Saturday, May 15, 2010

Take a Hatchet to "Machete!"

Hollywood Movie Will Incite Race War

I am calling for a boycott of Robert "Riefenstahl" Rodriguez' new movie, "Machete," set to come out in September. I was a fan of his previous films, but plan to sell the DVDs I own and never buy another, and certainly never pay at the box office to see this propaganda piece or anything else he might roll out. I do plan to see the film for research purposes, but will pay for another movie and accidentally sit down in the wrong theater.

Adding insult to injury, our tax dollars went to help fund this racist vermin's filthy film, having been subsidized by the Texas Film Commission. And they were allowed to film in front of the Capitol building in Austin and other government installations. Read the article linked to above -- it describes the film and the problems it will cause better than I can. Alex Jones has the final shooting script, leaked to him by persons unknown, and has spoken with insiders on the crew and Hollywood hotshots who remain nameless but have seen the finished film at an internal corporate premiere.

Fox acquired the rights to the film after a bidding war with the Weinsteins, so you know that the ad blitz in preparation for the public release date will be massive. In a nutshell, Danny Trejo (you'll know him when you see him) plays Machete, a heroic figure who roams the southwestern U.S. killing white people indiscriminately. That's it. Whites are portrayed as cruel racists who want all Mexicans dead. And Leni, errr, Robert Rodriguez juxtaposes Machete in the place of Jesus Christ. Machete is the new Christ for Mexicans in Mexico and in the United States, at least the illegals.

The real situation in America is that legal Hispanic residents are just as opposed to illegals as whites, blacks, Asians and Native American Indians. But the media hide that fact. Every poll bears out this fact. But schools in Mexico teach that America stole our southwestern states from Mexico, that we are all racist Gringos and that they must achieve reconquista by mass murder. Go back and read the Plan of San Diego, written a century ago.

The media line that all illegals come here to work is laughable. Most do, but 30% of the inmates in federal prisons are illegals, 90% of those from Mexico. But you don't hear that from AC/DC Anderson Blooper or Rachael Madcow. Many of the illegal horde are violent criminals escaping justice in Mexico, but many are actually let go by the authorities in return for agreeing to come here and wreak havoc. Every week there are stories of illegal Mexicans murdering, raping, robbing, assaulting Americans, and even other illegals. The narcoterrorist Mexican government is expelling their poorest citizens and the unwanted criminals and we're receiving them.

And our rogue government continues to beckon them with free welfare, free medical care, free education and free everything else they can think of. This is by design, in order to help accelerate the bankruptcy of America and to help bring the greatest country, formerly, in the world down to, as Michael Savage puts it, Turd World status. Next to the banksters and their engineered economic collapse, the burden of our insane policies of open borders and free welfare for anyone except straight, white Christian males is the greatest threat to the future of our economy. It must stop.

From reading the script and talking to his inside sources, Alex Jones believes "Machete" to be the modern day, Mexican equivalent of the old '20s film "Birth of a Nation." That movie, a racist white supremacist propaganda piece by the equally filthy, racist D.W. Griffith managed to increase the Ku Klux Klan's numbers by ten times in the space of just a year. And that was a silent film with no special effects or any other enhancements. Not even filmed in color. Imagine what this will do to the dumbed-down illegal Mexican horde, fueled in their hatred by MECHA and La Raza (CIA and Ford Foundation funded all the way).

This could start race riots, or even a widespread race war. And if it doesn't have that desired effect immediately, look for government to stage fake beatings or murders of poor illegals by racist white rednecks outside movie theaters.

And never support Robert the racist Rodriguez again. And I'll say something to him -- drop down, Fifth Ring, burn you piece of s#!t...

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