Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Child Prandial Services

The entire world is spinning apart. Or to be more precise, being spun apart. Falling apart like a piece of old plaster left out in the weather. Crumbling like an ancient temple whose religion has died out. What's left of America is now like a museum - you can still see certain things of our glorious history, but the vibrant life has departed.

Alex Jones thinks they'll stage false flags on the 15th, and anti-Tea Party groups have actually issued press releases openly vowing to infiltrate operatives into the Tea Party protests around the country on tax day. He and some of the Coast-to-Coast experts also think the window will extend to the 20th, to incorporate celebrating Hitler's birthday and a couple other notable events on their Luciferian calendar. I think they might try to incite a riot at the protest in Atlanta, which is scheduled to be the biggest.

And just reading more every week about their CPS and Dyncorp and Halliburton child kidnapping rings, it's all so unbelievably awful. Evidently the standard price for a blond haired, blue eyed American child is $500,000 base. And buying one for them is like shopping for a car - options cost extra, like if they're especially handsome, or mentally retarded, or physically handicapped. I'm not making this up, you can read for yourself. And do you know what brings the highest premium - siblings. They love to torture a brother and sister or any other combo then force them to rape each other. They especially like kids under 5, and sodomizing one too young to speak is a real turn-on. And then when the kids hit puberty, or simply when the inbred elites grow tired of that particular model, they murder them. Then they go back to the dealership and shop for the new hotness.

I don't remember the state for sure, but I believe Florida had three straight CPS directors in a row convicted of child rape. CPS, police, and the churches are magnets for these people. And the top puppetmasters use those people to do their dirty work because they have built-in blackmail opportunity and will do as told in order to keep their access to the kids.

Half a million dollars for the innocence and ultimately, the life of a child. Think about it - that's about the price of a Twin Beech or a Maybach limo. Keep a very, very close eye on your kids, and if CPS ever comes knocking, do not let them in without a search warrant, do not speak a word to them, and call a lawyer immediately. They are now literally taking kids from their parents after a neighbor reports that you yelled at your daughter or spanked your son. And the courts lean heavily to their side. It's an organized system of kidnapping, sales, rape, torture and murder, built carefully, slowly, incrementally right under the collective nose of us the sheople. 

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