Sunday, October 3, 2010


Police in Newfoundland and Labrador will be able to pull over drivers without having to give a reason beginning Friday.

Legislative changes made to the Highway Traffic Act to address safety on the province's highways come into effect Oct. 1.

Government Services Minister Kevin O'Brien said it's part of an effort to crack down on impaired driving.

"We brought that forward because the police were having a problem in regards to having a specific item to pull a driver over, had to be visual and if you didn't have a specific item to pull them over and they were impaired or under the influence of drugs, or whatever, there is a perception that it wouldn't hold up in court," O'Brien said Thursday.

You read that correctly -- now the police in Newfoundland can pull you over in your car for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Completely unfounded, you may now be legally detained by law enforcement. Illegal detainment made legal, and as always, the erosion of citizens' rights comes disguised as positive thing -- in this case to help combat drunk driving. No one believes that people who are impaired due to alcohol or drugs should be able to drive, but the Canada has just fallen off the slippery slope, and broken its back on the rocks below.

This is East Germany circa 1950 come to our neighbors to the north. How often unscrupulous police officers will use their newly found Stasi power remains to be seen, but the mere fact that that power now exists should terrify not only the good people living in Newfoundland, but people all around the world. Governments love precedents, and you can bet that copycat legislation will be introduced in other areas of the globe. You can bet that Barry Soetoro would love to have such police state power for his own, personal use, to harass patriotic Americans. The police have been twisted and converted from heroes protecting their communities to quasi-military shock troops to protect the government and help feed it by acting as revenue collectors. Add Canada to the list of places you are no longer willing to visit.

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