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H1N1, a.k.a. the Swindle Flu

I had a particular interest in the H1N1 story ever since the first cases hit Mexico in April of 2009 because my college degree is in Biology and I studied Microbiology with a specialization in Genetics and in Biotechnology for three years. My dream job was to be working at USAMRIID in Ft. Detrick, MD at the army's chief bioweapons defense installation. Pretty much everyone is now aware that the entire H1N1 story was a hoax, but I'll try to lay out a bit of the inside information here.

In March of 2009 Baxter Pharmaceuticals was caught having mailed to nine different European countries vaccine starter that was contaminated with an extraordinarily lethal strain of influenza. It was so deadly, in fact that the following had never been seen before: the test that caught it before it could get into the medical systems of Europe and start killing. One country happened to run a test where they exposed ferrets to the vaccine sent to them by Baxter. Normally if a flu strain will kill humans, it will merely sicken the ferrets. With this one, the ferrets died, and that was a first. Luckily for all of us, the Czech Republic happened to perform this test, when none of the other countries exercised such quality control.

One would think that with such a blaringly awful "accidental" release of this nature just weeks in the past, that our government and those around the world would be somewhat hesitant to hire Baxter to design and manufacture the vaccine for the newly "discovered" H1N1 virus, but that's exactly what they did. Of course, Baxter was not the only company to manufacture the vaccine, due to production volume limitations, but they led the group of five major pharmaceutical companies that produced the hundred of millions or billions of doses to save the world. In my opinion, H1N1 was a coverup of the Baxter contamination episode. The first "swine flu" cases appeared in Mexico less than three weeks after the ferrets died in the Czech Republic.

But you may not know that "swine flu" is a misnomer. Of course it was originally dubbed "Mexican swine flu" by our media but political cowardice quickly shortened the term to "swine flu." Then, under pressure from the agricultural industry, the harmless term H1N1 was the most commonly used. Most people have no idea what H1N1 refers two. Influenza viruses have two main genetic domains, each of which are capable of, and every season do, recombine with the other half of the total genome. The Mexican Swine flu also was of a configuration never before seen. While previous strains have been very often combinations of two of the following three -- human, bird and swine strains, this one was different. It was found to consist of not two, not three but four different strains. The Mexican Swine Flu is a chimera of two human flu strains, one avian and one swine. This has never happenedin nature, and top geneticists say that it is not possible.

The Mexican Swine Flu is a laboratory-created bioweapon, albeit a very mild one. This is the most intriguing part of the story, and the part about which I am the least sure, but I'll lay out my best guess. If the Baxter superflu vaccine story had broken wide in the mass media, it would have been a huge story. Of course the government were able to use their cronies in the media to bury the story. It never even appeared in U.S. media, just in the U.K. I believe that they released the intentionally weak swine flu as a response to the Baxter situation, where they would have the media tell everyone that the sky was falling with "H1N1" and that everyone was going to die if they didn't take their shots. And then it would turn out that even though the virus was highly infectious, it was far less fatal than the seasonal flus are. This dichotomy between the two viruses would cause a canceling out in the mind of the public as to the danger or lack of danger posed to them by influenza. In other words, it was kind of like pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del in the public consciousness as regarding flu danger. The Baxter intentional contamination was not supposed to be discovered. The globalists wield great power but are not omnipresent.

But they had an auxiliary plan, and that was to use the goofup to damage the people in a secondary way -- with the new H1N1 vaccine that they paid their friends at Baxter to develop. If you go to Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aid or wherever you shop and ask for the insert for your swine flu vaccine, they will give you a fake sheet created by the government to mislead people, which reads that there is no mercury in the shot, that it does not cause neurological damage, that it cannot cause sterility. If you go to the manufacturers' own web sites and download the actual PDF files for the vaccines, you will read the opposite. They do contain thiamersol, a toxic mercury compound, as well as other adjuvants which damage the human body. Adjuvants are designed to provoke the human immune system, allegedly so that less actual virus has to be present in the shots, allegedly so that more vaccine can be produced in a given period of time. The actual reason for their inclusion is that they send the immune system into redline overdrive, burning it out and causing autoimmune disease. You may be familiar with other autoimmune diseases such as AIDS and ALS, or Lou Gehrig's disease. They cause your body to attack itself. In this permutation it is known as Guillain-Barre syndrome.

