Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Oh yes, it's Earth Day. What you don't know, and it's no coincidence is that this also happens to be the birthday of Adolf Alois Schickelgruber, whom you know as Hitler. Historians conclude that Der Fuhrer would not have been able to rise to power if he had not adopted his stepfather's name. It also happens to be Lenin's birthday, so if you think Earth's day is a coincidence, think again.

The other thing you never heard on MSLSD or the Cyanide News Network is that the wonderful, peaceful, magical Earth Day with all of its rainbows and unicorn farms was created by a vicious murderer. Never heard that one? The fat, verminous enviromental nut Ira Einhorn murdered his girlfriend in a brutal attack in the late '70s. The police found her in his closet. He fled the country and lived for decades free in Europe, helped to escape by the equally detestable ratfink Arlen Suspecter. So next time an idiot co-worker mentions Earth Day, have them Google Einhorn. Einhorn means "one horn" in German, only he's no magic unicorn.

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