Saturday, March 6, 2010

Of Mites and Men

The globalist elite view you and I as mites, or maybe even not that highly. Perhaps as nits. That's why they operate largely out in the open, hiding in plain view. It has been obvious for months now that the U.S. government would stage false flag terror attacks on itself and the military in order to bring in further draconian security measures and further erode our Constitutional rights. They now publicly admit that they let the Christmas Day crotch bomber onto that jet, and that one of their agents was the "sharp-dressed man" who led the Manchurian past security. It is very likely that Joe Stack's airplane attack on the IRS building in Austin was also an intelligence operation (see my earlier blog post on that event). Information is still scarce but I believe it is quite possible that the Pentagon shooting was the third such false flag attack in just over three months. Time will tell.

When most people discuss the declassified Operation Northwoods white paper, they naturally concentrate on the part that recommends flying airplanes into landmark buildings, an idea that some decades later was implemented in September, 2001. Many people haven't read the actual document which is freely available all over the web. Another suggestion was to use operatives to attack government installations and military facilities. They even specify in one scenario that, if the operative were a knowing asset (not a Manchurian candidate) that they might carry out shootings at these targets but only graze the victims with his bullets. Does that sound like what happened at the Pentagon? The guards were taken totally by surprise, as they thought the shooter was reaching into his pocket to pull out his ID badge. It seems like long odds that the shooter was only able to graze the two guards with his shots, not leaving a bullet lodged in either of their bodies. Obviously it's possible that he was truly a poor shot, but I have to believe that if you've been planning to shoot up the Pentagon, it is unlikely that that would be your first experience with a firearm, or that you wouldn't practice with your weapon until you were at least moderately proficient using it.

Look for more false flag operations later on this year and into the 2012 elections. I doubt they'll pull three in three months again unless they are forced into emergency mode by a citizen uprising of some kind. But expect another couple of attacks over the next two years plus. If people really get in the government's face over the naked body scanners, they may pull another airplane or airport attack. If people start marching in protest outside of Goldman-Sachs and J.P. Morgan headquarters, or outside of the New York Federal Reserve, they may set up an attack on those buildings. And their own military is always a tasty target. This is the same government that has, for the last 60 years, on record, experimented with all manners of dangerous trials on their own soldiers, intelligence employees and other workers. Just Google MKULTRA and Project SHAD if you want a primer on this issue.

The basic psychological principle under which these operations are conducted is that normal people, decent people, upon seeing others injured or killed, or damage inflicted upon their property, will feel sympathy. And of course when they feel themselves threatened, people will tend to submit to extreme measures of security and all sorts of other impositions that they would normally not tolerate. Look what's happened since 9/11. When my 8th grade class took our trip to D.C. nobody had to show identification. I didn't even have any sort of ID -- obviously no driver's license, and in those days the schools had not adopted the pseudo-military security procedures that are now endemic, and teaching the children how to bow to authority and be subservient. I graduated high school in 1994 and never had to walk through a metal detector. We did have school IDs in high school but they were simply for renting library books and paying for lunch, if you preferred card to cash. I was never once asked to produce that ID in the four years of high school, and I attended a very large school in a very large city, and in a fairly nice area, just the kind of school that would go on to be among the first to adopt metal detectors and ID checkpoints.

The bottom line is that the government will continue to stage attacks on itself, the military and in the future probably on financial institutions, maybe even the media, whom the public are turning away from in droves. Don't forget the anthrax attacks against the television and newspaper/tabloid buildings less than a decade ago. And after each one, security measures will be augmented and freedoms will be decimated. Pay attention to news of such attacks in the next few years, and after each one analyze for yourself the motive, the opportunity and the possible ramifications. Certainly nowhere near every attack against the government is staged, but certain ones are. The government has a voracious appetite for omelet, and they certainly have zero compunction against breaking eggs. They very much enjoy doing that. Remember, a sadist is incapable of feeling anyone else's pain, but they're all to quick to flee once they start feeling it themselves.


I'm starting a new feature, we'll call it the song lyric of the day. Because a lot of times I hear in songs ideas that I can't express as well in prose. So here's one from the third grade:

"I'm tired of your psychology to bring me to my bended knee /
  And if I could only talk to you I'm sure that I could make you see /
  That time has a way of bringing even mountains down /
  Storm clouds are coming I suggest you head for higher ground

  I say you're a thing of the past and you ain't gonna last /
  No matter what you say or do, it's all caught up to you"

-- Styx, 1983

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