Thursday, May 13, 2010


We now know the real story behind the 1000-point, $1 trillion drop in the Dow Jones index. I was wrong with my initial theory that they would tout it as a cyberattack in order to push their Cyberinsecurity bill. We now have learned that, at the very moment the banksters triggered the fall, the Senate was in session, on the floor and getting ready within minutes to vote on Ron Paul's bill to audit the Federal Reserve.

This was a Sicilian message to the Senate. A naked threat, just like, in October 2008, with the Senate refusing to vote and pass the bankster bailout that has ruined our economy, they openly threatened Congress with martial law. Alex Jones had one Congressman on his radio show testifying to that, and others have since confirmed it.

So this was shot across the bow of freedom, to deflect the only bill this Senate might ever pass to reverse course, audit the Fed, end it, re-establish a true national bank, and prosecute and imprison the guilty. Simple as that. Oh, and by the way, when certain stocks from $40 to one penny (it happened), their partners bought as many shares as they could, and within 15 minutes the banksters raised the Index by 800 points, meaning that they made hundreds of billions, if not trillions, off of those fire-sale purchases. That's economic terrorism both coming and going. They stopped the audit plus made off like thieves, as always at the expense of the American people.

Jail the Banksters, then pass a new law allowing for execution of their type. We have to be as ruthless fighting these criminal vermin as they are while they're poisoning, sterilizing, stealing from and killing us. No retreat, no surrender. No mercy.

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