Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Head Fake

They might start reading your email without a warrant.

I love how they work - they've been having their supercomputers, Echelon, Carnivore, which they renamed DCS-1000 after it's real name leaked to the press, which found it intimidating. Data Collection System, to be sure. Every single email since the late '70s is gone through with a fine toothed comb of keyword lists, pattern recognition algorithms, and predictive Bayesian formulae. 20 years before the sheople heard of email, it was always surveilled. In the '90s it was the PROMIS software that the government literally stole from the company they contracted to write it. We don't know what capabilities they now have.

But the government has bragged to the press that they have neural net supercomputers with millions of petabytes of storage and processing capacity that makes Blue Gene look like a TRS-80. The purpose of which is to constantly collect data on everyone within our borders, create psychological and behavioral profiles, and establish best-guess virtual us, the sheople. A few years ago they publicly stated that they could predict with 93% accuracy what any given person would do an hour from now, a day, or a week. This may of course be false bravado to intimidate, but knowing that their tech is 50 years ahead of ours, It may be true.

So they already have all this for decades, but now with people like me exposing them to people like you, they create a fake argument in the media over its legality and morality. Programming, just like everything in the media. So when the average dummy finds out that every word spoken into their phone, every word typed in an email, every image faxed is recorded, processed, stored and used to help enslave them, it won't be a shock. Because they've seen the fake arguments that Bob Beckel had on Fixed News on Wallbanger's show, or Juan Williams vs. The Leprechaun.

The level of discernment I've achieved of the globalists' twisted agenda is incredible. And it an agenda in the etymological sense - a list of things to do, that's all. Nothing special. Like a grocery list, except instead of buying eggs and bread, they're stealing your childrens' money to buy naked body scanners with the optional cancer beam included on special order, Reaper drones with Hellfire missiles for police departments, and as always, to buy helpless kids to torture, rape and strangle to death.

Never mind, go back to Lost on ABC. What can I do.

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