Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Under the Globalist Thumb

L.A. School District Wants Students to Thumb-Scan for Lunches

The Los Angeles Unified School District is pushing a plan to fingerprint some students before they can get their lunches.

Critics say the plan to biometrically identify students could lead to civil rights violations, but the district insists a cashless food system would pose no security or privacy risks.

Superintendent Ramon Cortines says struggling students who receive free lunches would no longer have to pay with embarrassing tickets. The plan is also designed to save money while speeding up long lines.

Hey kids, its not your fault that we've destroyed the economy by design and your parents can no longer afford to pay for your lunches. And we globalists love children so very much... We don't want you to have to get your free lunches with those embarrassing tickets any longer. We have a fun new system for you! Just thumb scan and its yours -- those evil children whose parents still have jobs will never know you're getting a free lunch because everyone will be scanned, and their lunch cost will simply be subtracted from an account. Everyone feels better when you thumb scan for your lunch!!!

This is another example of the globalists getting children used to being spied on, tracked, traced and databased as Alex Jones calls it, having no illusion or reality of personal privacy whatsoever. And since children are growing up surrounded by this surveillance society they think that that is normal. I hated having to submit my thumb for biometric reading and storage the last time I had to renew my driver's license. But kids who only know thumb scanning and the cashless society will think nothing is odd about it. Paying in cash and paying without having to identify yourself or having the government track all your purchases would seem old-fashioned, outmoded, inconvenient, uncool.

And you can bet that the thumb scanning system that the L.A. Unified School District wants to impose on the children will not be used simply for payment tracking, it will evolve to track what the children are eating. Too much junk food or sugared sodas bought at the snack bar in high schools and parents will receive automated notifications in the mail that their children are not eating healthily. And then a few years after that policy is in place, after X number of such notifications in a given period of time, Child Protective Services will pay little visits to the parents of such children.

Like most of the globalist elite's programs, this push for worldwide biometric scanning and tracking of people starts out seeming harmless. But it represents an inexorable creep towards total government domination of the citizens. We adults have a duty and obligation to the children in schools now and to future generations to resist this sort of slowly encroaching tyranny while we still have a chance, before the full systems are implemented. If we don't it will be from thumbs up to thumbs scanned in one generation.


  1. Thanks for blogging all this stuff. I appreciate all the effort that goes into it and just wanted to thank you.