Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I wish this video had been uploaded in high-definition. At first it's difficult to know what you're looking at. It looks like some sort of gravel road, but this is a river in Plaqumines Parish, Louisiana where the entire surface of the river is covered with dead fish. Hundreds of thousands of dead fish. The official explanation: depleted oxygen levels in the water. What's really going on -- Corexit, oil and methane deplete oxygen in water. I have no clue why the media are so reluctant to say that the massive fish kills from Lousiana all the way up to New England may be a result of BP's oil disaster. They don't have to place themselves in danger of being sued by claiming that the kills definitely are because of the oil and dispersant, but they should throw the possibility out there, because that is the best explanation for these unprecedented mass die-offs.

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