Thursday, May 20, 2010

RED ALERT: Slick Operation

Corexit is killing the Gulf

As always when I speculate, I like to point that out, so I am speculating on the whole Gulf oil spill operation. But why do I term it an operation and not a "disaster" as the media do? Because there is absolutely no doubt that, if the government did not purposely blow the well, that they have done and are doing, indeed are not planning to lift a finger to help contain the well or to clean up the billions of gallons already spilled. It is now more than one month since the rig exploded, or was blown up, and they have not done a single thing with regard to the situation besides blame BP.

Oh wait -- Soetoro did do one thing. He limited their financial liability almost immediately, either to $75 or $125 million, I can't recall which. So in public he's all over Olderman and Madcow's shows on Marxist-Socialist-NBC, but behind the scenes he limits the hit they'll take to their bottom line because they are part of the globalist economic engine. One of the few things the ultra-elite still need is energy extracted from the earth and BP is a top player.

Our government will refuse to clean up the spill because I believe the evidence now points to this being the start of a major FEMA trial run on the American people. Even if it is not, and I am wrong, it is already a success for the banksters because the crisis and the media hype have already effectively destroyed both the mom-and-Pop littoral fishing and the tourist economic sectors in the Gulf Coast. But let's review some of the facts before, at the time of and since the rig explosion.

George W. Bush and then Soetoro after him both gave that one single rig special waivers with regard to the safety equipment required, thus you have the only major operation in U.S. waters that lacked the advanced blowout prevention systems that are required by law everywhere else. Last year Soetoro personally awarded the Deep Water Horizon with a special safety award to match their special safety waiver. The explosion happened, coincidentally or not, on April 20, Earth Day, which as I wrote in previous post just so happens to be both Hitler's and Stalin's birthday. Of course neither man was born with those names, but try asking a history teacher who A. Alois Schickelgruber or I.V. Dzhugashvili were... We know the global elites love to run major operations on important dates, either important in their numerology or anniversaries of major events like the births of their esteemed ancestors.

Chevron engineers reported seeing a small submarine around the rig just before it blew. BP knew that the less-capable blowout preventer which should have been active on the well had not one but multiple elements in disrepair, and that in its current condition then, the device would not be functional. The explosion happened on the day when 11 new crew were rotated to the rig, and there happened to be exactly 11 reported killed. Scientists had devised comprehensive disaster scenarios decades ago for a spill of this magnitude in the Gulf, and engineers had drawn up plans, which are in the books but not being implemented, to prevent the oil from spreading. But here we are, one month plus on, the oil has already reached the marshes of Florida, and still next to nothing either from the government or from BP.

Think about the ridiculous, laughable things that have been done so far. For the first 10 days or so, nothing whatsoever besides satellite and DSRV observation. And controlled media hype and hand-wringing, of course. Then they lowered a giant dome over the thing. But, even though they knew, they didn't know that ice forms when water is below freezing, which it is at that depth of around 4950 feet. So, we were led to believe that the best minds at BP, a trillion dollar company, could not construct a dome which would work at that depth. It was somehow defeated by ice crystals -- still trying to figure that one out. So, after a few more days and millions of more gallons released, they lowered a smaller dome over the well which was all of a sudden impervious to ice. But that didn't work.

Then there was talk of a "junk shot," which sounds either to be something you'd see in an underwear commercial or perhaps the final scene of a gay porno movie. This brilliant idea involves blasting literal junk, tires, scrap metal and the like into the well, hoping to plug it up. They shot their wad once but it did nothing -- evidently their count was too low. Now you have the giant straw sucking some of the oil into a tanker ship so that BP can make some money off the whole operation, but still well over half the oil is leaking into the ocean. There is talk of another junk shot. There is talk of injecting mud into the well. There is no talk of a real solution. Why do you think that is?

