Sunday, May 9, 2010

Invasion USA: They're Heeere...

L.A. Teacher Calls for Race War

Illegal Vermin Says Mexicans to Murder Whites With Picks and Shovels

This is what is going on all over the country but which you never see in the media. There are hundreds and thousands of these clips on Youtube with more popping up every day. The next time that someone tries to give you a line about white conservatives being racist, send them these links. If a white had said things like this in public, taped, put up on Youtube, they would instantly be SWATted and charged with hate crimes, but these filthy, racist Mexicans not only get away with it, but are encouraged and, in some cases, actually funded by the government and their globalist overlords.

Alex Jones is talking about a new Robert Rodriguez film called Machete, whose complex, nuanced plot sees the entire movie being about heroic Mexican hordes killing every white devil in sight.

Oh, you never heard of The Plan of San Diego? It's nearly 100 years in the history books, but you never heard of it because it involves Mexicans being racist and killing whites, not the other way around. Kill every white devil over 16 years of age. I wonder why not the ones 16 and under -- oh, right. So the bankster rape-torture-murder rooms can stay manned, or boyed, as it were, with the blond-haired blue-eyed white children that are the elites' favorite delicacy.

Divide and conquer is the greatest military and paramilitary philosophy ever devised, commonly attributed to Julius Caesar, though he probably was just the first to put it in writing. All races pitted against each other, all countries, all political parties. Gays hating straights, atheists hating Christians hating Muslims hating Jews. Feminists hating men, the Phoenix Suns changing their name to "Los Suns" for a game to protest Arizona's magnificent new law.

But we're not powerless. I will not go to see Robert Rodriguez' new movie, nor will I ever see another, nor will I buy any of his older movies on DVD or Blu-Ray, even though I enjoy them very much. No more Mexican food restaurants that aren't large national chains for me. No more anything that pumps money into the corrupt Mexican government. They have more billionaires than any other country, but one of the poorest peoples outside of the worst hellholes in Africa. No more white devil money for you, Mexican government. You're cut off. Hasta!

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