Saturday, September 18, 2010


Obama Names New Pseudo-Czarina

Harvard law professor Elizabeth Warren, appointed Friday to launch the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, likely won't be the agency's first official director, but she will have a major say in who gets the powerful job.

Warren also will have a broader portfolio of duties, advising President Obama on "policies and programs that are designed to protect the financial interests of middle-class families," the White House said. . .

Avoiding a messy confirmation fight, Obama chose not to nominate Warren to a five-year term as the agency's first director. Instead, he made her an assistant to the president and a special advisor to Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner, jobs that do not require Senate approval.

Continuing his strange quasi-imperial reign over America, President Soetorobama has named yet another Czarina, this time a fellow Harvard creature named Elizabeth Warren. Her job will be to allegedly protect consumers against nasty tricks of the banking and financial industries. Why Barry is doing this is unclear, since he has spearheaded the raping of the American economy by the very same banksters against whom he is now claiming to help protect. This woman and her job are not important.

What is of note is the way in which Soetoro has appointed her, without really appointing her. You see, she is not to be the first director of this new consumer protection department, because that would require Senate confirmation. Instead, Barry has named her as a "temporary" head, but no one knows for how long "temporary" will be. Barry is naming people to positions of power now by making end-runs around the Senate and, in turn, the American people. He is installing his friends and fellow travelers and we have no say in these matters.

Barry Soetoro is, in effect, establishing a fascist dictatorship at the behest of his globalist controllers. I cannot even find a consensus figure as to the number of "Obama's" Czars and Czarinas -- there are so many that people seem to not be able to accurately track them. Glenn Beck's web site lists 32, but that was from over a month ago. I heard or read the number 40 recently, but cannot remember the source. In any case, all of these people who Barry has appointed have power over us. And we have no power to say no to them or to tell the verminous President to stop empowering his cronies in this unconstitutional fashion. It is a bizarre pseudo-America we are living in with our Czars. Perhaps next Barry will create a Politburo and declare that he is dissolving the Congress. Anything is possible with this wretch.

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  1. The agency created to protect the consumer could end up instead protecting business.