Monday, May 10, 2010

Supreme Convermation

Obama's new appointee to the Supreme Court is even worse than the last, Sonia Sotomayor, and that's saying something. This woman Kagan has never been a judge, ever. Not presided over a single case, yet she will be 1/9th of what has become the most powerful of our three branches of government, having aggregated power over the decades through a series of decisions like those involving the Commerce clause. And at her age she can probably expect to serve for at least 40 years, draining this once great republic of its last vestiges of freedom and strength.

It's bad enough that when she ran the Harvard law school that she kicked military recruiters off campus because she believe the insensitive towards gays and lesbians. No, we've come to expect that from every one of Soetoro's friends, teachers, students, coworkers, appointees, nominees, satellite dish repairmen, etc. Barry wouldn't let anyone less than a mild Socialist anywhere near him. That's bad, but what's coming up is worse:

In 2nd place, it is all but confirmed that Kagan is a lesbian, which in and of itself has no meaning. If she were a consitutionalist and an originalist that would have no bearing whatsoever on her performance in the Court. But I just told you what she did at Harvard, and why. So, Q.E.D. she does let her alleged personal orientation affect her professional decisions. It is my fear that Soetoro has handpicked her again (she was on the short list last year along with Sotomayor) because of the probability that she might be lesbian, and he knows that the spineless Republicans and, of course, the bought-and-paid-for media will be scared to criticize her on any matter if they believe she is queer.

Just like Barry is the champion of the world series of political poker because he and he alone can pull out his special extra card that no one else can use, the race card, and call it wild, he will double down and use the gay card with her. How dare you speak out against illegally kicking the military off campus -- she's had such a hard time rising through the Communist ranks because everyone hates lesbians. She's practically been stoned to death by us evil, straight, Christian white males. That's going to be the game, I'm telling you right now, one day after her official nomination.

But the blue ribbon, the number one reason she must be blocked, and the primary reason why Barry chose her is this: she worked for the octopus itself from 2005-2008. That's right, the company who invented the persona that your uninformed friends and neighbors know as "Barack Hussein Obama," Goldman-Sachs. That tells you everything you need to know -- their own corporate operative on the bench. Senator Inhofe, one of the few Republicans who is a strong conservative and not afraid to say so, has already announced his intent to try and block her confirmation. You must call or write your Senators and inform them, if they are ignorant (yes) of how dangerous this woman would be if voted onto the Court. Don't bother with your Irrepresentatives in this case -- only the Senate votes for the Supremes.

Diana Ross would be better for the country and more qualified -- at least she's had a job outside the bubble of academia and the corrupt corporate buddy system, not so with Kagan. We must lobby the Senate to block this puppet of Goldman-Sachs in the confirmation hearings or, indeed, the Supreme court will go through a very serious convermation indeed.

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