Friday, April 16, 2010


Laptops used as voyeur tool to spy on underage kids. Again. And again. "Lawyer: laptops took thousands of images..."

Samuel Bentham invented the concept of the Panopticon in the late 18th century. It was a design for a circular prison in which everyone incarcerated would be observable at all times, as in an ordinary jail. The Panopticon was unique in that the prisoners could never know when they were being watched, who was watching or whom was being watched. It has taken a little over 200 years, and Bentham is long forgotten, but his design was vitrualized by the globalists and no we are all within the electronic walls of the elites' ultimate detention facility.

The link above leads to one of hundreds of stories of perverted, pedophile teachers, principals, counselors, etc. who have been using the integrated webcams of the laptops they issue to your underage children to spy on them. Always in secret, using spyware ostensibly installed to "facilitate recovery if stolen or lost." The reality is so transparent that I won't insult your intelligence by expounding.

Every purchase you make, unless using cash, is tracked and databased. Buy too much cold medicine and the DEA breaks down your door. They know where you are within five feet using the GPS in your cell phone. They can hear everything you hear using a secret, legislated, mandatory backdoor in every single cell phone, even when the phone is turned off and you think it is not connected to your carrier. That is on record, look it up. You already know about Echelon, Carnivore and their progeny. I've written about the secret NSA rooms in every telecom switching center, with their trunk splitters and data mining systems. Everything you say or write is filtered through supercomputers and recorded, the only exception being if you have a conversation in an isolated room with no cell phones within mic-shot. OnStar and silimar vehicle systems have been used to eavesdrop and now can disable your ignition, once again "to facilitate recovery." No, to facilitate the facility in which we are all kept in as chattel - the Panopticon. Be careful what you say, what you write, and even now, according to many sources, now what you think. That's a subject for a future post - you wouldn't believe it yet. Soon, though...

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