Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Death by Toilet Brush (Or What to Expect from SoetoroCare)

U.K. Woman Dies from Lack of Care

Two years trying to convince doctors of her injury, this poor woman suffered and then died on the operating table. Medical horror stories from the U.K. are manifold, but like the young man that died in hospital because no one would give him a cup of water, this story is particularly galling.

The reason why these sorts of things rarely happen here, at least until Soetoro, Reid and Pelosi used immoral, if not illegal tactics to push the unConstitutional bill through into law, is because doctors and hospitals are terrified of law suits. I generally hate lawyers, particularly the ambulance-chasers who have caused medical costs to rise, but in this case, I hope the family sues the British government for all they're worth.

You will see these sorts of stories more and more here at home, as the various delayed parts of SoetoroCare are implemented. Doctors are already quitting in droves, and more will do so when each such set of rules are activated. We must support candidates who will promise to defund and then repeal SoetoroCare, and we must write our current irrepresentatives and state Attorneys General and demand that they file lawsuits in federal court against the law. There is no question that it is unConstitutional since it forces people, under penalty of imprisonment, to purchase a service.

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