Thursday, April 22, 2010

Get 'Em While You Still Can

FDA To Ban Walnuts

You can't make this sort of thing up, but even though it seems amusing and a trifle, this is very serious stuff. You see, for the past century, in high gear, and who knows how long before that, the governments of the world have been implementing a systematic program to take away healthy foods, good pharmaceuticals, natural cures, vitamins, minerals and everything else which could augment your health and well-being, and replacing them with chimera GMO Frankenfoods, poisoning your water, on record, with over 200 toxic chemicals on average, and having the FDA use it's extra-Congressional powers to ban new drugs which actually help and approve those which the big pharmaceutical companies know kill people, make them commit suicide, and give them depression, make women miscarry, make both sexes impotent and/or unable to conceive. So banning walnuts may sound unimportant; I'm not a big fan.

Walnuts, along with many other foods, natural elements like selenium, and natural medicines like ephedra, are actually very good for you. They have a tocopherol which is highly effective as a preventative against cancer. There is nothing unhealthy about them at all, save for the fact that, like all nuts, most of the calories are from fat, but not bad fats like they allow the food companies to stuff into nearly everything you buy pre-prepared at the grocery store. If people go back to our natural diet and natural cures for illness, the banksters' cousins over there at Merck and all the other big death-cult drug comapnies would have to find another line of work. The whole pharma industry has to gross trillions of dollars a year.

There is a big push in the media to make people who write books on natual diets and natural cures sound like kooks, to discredit them. At this point in both government and media you can be assured of one thing -- every single thing they tell you is either 180 degrees wrong, a straight lie, or twisted in some way to manipulate your opinions, a spin job. Look into nutrition and natural cures -- there's a huge amount of information freely available on the Web. I'm neither a vegetarian nor a Vegan, in fact I'm a Pizzan from Planet Nacho in the Mashed Potato galaxy, but I stay away from eating things bought ready to eat at the store. If you are someone who eats primarily fast food out and ready-made junk food from the big companies bought at the store, try fixing your own meals or eating at local, mom-and-pop style restaurants where things are made fresh from scratch every day. It is more expensive, and that's part of the game the globalists play with us -- that's why America's poor people are the fattest in the world, fatter than most of the world's royalty. Not everyone can afford to eat healthily even if they could drag themselves out of their pantries filled with food that is literally poisoning and killing themselves and their children.

And you don't see the FDA going after the California almond industry, in the heart of Pelosiland and Boxerburg, do you now? I wonder why that could be. After all, almonds contain cyanide. But in very small trace amounts, so overall almonds are almost as healthy as are walnuts. But it's the same game over and over -- their friends get rewarded, their enemies get punished, and the sheople get slapped around coming and going.

I think I'll go buy a nice 5lb. bag of almonds.

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