Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Regicide in Russia

Well, we probably will never be able to know for sure, as with so many theories, but it sure likes good old Pooty-Poot, still the real leader in Russia despite his change in title, arranged with his old buddies in the ex-Soviet intelligence agencies to take out nearly all of the high government of Poland. Everyone's heard of the plane crash by now, killing the twin brothers who were Poland's President and Prime Minister, as well as the head of their central bank and most of their cabinet and other high-level officials. 100+ people including the crew were killed when the aging Tupolev tri-jet carrying, inexplicably, nearly all of their officials, struck treetops and exploded short of the runway.

Why Poland, not exactly a thirld-world country, would fly their president around in a plane first built in 1970 and flown commercially in '72(though his was only 20 years old - the older of our two VC-25's, known colloquially as Air Force One also was built in 1990) is rather odd, but nowehere near as strange as the possible reason when they would fly everyone on the same plane when, like the USA, they have a twin presidential jet. The TU-154 is an interesting plane -- it has one engine on each wing with a third mounted on the tail, much like the old DC-10s and MD-11s most of us have flown on in the past. If it was first sold at retail in 1990, that means it was designed in the mid-'60s. While the series has received upgrades and modern features since (the Polish jet was a series-M) still I wonder why they did not spend the money to buy a more modern jet. Aside from a massive "terror attack" like 9/11 the only thing that can bring a country to a standstill in peacetime is the loss of their president, and the staggering percentage of that government which Putin may have just given a death sentence is a devastating blow to the Poles.

Why they would still entrust their president to a pair of TU-154Ms is strage indeed. It has a notorious safety record, or lack thereof -- there have been 66 "serious incidents" according to Wikipedia with 37 of those leading to the loss of the airframe and of human life. Only slightly over 1000 were built, so that is a very sketchy record. But the choice of airplane is a side issue. The real issue are multiple aspects of the story that add up to foul play. First of all, presidents are flown by the finest pilots their country has, always ex-fighter or bomber pilots, maybe tanker pilots, since often tankers are modified civilian passenger jets. They know how to fly, how to follow orders, how to follow procedures, and how to interact with Air Traffic Control. They all must speak English, as that is the only language allowed for Air Traffic Control at civilian airports, in order to ensure that the pilots and ground crew can understand each other. This pilot, his copilot, engineer and navigator repeatedly ignored the orders of ATC on the ground in Russia. That simply should never happen.

News reports stated that there was thick fog on the ground, but news video from just minutes after the crash show the air perfectly clear. Of course fog can clear out quickly, but you have to wonder about that little facet of the official reports. Even though the pilots were Poland's finest, the crash occured short of the runway on the fourth landing attempt -- the first three times they aborted and turned around for new approaches, perhaps, if my conspiracy theory is accurate, to give the impression after the fact that either the pilots were having trouble seeing or controlling the plane, or that the plane itself had suffered mechanical, electric or electronic failures. This is highly unlikely in a presidential plane except for instances of externally caused damaged, such as bird strikes in the engines, because the planes are maintained by the military's finest, and every single part is inspected and tested in triplicate before the president is allowed to board before each flight.

Also quite odd is the fact that the pilots reported critically low fuel levels in their tanks, but the "black" (they're orange) boxes testify that the pilot was dumping fuel before the last attemp to land. Why would he dump fuel if he was just barely short of the runway and making a safe landing. Why would he use the last gallons of fuel to make an unusually low approach at 200 feet instead of gaining altitude to make for longer glide range once the engines did flame out? Nothing about their pattern of behavior those last minutes makes any kind of sense. The orange boxes reported no system failures that I've read about. It simply looks to be deliberate.

So that's what happened, as reported by AP and Reuters. Here's what I think happened. Poland had been in good standing with Russia in recent years, but they started going off Putin's Christmas card list when Bush and their president agreed on a deal to install our missile defense interceptors on their land -- a deal, by the way, which Barry Soetoro has recently cancelled. He and the central bank head who was also on that Tupolev jet had announced plans to drop the Euro as Poland's currency, re-establish its own national currency and devalue it to some degree, in order to improve their import-export ratio. This is not what banksters like -- when uppity nobodies like presidents decide to jump off their freight train to hell and go their own way, for the good of their own citizens. So, when they were dumb enough to get everyone important in their leadership onto the same plane, it was too good to pass up.

We'll never know, except if documents are declassified later, if this really was an military-intelligence special operations mass murder, a mechanical failure coupled with a failure of the flight data recorder to record the failure or its own, or simply pilot error in supposedly low-visibility conditions. There may not even have been pilots -- it's well known that systems and software exist to allow any type of airframe to be retrofitted with servo mechanisms and the receiving gear to actuate them which allows the plane to be flown remotely from anywhere in the world, like we fly Predator and Reaper drones in the Middle East from Virginia. It would have been very easy to have an inside crew "inspect" the plane after landing in Russia and before departing for Poland.

Almost every major news story now needs this kind of critical scrutiny, through the filter of crazy conspiracy possibilities. Murder is nothing to the globalists, it's actually a hobby and a sexual pleasure. Keep watching as events unfold these next 3-5 years. There will be many more crazy conspiracy theories on the way from me.

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