Here's the turn -- it is very interesting what BP is using as a chemical dispersant. Corexit, a notoriously toxic agent and dangerous to people and animals, plants even. It's got the whole thing covered. Read the Material Safety Data Sheet. It goes after the respiratory tract, nervous system, kidneys, liver and red blood cells. There are perfectly safe alternatives available, but BP has dumped hundreds of thousands of gallons of this dangerous poison into the Gulf. And that's when it is intact, chemically. When it breaks down, it devolves into more poisons such as benzene and hydrogen sulfide. It has the effect of lowering oxygen levels in the air and water. IT KILLS LIFE

Oh, the EPA and Congress are very upset at this, so they've given BP 24 hours to report on what alternative dispersant are available for us which are safe, and then a further 72 hours to start using them instead. But in the meantime, no problem -- dump as much Corexit as you want into the waters. I'm sure this is just a coincidence, just like Joe Stack's target happened to be a building known as Echelon, but if my wild speculation is correct, the Corexit than the banksters' minions are pumping off their tankers and into our sovereign waters may indeed leading to a mass exit, or exodus as it were, from the central core of our country.

You see, the Corexit has not begun to reach shore, since they did not start using it for days after the mysterious explosion. When it does it will start to poison the coastal waters of whichever areas the ocean currents carry it near. That will give the EPA their mandate to turn FEMA's start key. From what I've read, this chemical has the capacity to poison us up to 150 miles inland, depending on the conditions. Think of all the major cities on the Gulf Coast and those that far inland. Tens of millions of people. Law enforcement agencies both federal, state and local have already received orders to plan for mass evacuations. If the Corexit does its job of poisoning the coastline, or even if it doesn't (the EPA wouldn't lie, would they?), this would give FEMA their big chance to make up for their lack of ability to keep people from leaving New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. They tried, but they underestimated the local and state agencies. That was supposed to be the first large-scale FEMA evacuate-and-encamp operation.

So here we are just five years later, they've refined their plans, they've introduced new laws to make it less illegal, they have even better surveillance and weaponry. We have armed drone aircraft already flying in Florida. The predators in the government are illegally flying Predators in Florida, and soon there'll be a Reaper flying over your friendly skies.

Earlier in the spring when Soetoro announced plans to greatly increase access for U.S. energy companies to areas for offshore drilling, I knew something was wrong and wrote about it. Neither the loony left nor the fake conservatives could understand that announcement. Now we know why he did it -- as a tease, and because every single thing he says of any importance is a lie. So just a couple months later we have the answer. The sabotaging of the Deep Water Horizon will allow him the political cover to repeal that plan and to go even farther in the opposite direction. I expect the area allowed for drilling to be reduced now instead of increased. And, never content to kill a single bird, the operation has also managed to kill the economies even further in the Gulf States, and, if I am proven not too far off the mark, we may very well see the first multi-state mass evacuation orders issued and carried out by the verminous FEMA. Soetoro will publicly announce martial law (which we are already under, privately), he will order the military to "assist" in the "evacuation," illegally under posse comitatus, and we may even see the use of foreign troops to "lend a hand."

This is a very dangerous time. The globalists are scared, really for the first time, because as Zbigniew Brzezinski, a top globalist and advisor to all the puppets from Nixon to Barry Soetoro just related in a speech to the elite, for the first time in history the entire world population is aware of the existence of the global government and are starting to awaken to their plans. Poor Ziggy sounded sad when he related that travesty to his Lucie buddies -- Alex Jones played the audio yesterday. No doubt after the sweeping anti-incumbent message sent by the American people in Tuesday's elections they will be even more frightened, and that means that they will only be more ruthless and accelerate their timetable. November is the beginning of the end for them and they know this. I wouldn't put it past them to make this slick operation the excuse to extend martial law through the end of the year and cancel the election entirely. Maybe permanently, who knows. Dictators do what they want, but Obama isn't a dictator -- he's a hand puppet. He will bend over and take however much the banksters want when they approach him from the rear.

If martial law is openly announced and if the elections are canceled, that will be the beginning of blood in the streets. Pray that doesn't happen, but that is the ultimate goal of the elite in this country. Race war, class war, entire civil war against the government and whatever brainwashed military and police fail to rejoin the patriotic citizens. Even a couple years ago I would have said impossible, but I see it coming and time is frighteningly short. The next six months may very well dictate the future of this nation and whether each one of us as individuals continue to live the rest of our lives free, or whether we are imprisoned of murdered. Whatever the outcome, I intend to fight these swine until the last beat of my heart.

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