Thursday, April 22, 2010

VAT Cats

Everything that Soetoro says is a lie. Three days ago he stated to reporters that he was not even considering a "Value Added Tax," and now it's on the table, and tomorrow or next week it will be debated in Congress, then passed by the irrepresentatives who have been purchased by the banksters. The funniest thing is that the libs and the media are spinning the VAT as a way to punish the banks, when, on record, check for yourself, the big financial institutions themselves wrote the proposal. Just as the Health Scare Deform bill was written by the insurance industry it was purported to punish. Everything backward, upside-down, black from white, silent from scream. Every single thing you read or hear is a lie or an obfuscation.

VAT would be acceptable if it replaced federal and state income taxes, sales taxes, Social Security withholding and payroll taxes, and all the hidden taxes you never see on a receipt, passed down to you by business who never pay their own taxes from their own warchests, only pass the bloodletting on to you. What the media are hiding from you is that VAT does not tax the end product or service only. It taxes every single level of the creation of a product. Take an automobile -- VAT will tax the mines from which ore is taken. It then will tax the steel foundry that uses that ore to make the metal from which the car's body will be formed. It will tax the farmer that produces the cotton from which the upholstery will be made. It will tax the company that takes the cotton and makes the raw fabric. It will tax the company that collects sand from the beach, and the one that makes that material into glass for the windows. It will tax the oil company on their extraction of crude, then tax the company that makes that into plastic for the bumpers and door panels and dashboard. It will tax the fab plant that makes the chips for the ECU, and then the company that writes the firmware to run your car's systems. It will tax the company that mines the tungsten, and the one that turns that into filaments for the headlights. It will tax the company that mines copper, then the one that makes magnets, then the one that makes the paper cones, then the one that makes rubber gaskets, then one that makes screws, then the one that produces solder, then the one makes metal grates, then the one that makes copper wires, then the one that puts that all together to make your car stereo speakers.

Need I go on? They are talking about a 2% tax to start them on their VAT cat parade. Sounds harmless until you recognize that that 2% can occur literally dozens of times on a complex product like a vehicle, computer, or television. And when you read your history and find that the income tax, not paid by 52% of Americans at all, which is why we ended up in this predicament, but at 60% of total gross income for high-income earners, started out as a harmless 1% tax to help the needy but well-meaning government which has cared so much about all of us for so long. Which has done so much to improve our quality of life.

Maybe instead of another illegal tax they could ask for some help from their bankster friends, who as Bloomberg reported months ago, on record, have stolen $27.8 trillion dollars from Americans, at a minimum, because that is an old figure and only what they publicly, freely admit.

Time is very short. Revolution is one or two more insults away from breaking out in the streets. always remember to protest and revolt in a peaceable manner. Everything you are going through is a psychological operation tailored specifically to incite armed rebellion. We're not as dumb as the elite think -- we know that's their goal, and we know that that must not be allowed to ever happen. The best thing you can do is listen to Alex Jones, Steve Quayle, Michael Savage and Coast-to-Coast AM, talk to your friends, email people links to the brand-new Invisible Empire and Police State 4 films available on Youtube, and download and burn Fall of the Republic, The Obama Deception, Terrorstorm, Endgame, and Jones' groundbreaking film on 9/11. Burn all the copies you can and give them out to strangers. Leave a stack in the mall or at a school with a note explaining what the discs contain. This truly is an Infowar. And we stand no chance at defeating the globalists with arms, only with truth and informing the sheople can we attain victory.

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  1. A value added tax sounds like a good idea If Its replaced by the income tax.