants and to push for their adoption in the food chains of countries all over the world. They have been caught cross-contaminating small farmers' fields with their GMO seeds, then they sue the farmers for illegally having their patented genes in their fields, and they use the courts to seize these peoples' farms. They are systematically attempting to destroy legacy crop lines, and want this country and all others to be able to grow only their GMO crops. Their most popular GMO corn has no less than five genes inserted in it from foreign species, three of which are pesticides. Pesticides which have been found highly toxic to mammals. You are eating this every time you eat a taco, corn on the cob, grits, etc.

Gates bragged about his vaccines reducing the population and briefly touched on seeds, but he didn't get into the third tentacle of their eugenics octopus. The poisoning of our drinking water, food supply and air by government has been going on since before World War II. "Flouride," which most people think is simple sodium fluoride, is in most metro areas actually a brew of between 150 and 300 chemicals that are produced as industrial waste, mostly as a byproduct of aluminum production. Instead of having to pay to sequester these toxins in hazardous waste containment facilities, instead Alcoa and other companies sell them to municipal governments which then dump this poison brew into our water supply. "Fluoride," like mercury, accumulates in our organs over our lifetimes and never leaves. Adolf Hitler himself pioneered the use of mercury in the water in order to dumb down and make apathetic the populus of Germany.

"Flouride" is now in almost every single large and medium sized metro areas' water supplies. But wait, there's more. The very same company, Monsanto, adds mercury to their corn syrup. According to a recent study, 55% of corn syrup sold in America contains mercury. Big pharma puts mercury into nearly every vaccine disguised under the name thiamersol. The government is adding barium and aluminum salts to jet fuel, which are emitted in chemtrails, all toxic to every known mammal.

Nearly everything you eat or drink, unless it comes from your own personal garden or well is poisoned with dozens of different toxins. Even if you drink only water from your own atmospheric water condenser, you are still taking in mercury, because your skin absorbs it when you shower or wash your hands. And even if you grow your own plants and livestock you are still being poisoned by the chemtrails. Although it is theoretically possible to get away from all of these poisons, as a practical matter it is not. There is a program of massive, multilayered sterilization and dumbing down of the people by means of toxic water, food and air. You are being affected, whether you know it, and it matters not whether you believe it.

These are only the three strongest tentacles of the eugenics octopus, and they are the most effective. But the globalists have many plans, and backups are in place, ready to be activated at a moment's notice. I have not discussed biological, radiological or nuclear attacks, nor the other minor plans that are locked in place , waiting for their switches to be flipped. Perhaps a future post will delineate these, but for now, educate yourself as to what you are ingesting. There are minerals and herbs which can help provide you a defense against the damage caused by the elitist poisoning campaign, but I am no expert and that is beyond the scope of my writings. Answers are out there if you spend enough time doing research. I recommend making a simple vow, like spending one or two hours less per week watching TV or playing video games, and using that time instead on concentrated research. If enough people can force themselves to do that, we can educate the people and defeat the elitists.

I'll leave you with one final thought -- 340 million left alive on this Earth. What are your odds to be one of the lucky fraction? I hope you're dead sexy or a juggernaut in regards to you chosen profession. Even if you make it through the hurdles of the eugenicists, you can bet that your friends and family will not. Remember, 95% is their goal, publicly stated. I'm not a gambler, but even a degenerate one would shy away from 20:1 odds. The statistics just are scary.

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