Sunday, October 3, 2010

Research and Development

Adm. Thad W. Allen announced today that after completing his service as national incident commander of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, he will join the RAND Corporation as a senior fellow, effective Oct. 4. . .

Allen will be based in the RAND office in Arlington, Va., and will focus his work on homeland security, ocean policy and defense policy issues.

His work at RAND initially will be concentrated in the RAND Homeland Security and Defense Center, a joint center of the RAND National Security Research Division and RAND Infrastructure, Safety, and Environment. The center conducts analysis to prepare and protect communities and critical infrastructure from natural disasters and terrorism. Center projects examine a wide range of risk management problems including coastal and border security, emergency preparedness and response, defense support to civil authorities, transportation security, domestic intelligence programs, technology acquisition and related topics.

This to me is very suspicious. Of all the places that retired Admiral Thad Allen could end up, the man allegedly in charge of the response to BP's Gulf oil disaster/terror operation, it is the RAND Corporation. RAND is capitalized because it stands for Research ANd Development. It was created by the U.S. Air Force just after World War II ended, under a contract with the Douglas aircraft corporation. It is a globalist think tank and policy and technology development center.

There were two possibilities regarding Allen's performance as President Soetorobama's point-man for the oil disaster -- he either was a complete submoron, as I had been calling him, or he knew what was really going on but was carrying out the orders given to him by BP and Barry Soetoro. Whichever way it was, he performed miserably. I am now changing my opinion of the man -- my view of him had been the former possibility, but I now believe that he was very intelligent, and sold the Gulf of Mexico down the river, so to speak, in order to enhance his own personal situation. I think that his new job with RAND is his reward for being a good lapdog and helping to convince the American people that the Gulf oil disaster ended on July 15.

It would be nice if the government would use RAND and their other resources to actually do research on the environmental impact of BP's deadly mix of oil, methane, Corexit, PAHs and all the other poisons they released, then development of a plan to actually clean up the mess. But they won't. The criminal, rogue American government will continue to hide the extent of the disaster. Perhaps they decided to offer Thad Allen a high-paying job at RAND to keep him from picking up new hobbies, say like writing non-fiction books. This may be a simple coincidence, but to me it stinks. To land at a top globalist organization just weeks after the charade of declaring the well dead would be a very rare coincidence.

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