And that's not the only reason why the H1N1 vaccine, as well as every other type currently manufactured and pushed on the public is harmful. Perhaps you are unaware of the methods by which the shots are manufactured. Every vaccine has to be grown in cells, only the cells they use are not always human. Commonly used lines include caterpillar eggs, monkey liver cells, and the retinal tissue of aborted human fetuses. That is correct -- the refuse from Bill Gates' and John P. Holdren's unborn death camps is used in Europe to manufacture vaccine. The use of violently murdered human beings to grow death vaccines is grisly and ironic enough, but it is the use of foreign cell lines which presents the real problem. Any vaccine grown in the tissues of a foreign species will always end up containing DNA and RNA bits from the host organism. So the ampule which you well-meaning doctor injects into your bicep will always contain genetic material from these foreign species, not always even fellow mammals. You might be thinking why this matters -- after all, you eat other species each day, and not even Kingdom Animalia. Your stomach acid and digestive destroys DNA and RNA -- both are notoriously fragile under even slightly unfavorable pH conditions. But when genetic material from different species are introduced to each other in the safety of the bioweapons lab, they are very quick to swap sequences with each other.

It's a natural process that evolution has favored. Viruses share genes with other viruses and bacteria. Bacteria do the same with other bacteria and viruses. Both can do the same with free-floating RNA or DNA from caterpillars, monkeys, or the blob in the wastebasket over at Planned Parenthood. This is why you are more likely to die in the hospital of methycillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus than you are if you go to them with gangrene in a foot. Microorganisms recombine their genomes on a daily basis with others they come in contact with. This is the reason why some strains of bacteria are now completely resistant to every single antibiotic in our arsenal. Ten years ago, the MRSA that now kills thousands a year in hospitals was easily defeated by Vancomycin. Today, if you get MRSA, it's between you and God. That's microbial genetic recombination at work.

So our government and others pushed their H1N1 sterilization/neuro-degradation on the people, and a lot of people took the bait and took their shots. But a lot didn't. They even went so far as to have the CDC recommend that children be given a course of three shots, two H1N1and one seasonal vaccine. Oh, I forgot to mention that the seasonal flu vaccine also had live H1N1 virus in it. That's right -- not the usual dead or handicapped virions that vaccines always consist of, but live H1N1. Why? Because the more people that got sick with H1N1 would cause an ever-increasing media spectacle, no matter that the virus itself didn't kill anyone. That was the job of the vaccine itself. Not a fast kill, but a slow kill. A slow kill and a slow reduction in fertility.

H1N1 had largely receded into the background static of media noise, but just tonight I watched a local news story on the raging comeback of H1N1 in San Antonio. It has killed three people in the last week, the talking head said. No mind that five people died in a single-vehicle SUV wreck, or that  family of four died in a downtown house fire. No, the boogeyman is back. The deadly swine flu that will kill us all unless we roll up our sleeves and let our medical professional inject us with mercury and foreign genetic material.

Wake up and pay attention. H1N1 was a giant scheme designed to enrich the mega-pharmaceutical companies and to distribute on a wide scale a slow-kill, slow-sterilization vaccine. It's not too late if you were a sheep and took one shot. It takes many to achieve maximum effect. But educate yourself and refuse to take any in the future. Don't believe me on any of these points -- I encourage you to look everything up for yourself via primary sources. You know how to use Google, so use it. And when you read the New York Times and the Guardian of London writing almost verbatim everything I've just written, then maybe you'll listen more closely in the future.

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